What's On Your To Do List? 3/26/07 thru 4/01/07

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    Living with fibromyalgia means we may no longer be easily able to do the things we once took for granted. However, with perseverance, ingenuity and support, it's possible to learn new ways to do things. By making daily priorities and pacing ourselves, we can accomplish much in a day without further taxing our body's already fragile system.

    According to Bruce Campbell, Ph.D., "Specific pacing techniques include being careful about overall activity level, taking scheduled rests, living by a schedule of activity and rest, limiting the length of an activity, scheduling activities for "good" times of the day and avoiding "bad" times, and breaking tasks down into small steps with rest between each step."

    What is On Your To-Do List?

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  2. hugs4evry1

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    I completely overdid it Saturday but got a lot of packing up things done. Finished my huge curio in the living room and the top part of my china cabinet.

    Thought I'd rest yesterday but heard an odd sound, looked up only to find water coming through my living room ceiling....again!

    Called the landlord who called the pipe guy and today ( hopefully) I'll be getting a new hot water heater. It's basically kaput and water was flowing out of it.

    Completely overdid it again running up and down the stairs letting everyone in the house, and checking on the progress.

    So for today, get dressed, rest, hopefully get this fixed, maybe start my laundry.


    Nancy B
  3. EllenComstock

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    Linda and Nancy: I hope both of you will be feeling better soon. It's easy to overdue when you are moving or doing a special project.

    It does seem strange to think that in less than a week, it will be April. I have counted the number of work days left for me until I am off for the summer. After today I will only have 34 more days! It's getting busier at my job now. It's always extra busy at the beginning and end of each semester.

    We had a good weekend. It rained in the morning both days, but the afternoons were warm and sunny. I took the kitties out both days. On Sunday I managed to do some clean up in the yard. I tried not to overdo it. We went to a movie on Saturday and ate lunch out.

    Okay, here's my to-do list for today:

    -pick up a prescription and a few other things at the
    -shorten my new raincoat
    -go to my last art class until fall

    I am taking tomorrow off so I won't be back here again until Wednesday. Here's my to-do list for tomorrow:

    -go to an out-of-town dr. appt. with my FMS doctor in the
    -pool therapy class
    -clean one side of our bedroom. I have started my spring
    cleaning, but am just doing a small amount at a time
    and not doing it every day.

  4. AnneTheresa

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    I've done most of my daily chores already. What's left is to clean the kitchen, damp mop the floors & water the plants. After that, I plan to get dressed in my street clothes and go for a little walk with my sweetie who should be home from work by then.

    I also have two phone calls to make and three e-mails that need my response. I'll do this after dinner. (For dinner, I'm going to thaw/microwave some vegetable & barley soup to serve with a wonderful loaf of bread that we got from the bakery.)easy peezy.

    Then, after dinner, I'll ask my sweetie to retrieve my box of spring/summer clothes from the basement. Then, starting tomorrow and for how ever long it takes, I plan to take inventory of my clothes, set out my spring/summer clothes and fold my winter clothes for storage. I enjoy seasonal this task because, inevitably, I find a favourite piece of clothing that I'd forgotten all about.

    I hope everyone is well today and I hope today is a good start to a good week.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. hugs4evry1

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    They're finally coming to replace my hot water heater today at 2:00 so I'm going to try to rest before that and shower afterwards.

    Still under so much pressure about this house we want to rent and with my hubby gone, it's all on me.

    Hopefully I'll get all this stuff out of the way soon so I can just concentrate on packing up my house.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  6. AnneTheresa

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    Moving creates a lot of stress, Nancy. Even though the move itself may indicate a positive change, the stress is still very real and apparent. As you're packing up the house, please remember to pace yourself and leave yourself plenty of time to rest.

    To-Do List

    - clean floors
    - water plants
    - gather and box clothes etc. for Goodwill
    - read, take a nap, watch TV
    - dress in street clothes, hair, make-up etc.
    - shopping with a friend, drop off Goodwill items, find a small gift for my sweetie's upcoming birthday.

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    You're right, it does create a huge amount of stress and the money this is going to cost has me worried. And my daughter is moving too, which adds more stress to the mix. Hubby being gone doesn't help much either.

    But...I'm clean!! I got my shower last night and finished up cleaning the bathroom and mopping up at around 7:00 which is usually my bedtime.

    I'm hoping to finish up my laundry today, pack up a few more boxes and maybe even go to base to grab a few groceries and drop off our recycle items. (I have many garbage bags full from redoing my cd's and dvds.)

    Whew, I think I'm tired already!


    Nancy B
  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    My appt. with the FMS was productive. He is changing my pain medication. It's still morphine, but a different brand that lasts longer. He is hopeful this will help with the nausea problems I've had. He also wrote me out a prescription for an anti-nausea medication to take as needed, but hopefully with the new med I won't have as many problems.

    Also, my doctor goofed on the diruetic prescription he gave me last time. It was a pediatric dosage so that's why it hasn't helped me. I am hopeful with being on the larger dose of Lasix that I will finally get rid of the swelling in my feet and ankles. It will be nice to have shoes that aren't so tight!

    Okay, so much for the boring medical stuff.

    Nancy - I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time right now. It's too bad your husband had to leave at such a busy time. When exactly are you moving? Take care and I hope this is over soon!

    To-do list:

    -shorten new raincoat (never did this the other day)
    -dust shelves in bedroom closet and vacuum floor
    -get new prescriptions filled
    -watch an afternoon Lifetime movie

  9. AnneTheresa

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    The weather is lovely today and I have TULIPS in my front garden!

    First of all, I have to go for a doctor's appointment and then, while I'm downtown, I'll probably walk a bit for exercise.

    When I get home I want to:

    clean/dust my desk (I've been procrastinating on this)
    swiffer/mop hardwood floors
    carpet sweep the rug
    put dishes away - clean counters & stove tops
    water plants
    dust living room furniture
    clean washroom floor

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I've made an apt with the realtor to go see the house one more time this morning, and I need to shampoo my hair before I go. Wish I'd done it the other night but I was too tired after the water heater fiasco so I just jumped in the shower to get clean.

    We should be moving by May 1, so the pressure's on to get this house packed up. Even if I hire packers to come get the big stuff, it'll be over $3000.00 to have them help if I pack everything myself. Not sure if I can even afford it after the 5 1/2 months rent that we need up front.

    And yes, hubby will help but he's sick too and often doesn't have any energy left after working all day. I know this trip seems like a bad idea, but he's earned it and after 4 years, he deserves a dream trip to Vegas, seeing our son and just relaxing for a bit.

    The trip was free, the leave days were free and my Dad even paid for the trip to Vegas so it didn't cost us much at all, just food money. He needed this and hopefully will come back and feel a bit more relaxed.

    Ellen, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain and having so many problems too. I hope the right dose of Lasix (sp) will start helping.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  11. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I got all my new meds filled yesterday afternoon and have started on them. I waited until this morning to start the Lasix since I didn't want to be up all night in the bathroom! I took my first anti-nausea medication this morning for the first time and it seems to be helping. The queasiness I had first thing this morning is gone.

    I, too, have a few flowers in my garden now. Not much-crocus and some early iris. But it is such a welcome sight. I just love spring and watching the world turn green again. I went to the library the other day and on the south side of the building, there were two daffodils in bloom!

    Well, I didn't get too much done yesterday afternoon. My energy level was just too low. I guess we all understand the frustration of wanting to get things done, but just not being up to it. I didn't even fix dinner last night.

    Okay, so here's what I hope to do today:

    -finish hemming raincoat (I did get half of it done
    -dust shelves and vacuum floor in bedroom closet
    -get grocery list ready

    Nancy: Wow-it's expensive to move in Germany! Although I have to admit I don't know how much it costs here in the U.S. since I've never hired a moving company. It does sound like a lot, though. I didn't realize your husband has health problems, too. I hope the trip does him good.

  12. AnneTheresa

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    I had a difficult time getting started today but, since I had a manicure scheduled for this afternoon, I managed to take a quick shower/shampoo and get out the door. I didn't even make the bed, left the house in a terrible mess.

    While I was out, I picked up a few things at the grocery store. Then I took a taxi home to my messy house and just now I've done a quick tidy and put something in the oven for dinner.

    I didn't get too far with yesterday's to-do list so after dinner, I'll try to get to some of the things I missed yesterday:

    clean/dust my desk
    swiffer/mop hardwood floors
    carpet sweep the rug
    dust living room furniture
    clean washroom floor

    I may carry some of the above-noted tasks over until tomorrow - as long as they are done by the weekend I'll be happy. (My sweetie and I are celebrating our birthdays over the weekend so I want to be free from housework.)

    I'd also like to take a little walk this evening. The weather, once again, is beautiful.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  13. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    The end of another work week. After today, only 31 more days before summer break! I love my job, but I am getting anxious to have some time off.

    I had more energy yesterday afternoon, so I managed to do most of the things on yesterday's list.

    Okay, on to my to-do list for today and the weekend:

    -finish hemming raincoat (never did this yesterday)
    -dinner (not sure what yet, but something simple)

    Weekend list:

    -do some mending
    -wash bedding
    -call about having a cabinet put in the wall over our
    refrigerator during the summer. Our refrigerator
    is enclosed and above it there is just open space.
    I would like it opened up to store things I don't
    use too often and have cabinet doors installed in
    the opening. So I need to call around and get some
    -call about getting our house power washed. My husband
    mentioned the other day that we should have this done.
    -go see my brother in the group home.

    Well, back to work. Have a good weekend, everyone.


  14. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I'm mostly resting today but I need to do a few things:

    swiffer floors - we took the rug out of our livingroom (it clashed somewhat with our new art) and now, with just the hardwood, it seems I have to swiffer/dust every day. I don't mind, it's an easy job and the hardwood is truly beautiful.

    put dishes away/clean kitchen counter tops/sink

    respond to e-mail

    wrap sweetie's b-day gift

    empty wastebaskets

    Wishing everyone a nice weekend,

    God bless,
  15. jmq

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    I am fairly new here...I am usually on the Fibro board. I found your posts very interesting and inspiring because I have ALWAYS had a "to do list." even before this dd. I still do it but have been having trouble getting out of bed for awhile.

    What do you do to get out of that rut? My list has the same stuff on it for a week now. I cant even get up for something fun.

    PS I am not depressed..its pain and fatigue.

    Any suggestions welcomed.

    have a good weekend..