What's going on with me??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meeee74, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Why am I still wondering if I actually have fibro or it's something else?? Something more serious? i am scared one day I'm gonna drop dead... one day soon! I'm not really feeling pains right now. I was from July to October. Now it's mostly just this awful dizziness (NOT vertigo), heart palpitations, and tingly-heaviness sensations. The dizziness is like being spacey and my head is not-right-kinda feeling. I've had so many tests and all is normal that I'm petrified cause it's gotta be something causing this. I just can't believe it's just anxiety. I'm so scared thoguh that it is something serious. Imagine everyday being dizzy and spaced out, standing, sitting, lying down - doesn't matter. Can't get away from it. and then when you think you have a moment's piece your heart beats hard or skips beats or beats weird. And tingly sensations in my head, hands, feet... I'm trying to stay calm but I'm really frightened. How can this be fibro? How can I be sure it's nothing to worry about... that I've really got something they can't find? Or do i have no choice but to deal with it cause the doc's will just think I'm crazy anyways and give me a pill for anxiety?? What do I do??? Sometimes I'd rather have only the pain instead...
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    we started testing for viruses that can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Both the Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalo virus were high and in the chronic state.

    Viruses release cytokines which make us feel bad. You can do a search on Dr. David Bell M.D., he has done a lot of research on CFS/FM. Several of his articles are posted on the ProHealth site:

    Depression, Cardio-electrical conduction problems, inner ear infections (depressed immune system), disrupted neurotransmitters balance, paresthesia are all symptoms of what we struggle with. Coincedently, mercury toxicity also hits many of these.

    Hey, you're a chem prof: Enzymes need metal ion to function, when there is a deficiency of, eg. selenium, our bodies will use mercury instead. It isn't enough to chelate out the mercury; selenium must be added as an antagonist to the mercury. The body will function better with the mercury than neither at all.

    Dr. William Wong N.D. has been pioneering enzyme research with viruses and is a recovering CFS/FM patient himself. Protease is the most important systemic enzyme since most viruses have a protien-based isoprin coating. Others are lipid based, so a lipase is important.

    Enzymes are available in capsule form, which are very convenient. Enzymes won't eat endrogenous body parts as they are tagged by our DNA. Ref: Dr. Max Wolf Ph.D x7

    My favorite enzyme therapy is juicing vegetables but especially melons. If I juice a 1/3 honeydew, I can feel it! "Eat melons alone or leave them alone, or your tummy will groan".

    "Viruses breathe sugar" so treat it like the drug campaign: "Don't say YO, say NO".
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    Hello Meeee74

    I had typed a long reply to you and lost my connection, so it didn't post.

    I don't feel well enough to retype the entire thing now (have the flu on top of my FM)

    I have suffered with anxiety for 25 years or more and it made me feel exactly the way you describe. Do a Google search for "anxiety symptoms." Anxiety at it's worst can be crippling as it prevents you from enjoying your life. It is not "JUST" anxiety.

    I have had heart palpitations from anxiety that are so hard they hurt and made me feel like I could not breath. I have almost passed out from them when they were at their worst. It is well known that anxiety attacks can make you feel as if you are dying. It really can be that bad.

    Assuming the docs have ruled out heart problems, etc, do yourself a favor and ask the doc about anxiety meds.

    Anxiety DOES NOT equal being "crazy." It's a physiological imbalance in your brain. Stop the old fashioned thinking about it and get help.

    My doc gave me Lexapro. It has worked wonders for me. I'm not "crazy," I'm sick and having FM and an autoimmune disorder does not help.

    Also, some people tend to think natural remedies are inherently better than pharmaceutical drugs. Not necessarily so. I am an environmental biologist (read my bio) and I am all for natural means if they do the same thing as a manufactured one. BUT I also realize that as far as drugs go...natural remedies and pharmaceuticals are ALL just chemical compounds and one is not necessarily better for you because it was made by nature.

    Nature did not make these things to be safe for humans...they are just there. Man discovered uses for them, without knowing if they are harmful in the long run. Some natural compounds are as carcinogenic or more so than some pharmaceuticals.

    Use your own head to decide. All drugs - natural or manmade have side effects. Period.

    EDITED: I just looked at your bio...being a chem proff, you know more about these things than I do!! Sorry bout that! LOL I just hate to see you feel so badly...I wasted a lot of years with anxiety. It goes hand in hand with these darned diseases we have.

    Believe me, anxiety is a terrible thing. You are not crazy if you have it...just human.

    Do some research and ask for help. You will be glad you did!

    Feel better soon

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    Thanks for your reply...

    I have been on ssri's and they made me so sick. Paxil and then Lexapro... they made me lose lots of weight and my cycle of dizziness started when I began one of them. So I am unable to bring mysellf to trying anymore of them. I don't know what to do...

    Also, it's hard to not think I am crazy when docs say nothing is wrong but i sure think something is... But I do know it's something chemical going on. I have zoloft here but have been unable to get myself to take it. (See what I mean about "crazy"?) I know I'm stressed as well and that doesn't help. I will also be asking the doc about the possiblity of it being a virus and if enzymes (as posted in first response) can help me.

    It's such a disheartening point in my life and these symptoms are the cause of it. Thanks agin for your reply.

  5. meeee74

    meeee74 New Member

    Hi and thanks for the response...

    I have a question.. If you have an ongoing infetion from one of these viruses, why doesn't it show up on general bloodwrk? Why do you have to get special testing done for these things??

  6. Catseye

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    With me, it was a simple case of malnutrition, as ridiculous as that sounds. I used to "buzz" all over, especially after eating. Look at my posts "the people with the dying feeling" and check into ones about the liver. A good mineral supplement was all I needed. Have you cleaned up your diet?

    I had all normal test levels for everything, too.

  7. AllWXRider

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    I had heard that there is a overall infectious panel was in the works but a compromised immune system seems to be in common with all of us.

    Enzymes are OTC (Over the Counter). Jake Herxheimer M.D. said that "often a cure will make the symptoms worse before the patient gets better". This is now called a herxheimer reaction or simply herx.

    Some of the favorite CFS/FM enzymes are Vitalzym and Virastop. They are real safe as there is no LD-50 toxicity rating. I'm using a Walmart "Rexall" 200 tabs/$7, but the others probably will work better.

    I would try enzymes and watch for a Herx reaction. Zero out your sugar intake for a few days to see if this helps.

    Best wishes and may the catalyst be with you!
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    long before i had fibro i had labthryntitis the dr said i got chemicals in my ears i was dizzy for a year then it broke up on and off for another year i would shake my hands and feet would tingle along with many other things i couldnt understand and did not believe it was my ears until chemicals started to bother my ears the dr explained that every nerve in your body is connected to your ears so if you havent had a water in the ear test try and get one at an ear dr charlene

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