What's my name?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LauraLea, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I replied to a post and spelled my own name wrong.

    It's bad when we can't even spell our own name. I laughing because what else can you do?
  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    ive done that too!
    i do it all the time though with my kids because they have werid spelling of there names
  3. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    My husband of 17 years continually misspells my first name. How embarrassing!
  4. enivalorac

    enivalorac New Member

    Some days it is so bad I even forget my own name! .. and I cant even spell my name forwards or backwards some days (in case you hadnt noticed my screen name is my real name backwards! ... (((carol))
  5. 1maqt

    1maqt New Member

    How funny!! Have you ever opened the cupboard door ond hit yourself in the head? Tripped in front of the whole church?
    closed your hand in a drawer.

    The worst is driving and listening to music, got pulled over and Cop asked me where I was going? I said."Bible Study
    and he started laughing. It was the truth, and the more he laughed, the more frustratd I got, I am suprized he didn't check me for blood alcohol (and I don't drink)I couldn't find the insurance card, didn't remember what color it was.
    Got to the bible study at friends late and had to explain why!!

    God has a lot of mercy on us, for it is sure the rest of the world doesn't understand!! 1maqt
  6. 1Writer

    1Writer New Member

    I will be writing a check and go to sign it and put too many letters in my name! I try introducing people and draw a complete blank, so now, I have them intro themselves...(hey, it works)! I run into doors and trip on my own feet, walk into furniture and bite my tongue (literally!)...and I'm sure I do a thousand other things that I could add to this list, but for some reason, right now, I can't remember them!! LOL!!!!