What's On Your 'To Do' List? 2/9 thru 2/15

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    Hello to all of you! It's been a long time since I posted. I've missed you all..

    I know many of you have not felt good, or been ill. I'll be anxious to see how you are this week.

    Been very busy getting DS moved into the home he bought. He appears to like it, and I do think it will be better for us all. If he wants to party and be a 'good time Charlie', it's not so blanant. It went pretty well, for the 6 weeks he was back home. It's good to be an empty nester, again! LOL

    Looking forward to our grandbaby's arrival! DD is sooooo pregnant, but darling. She start's with her showers soon. So hard to believe! I've probably told you that the 'babe' is due April 13...getting much closer! They have the baby's room done, from painting to furniture and pictures. It will work for either sex.

    I leave, next Sunday, for a week with my mom, in Panama City Beach (FL). She goes down for a month with my aunt and uncle. When dad was alive the four of them went. I'm looking forward to it! Just a tad nervous about flying. It will be the first time, by myself, since my CICU stay, almost two years ago. I tend to be more confused, and slower reaction time, since then. Lack of oxygen they say. However, it will be good and prove that I am still independent to some degree. I used to love traveling by myself, renting cars, driving all over, it will be different this year, but I'm determined to do my best! Even if it means I end up in CA, not FL, and hit a few pedestrians while I'm there! LOL

    I have jam packed appointment starting Wednesday. Several of them PT sessions. My neck and how I carry myself is very off due to the bad surgery, etc. Neck probs make gait off. I will do whatever needed to change those things.

    Okay, so I've blathered about myself, non stop! SO what is going on with all of YOU??!!

    Hugs to all,

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  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I hope I am able to send this message. I typed a long message on Friday, only to find I couldn't send it when I got it done. Frustrating to say the least. I finally gave up. It was at the end of the work day so I didn't have time to type another. Where is last week's post? I always look at them to see what people wrote over the weekend.

    We had a pretty quiet weekend. A girlfriend and I had lunch together on Saturday and had a nice, long talk. We have decided to have lunch together once a month. She had given me a card earlier for my birthday, but gave me a belated birthday present. Not that she needed to. Then I went to the library where a speaker was giving a talk on using digital cameras. Since I have a digital camera now (it's really Jim's that I will be giving to him next Christmas) I thought it would be helpful for me to learn so I can show him. The talk was somewhat helpful, but of course different cameras models have different features on them. The speaker did look at my camera and show me a few things on it. I know I will have to read the book, too. I think I will experiment and take some pictures. I really need a digital camera myself. I've been using an old 35-year-old camera which is starting to show its age and is giving me some problems.

    Sunday was church in the morning and I ran a few errands. Harry and I went out for lunch. I swept out the garage-boy what a mess from the winter! I took my youngest cat out with me.

    Friday I went to the hospital and had all of the pre-surgical testing stuff done. There is a possibility that I might have to spend one night in the hospital. I have a bladder implant and they requested that I bring the device that turns it off and on. No one has asked me to do this before. Now this morning a lady from the operating room called and said that after the surgery I should have my implant checked after the surgery is over to be sure it isn't damaged. That's something no one has said to me before. They think I should schedule an appt. with the doctor who put the implant in. Trouble is, it's way over at The Cleveland Clinic-three hours away and Harry's always driven me. He has a hard time getting time off work. This is the third surgery on this ear. Why all the fuss this time?

    Kim: It's nice to hear from you again. I hope your trip to Florida goes okay and you get
    through the plane trip without too many problems. It sounds like having your son move out is the best solution for all of you. I'm sure your daughter will be happy when the baby is born especially the bigger she gets!

    Terri: Thanks for the post wishing me a happy birthday! I hope you survived your music recitals.

    Anne Theresa: How are you feeling? Did you call the therapist? I'm sorry you are becoming so immobile. That must be so depressing for you. I hope the therapy will help you.

    Nancy: How are things going for you? Did you succeed in getting through your monster list last week? I didn't call Jim this weekend. I just felt I needed a little break. I honestly don't know how you do it taking care of Katy all the time. You definitely deserve a medal.

    Grammy: How are you and your dogs doing? No more stinkers I hope!

    To-do list:

    -pick up prescription
    -fix dinner
    -dust basement

    See all of you tomorrow!

  3. hugs4evry1

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    Kim, thanks so much for getting the thread started this week, it's great to hear from you too...but if you wouldn't mind, could you change the dates unless I've completely missed Valentines' Day? (I'm so confused!!)

    I envy you a bit for your empty nest. I don't know if it's my age, menopause or just general crabbiness, but I miss peace and quiet and the life that I had created out of what's left of my health.

    When I flew to London this summer, it was my first time flying at all in 6 years and alone even longer than that. But I made it and I know you will too. I always ask for help from the airlines and I have a wheelchair waiting for me at each end just in case I need it. That helps so much.

    For me, I tried to take a rest day today although I did have things to do. Didn't really work out that way though.

    She and I are bickering a lot....I know she misses being married in the sense that you had someone who shared your interests and frankly, I could care less about her movies and games that she likes to play. I just can't be everything she needs me to be and at my age, I have no desire to try.

    She talks constantly about these things and I just really don't want to listen to something I have no interest in. So she feels like I just blow her off and I feel like I never get any peace....and quiet.

    My husband's gone this week, Katy's pretty sick with gastro problems, they seem to be getting worse everyday. So that means all chores fall to me, taking care of the pup, dog, cat feedings etc....plus I mopped the house today too. Only been 4 days since my housekeeper came but it's muddy out and the pup goes potty outside, yuck.

    I still need to pick up her meds, she may need to be taken to the ER at some point although we made another appt for Wed morning for her. I can't get her to the gastro doc this week because all of their appts are after 6:00 pm and I'm always in bed feeling awful by then, at least.

    I need to make it to the clinic on base because there's been some confusion over my prescriptions yet I don't have any pills left for next week.

    Need to grocery shop and Friday she has a psych appt and that drive wears me out, even just as a passenger. With hubby gone, I'll have to drive too, yuck.

    Hope everyone else is having a better week.



    PS. Thanks all for allowing me to vent, I needed that.
  4. ksp56

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    It is great to hear from you all...even if your life is not at a place you want it to be now.

    Ellen: I think it is a great idea to meet with your friend once a month. My friends keep me connected to the 'real' world'. I love them so much. Great you went to class to learn about your digital camera. We JUST received our first digital camera. It confuses us both! Of course, we hate reading the manual, so DUH!!! I didn't know about your bladder and the inplant. What are they doing to you? You are right, CC is far from you. I hope all turns out to be the 'best scenerio' and you won't have to make the trip and your implant works well after. You are in my prayers...

    Nancy: Bless you. I am very sorry you are going through so much. It seems as if you don't have the time to take care of yourself, due to everything that goes on in your life. I'm sorry Katy and you are bickering..what an ongoing stress. I wish you could get some peace and quiet which would enable you to rest up and help clear your mind. You are the true definition of the 'glue' which holds down the 'fort'. I had enough of endless, and not well received, 'talks', which included yelling and horrid disagreements with my kids while they were home. I was happy when they left home! You were adjusted to being 'alone'and now have a daughter back who has her emotional problems, which become your problem's too. My heart goes out to Katy, but also to you. Being a 'caretaker' is so emotionally and phsyically wearing. I hope you get your meds, quickly, straightend out. To not feel well on top of every thing else must feel daunting. You are in my prayers and heart. Vent away!

    Linda: So great to see we are actually using the board the same week! LOL! I am sorry you having such a long flare, plus your thyroid problems. Those cold and damp days are truly a 'killer'. We are going through the same! Thank you for always asking about my mom. You are such a sweetie! I am happy your mom seems to be in a better spot at this time. Hopefully, this will help with all of the stress you have. It sounds as if your mom is enjoy herself. This is so important for both of our moms. Keep us informed about your DH glaucoma (SP) problem. Regarding 'empty nest syndrome'...believe me it will pass! No matter how much you love your kids, it frees up time for YOU. Hopefully, with Kevin buying a house, there will be no more coming back, moving home, etc. It is just great to see you, my friend! And, who does know, I might be in your vicinity soon,like Sunday! LOL Take care, try to rest your body!

    Grammy: I hope this finds you doing well. I think of you often. I LOVE your foot washing idea for dogs. It is a mess in our yard, due to melting of snow, etc. We have 2 large dogs, and my mom's dog, who is little. I am so tired of trying to grab their paws, and wipe them, before they hit the carpet. After my mom comes back from FL and has her dog, again, we are having the carpet cleaned for the second time in 3 months. Also, the furniture, due to both cats, and dogs, who seem to think all of it is THEIRS. From now on they are BANNED from our furniture. We did not spend the
    money we did to have everything a mess! LOL You take care of yourself!

    I know I should be frantically, trying to get everything done for the trip on Sunday. I cleaned and did the floors, and the ceramic, and polished the kitchen counters,yesterday. I have my laundry done. Tomorrow, it's hair color touch up, then an appointment for PT. The next day is hair cut (I don't go to the same person for both!) and a trip up to the lake to meet with our realtor. We are, again, looking at year round homes which are on the market. We are all over the place, as you probably have gathered,about want we want to do! Who knows, what we will ever do regarding moving! LOL Friday, I have another PT appointment. Since I am flying out of Indianapolis, we will try to go down the night before (Saturday) so it is not such a rush, with a car ride, to boot. Oh, I also need to get new glasses at one of those places where you can get them with in 24 hours.

    So here I sit. I know it will all work out, some how! Starting with appointment tomorrow through Friday, will be enough to further wipe me out. Which I am, along with feeling achey with our usual wet and humid weather. I started to feel guilty, but it passed! I need to rest up for everythiny else coming up!

    Many Gentle Hugs to you!


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  5. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I went to a retiree's luncheon today at noon. I worked an extra half hour yesterday so I could have a whole hour luncheon today. These are the women who used to work at the College and it was nice to see them again. Even though I'm not retired, they welcome us "working girls" to come join them. They meet once a month. So it was fun to see them again. Except I got so involved talking, I got back to work a few minutes late!

    Harry was gone last night on a trucking job. While I missed him, it was nice not having to cook dinner.

    Nancy: I'm so sorry you and Katy are bickering. Maybe she is treating you more like a friend than a mother? Of course you are not going to be interested in the things that her generation is. You need your space and time alone. I hope the situation improves.

    Linda: That's okay that you missed my birthday. I'm not always very good at remembering them either. We saw Gran Torino and I liked it except when Clint Eastwood dies in the end. I haven't seen "Taken". I'm glad your mother has improved.

    To-do list:

    -pool therapy
    -vacuum basement
    -dinner? (have to find out if Harry is coming home or not)

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good morning all....

    Well, Katy and I have had a few serious talks about how she's been treating me and things are getting better. She wants me to point out to her when she's being rude and I'm more than happy to do it.

    She had an appt yesterday on base so I was able to straighten out my med problems and even saw my doc for a short period of time. My blood work showed my iron stores are horribly low so he put me on an iron supplement. I'm supposed to go back next week but they don't have any available appts for another month.

    Your iron stores are supposed to be up to 300 and mine are at 14, not good. None of the reasons seem to apply to me though, I drink plenty of liquids, eat meat and don't menstruate so I'm not sure why I have this problem too, although not surprised since our bodies don't work right at all.

    The doc mentioned sending me to an internist so I'll but that on my list with the mammogram, Endo and now this....no wonder I feel awful lately.

    It snowed a few inches last night so I'm already tired from cleaning off the satelite dish, doesn't work with snow piled on it, and from doing everything myself since hubby's gone this week.

    Only thing I need to do today is get Katy's meds out in town and rest up for that darn trip to the psych tomorrow.

    Thank you all for your kind words, sorry not to respond to all but of course, I'm tired and just wanted to check in.


  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I made myself get up a half hour earlier. It's amazing what you can get done in a half hour. I folded laundry and put it away. Then I vacuumed the carpet upstairs. Of course it helps that we have a small house. Before I left for work, I managed to make time to make the beds and put the bedspreads on. Most days I don't do the bedspreads.

    Harry got up a little earlier, too, as he had an appt. at the eye doctor. I was so busy this morning, I forgot to put on earrings! Here I am at work and I don't feel totally dressed without my earrings! At least I have my wedding ring on!

    I have an appt. with the fibro doctor this afternoon. I can't say that I look forward to the drive up to Ann Arbor. Hopefully the wait won't be too long and I can get back home again soon. I will work through my lunch as I need to leave work a half hour early to get up there on time.

    Nancy: I'm glad you and Katy had a talk and cleared the air. Hopefully it won't lead to a fight if you tell her she's being rude. The hospital that Jim stays at when he's not doing well accidently mailed me the latest bill. $2,269.00 for a week's stay! Of course Jim's Medicaid will cover most of that, which means taxpayer's money. And last year he was in three times, and one time he was there for several weeks.

    Linda: I'm getting anxious for spring to come, too, but for you warmer weather means HOT temps.

    To-do list:

    -vacuum carpet upstairs (done)
    -finish laundry (done)
    -FMS doctor appt
    -clean toilet and sink
    -clean laundry tub
    -empty wastebaskets


  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    It's my first time checking in this week.....the days just slide by.....

    Welcome back, Linda! We missed you and your cheery letters. I'm glad you are doing a bit better...at least in the thyroid dept. I am also on a thyroid med and I have more energy than I used to, so I guess it was needed. I haven't heard from Shirley for awhile....I think her last post was the end of Jan.

    My hubby is home now and brought me flowers last night for Valentine's Day. He hates that the price is always boosted for that particular holiday, and in the ads they say it's a "special!" Not so special, when you have to pay more! But he is sweet and brings me flowers pretty often.

    My MIL is doing better now. She had the flu earlier this week and was pretty sick. Her assisted living place was concerned about her and we would have taken her to the hospital, since she has no local doc.( Her doctor is 45 minutes away....couldn't get her in with anyone here). But she rallied and got better on her own, so we're keeping an eye on her. She will turn 88 next Tuesday, so we're taking her out for a surprise dinner at the place that my son works. It's a fancy resort, so I'm sure she'll enjoy the change of pace! (My son gets a discount since he works there- otherwise we couldn't afford it!)

    Nancy- I hope the iron supplements help shore up your iron levels. That can really make one tired. When does your hubby get home?

    Well, I've got to get some learnin' into these boys.....time for school.
  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, it's Friday, which means a quiet day here at work. Not a lot of classes are taught since it interferes with athletics. I'm sitting here feeling sleepy. I have a few things to do, but not a lot of ambition. I did manage to get some things done at home before I had to leave.

    On the way home, I will stop and get my hair cut. I have a coupon for half off the usual price for a hair cut-$5.99! My pen pal in Austria bought me a pretty necklace for my 50th birthday. I really should get her something as she will be turning 50 at the beginning of March. I should get something soon and mail it out just before my surgery next week. It usually takes about a week or so for it to arrive.

    We're having my in-laws over for dinner on Sunday afternoon for a turkey. No, I'm not doing all the side dishes-too much work. I'm not even doing the dressing. I'm debating as to whether or not to have Jim over.

    Terri: I'm glad your MIL is doing better. I'm sure you will all enjoy eating out. Some of these restaurants are pretty expensive. What we do is go to these places for lunch-it's cheaper that way. Red Lobster for lunch is not too bad price-wise.

    To-do list:

    -finish washing sheets and towels
    -make Harry's bed
    -empty dishwasher (done)
    -feed birds (done)
    -get haircut
    -get gas

    To-do list for weekend:

    -dust upstairs
    -clean laundry tub
    -clean bathtub
    -get Eva's present ready to mail
    -go see a movie on Saturday

  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends, Just popping in to let you know I'm home, safe and sound. After a couple of lovely days away, I came home late Tuesday and I've been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping ever since. I've read this week's posts - taking time to pray for each - and I hope you can appreciate that I'm far too tired to respond individually to each post.

    Nancy & Ellen, at first did the topomax make you tired like this? I'm only on 1/2 dose
    (I increase on Sunday to 3/4 dose, then the next Sunday to a full dose).
    The first ten days, I was taking a lot of gravol but the nausea has settled down now (thank heavens). I have noticed a difference in my appetite (which is a good thing) and a very subtle sense of wellness amid the usual pain and fatigue (another good thing).

    I feel like going back to bed and I probably will but first I'll make a little to-do list because I always feel better when I accomplish something.

    put laundry away
    make bed
    put dishes away
    clean counters & sink
    empty wastebaskets
    swish washroom

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  11. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I hope you all have a special day. Also, that you find comfort for those who have been not feeling well.

    We're driving to Indianapolis, Sunday (tmw), early morning for me to catch my flight. I thought of spending the night, but I'm exhausted from this past week. Linda, I'm glad you said something about your mom. I hope she is feeling better and give her a hug from me!

    Anne Theresa and Terri, it is so good to see you! As well as everyone else.

    Please take care of yourselves while I'm away. You can take comfort that the weather has been rainy and rather bad in FL!!! Please keep me in your thought and prayers as I fly the 'freindly skys' tomorrow and next Sunday! I am excited, but apprehensive also. I love to fly, so hopefully when I am up, up, and away, it will again, great!

    Many Hugs to you all,


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