What's On Your To Do List? 6/30 thru 7/6

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    Hello everyone!

    Nancy, I read the last weeks posts and will continue to pray for you and your beloved Katie. I felt sad reading your post, but pray this facility may be able to help her. Please, please, rest and do whatever to take good care of YOU. I'm sure your heart is in England, still try and relax.

    It was great to see a 'new' Kim, post! As well as the rest of you. I know change is in the air for many of you. Be it yourself, or you loved ones. I'm always with you in prayer and heart, even when I'm not 'here'.

    My mom had her second cataract surgery, all went well. A friend of mine from Virginia came to stay. A last minute trip. Jim is traveling much more, with or without me!

    I cleaned floors today. Two loads of laundry, cleaned one bathroom, and that is it for the day!!!

    I hope to hear from all of you... and the other's, who like me, have been MIA!

    Big and soft hugs to all,


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  2. alaska3355

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    Hi Kim and Kim! Great to see you both. Ksp56- I hope your mom gets better soon from her cataract surgery.

    Anne Theresa- when is your vacation? It sounds lovely- a B & B and time to shop in antique stores. I hope you find some really great finds (I'll live it vicariously too!)

    To Do:
    Change the sheets
    General pick up

    We got an invitation to go pick cherries on Thursday....aren't you jealous? We went to this orchard last year, and he had wonderful Rainiers and bings. This year I didn't expect to go, because the cherry crop is much less than last year. My husband asked "Can you clear your schedule?" knowing that nothing could stop me from cherry picking! It's one of my favorite things to do!

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  3. AnneTheresa

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    Hello Kim & Terry and those who follow.

    Monday always brings with it more than the usual household chores, mainly because, with sweetie home over the weekend, I fall away from my housekeeping schedule and things pile up. I've made some progress already, cleaned the kitchen & pet areas and so I'll continue, bit-by-bit, working, as I usually do, in ten minute increments, then resting for same.

    first of all, shower & shampoo
    clean washroom
    sweep & mop hardwood floors
    make bed / change sheets
    water plants inside & out
    organize front hall closet
    organize recyclables
    walk to grocery store

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  4. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member


    Get up on time
    Get in the pool
    Make myself presentable
    Go to work
    Come home - go to bed.

    So far I'm on track! I am thankful to have to care only for me!

  5. greygodess

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    Today I spent 4 hours weeding. Boy does my back feel it.

    Tuesday - go to the Nature Center and weed there. Go to our son's for his birthday.

    Wednesday - Animal Shelter day. Haven't been there in 4 weeks.

    Thursday - more yard work

    Friday - go to the beach and see the fireworks

    Saturday - some housework

    Sunday - church and nap

    I'm going to try and get some knitting done. Just haven't been in the mood. Also play some rummicube. My husband and I have had a running game for about 3 years now. Play alot in the evening during the summer. I am winning at this point. Godbless
  6. hugs4evry1

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    Kim, thanks for starting the thread this week, great to see you back and posting again.

    Erin, welcome to the thread...

    Today I have a doc appt on base so hopefully I can get all my meds straightened out.

    My IBS-D is still out of control and I've lost about 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks and I think mostly because of this, although I have curbed my night time snacking considerably too. Not quite sure how much I've lost because I couldn't get on a scale until a few weeks ago, but I know I gained during the last 2 months because of my inactivity.

    Trying not to worry about it too much and just put it down to stress.

    So before I can pack for the weekend in London, I need to try to find some clothes that fit, although it's been a few years since I've seen these numbers on a scale.

    Katy had a bit of a rough weekend. Her husband got home from his business trip and didn't call, her or us. She insisted on calling him Sunday, he lied and said we didn't tell him she was hospitalized...(he set it up before he left and made sure to tell me that I had no business in her medical decisions)

    Being stuck in the middle as I am, I had to remind her that he 'returned' her to us, she had forgotten...that was ugly. Leave it to me to be the one who has to break her heart and remind her that she lives here now....

    How I hate being stuck in 'no man's land'....I've spent close to $3,000.00 this week with airline tickets, hotel, rental car, her smokes, clothing, phone minutes, calling cards, etc.....and he pops back in. NO calls to us, no thank you, no nothing. Well, what can you expect? And I can't even imagine what my phone bill will look like with 2 calls to London each day!

    Hope you all are having a great week.


  7. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I've had a lot on my mind the past few days. Harry's sister had a party a few days ago and my father-in-law and I had a fight at the party. He's always been a stinker in the family, but he and I have always gotten along. He's always treated me well, just like a daughter and I've felt close to him.

    Here's what happened: The teenagers were playing volleyball in the pool and the ball got out of the pool. Nick had to get out of the pool to retrieve the ball. The ball fell right by Harry's feet, but Harry didn't through it back in the pool. Nick asked Harry why he didn't throw it back in and Harry said it was because he was on vacation. Then I said does this mean you aren't going to help me with housework either? I admit, I shouldn't have said this, I tried to say this in a lighthearted manner, but I still shouldn't have said it and I later apologized at home.

    It was just Harry, his mom and dad and I sitting there at the time. Then Harry's dad said why do you need any help? Since you don't have any kids, you shouldn't have that much to do. Well, then I got really mad and said, excuse me I do and it's not easy when you have a chronic illness. Then he said, well everyone gets sick sometimes. I said with FMS it's not just "sometimes". Then he stood up, took out his hankerchief, and wiped my face with it (I was not crying) while he said "you poor thing" in a condescending manner. It was all I could do not to pull the hankerchief out of his hand and tear it into little bits. I kept telling him to sit down.

    It was right after that I left the party. Harry and his mom didn't say anything. Harry left with me. At first he said he felt his dad overreacted and shouldn't have done the hankerchief thing (he said his dad used to do the hankerchief thing to him and his sisters). I found it to be very condescending and hurtful. I used to think my father-in-law was somewhat understanding about the FMS as he was always reading about it and cutting about research and giving it to me. Well, Harry then changed and said he agreed with his dad and said he thought his dad was defending him.

    So Harry and I have fought for several days now. We are speaking more now, but he still hasn't apologized for laughing at me and calling me a "drama queen". Why is it that when a woman stands up and defends herself she is called that and a man isn't? I feel his dad was being quite dramatic with the hankerchief act. Harry's dad and mom are always fighting and he is always cutting her down. And his dad is always talking about how hard he had it as a farmer.

    Sorry this is so long, but I just had to vent. Now my FIL's birthday is coming up. I already have his present and card bought, but I really don't feel like going over there and giving it to him. He hasn't bothered to apologize for the way he treated me. Harry says I can't change him, but I don't see why I have to accept being mistreated. He needs to keep his opinions to himself. He also said I create a lot of my own work and I shouldn't have a vegetable garden. My garden isn't even very large. He and I used to talk about our gardens a lot. How should I handle his birthday. Just pretend like nothing happened? It's this weekend.

  8. texangal81

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    My ex-FIL and I got along great for YEARS. When his son and I started having real problems they were unfortunate enough to come visit during the middle of it - things got ugly. I guess my ex told them HIS side of the story and of course, that means I was to blame.

    My ex-FIL confronted me in the hall during the visit and I started to say "I'm sorry about all of this, you have to understand....". And he pointed his finger right in my face and said "My son might have problems, but you have more. This is ALL YOUR FAULT". I was devastated - I had been part of that family for 22 years and I wasn't even given the benefit of the doubt.

    He died 2 1/2 years ago and never apologized to me. Yet, we did make up as is nothing happened. It took 5 years, but when my ex remarried, his folks and I had a great talk when I picked up the kids while Dad and new wife were on their honeymoon. It was cathartic, even though he said that horrible thing to me. I was glad we could put the past behind us. There HAD been good times. I keep in touch with my MIL and even brought her to my new house to see it a few years back.

    What your FIL did was wrong and I understand how much it hurt. It is easy to hold a grudge, nurse it, let it grow. But it sounds like he HAS been supportive in the past. Go to his party and take your gift and card. You'll be glad you did one day.
  9. ksp56

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    Great to see so many posts!

    Terri: Of course I'm jealous! I LOVE fresh cherries, but need to mortgage the house if I buy many! LOL... I don't suppose your going to make pies or anything..hmmmm?

    AnneTheresa: Your list is always filled! I wish I would keep in mind the 10 minute's at a time. When I have a rush of energy, I just want it done! Then, takes days to get back on path! LOL Hope you and your sweetie are doing well!

    Erin: Great to see you! I read a post of yours on another thread and laughed my rear end off. Well, not quite, but it would be nice to see it disappear! You schedule is a good plan. A pool sounds wonderful! Also, you have a beautiful grandson!

    Grey: I applaud you for the hours of weeding. I do an hours worth and prepare for my death bed! Grin! Take it easy girl! Have fun with you son on his birthday!

    Nancy: You have too much on your plate, and certainly don't need this horrible bout with IBS-D. Please take as good of care as possible. I'm sorry Katy is having a difficult time. Your SIL seems to help in making sure that's the way it is, for you, and her. I wish there was something more I could do.

    Linda: it is difficult when you have to come home, and need a vacay, after being on one! I relate! You and your mom sound much like me and my mom.. take good care and make, me time even if only 10 minutes, daily.

    Ellen: I'm sorry the party turned out to be a fiasco. I know you and your FIL, ususally get along well. For me, my DH siding with his parent, would upset me the most. Hopefully, Harry will come around. I don't know what I would do. Maybe take the gift and card,act yourself, and not stay afterwards. It might make your FIL think back to what he did. If it should be uncomfortable, tell Harry ahead of time you want to leave, like, NOW. And if you do not want to go..don't!!!! Don't feel guilty about it, if this is what you decide. Many times, we have to take care of us, when other's let us down. Let us know. I'm thinking about you.

    Okay, I managed to get clothes out of dryer, put more in, and fold them. I guess that's it for today! LOL I'm going get cleaned up. Jim was in Charlotte, NC and his flight is in..yippee!

    Thinking of you all!


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  10. alaska3355

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    Wow, life seems to throw a lot of curves, doesn't it?

    Nancy- it would have been heart rending to have to remind your daughter of her new situation.....I'm sorry it has gone this way, but hopefully your daughter will get the help she needs. Are you going this weekend? Have a safe trip.

    Ellen- I understand your being upset. It was unkind of your FIL to belittle you. I suggest having a heart to heart with Harry and remind him that when you are married, that is your new family. His loyalties are to you first. I can't tell you what to do this weekend at the birthday party.....I guess that's up to you.

    Hey, Grey- I still have plenty of weeds over here, if you'd like to pull some more....just kidding.

    Linda- I'm glad to see you back.....I'll pray for a rare cold snap for Phoenix! Take care of that knee and ankle.

    I'm guessing Anne Theresa has gone on her little vacation....have a great time!

    To do:
    start thyroid medication (I'm hypothyroid)
    take son for allergy shot
    help boys and hubby pack for their trips

    Take care all and stay cool,
  11. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I'm over here at the Morenci Library with my brother, Jim, using their computers. Jim and I had lunch and are spending some time together. The computers at the Morenci Library weren't busy and there's no time limit on using them, so I decided to check in with all of you!

    I goofed on a couple of things. My FIL's birthday is actually not this weekend, it's the following weekend and there isn't a party. We are just going over with the gift and card.

    I went to the weekday mass this morning and prayed about it and thought maybe I could talk to him and tell him that we could just agree to disagree about things. He thinks I have nothing to do and I don't agree with that. And I think he treated me in a condescending way and he doesn't.

    Harry still hasn't apologized and I've given up on this happening. We are planning on leaving on our trip on Saturday for Traverse City. It's right on the bay and I love water. What's happened has put a damper on it, but I'm trying to work up some enthusiasm. I just bought some film today and plan to take lots of pictures. The cherry festival should be interesting and it should be lovely up there this time of the year. Right now we are trying to figure out where to stay and trying to get a good deal through the Internet so I may be on here again tomorrow.

    Nancy: I'm assuming you have headed for England. I haven't gotten the whole story, but I know there is some problem with Katy at the new facility. If I get a chance here, I'll look through some of the old posts. I wish you the best of luck and will continue to say prayers for you.

    Linda: I hope your mother is doing okay. Don't worry about not being on here a lot. Sometimes I get behind, too.

    Anne Theresa: How are things with you? How is your breathing? Is the puffer still working okay with you?

    Kim: I'm glad your mom's cateract surgery went okay.

    I'm probably missing some people, and if so, please forgive me. I should get back to Jim.

    To-do list:

    -put away yesterday's dishes
    -fill Harry's prescriptions (done)
    -order a part for my vacuum (done)
    -buy tar (or whatever you call it) for our tree (done)
    -buy bread at the wholesale place (done)
    -get just a few groceries
    -take Jim out to lunch (done)
    -buy curtains for the garage
    -get a new battery for my watch (done)

    Tomorrow's to-do list:

    -pool therapy class
    -put tar on tree
    -make hotel reservations

    In case I don't make it back on here tomorrow, I will talk to all of you when I get back! We will be back from our trip next Thursday. Take care.

  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Linda, I hope you get your vacation after vacation...I understand that completely. Hope the hectic things have calmed down a bit.

    Ellen, are you and Harry getting along any better now? That just sounds like an incredibly painful situation and your FIL needs a spanking. Shame on him for acting this way. It was wrong of him to do the hanky thing with his kids, and it's even more demeaning to do it to a grown woman.

    Just a thought, but you could mail the gift and the card...with this illness, I've often found that I have to eliminate stress and if visiting him next weekend causes you stress, don't...

    Terri, hope your thyroid medications can bring you some relief. I think that was one of the hardest times of my illness when I was waiting for my thyroid meds to begin working.

    Anne Theresa, how's that bathroom coming along? Almost finished yet?

    Hubby and I are off to London on Saturday so I've been busy getting things ready for the trip. Tonight my housekeeper is coming by bus to pick up my dog and we'll drive her back home so she can take care of her until Tuesday. The cat and bird will be fine by themselves, so this was the only solution I could find for now.

    I refuse to let SIL have the cat back, she's Katy's pet and Katy lives here now. Besides, we all think he misses the cat more than her.

    He yelled at her on Tuesday night on the phone so she was very upset when I called yesterday. He said she's treating it like a spa (she plays ping pong at night and is enjoying it) and that she shouldn't miss her classes, (she slept through Salsa boxing because she was tired).

    She had an assertiveness training course yesterday so she called him again last night, I told her to write things down so she wouldn't forget them. I'll find out how that went this morning.

    So for today, I'll be packing up the dog things..
    Sewing another pair of jammy pants for her
    Trying to get myself packed
    Working on Laundry

    Hugs all,

  13. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I hope everyone has a nice holiday....even Anne Theresa, who is Canadian! You can have a nice 4th of July as well (and 5th, 6th etc.).

    We got lots of cherries yesterday! We picked in a friend's orchard and it was in the 90's....whew! But they whipped out a table and chairs and we dined out in the orchard. It was really nice of them. Plus I got lots of bings and some Rainiers.

    What are everyone's plans for today? I spent several hours cleaning cherries and freezing them last night, so today I need to relax.....hah! I wonder if that will happen......

    We will watch the fireworks from our front porch....we have a pretty good view.


  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.....

    Texangal, welcome to the thread, I hope you continue to write here, your sense of humor is always welcome here and very much appreciated.

    Girls, if you haven't formally met her, click on her name to view a few of her posts. She has a wonderful sense of humor and writes beautifully.

    Where oh where is Lenore, these two would get along beautifully!

    Hubby and I have just literally worked our butts off getting ready for this trip to London. And my leg really hurts now too, still debating if I should take the crutches or the cane with me.

    It's funny, we used to go off for a weekend on a moment's notice but I've been working on this all week and still have so many things to do to get ready.

    Katy's very excited about our visit and still enjoying her stay at the hospital.

    I did go shopping again yesterday and bought 3 prs of jeans for me. Now that I'm ready to go somewhere, none of my clothes fit anymore (which is a good/bad thing)...

    So today I'll clean/vacuum the bird cage, finish packing, make up pill packs, pick up a few groceries so we have food here when we get home and I'm sure I'll think of 20 other things that need to be done.

    But mostly, I need to rest my leg, hasn't hurt like this in weeks.

    Hugs all,

  15. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends. We got home from our little vacation last night, utterly exhausted but happy and well-recreated.
    We had the loveliest time, perfect from front to finish. The B&B was Victorian-era, just lovely.

    (Check out my profile for a pic of me in the *humongous* bed, wearing the new fleece shawl I bought in one of the many gift boutiques - the shawl is so soft it feels like silk).

    We saw a delightful musical (the Music Man), took a scenic boat tour along the river, browsed many art galleries, gift boutiques & antique stores, ate our fill of wonderful foods, walked our feet off and slept like babies.

    To-Do List

    cuddle with bunny & cat
    watch tv & read

    My best to everyone, along with my thoughts & prayers.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa