What's good for detoxifying?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ReallyTired, May 7, 2003.

  1. ReallyTired

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    Hi folks,

    What is a good formula for detoxifying the body? Please tell me your experiences and what has helped you feel better.

    Thanks, Reallytired...
  2. jka

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    i love to soak in a warm bath with 3 cups epson salt and 3 c peroxide.it draws the toxins out and makes you really tired. i do it just before i go to bed. isleep much better now.i don't have to take a pain pill at night either.
    hope this helps!
    kathy c
  3. brisso

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    Selenium 25mcg 3 x per day.
    Initially the results astounded me.

    Whey protein Isolate is good for increasing Glutothione levels (which is a powerful detoxifyer).

    Deep tissue massage.

  4. klutzo

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    I love UltraClear by Metagenics. About 2 months of that, and you are a clean, mean, disease fighting machine! (But, it ain't cheap!).
  5. Carolyn0508

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    I have taken MSM for about a year now and it is the single most helpful supplement for me in dealing with fibro. If web links were allowed I could point you to a site that is chock full of info plus a message board. Anyway, MSM is a food grade derivative of sulfur that causes tissues, organs, etc to release toxins or anything the body is storing too much of. It is very important to drink lots of water to flush these out as rebound symptoms can occur when the toxins are released. MSM also has analgesic properties and its own toxicity is comparable to water. Hope this helps!

  6. ReallyTired

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    Thanks for all the good information. I gave the Epsom salt/Hydro Perox soak a try last night and it did help me sleep better. Thanks and I will give the others a closer look at and possibly try them soon.

    I guess I can expect to feel worse before I will feel better during a detox???

    Wishing you well, Reallytired...
  7. friendtoo

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    Could I get more info on MSM, also are there any side effects from taking this. I have seen it at the stores, and also how much water is to be consumd, I have such a problem drinking water, and are there other drinks that will help as well, such as herbal teas or sparkling water?

    What is in MSM? Can you describe how it has helped you?

  8. Carolyn0508

    Carolyn0508 New Member

    I cut and pasted the FAQ info below from the site on MSM that I visit regularly. Hope it is helpful. I followed this regimen and found it very helpful. It primarily helps arthritis but works on fibro too.


    What is MSM?
    MSM is a natural organic sulfur compound. It occurs naturally in the foods we eat, but often disappears or is significantly depleted because of the processing done to our foods.

    If it's a sulfur compound, can I take it if I'm allergic to sulfa drugs?
    Sulfa drugs are a different family of products. No one has been verified to be allergic to MSM. Also, since MSM is necessary for life the same as water is, it would be like being allergic to water, which of course no one is.

    How much MSM do I take?
    We always recommend starting at a low level of between 500 and 1000 mg (eighth to a quarter teaspoon) per day. Stay at that level for about a week and then add another 500 to 1000 mg per day and stay at that level for a week. Continue in the same way for several weeks never adding more than 2000 mg (half teaspoon) at one time, until you are taking between 6 and 8 teaspoons per day. This high level makes up for the years of deficiency that your body has experienced. Then reduce the amount to a maintenance level for whatever works for you. This is a balance between addressing what you want to address and being able to sleep as well as you would like at night. For most people the maintenance level is between 1 and 2 teaspoons (4000 to 8000 mg) per day. Always drink LOTS of water when starting on MSM or when increasing the amount you are taking.

    How many milligrams of MSM are in a teaspoon?
    There are about 4000 mg (or 4 grams) of MSM in a measured level teaspoon.

    What is detox?
    MSM enables your cells and tissues to release toxins that have built up over the years. Apparently sulfur is a vital part of our waste management system, and if we have not had enough of it our bodies were not able to release some of the waste substances. If you take too much MSM, your body will release too much waste at one time for your kidneys and liver to handle. This waste in your blood stream can cause all kinds of problems ranging from flu-like symptoms to re-experiencing the effects of drugs that you have taken in the past. For example, heavy caffiene users may feel extra-jittery. The key to reducing or eliminating detox symptoms is to start on MSM slowly so that the waste in your tissues is released slowly and to drink lots of water so that the released toxins will be flushed out of your body quickly.

    What do I do if detox symptoms happen anyway?
    If the symptoms are not bad, you may just want to tough it out. They should go away in a few days. Be sure to increase your water intake--for most people this would be double the amount of water that they normally drink. If the symptoms are severe, cut back on the MSM and take baths with water hot enough to make you sweat, but not so hot that you might pass out. Limit the baths to 20 minutes in length. You may find it helpful to add ONE of the following to the bath water and perhaps alternating between these items for different baths: a cup of vinegar, a cup of baking soda, a cup of epsom salts, a half cup of chlorine bleach. These substances each help leach out diffent toxins through your skin.

    Is MSM the same as DMSO?
    Although they are related, MSM has one more oxygen atom than DMSO does and that difference makes it a significantly different substance. Another example of a difference of adding an oxygen atom can be seen by comparing carbon monoxide (a deadly gas) with carbon dioxide (a harmless gas).
  9. Does anyone have any advice on the type of MSM to use? I've seen both capsules and poweder on sale in the health food store. Is every type the same?
  10. Carolyn0508

    Carolyn0508 New Member

    I cut and pasted the following from the same web site as above. I have taken both kinds and they are equally effective. I order the powder in bulk and take it by measuring spoon - it is quite a bit more cost effective. I hope I haven't broken any rules by posting the folowing. I'm not promoting anything, just providing information. Hope this is helpful.


    Lignisul MSM is manufactured by Carolwood Corporation at a facility in Alabama from DMSO obtained from a Carolwood-owned facility in China. Their DMSO is produced through a chemical reaction. The DMSO is tested upon arrival to the US to strict guidelines prior to manufacture into MSM. Then the MSM is tested by an independent third party for purity and contamination where it is certified as 99.9% pure and free of contaminants and heavy metals. While Lignisul is made in the US, not all raw materials originate in the US. Carolwood does not currently pay any royalties to the MSM patent holder, MSM Investments Company, LLC., claiming that the existing patents are either invalid or expired. Carolwood won a court decision in August of 2001, which reinforced their position on at least one of the patents.

    Opti-MSM is manufactured in Oregon by Cardinal Nutrition at a facility that Cardinal owns and is only used for making MSM. They obtain their DMSO from the only US-based provider of DMSO. Therefore, Opti-MSM is made in the US from raw materials obtained in the US and North America, and is also certified as pure and free of contaminants and heavy metals. Cardinal does pay royalties to the MSM patent holder, MSM Investments Company, LLC., but is not the patent holder itself. Dr. Stanley Jacob, one of the authors of The Miracle of MSM - The Natural Solution for Pain, has given his endorsement to the Opti-MSM brand.

    Both Lignisul and Opti-MSM are made to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) and both are fine products. We have no reservations about providing either one of them to you, but have tried to provide you with accurate information so that you can decide what is important to you. Both are MSM, and both will provide you with the same results.

  11. athome

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    dear reallytired---

    my best detoxifyer was colonics, which i feel saved my life. my liver was in such bad shape that my skin was pale orange oll over and the consistency of orange peel.

    tons of fresh spring water daily.

    herbal fiberblend twice daily really cleaned out the colon and bowel when i couldn't get to my colonics person.

    wheat grass juice daily.

    bad joint pain: fresh pineapple cut up and whirled in blender blender with a few cloves of garlic. not at all as yucky as it sounds---the gaarlic gives a spicy taste to the drink.

    now, because i can'tafford a colonic, and i'm trying to pull out of a bad lare of pain and frequently overwhelming fatigue, i'm doin herbal fiberblend with a tablespoon of dessicated liver in one cup cold water. really makes me cringe to think of it, but it does improve my state greatly.

    good luck and good rest---nanalys