WHATS IN A VACCINE (I wanted to share this info)

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    Hey everyone! I wanted to share this info. I thought it was interesting and somewhat alarming especially since i just had one teenager in the house updated on her vaccinations and becuase this is the time of year that they have a majoy hype on the flu vaccination. I even sent my parents copies of the paper that I read this information from. I was alarmed at what I read. I wanted to share it with everyone. Hope you can find it helpful.

    HUGS to all. Have a great day!

    AMMONIUM SULFATE - Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory poison

    BETA-PROPIOLACTONE - known to cause cancer, Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory poison

    GENTICALLY MODIFIED YEAST, ANIMAL, BACTERIAL AND VIRAL DNA - Can cause unknown genetic mutation becuase it can be incorporated into the recipients DNA

    LATEX RUBBER - Can cause life threatening allergic reaction

    MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE - Being studies for mutagenic, teratorgenic(developemental malformation and monstrosities) and reproductive effects. Its a Neurotoxin. Allergic reactions can be moderate to severe.

    ALUMINUM - Implicated as a cause of brain damage, suspected factor in ALZHEIMERS DISEASE, demetia, seizures and comas. Allergic reactions can oocur on the skin.

    FORMALDEHYDE - Major constitue of embalming fluid; poisonous if ingested. Probable carcinogen; suspected gastrointestinal, liver, immune system,nerve, reproductive system and respiratory poison. Linked to Leukemia, brain, colon and lymphatic cancer.

    MICRO-ORGANISMS - live and killed viri and bacteria or their toxins. The polio vaccination was contaminated with a monkey virus now turning up in human bone, lung-lining (MESOTHELIOMA-lung cancer), brain tumors
    and Lymphomas

    POLYSORBATE - Known to cause cancer in animals

    TRI(N)BUTYLPHOSPHATE - SUspect Kidney and nerve poison

    GLUTARALDEHYDE - Poisonous if ingested. Causes birth defects in animals

    GELATIN - Produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle skins, demineralized cattle bones and pork skin. Allergic reactions have been reported.

    MERCURY - One of the most poisonous substances known. Has an affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow and kidneys. Minute amounts can cause nerve damage. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to those of AUTISM

    NEOMYCIN SULFATE - Interferes with Vitamin B6 absorbtion. AN error in the uptake of B6 can cause rare form of epilepsy and mental retardation. Allergic reactions can be mild to life threatening.

    PHENOL/PHENOXYTHANOL - Used as anti-freeze. Tpxic to all cells and capable of disabling the immune systems primary response mechanism.

    HUMAN AND ANIMAL CELLS - human cells from absorbed fetal tissue and humanalbumin. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.
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    My experience with vaccines:

    1970 - received rubella vaccine at school (this was the year they first came out with them). Within a very short time, came down with rheumatic fever which kept me bedbound for six weeks (studies have shown that the rubella vaccines in 1970 caused a number of children to be hospitalized with rheumatic fever and/or rheumatoid complaints.

    1979 - received flu vaccine which caused me to have a serious case of the flu within a few days afterwards.

    2002 - received MMR booster so I could go back to college. One month later, had acute case of cytomegalovirus. (Can't say for sure that this was definitely related, but seems suspicious to ME!)

    As far as I'm concerned, NO MORE VACCINES FOR ME! I'm not saying that no one should get vaccines, but apparently they are detrimental to some of us. And I would advise my children to look into this very carefully before immunizing their future children.

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    Terrys, sounds like you do have a problem with vaccines. The only reaction I ever had was to a typhoid vax over 35 years ago.

    I had considered getting the flu vaccine but since this DD messes up our immune systems I decided the risk of having an adverse reaction was too great.

    Butterfly- just some thoughts:

    I think its generally accepted that most allergic reactions are to the "carrier" and not the virus itself which is generally killed or modified in some way. Its my understanding that when viruses are genetically modified it is to change its ability to enter or attach itself to other cells. But that's pretty new technology and I'm not sure I trust it either.

    Live virus vaccinations are not as common and I think probably cause more illness. For animals these are limited to intranasals and rabies both of which can cause fevers and malaise.

    ALso something that I think a lot of people don't realize is that most vaccines do not keep you from getting the disease it just greatly improves your chance of being less ill and not dieing.

    There is always a risk associated with any vaccine because there's no way to know who will have a reaction. But I think we should remember that thousands used to die every year from diseases that we now vaccinate against. In the last hundred years the life expectancy in the USA has increased from the 40-something to over 70, largly due to vaccines eradicating diseases.

  4. Butterfly_of_grace

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    I understand that vaccinations arent all "bad". Heck like I said before, my oldest daughter just got her booster of tetanus/pertusis shot because she was overdue. I will still get the kids vaccinated except he flu vaccination, I dont believe in that. As a matter of fact I am well voerdue for a Hep B booster but I am very reluctant because when I had the serioes of three shots about 16 yrs ago, with EVERY SHOT I ended up sick a few days later and in bad shape. Doc said it had nothing to do with it, I say he doesnt know what he is tlaking about. OBVIOUSLY, it didnt something to my immune system to lower it and make me vulnerable to whatever bug was out there becuase it never failed...every time I got my shot I was sick as a dog about 3 days later for over a week. Last yr I worked with Kindergarteners as a Teachers Aide and I was sick alot but with the tummy bug, NOT the flu. And the flu was going around the classroom like crazy. My Doc put me on a waiting list for the flu vac but then he rethought about it and said that it may not be a good idea with the fibromyalgia and the CFS because it could land me in bed in a full flare which is worse than the flu in my eyes.
    So anyway, I never got the shot and I was at HIGH risk, yet I didnt get it. I ended up with severe colitis becuase of the stomach virus going around and one headcold. I washed my hands alot and I used anti-bacterial wipes where ever my work space was.

    Anyway,I just wanted to share that vaccination info I had because I was a little disturbed when I read it and I wish I could have had this info a while ago.

    We are so quick to treat and prevent in our society without thinking twice hecne why the US has more disease infliction, especially heart disease and diabetes, and cancer then almost every other countries in the world. What does that tell you about our society? I think that sometimes we should slow down a bit, take in ALL the info, good and bad, and THEN from there chose whats right for us and our families. Theres so much pressure on us as a society to "pop this magic pill" or make sure you get the "magic vaccination". No one ever takes the time in todays world to go over the good and the bad. It really is very scary.

    Im not trying to convince people NOT to get vaccinated. Im just trying to help educate now that I am learning so much about what goes on behind all the drug/vaccination hype. Again, ITS REALLY SCARY what drug companies and the government will do just to make a buck or use us as guinea pigs. Obviously, they dont care about human life...its all about the money.
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    One shot alone may not do any harm. But, some of this stuff accumulates and never leaves our bodies. Then everyday chemicals are also added. After several years of poisoning some become ill. I will never get another vaccination. I'm already a walking, talking toxic waste dump, as are millions of others.

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