What's on your To Do Feb. 7 - 13

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    Hello everyone,

    Looking out the glass-doors in my living-room, the snow is almost a quarter-ways up the glass, giving me the sense of being snowbound. My sister went out yesterday and said it was terribly windy and slippery and that the sidewalks are not cleared. I don't have to go outside until tomorrow at which point I need to go to a health-care appointment. l plan to take a cab there and back and so - all things considered - I shouldn't have to deal too much with the weather.

    I had a sleepless night last night so, in addition to the items on my to-do list, taking a nap or two is a priority for today.

    To-Do today

    e-course homework
    empty dishwasher, etc.
    reading & writing
    tidy living-room
    friend coming for coffee and to 'weigh-in' (although I don't go to weight watchers meetings anymore, my friend and I continue to follow the program and weigh in weekly - I gained 5 lbs over the holidays and I'm still working to lose it)
    check out opportunities for dinner theatre in April
    (for my birthday)

    I look forward to seeing others post on the to-do list thread. Newcomers are always welcome to join us!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Hi all,

    Anne Theresa, I have also gained 5 pounds from the holidays, but I haven't really worked at losing it, to tell the truth. But I need to! Good for you, keeping up with the program and weighing in with a friend.....that's a great idea!

    I am subbing today....I will be a junior high band director. I have been at this school before, and each time the kids get a little noisier. No more Mr. Nice Guy! I will send kids out today if they are unruly. Watch out!

    That being said, I'd better go and get ready.....it is a 45 minute drive besides!

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    Hello all,

    Terri, working as a high school band director sounds like fun, in spite of all the noise. I hope your plan to send out the unruly kids (when they act up) leads to a happier, healthier environment for the rest of the class.

    I've had a strange and sad day today. When I brought Harriet her breakfast carrot, I found her dead. It broke my heart. I wrapped her in a blanket and held her while I considered what to do with her body.

    Since the ground is frozen over, I couldn't bury her (plus, as I think of it now, I don't have anywhere to bury her. Her predecessor, bunny-Menna, is buried in the backyard of the house I shared with Dave) so I dropped her off at to the vets' office to be cremated. The vet's office staff said they'd call me in a week or so, when Harriet's ashes would be ready to pick up. Her ashes (they said) will be in a wooden box with her name carved in it.

    It's all very nice, however, I think it's a frivolous and unnecessary expense ($120.00). That money could have been put to better use elsewhere, no doubt. As a general rule, whenever I purchase something I consider frivolous, I try my best to give the same amount to charity. I usually give to World Vision (an awesome organization supporting children, their family and their community in developing countries) but this time I may donate to an organization devoted to the welfare of animals. any suggestions?

    After I dropped Harriet's body off at the vet's office, my sister and I went out for dinner, then we took a cab home.

    My energy is extremely low now and even though it's just after 9 pm I'm going to call it a day and go to bed. I'll watch TV for a while but I'll be asleep soon. I'll make a full list tomorrow for Thursday but for now I can think of these few chores that I'll carry forward to tomorrow:

    To Do List

    - clean bunny cage
    - get my sister's help to move the cage into storage
    - vacuum

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
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    Welcome to Broadcaster and Diane........check in with us anytime!

    Oahu sounds nice this time of year.....I have been there twice and to Maui once. Both were lovely and I loved all of the fragrant flowers. And I love fresh pineapple!

    Anne Theresa- so sorry to hear of your loss. Will you get another bunny sometime? I take it that it won't be right away, since you were storing the cage. But someday you might find another bunny to fill the void. We also give to World Vision- in fact, we have a foster child in Mexico that we support monthly. It is a great organization.

    Subbing went MUCH better on Wednesday. I was tougher and just kept everyone busy. Yay!

    I am in the library and my phone is buzzing, so I'd better sign off.
    Have a good weekend all,
  5. AnneTheresa

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    Thanks everyone for the condolences. To answer your question Terri, I expect I'll get another bunny someday, when I find one that touches my heart. I did put the cage away but it's easily accessible should I find another bunny to love.

    When Harriet's predecessor died (Menna was a black dwarf bunny) I began looking for a new bunny a few weeks later but it took a full year before I found Harriet. I saw a lot of adorable bunnies (all bunnies are adorable!) but it wasn't until I met Harriet that I fell in love.

    Ironically, for Christmas this year one of the gifts from my son and daughter-in-law was a very real looking bunny puppet made from the recycled fur of a rabbit-coat. With fur coats being un-p.c. these days, they are easy to find and inexpensive in thrift stores and one of my daughter-in-laws enterprising young friends has created a market for stuffed animals made from real fur.

    I must tell you this bunny puppet has been a comfort to me these past few evenings. During the time I usually sit with Harriet on my lap and watch television, I'm able to sit with my puppet bunny and I feel just a little less sad. Nevermind that I'm 52 years old, holding onto a stuffed bunny, just nevermind.

    I did laundry and housework yesterday and so I have a mostly restful day planned for today. I want to putter, read, nap, watch TV and/or a movie, eat something and putter some more. My puttering usually involves a bit of cleaning and organizing but it's not the sort of thing I can put on a to-do list because I don't know what sort of tasks I'll come across until I start puttering. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa


    Anne Teresa..I'm so sorry about Harriet..I know she was deeply loved by you....

    I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but, the depression has really gotten a grip on me and I just barely manage to get out of bed most days...I do try and read the posts on "chit chat" as much as I am able.

    Take care..