What's on your "To Do List" April 14 20th?

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  1. hugs4evry1

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    Hello all....

    I thought I'd go ahead and start this since it's afternoon already here for me.

    I've piddled the day away and enjoyed myself very much.

    Not much going on with my husband gone...

    Hope to hear from everyone this week!

    Hugs all,

  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Here we are starting another week. I had a busy weekend. The weather here in Michigan was cold and rainy. Yesterday we had snowflakes! I got the bathroom all spring cleaned, plus some other cleaning done. On Saturday we saw a movie and had lunch out.

    Last night I had to call my brother Jim and it was not an easy call to make. He's been threatening the past couple of weeks to stop seeing Dr. Noble and to go off his medication again. Of course I think his "friend" Don has a lot to do with it. Jim is so impressionable and is easily brainwashed. Don is constantly telling Jim that medication is "junk" and he should go off of it.

    I told Jim last night that I want Don out of his life and he has to choose between Don or me. I know I am an important part of Jim's life. No one else runs Jim around or does things with him like I do and he will really miss me. I was surprised when he chose Don over me last night. I can't believe this will last as I know he will miss me.

    This whole thing has me upset, but I don't know what else to do. I just want Jim to stay away from Don. He is a real troublemaker. He was the owner of the group home Jim used to live in. I could tell you some strange stories about him. I think he's a dangerous person. I later found out he would even leave the people in his home unsupervised. I called the Licensing Division and all they did was talk to him-a mere "slap on the wrist".

    Anne Theresa: Okay, here's a list of easy perennial flowers: peonies (these can live up to 100 years!), tiger lilies, phlox, and iris. That's all I can think of for now. I'll let you know if I think of others.

    Terri: Thank you so much for the crockpot recipes! These are great, easy and use common ingredients! Just what I wanted! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

    Well, it's almost time for me to leave work, so I have to end this for now.


  3. LenoreR

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    Hi everybody,

    We got back last night after midnight, I stayed up doing stuff, threw up at 4 am, and slept from 5-7:15 am. Not a good start to a VERY hectic week ahead. I have an appointment with my tax man and need to leave in five minutes, so forgive the brevity.

    Sore Kitty, I'm so sorry you've been ill. I'll try to help you this week, but next week will be much less hectic.

    Nancy, still enjoying that new haircut? Where did your husband go and for how long?

    Linda, how are you? How are you feeling these days?

    Ellen, I hope your everything goes well with your job situation. Another two weeks of pay would be great. I'm sorry I haven't posted those crockpot recipes yet; I will try to get to it this week, but again, next week will be less hectic. Such a situation with Jim--I am so sorry it happened that way. I think you're right and he will give up Don for you very quickly when he sees how much he needs and loves you; it will just take a little time. You do so much for him as you wrote, but I think you forgot to mention how much you do for him emotionally--don't sell yourself short on that one; sometimes, it's the most important of all. You mentioned Lasik--I had it done in 1999 and it was a godsend. I'm back in reading glasses less than 10 years later, but I was in my 30s when I had it done and was warned that could happen at that age. If you want more personal info on it, let me know and I'll tell you all about it later in the week.

    Anne Theresa, I read last week's posts very quickly and can't figure out right now how to open that window too to see the last thread, so I'm sorry I just have to hiya to you and will try to do better when I have more time. I'm thinking it was you on the Remeron with the weight issue. When I was on the Neurontin, I gained 35 pounds and it stuck there for quite a while. I let my body adjust and then did some minor dieting--ended up losing 15 pounds. I think sometimes we just have to let our bodies adjust to what we're throwing in it, then when our body knows it's coming every day, try weight loss. Just one girl's opinion! SMILE

    Hi Terri, how are you feeling?

    Have Kym and Lacey been around?

    I have a question-- I have bruises all over my legs. I know I pushed past the limit every day of the trip and my legs are killing me from both the neuropathy and the Fibro, I think. Anyone had this ever happen? Crap, I'm overtime so I'll come back later.

    To do:
    Tax appt
    empty kids' airplane backpacks
    make daughter (Lila, by the way) PT appt
    make appt to take car in for service
    call in Rxs me and kids (done)
    shower/shave (done) hoping to wash hair and blowdry tonight
    emails to finalize this weekend's Seders (BIG thing that I'll tell you all about later)
    pick up rxs this afternoon
    fax dr for scripts (done)
    pick up scripts if written in time
    Passover food shop (HUGE undertaking but I'll be in the area where I can get the right foods, so I'm going to push again)

    I think that's it. Tomorrow I'll go through all the mail for the past week and then it's ye olde bill paying time (hmm, maybe colonial Philadelphia got to me). We also saw my mom who is quite ill. I think it's the last time the kids will see her and I didn't take one damn photograph while we were there. I am so upset about it, I don't have words.

    OK, I'm gonna speed down the LA freeway and pray there's no traffic!

    Hugs to all,
  4. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Thanks, Nancy for getting us started this week. Do you enjoy having the house to yourself? or do you get lonely when your husband's away? As much as I enjoy sweetie's company, I cherish my time alone.

    Ellen, I'm sorry about the upset with Jim. I can only imagine how heart-broken you must feel. Tough-love ultimatums are difficult but sometimes they're the only way to get through to a person.

    Hopefully, this will play out in such a way that Jim will distance himself from this Don character, reconcile with you and remain stable throughout. It may take some time, though, so give it over to God and try not to worry.

    Thanks for the suggestions for my garden. I'll look those flowers up - on-line- to learn more about them and see pictures.

    Hi Lenore. I'm glad you're home safe & sound, though it seems like you could use a night or two of sleep.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on weight-gain due to medication. You make good sense. It seems I've stopped gaining weight which is half the battle. Now, as long as I continue to watch what I eat and walk everyday, I'll be fine.

    I bruise very easily and I frequently find large bruises on my arms & legs with no recollection of causing them. But bruises 'all over your legs' sounds extreme and probably warrants mentioning to your doctor.

    I saw my doctor this morning and I learned that my neck x-rays showed arthritis and calcification. This is new, a possible reason for my ongoing & often severe neck pain.

    My other health issues are, according to my lab-tests, well-controlled but they lost my EKG so I may have to have that re-done. All in all, it was a good appointment and I was able to report a few more good days then I was able to report at the previous appointment.


    - respond to e-mail, voice-mail
    - tidy CD,DVD cupboards
    - empty waste baskets, garbage, recycle
    - nap
    - tutorial on scanning software
    - make dinner

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Gosh Nancy,

    You look AWESOME!!! The cut frames your face so well. You have a beautiful home (I assume that's your home). But where's the armoire already?!? lol

    Ya look mahvelous, dahlink.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.......

    Have I ever told you all how much I enjoy starting my day with you all??

    Ellen, I'm so disappointed that Don is back in Jim's life. I remember well the stories from awhile back and how much trouble he caused before.

    For me it's a nightmare to think about Jim going off Seroquel after the year we've just had with Katy being off of it.

    I can't imagine that it will be easy to stay out of Jim's business if things are going to fall apart, (because of course it will be you who has to pick up the pieces) I fight so hard for Katy that it's hard to explain. Such a fine line between them being an adult and needing a caretaker....

    Lenore, my husband had a business trip planned for this week but they postponed it until next week. He had used his miles to upgrade his ticket and he needed a break so I sent him on vacation to a friend's house in NJ.

    He just really wanted to be somewhere to rest a bit, where the phone isn't for him with no responsibilities and I understand completely. A project at work that he's given blood, sweat and tears to for 2 1/2 years is at a boiling point, so it was now or never to get a break.

    He'll go on to his business trip in DC next week....

    Anne Theresa, we've been married for 22 1/2 years now but have spent at least 7 years of it apart....so I'm used to being alone. I can't really say that I enjoy it because I adore my husband and his company, he's my best friend in the entire world and there's no one I'd rather spend my time with. But I don't mind it either, it's just a part of our life....

    Also, lavender is a great perenial that's winter hardy too.

    Linda, great to see you posting again. I can't imagine having so much trouble with your thyroid meds that the dose needs to change from day to day.

    Thanks for the compliments on my hair, I was a bit hesitant to post the picture, I look so old now when just a few years ago I looked like I was 30....oh well, illness strikes again and does it's damage. Most days I feel like I look ok for 46....

    Today's to do list is up in the air. Katy's coming over so that probably means shopping somewhere. Their house is so far away and she doesn't drive so she likes to get out and about when she's with me.

    Hugs all,

  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Nancy- I like your hair! It suits you....and I'm sure it's sooo easy to take care of. I've always always worn mine long and up somehow, so I don't think I could make a drastic change. Once in a great while I'll wear it down, and then people exclaim over how long it is. But it gets in my way and I end up putting it up again.

    I too enjoy time spent alone....I crave it! But we still have a household with kids (four are home, one is in Alaska) so solitude doesn't come that often.

    Ellen- I hope your brother comes to realize how much he is missing your care and your company. I think he will come around.....hang in there.

    Linda- good to see you back! I hope your pain stays away and that you continue to get better. I'm glad your mom is doing better.

    Lenore- take care of yourself and get those bruises checked out. I hope they are nothing serious.

    Anne Theresa- I always enjoy seeing pics of my friends here- thanks for sharing yours! You're a nice-looking couple!

    To Do:
    Teach piano
    Going out to eat tonight with BIL- yay!
    Konk out

  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I have to leave work in five minutes so I won't be able to answer everything individually-sorry. Work has been so busy I wasn't able to get on here any earlier.

    Jim's guardian went over to the group home last night and she and two of the workers talked to Jim for two hours, but they weren't able to convince him to stay on the medication. Jim also decided not to stay on it until the end of the month. He is off of it starting today. Judy (his guardian) has now taken away all his privileges, his monthly allowance and his cell phone. She called me afterward and told me what happened.

    This tough love is so hard. I have to believe that in time he will come out of this. Thanks for all the kind words and support. I just feel so worn out emotionally and physically right now. I've just had so much going on lately. Does anyone know of an island I can escape to for awhile?

    To-do list:

    -put away yesterday's dishes (done)
    -empty wastebaskets (done)
    -get groceries
    -see FMS doctor

    See you tomorrow!

  9. ksp56

    ksp56 Member


    It's a beautiful day! We've now had several in a row, which is a rare occasion in our part of Indiana! If it gets a tad warmer, I can put down my 'rag top', turn on the heater (LOL..I cheat!) and enjoy the scenery.

    Linda, I'm sorry your thyroid is giving you so much trouble. I am sure our DD's don't do anything but make you feel even worse. Please take good care, and rest when you can. Thank you for asking about my mom. Her first set up xrays showed nothing. I went with her to have an MRI of her neck and head, last week. She sees the doctor this Fridy. Mom said there is still some pain, but she can live with it. It has gotten better. Her arthritis, along with her cervical area, which is already bad, doesn't help either.

    Nancy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair! You, and your hair are darling! Thank you for sharing! I hope the time passes quickly, while your DD is away. I enjoy it when Jim travels, but, I would not enjoy it if he had to be away as long as your husband. Do you have any plans? Like it's so easy for some of us to get up and take on a full day! LOL

    Lenore, Yes, I am still around! You are one busy lady! Keeps you out of trouble, right? LOL I am very sorry about your mom's health. Is there someone close to your mother, who could take some pictures of her, for you? Do not be hard on yourself because you forgot. I am sure you were dealing with so much. Take care. You and your mom, will be in my prayers.

    Anne Theresa, it sounds as if you are feeling better! For us, it doesn't mean we can run marathon's , etc,(well, not me for sure!)but even feeling somewhat better is a gift. I think of you often. It's good to know, you are keeping up with your bruises. I had the same thing, years ago. It was due to my then, psych doc having me on very, very, high dose of an anti-dep. Please let us know when you get the results!

    Ellen, I'm sorry to hear the problems Jim, is having. I am sure it is very emotionally draining, as well as, frustrating. It's sound's as if his guardian is doing the right by using 'tough love'. I really believe he'll come around, get on his medication and improve. The ups and downs are very difficult. What is going on with your job? I was sorry to read what they've put you through! You have enough on your plate! You are in my thoughts, and prayers.

    Terri, I hope you have loads of fun with you BIL! Enjoy the dinner, and the fun!

    Jim and I were going to southern Indiana this weekend and stay at one of the casino's along the Ohio River. He has a meeting Sunday evening, and Monday during the day. Thought I'd tag along but, remembered we would be leaving for the beach, ten days after we returned home. I have scratched this weekend, and Jim will be gone for a night.

    We hope to drive to Raleigh NC, the first day, which is ten hours plus. The next day we will drive to the Outer Banks, and the home we rented. Cannot afford the prices when in season, but when it's off season, there is huge price drop. Thank heaven our baby SUV has heated and adjustable seats!

    I might run to grocery. Feel as if I am wasting these beautiful days! Maybe take a brief walk. I'll play it as it lays!

    Good to 'see' everyone! Imiss you when I'm 'gone'.

    Hugs to all,


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  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all, Linda, I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better, it's been such a long haul. I'm a newbie to thyroid issues and I use sythroid now but I've never experienced the likes of what you describe. God bless you, what a terrible thing.

    Thanks for the gardening info, I didn't know to pinch off the growing tips of the stems. Last spring I tried to trim back my rose bush but I trimmed it too far it didn't flower at all during the summer. Live and learn.

    Nancy, I love your hair too! It's a lovely cut and flattering. You look great, so nice & slim. Thanks for suggesting lavender for my garden. I'm getting lots of good ideas for my garden and I'm happily anticipating my as-of-yet-unscheduled trip to the nursery. I hope you enjoy your shopping trip with Katy today.

    Terri, I grew up in a family of seven and so I have an idea of what a busy home is like. Even with the potential for clutter & chaos, it's nice to have a big family, I think. I can relate to how you crave alone-time, it's a rare commodity when you live in such a large family.

    I have all the alone time I can handle these days but when I was younger I remember taking long bike rides just to get some clear space from my family. I wouldn't trade growing up in a large family for anything though, and I expect your children feel the same.

    Ellen, I can surely appreciate your feeling worn out (physically & emotionally) by recent events. It's been one thing after another for you. God bless you. These are the times we most need to practice self-care to keep ourselves strong and able.

    Kim, it's been lovely here as well, sunny & warm & clear. It's amazing the change in me, when winter finally ends. Even on the days when I'm housebound, the sun through my window feels good. Your upcoming trip sounds like fun. I've never been to that area but the scenic pictures from that region are breath-taking!

    My main to-do is a get-together with my friend to go shopping early this eve. I don't know how far I'll get on my to-do list, prior to that but I'll do what I can & carry the rest forward to tomorrow.

    - put dishes away, clean kitchen counters & sink
    - put laundry away
    - mend 2 items
    - update medication list
    - phone re: heath card
    - continue learning software
    - make shopping list
    - rest
    - dress, make-up,hair
    - shopping w/ friend

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  11. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having one heck of a week here. The knee that was operated on last year feels *funny*, like I've torn the ACL again. It is absolutely killing me. No PT for almost two weeks has my shoulder killing me. 88 degrees yesterday and 65 degrees today is killing me. My left hip and now lower back are killing me. I got everything done on yesterday's list except dealing with all the prescriptions. My PCP made me go in for a med refill check up, which burned an hour and a half I really didn't have. With all the running I did yesterday, I drove about 90 miles, which is very hard for me, plus lifting the groceries, etc. I was 25 minutes late picking up the kids from school. Then I had to run the little one (Noah, since we're all trying to remember names here) to therapy, go to the flipping doctor, come home and get dinner finished (didn't eat until 7 pm, which is late for us), and clean up the kitchen afterwards.

    By 8 pm I was in SOOOO much pain I literally could not climb the stairs. I haven't felt this much pain since I can't remember when. I couldn't stand upright, I couldn't walk and my whole world was pain. Going all day on two hours of sleep I'm sure didn't help. Then, I couldn't sleep because the pain was so horrific (I was moaning so badly). By 11 pm, Bob finally insisted that I take a shot of Demerol, which I need maybe once every three months or so. It helped, but I only got 7 hours of sleep so I have that hangover feeling this morning (and still in pain, say from a 10 plus to an 8).

    This morning started at 7:45 taking the kids to school (I did sneak in a quick shower but not my hair). Then it was the grocery store (yes, again), one pharmacy to pick up meds, then another pharmacy across town to drop off my Rxs and wait for them to be filled. While I was waiting for the meds, I called to make Lila a PT appt, talk to my ex husband about the kids' activities for the week, called the pediatrician for the boys' ADD med Rxs and go through a week's worth of mail I had brought with me.

    Because of the Demerol effect, everything went much slower than I had planned, so when I got home I was almost 1 1/2 hours *behind*. I sorted and started Lila's laundry (I felt it was too hard for her to do on the crutches and I wanted to do something nice for her), then remembered I was supposed to bump up the Lyrica today to 150 in the am so took the pill and finally ate some yogurt (Activia, which I find amazing) and string cheese.

    I couldn't wait to check in with you gals, like Nancy said. I also love starting my day with all of you; you all give so much love and support to me. I really want to thank you all for that.

    So, let's see. Anne Theresa, thanks for the reassurement on my leg bruise issue. I counted nine on my lower legs/knees, but you could be right that I just bumped so much stuff into them last week I didn't see them until now. I'm so sorry that your x ray showed arthristis. I didn't know an xray could do that. And they lost your EKG? That's just ridiculous. I sincerely hope they find it so you don't have to do it again. I picked up my labs when I was at the rheumotologist yesterday to pick up more Lyrica samples. One was a lupus titer, which was abnormal. In the five minutes I had before taking Noah to therapy, I looked it up and found that a LOW C 3/4 is an indicator of lupus. Mine is HIGH (why can't ANYTHING be normal with me lately? <sigh>). High indicates rheumetoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, or cancer, I found out. I beat cervical cancer when I was 27. I don't see the doc until next Thursday which gives me time to do more research and worry. I cancelled this week because everything is so hectic, and also because my best friend who now lives in Washington is coming for Passover and staying 10 days, so I can take her with me to take notes, ask questions, and give me support when the rheumotologist overwhelms me.

    Does anyone know what a high titer of this complement C 3/4 blood test means? Anyone else have it?

    Linda, I'm so sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with your thyroid. I'm skeptical too about your tx, but if that's what the doctor says to do; like you, I would try it his way first. I'll be sending up a prayer that it works for you, sweetie. As for my mom, there's no "mending", unfortunately. She has severe COPD, close to end stage. And she's STILL smoking with the oxygen in her nose!

    Back in November she was hospitalized while my brother and I were both out of the country, just before Thanksgiving. I was going to go to NJ immediately, but she told me to wait. She then went to a sub acute facility for about two months, where she had PT, OT, diabetic meals (they also found she is now diabetic; she's also around 330 pounds) so when I went for a week at Christmas she seemed to be doing better. She was hospitalized again with breathing problems, sent back to the sub acute, then finally home, where she really can't take care of herself but absolutely refuses to consider any other options like assisted living. Everybody warned her when she left the sub acute that if she went back to her old ways of smoking and eating she wouldn't last the year. While I was there we took care of Power of Attorney and setting up her home program with aides, etc. Well, she's back to her old ways, can't walk five feet (she never followed up on PT/OT), can't bathe hersaelf (aide comes only once a week for three hours) and just looked horrible. I now also don't think she'll last the year, and I don't think I'll get the kids back to her. That's why I'm so damned upset about not taking pictures of her with the kids. I'm still kicking myself over it, and probably always will.

    Nancy, how funny your husband is in NJ where I just was! Where in NJ? You are amazing to know that he needed a break and sent him off. The way you speak of your marriage--that's what I aspire to. I've been engaged for over a year, still commitment phobic and traumatized from my divorce. You are an awesome wife, did you know that? (smile) You are also a terrific mom, putting your needs aside for Katy. It seems we all have that in common, putting ourselves behind others, whether it's kids, brothers, spouses........hmm, maybe that's why we *found* each other.

    Oy, I just got up to change the laundry and I can barely walk. I don't know how I'll EVER get through this week.......

    I'm glad you posted your picture, even if you were hesitant, and you look much better than "half bad" for 46. I turned 45 last Friday, and have also aged so much in the last four years. I won't let anyone even take a photograph of me, I'm so old looking, fat and ugly. My Mom has on her wall the family photo from my oldest son's (Joshua, so you know the name!) Bar Mitzvah in 2005 and the one from Lila's Bat Mitzvah in 2007. I couldn't stand looking at them side by side, seeing how much weight I had gained and how old I looked. You, my dear, look vibrant and lovely!

    Terri, how nice that you are getting an evening out with your BIL! Homeschooling the twins, caring for your 20 year old (I don't know your childrens' names), teaching piano-- I couldn't do that all like you. I'm glad you're getting some adult time tonight; you definitely deserve it!

    Ellen, I'm sure the situation with Jim is so hard. Of course you're worn out from it all; Jim and work and housekeeping and I believe you have pets to care for as well. You want to escape? You can share the condo in my fantasy world where these DDs don't exist, there's always a beach chair with an umbrella to read under while listening to the waves, and the water is always warm if you feel like a swim. There's even a jet ski there, and a gorgeous hunk of an attendant who will bring you whatever you want to eat or drink. He makes a mean Mai tai! You are welcome in my fantasy condo any time--heck, we'll all go together and party like we're 20 again!

    Please be sure to tell us how the FM doc appt goes today.......

    Hiya Kim! It sounds like you are feeling better these days. I certainly hope you are. I'm sorry to hear about your mom; please let us know how the doctor appt goes on Friday. I wish I was closer to mine to monitor her. She's in NJ, and both my brother and me are in California, me in south and him in north. Thanks for your warm wishes. I was thinking a lot about you last week. My daughter Lila (the almost 14 year old who doesn't believe anything about these DDs) partially tore her Achilles tendon, was in a cast, and had it removed the day we left, going into a boot and crutches. We did so much walking on vacation in Philadelphia. Though we had her in my wheelchair, she was in a lot of pain a lot of the time, and took Rx pain meds the whole time we were gone. I was thinking about you because I know you have a similar issue with your daughter, not supporting your DDs. As the days went on with Lila asking for pain meds three times a day, I think she got a good look at what it's like to be unable to walk and be in pain all day. I saw her watching me trying so hard to push through every day. Now, especially yesterday, she asks how I'm feeling and if I'm in pain and taking meds. This is a 180 from the past several months. I absolutely wish your daughter no harm, but I thought about how it would be for you if YOUR daughter ever found herself in a similar situation. Would she understand you better? Of course she would. Maybe you can strap her into a fake cast on one arm, one leg, give her crutches and say "see how you do"....lol

    I'm so glad to hear you are taking a vacation. I love to travel, and you're right that the off season makes it financially feasible. I worry about you with the long drive. Once since I got these DDs we drove to Las Vegas, which is about 4 1/2 hours and I was wiped. Flying six hours last Sunday did it too. I'm sure you know the drill, but I'm gonna tell ya anyway: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That will make you have to stop to use the restroom often, giving you a chance to stretch (grin). Be good to yourself and make the most of those heated, adjustable seats-- and have a GREAT time!

    Sorekitty, where art thou?

    Oh my gosh girls, I have written a novel here. I'm so sorry. I thought it would take me about 20 minutes to write here, instead of over an hour! I'm just so dopey, pained and overwhelmed I just went on and on and on about me and my troubles. I never meant to do this to you guys. I'm thinking of deleting it so I don't overwhelm you all, but then I'd have to start over and take MORE time. Ellen, maybe you could edit it for me.........lol

    And yes, all this running around is keeping me out of trouble. If there is no rest for the wicked, I should be on Broadway as the most wicked witch in existence!

    Still left to do:
    pill cases
    finish Lila's laundry
    fill out forms for a grant for Noah to go to camp this summer
    pay bills? Not in THIS fog.........
    email kids' teachers with various issues
    make appt to take my car in
    take Noah for a haircut
    make dinner
    put away the Passover groceries
    empty freezer in kitchen (put stuff in garage freezer)
    clean the kitchen freezer and put meat, etc in it
    update my Passover shopping list
    make final count for dinner on Saturday (I think 6)
    make final count for dinner on Sunday (14? 16?)
    appt here with Josh's Autism caseworker at 3:30 (I'll never be able to hold a coherent conversation, and there's so much at stake right now)

    I'll never get all this done. I just want to close my eyes and cry. And I started the day so hopeful and upbeat.


  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all......

    Ellen, I'm so sorry you're going through this with Jim, it sounds like he's back to only listening to Don again. From experience, I know you can't just stop taking Seroquel, so I know there's a bumpy road in front of you.

    Thanks all for the compliments on my hair...I do love the freedom of never having a bad hair day again.

    Kim, it's great to see you posting again...

    And Lenore, please don't worry about your long post, you have a lot going on right now in your life. Please try to find some time for yourself to rest and relax....and I'm sorry you're in so much pain right now.

    My to do list just went off the charts last night...

    Katy left her husband and is now staying with me...gulp!

    He has issues with her weight, feels like the weight gain is all her fault, isn't 'attracted' to her anymore, watches porn instead, makes horrifying comments on her weight and what she eats and insists that it's not the Seroquel that causes it.

    It gets worse, but I won't bore you with the details...

    Sorry all, her computer isn't working this morning (on top of everything else) and she needs me to look up customer service for her...

    Hugs all,

  13. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I've sure been a weepy mess the past couple of weeks. Between the professors that I like moving out of our building (my building at work is being changed into an art building starting the fall semester), what happened last week at work, Jim going off his medications, and worrying about my husband's job situation I just feel like an emotional wreck.

    I did sleep better last night, thankfully. As usual, you girls are always so supportive. I know there's nothing you can do, but your kind words do help. Dr. Nesbary is back from his business trip today, so hopefully he will meet with me either tomorrow or Friday.

    Harry is working today-yay! First time he's worked since Monday of last week. Fortunately, he's still on unemployment. They are letting him just bank his hours for now.

    Today after work I am going out to see a girlfriend I haven't seen in awhile. We have a lot of catching up to do.

    Anne Theresa: I thought of two more easy perennials for your garden: black-eyed susans and primroses. They have a tendency to spread, but they won't take over your whole yard or anything. Sounds like you got some answers on why your neck is hurting so much. It makes me wonder if I should have my neck x-rayed with all the neck pain I have.

    Linda: I have thyroid problems, too, but not as bad as you do. For me it causes fatigue problems. I'm glad you are on the mend. By the way, I would be happy to be on Lenore's island with you, too!

    Nancy: I love your haircut, too! It's the perfect haircut for the shape of your face! I'm sure it will be easy to take care of. Yes, going off the Seroquel cold turkey seems scary to me, too. I'm so sorry that Katy's husband is treating her so badly about her weight. And, no, this does not "bore" any of us. Please feel free to tell us any and all details about Katy. I hope you don't mind her saying this, but I sometimes think your son-in-law is immature.

    Lenore: Your bruises can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Of course if you've never had them before, you may have just injured yourself. And, yes, I love the idea of your condo and the hunk serving drinks! You sure are one busy lady-I got tired just ready your list! My appt. for the Lasik consultation is April 29th. If I am a good candidate for the surgery, then I would be happy to hear about your experiences with it. I am sorry your blood test came out high. I can appreciate the anxiety you are feeling waiting for the results! I am also so sorry you are having so much pain-it sounds like you have just really overdone it. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

    Kim: Thanks for your kind words. I hope Jim can relax on your trip.

    Terri: I am trying out one of your crockpot recipes today! It's the creamy chicken one. I mixed it together last night and it is cooking right now as I am typing this! It's so nice to have dinner ready when I go home and great to go home to a house that smells so nice! Thanks again for the recipes!

    To-do list:

    -visit with girlfriend
    -pick up prescriptions
    -put away yesterday's dishes (done)
    -do two loads of laundry (in process)

  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    If my daughter wasn't sitting here, that comment would have made me laugh out loud.

    He's so much more than that, but I'd get banned for using the words that come to mind.

    She's going back tonight to talk with him and for her sake (since it's what she wants) I hope they can work things out.

    Don't we all just need a break around here?


  15. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi there!
    This week has gone very quickly. Tax season is over! Yay! My husband is a financial planner and does taxes for some of his clients. This was a brutal season. We toasted with a glass of wine last night.

    For the next two weeks I will be in full crazed mode. I will be needing my xanax that I only reserve for especially difficult times. I am trying to get my son into Regional Center for services related to his autism. His dx is Asperger's so you have to really fight to prove it is severely impacting him and our family. Then, next week is his annual IEP (individualized education plan) at school. We will meet with the "IEP team" which will be about 9 people including my husband and myself. We will go over the plan for this coming year, 1st grade. We will also have an autism specialist who is supposed to observe my son this Thursday. I want her at the IEP to report her observations. Most likely we will have to have 2 meetings because their schedule is so full we could only find 45 minutes for everyone to meet. It will take waaaaay longer than that.

    Nancy: I love your hair. I'm so envious because it looks so easy.

    Ellen: Sorry to hear about your brother, Jim. I don't know your situation exactly. I am guessing he has mental illness? My husband has a brother with schizophrenia and he has to help him a lot. It is a tough position to be in.

    Lenore: Next week chat is fine if you can find time. I know we will be able to share our special needs stuff at some point! I don't have neuropathy but I bruise very easily. I'm sorry to hear about your mom.

    Anne Theresa: Arthritis! Oh no. I can't believe they lost your EKG. Hope you enjoy planting the flowers.

    Linda: Thanks for the welcome.

    Kim: hope you have a nice vacation. Is the water warm there this time of year?

    Terri: I saw you teach piano. I have always wanted to learn. Sometimes I wonder if I am too old or have too much brainfog though. I would love to have a piano in my house. I don't know the first thing about how to read music though. Just a dream since childhood.

    Nancy: I'm sorry about your daughter. Hopefully it will work out for the best. Her hubby doesn't sound very nice.

    To do:
    It is morning but I need to go lay down! Already tired:(
    Finish all intake forms for Regional Center
    Fed EX forms to RC
    fold laundry that has piled up
    make dinner
    meeting tonight and tomorrow night on the IEP process

  16. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Good morning all,

    Nancy, your daughter left her husband? He sounds like a _____________ (all the words that would get me knocked off here)! I will repeat what Linda and Ellen said that you don't bore us with details-- I think I hold the record for that! Katy must be going through so much and you shouler much of her burdens too, mom that you are. Noah has eating and weight problems too, and my ex is always on him about it. He comes to me (he's 11) and tells me things his father said that I can't write here, the cursing and statements are so awful. Whether it be from a husband or an ex husband, the pain of hearing someone denegrating your child has to be so hard on you. Tell Katy she can come to the island too (GRIN) and we'll take care of her. You, my friend, need to take of yourself too while shouldering this stuff.

    Linda, I know I'm overdoing it and have to continue to do so. I am asking for help though, which is a huge issue for me. You have arthritis too? The way my joints are feeling, I have this horrible suspicion that the rhuemotologist is going to find out I have it too. I'm scared to death about, and browsed the Arthritis board last night to try to get a "head's up". Do you post there too? Other than the plants and vacuum, my list looks like yours, times 3 or 4. I don't know how YOU do it all, but I may come to AZ just to watch you for pointers! lol I hope you get to watch your movies--I love the old classics. Which ones do you have?

    I'll throw out an off topic question for fun--what's everyone's favorite movies and why?

    Ellen, Ellen, Ellen, I can feel your pain through your words. I wish I could be more supportive; I feel like I've been leaning too much on all of you, and you all have really big issues right now to deal with. I feel like an emotional wreck too right now. Let's find a charter plane--I'll pick up Linda first in AZ so she can give me pointers, then we'll go get Terri in WA, then Kim in IN, then you in MI, find out where Anne Theresa is and get her. We'll load up the plane with hunks and drinks and all the food we miss, party our way to Germany, get Nancy (and Katy) and get to that island where these DDs don't exist! I'm glad you got a good night's sleep last night; hopefully that will make you feel a little better. Enjoy your night out with your g/f--what would we do without them?

    I'm late again to go get my hair colored, so I'll be brief, apologize to everyone else I didn't get too, and get the heck on the run again.

    To do:
    get hair colored
    laundry linens and towels (in process)
    put away laundry clothes
    Type out my new med schedule (I'm really dizzy and nauseous again from the bump up on the Lyrica and another Demerol shot last night--I saw the doctor and he gave me more, thank g-d)
    put away Passover groceries (Bob came back from court to do it)
    clean out kitchen freezer
    clean out kitchen fridge
    cleaning crew coming today, so work with them to THOROUGHLY clean the house
    update my pain scale journal that I haven't touched in over a week
    Take Noah and Lila shopping for clothes
    take me and Lila to PY
    go to Lila's open house at school tonight
    Left from Tuesday: Noah's camp grant forms, pay bills, email teachers,maybe get Noah his haircut

    There's more, but I can't type it all. I need a wife!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much everyone for your support,

  17. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Reading today's posts, I'm struck by how many high-anxiety issues people are facing. It makes Lenore's' fantasy condo, all the more desirable. You can pick me up in Ontario, Canada, Lenore, I'll be waiting with a suitcase filled with comfy clothes and chocolate:)

    Lenore I'm so sorry for all the additional pain you're dealing with, my heart goes out to you. Thanks for filling us in on your mother's situation, it must be difficult for you to see her suffering.

    I know how disheartening it can be to watch someone we love make unhealthy lifestyle choices. I watched my own mom unable to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise etc. even though her health was at risk. She died an early death (age 58)and I miss her everyday.

    As for my x-ray showing arthritis in my neck (you said you didn't know an x-ray could show arthritis) my doctor explained that there are two forms of arthritis - the inflammatory kind (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and the kind that sets in after an injury or through wear & tear. I have the latter.

    I have an upcoming (as-of-yet-unscheduled) appointment with a rheumotologist and she will hopefully recommend something to relieve my neck pain (injections, maybe).

    My favourite movie is 'Dogma' by Kevin Smith. Other favourites are 'Halloween-town' with Debbie Reynolds and 'the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams.

    Please don't worry about writing or sharing too much. That's what we're here for. I find that writing out my issues (each day on this thread) helps me understand my own mind and helps me find a clear direction.

    Nancy, I'm sorry Katey is going through difficult times in her marriage. I hope her husband is able to change his demeanor because it sounds like his behaviour is cruel.

    I've been heavy all my life and I've contended with some very rude comments but never from someone who loved me. There is a way to talk about weight issues to people you love (if, for example, you're concerned about their health and well-being) but it should never be done in a hurtful way.

    Linda, I hope you enjoy those classical movies. My son gifted me with the complete set of 'the Jetsons.' Each episode is about 20 minutes - the perfect length of time for a little break - so I've been working my way through episodes-by-episode each time I take rest break throughout the day. I'm completely enjoying them!

    I'm glad you got some sleep last night, Ellen. Sleep is very important and, given the recent events in your life, weeping is probably a good thing too. Crying, as you know, can be very cleansing. I hope your appointment with Dr. Nesbary goes well and that it puts you closer to realizing your work-place goals.

    Thanks for suggesting black-eyed susans and primroses, I look forward to looking these up and drawing a little blue-print for my garden. Our small back-yard has never been landscaped and so that's our goal this spring & summer. I'd just love to have a nice little space outdoors to sit & read & barbecue, etc.

    Molly, I'm glad you've finished with the tax-season crunch. My mother-in-law and her accountant husband have quite a few tax-time clients even though they're officially retired. They are typically very stressed this time of year so I can somewhat understand what you go through each season.

    I hope everything goes well with the planning sessions for your son. Take good care of yourself throughout the process, it sounds like it has a high potential for stress.

    Sweetie passed on his cold, cough & sore throat to me, it seems. I don't feel completely awful but it's definitely there. I'm fortunate to have nothing on my schedule today but I have a manicure scheduled tomorrow & massage therapy scheduled for Friday (my two favourite appointments) and so I hope the cold & sore throat doesn't cause me to to miss these appointments.

    To that end, I'm going to take it easy today, to see if I can convince the cold & cough & sore throat to back away. Rest, plenty of fluids, vitamin C, you know the drill.

    A few things that I may or may not do today:

    vacuum hallway

    un-subscribe to e-greeting card service (I took a free month's trial, it's a nice service but not worth the cost)

    go over updated/revised household budget with sweetie, then make changes on the template, print

    change water in fish-bowl

    empty wastebaskets

    elliptical machine (maybe)

    listen to pod-cast (I love my new iPod)

    rest, read

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  18. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.....

    My daughter will be here soon so I'll find out how things went last night. There's a part of me hoping she doesn't have a suitcase with her and a part of me that knows that she deserves so much more than to be treated that way.

    Weight shouldn't be an issue in a marriage...for better or worse means so much more to me. But I do understand her fighting spirit....

    She has another doc appt on base this morning which I'll be taking her to. I need to get refills on a few meds and make an appt for myself as well while I'm there.

    We'll stop and do some grocery shopping, and pick up the mail while we're on base. Other than that, I'm pretty tired and hoping for some rest today.

    Molly, I hope that meeting goes well for you son. So much to deal with and I understand fighting for your child all too well.

    Lenore, I hope that plane is like the Concord and can fly extremely fast....I'd be so tired from the flight I wouldn't be able to enjoy our island...

    Is there any way you can WATCH the cleaning crew???

    And I'm so sorry your son has to listen to those kind of comments from someone who should love him unconditionally...those words never work to help anyone and can hurt the child forever.

    My nephew was always heavy and lived with unkind words too and I always wondered why my sister didn't just get him a puppy to play with so he had something to do. He used to sneak food at night, poor kid. Now he's a grossly obese adult....

    Anne Theresa, you write beautifully, have you ever considered short stories? You truly bring out your lovely nature when you write...caring, kind, compassionate...wish I'd met you for real at some point in my life but this will have to do and I'm thankful for it.

    Linda...I too love classic movies....one of my favorites is Mr Blandings Builds his Dreamhouse with Cary Grant. I just love any of the oldies.

    Ellen, bless you....I know you've had so much on your plate lately and I hope things start to get better soon.

    Katy just IM'd me a few minutes ago and asked me how I was feeling on this 'lovely' morning. I had to bite my tongue not to ask her if she pushed her hubby off the balcony, that would have made it a lovely morning for me!

    I'm guessing this means that things went well?

    And Lenore? You all just might get to Germany and find you want to stop the plane right here...I know some amazingly lovely spots in Europe that are so peaceful and beautiful it's hard to imagine that they're real.

    Hugs all,

    Let's hope we all get through the day today!!!

  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Anne Theresa- what does your painful neck feel like? I've had a stiff, painful neck since Sunday, when I woke up with one. I have been to the chiro, had a massage, iced it, tried ibuprofen, and it still hurts. I haven't had my doctor look at it yet, but maybe it's time.

    Nancy- what a predicament with your daughter! You don't know whether to be happy or sad....did they decide to try to work it out? Or rather, did the hubby decide to be more humane?

    My BIL left Tuesday after our nice dinner out. He went to see Mother and spend some time clearing some stuff out of her house....and she has STUFF! Her house does not look cluttered, but the closets, basement and attic are full.

    Ellen- how was your chicken crockpot dish? I hope it turned out well.

    Lenore- I've been waiting for that plane...........

    It's 3:00 a.m. and I think I'll go back to bed.

  20. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I got assertive today and called Dr. Nesbary's office and his secretary scheduled an appt. for me for 12:00 today. I'll let you know how it goes! I'm hoping it goes better than the last meeting! I'm assuming he's looked at the packet of information I sent over to his office last Friday. However, he's been out of town since yesterday so maybe he hasn't.

    I do have some good news. One of the professors that I've been so sad about having to say good-bye to, asked me today if I minded if after everyone moves to the new building for the fall semester, if he could still bring me his typing and have me continue to be his secretary. Of course I said I would love to still work for him! He's one of the people I was going to miss the most! Of course he won't be in my building any more, but at least I will still see him when he brings work over. So that makes me feel better. One less person to miss!

    Lenore: You put a smile on my face when I read about your plane and picking everyone up. You do have a sense of humor!

    Anne Theresa: Good luck with the flower garden. I think the planning is half the fun.

    Molly: Yes, Jim is mentally ill. He has OCD and bi-polar. I'm sorry your son is autistic. It must be a challenge for your family and for him.

    Terri: Yes, the chicken recipe turned out great and was so easy to make! Thanks for the help!

    I meet with Dr. Nesbary in 45 minutes! I hope he gives me a clue as to what he is going to decide.

    To-do list:

    -pick up morphine prescription
    -pool therapy class
    -salmon patties for dinner