whats happing to me?? i cant stop crying feeling angry and having awful tho

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    Ive been on ciprelex for 6 years due to depression. it has helped me through but over the last few months i cant stop crying feeling angry and irritated, and crappy about myself. i have been ok at work, and find that it makes me feel useful. but wen i get home im a mess and have started missing time there and being late due to either not getting any sleep for thinking, crying all night or just feeling like i cant handle the day. i have been dating new person, and im not sure if im in a healthy relationship or not or if im crazy, i dont kno what to do, has my medication stopped working, or is it situational??
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    Remember that ProHealth does not provide any doctors to answer your questions and the answers you do receive are from regular people like yourself.

    My suggestion is that you contact your doctor that put you on the medication and discuss what is happening. It may be an interaction with any medication or a supplement or an over-the counter product you are taking. Your doctor has your records and knows you the best, knows the side effects of any and all medication/supplements/products you are taking and is the best person to advise you. Please consult your doctor and take your doctor's advice. Good luck and best wishes.
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    I see on the Depression Board where you are having serious and toxic problems with your boyfriend. This may be a huge part of the problems you are having. Please see the responses there and I hope when you have your doctor's appointment that you will have the boyfriend resolved and then find out if it is just the meds or if the boyfriend was a major cause of all this you are going through. Good luck and hugs.