What's Immunoglobulin A ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I just got some blood and stool test results back in the mail with absolutley no explanation . Just straight test results.

    These were from a GI testing at a clinic in California. The test samples were tested by the Mayo Clinic.

    Almost all the GI tests came back negative...but there is one that says:
    "Immunoglobulin A." It states the "reference range" of 30-387.

    Then under patient ( me ) reading it says 448. This 448 number is in a column that says "out of range."

    I only ask because the clinic is closed at this hour and there is absolutely no comments on the 4 sheets of paper. No explanation of anything. Just staright test results. Anyone here have any idea what this may mean in any way, even general?

  2. Joppe

    Joppe New Member

    Labtestsonline.org is an excellent source to look up what your test results really mean.

    For IgA see:

  3. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    The triage nurse from this GI clinic just called me back.

    She said she talked to the GI doc who ordered the tests and he told her to tell me that an Immunoglobulin IgA test result of 448 ( normal range is 30-387) is nothing to worry about.

    Also the ASCA IgA ELISA result of 34.5 ( normal range is < 20...which means less than twenty ) was also nothing to worry about.

    She said that this could go up from an allergic reaction of some sort.

    I asked her what if I had this high reading all the time? And if it wasn't important...why do they even waste time testing for it?

    She didn't have an answer and simply said to mention this to my PCP here at home.

    Also, she said my stool tests came up negative.

    I honestly do not want to say this to be crude...but that stool sample I gave them for this test? I had a 3/4 day notice ( one afternoon to next morning ) to give them this and this was while my wife and I were in a motel to see them as their clinic is 300 miles away from our home...and the only time I could get this was the following morning as we had just a 2 day stay at this clinic to see all the doctors and perform all the tests.

    The stool sample I collected and gave them that following morning was nothing but green diarrehha. ( again, sorry for mentioning this but doing this for clinical reasons ) I CLEARLY remember this as the stool collecting experience was really uncomfortable.

    It was also only one month ago. I have such GI extremes that this happens as well as other abnormal looking ones pretty often.

    But I do not know how something so sick looking could come out reading "normal" on tests. But, like so many on this board have said...we are the blind leading the blind here.
  4. msjhawk

    msjhawk New Member

    Mine are way below the range and I have been told by some doctors that it does not matter. I also would like to know if they don't matter why do they have the range??

  5. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    i think when docs say dont worry about a certain test being out of range its because they dont understand the tesing, i have had elevated lymphocytes everytime i have had them tested, most docs i have seen say dont worry, my cfs doc says i have some type of infection going on, probably ebv reactivating, the other docs dont believe ebv can reactivate unless u have aids or on chemo which none applies to me.

    I think that most docs arent as knowledgeable as we would like to believe

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