What's in hamburger meat?

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    "Clinical Pathologists Dissect the American Hamburger, and Find What??

    "Not only did they find nerve, muscle, gristle AND PARASITES as primary constituents of the “meat,” they found muscle tissue ranged from only 2.1 – 14.8%. Additionally, the “beef” was found to contain a significant amount of ammonia — a byproduct of a sterilizing the meat, creating what is known as “pink slime.”

    Read the study here: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/article/fast-food-hamburgers-what-are-we-really-eating
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    Pink Slime - What is REALLY in your Hamburger - ABCNews.com

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    "Dave and the panel discuss the return of "pink slime" to schools across the country. Although fast food restaurants have done away with the ammonia washed "finely textured beef" it seems that schools across the country have decided to bring it back to their menus."

    Pink Slime Is Back! Will Be Served In Schools Across Country | The Rubin Report

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