What's on your 'To Do' list April 20 to April 26?

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    Good Morning all,

    I didn't get much done today, I only got 6 hours of sleep last night and it just isn't enough.

    We had a busy weekend and did some more organization around the house getting rid of my old clothes.

    Katy doesn't seem to be doing well at all today, so I didn't get a nap like I needed, I'm almost afraid to leave her alone. But I have a problem with a TriCare payment (I think her husband might have received it) so I need to do some running around tomorrow to try to track down the check and hopefully fix the problem. Something tells me that I'm going to have to pay this bill, then go after him. Just another thing that I don't need on my plate right now.

    Kim, I hope the grandbaby came and that both are doing well. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Terri, although I don't have many gluten free products available to me yet, can you go ahead and give me the pizza crust recipe?

    Sorry all, I'm just way past tired today.


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    We had a beautiful weekend staying at my MIL house at the beach. It was so nice to get away. My ds slept great. My dh actually relaxed and read a book! I am really glad tax season is over for him. We walked to VGs donuts which are simply the best then to the beach where my ds loves it. It is scary for us because he doesn't stay nearby. He roams far and wide. My heart dropped a couple times. But I spoke to the behavior supervisor on how to handle the beach with him. It's just so physically exhausting for me. My husband told me he didn't bring his swim trunks since the water temp is 57! I said I know, but remember when it is time to go that is when Liam goes into the ocean where we can't get him!!!!!! I had on my suit and got him. He kept trying to run into the water after I had the towel around him. I used all my strength. We rarely go to the beach with him even though we live a couple miles away. But it has always been a nighmare. I realized that my greatest fear is that he will have a full blown meltdown in front of everyone and I will struggle to pick up all our stuff and try to get him out too. We have to practice and go over our rules before. So this is my new goal for the summer. To make the beach a success for our family.

    We have our IEP meeting tomorrow. My husband is out at Trader Joe's getting more wine(lol). I admit that I am nervous. I am bringing food to the meeting in the hopes it will help! I am bringing a picture of my son too so we can all remember the reason we are there.

    Nancy~Uh oh six hours is not nearly enough. Sorry you didn't get a nap either. I really hope Katy is feeling better soon. How is your husband doing? Did you get your gluten free book yet? Hope you sleep well soon.

    Our week:
    Tuesday-Morning walk with my friend. IEP meeting after school. Liam will have a respite caregiver to pick him up. Hubby has a client appointment at 5.

    Wednesday-Plan Liam's birthday party (it is on Mother's Day this year;). In-home behavior therapy 3-5. Cub scouts soccer scrimmage in evening.

    Thursday-I volunteer in my son's classroom from 8-10 a.m. Minimum day. Not sure what else?

    Friday-After school therapy at Children's Hospital autism center. Husband and son go to first scout campover . Mommy will have a night to myself:)


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    Good Morning all....

    Molly, I'm so sorry I forgot to reply to you yesterday, but we really had a rough day around here.

    I'm so glad you got to enjoy your weekend and I think taking your son to the beach when you live so close is worth practicing so he can learn to enjoy it and his boundaries.

    There's just one thing I want to mention to you.....it's my bit of motherly advice that I like to remind Mothers of new kids, or Mothers of kids who are misbehaving......

    We've been there.....our kids misbehaved too. If we're watching, it could be because we remember those days fondly now that they're gone. We're not judging you, trust me. We know it's difficult and we've all had 'our' days too of not being at our best. If you feel eyes upon you when he's behaving badly, please remember this.

    We've all lost our tempers, trust me. If you lose yours, you won't be the first. Been there, done that! If we ever told you about our worst days, it would knock your socks off, so we won't....but we all remember them.

    You're not a bad mother, trust me... you couldn't win that prize if you tried. Some days we're in the mood for the crap the kids pull and some day's we're just not up to it. Your child is special but remember all kids behave horribly at times.

    You're doing your best, trust your instincts and do what you know. That's all any of us can do.

    For me today? Whew....hubby took off a few hours of work to help me today. I'm worried about leaving Katy alone, but we had a long discussion about suicide last night, seems we've finally come full circle around here. We've always discussed everything in our home and it was time to bring our thoughts out in the open last night. We ended it laughing as we always do.

    He just left to go to both pharmacies for me. One to pick up her meds and the other to get a copy of the paperwork today so I can go to TriCare and try to find the check they sent Katy that she never got. (If her husband cashed it, he's in trouble and I'll be left paying the bill)

    Then I have to go grocery shopping, I don't have enough meats in the house which are usually a safe bet with hubby's diet.

    I did get the books but haven't had two minutes to sit down with them yet.

    I need a haircut and also need to drop off some samples at the hospital where I had my appt last week. No news yet but I have another appt at the end of this month. The ultrasound went well though.

    Hugs all,

  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I hope you haven't thought I've fallen off the earth, I've just been really busy at work and haven't had a chance to get on this website. I've finally finished a big project for the Art Dept. which took me several days and was one of those things that needed to be done yesterday. The Interior Design Dept. doesn't usually give me much work to do, but one of the professors also had some work, which I've now finished and I also had another project from the Art Dept. that had to get done right away. It seems hard to believe that this is the last week of classes. Next week is finals week. After that I have two more weeks and then I'm done for the summer.

    I've been working extra hours just to try and stay on top of it all. The extra money will be nice, but it's been kind of hard as I'm still having a hard time sleeping at night, plus I've been having hip pain in both hips, although it is much better today.

    I talked to my FMS doctor about the sleeping problem and also about my craving of carbohydrates (sweets, especially chocolate). He now has me on a diet pill, although he says the effects of the pill won't last forever, but for now it is nice to go into a store and not feel like snatching a box of cookies or some candy. My mom was diabetic so I have to watch myself.

    As for the sleeping problem, he started me on taking magnesium (which I have been taking, but have now switched to the evening just before bedtime) along with melatonin. So far it hasn't helped any. He said if it didn't, he could put me on a sleeping pill called Prosom. I called his office yesterday and requested the Prosom. Hopefully it will be ready to pick up today. I really hate to take a sleeping pill, but I need to sleep. I did sleep better last night. I layed await part of the night, but not as long.

    I am taking Friday off to use up another vacation day. The weather is supposed to be nice-sunny and 70. We've been having such cold weather that it will definitely be a welcome change. I haven't seen Jim since Easter so he and I will get together. I would love to stay home and wash some windows, but he and I need to get together.

    Molly: I'm so sorry you have such a time with Liam at the beach. I assume you bring toys with you to try and interest him in playing on the beach, but I suppose that is harder for a child with autism. I am sure his attention span is very short and it is harder to get him interested in something for very long. That's good that you will have some time for yourself on Friday. I see that Liam's birthday is on Mother's Day. Can you have another Mother's Day on a different day so you can have a day to yourself? Maybe go shopping or do something you like to do by yourself or with a friend?

    Nancy: Your life just doesn't slow down, does it? It seems like you take something off, and something else gets put on. Now you have to figure out this check with Katy's husband. The last thing you want to do is deal with him. What a stinker he is. I hope it all works out. Is your husband feeling better on the diet? It sounds like he is with taking time off work and helping you out. Do you really think Katy would commit suicide? At least all of you ended the conversation on a happy note. Jim has talked about suicide once in awhile, but he says he isn't really serious. Jim is really religious and he says that he knows that if he commits suicide, he will go to hell. So I'm really glad he knows that and won't do it. I would be so devastated.
    Although I would like to think that God would make exceptions for certain people like Katy and Jim.

    To-do list:

    -get gas (done)
    -empty dishwasher (half done)
    -vacuum hard floors (done)
    -fold a load of laundry (done)
    -call Jim's group home to arrange for the bus on Friday
    -get groceries
    -pick up mine and Harry's prescriptions if they are in
    -make chili
    -vacuum laundry room

    I'll try to get back on here tomorrow!


  5. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Samuel Emerson was born Friday, April 17 at 8:40 am, via semi/emergency C-sect. Mom and baby are doing well! He was 7.8# and 20 inches long. While DD didn't get her 'birthing plan' as they wanted it, she is wonderful with her breast feeding. They came home from the hospital Monday.

    Of course, we think he is BEAUTIFUL!! Olive skin (sil is 1/2 Portugeese, but very fair), a head of dark hair, for now. He's what they call a 'sleepy baby'. He has beautiful eyes so I wish he would stay awake longer! LOL DD has started in the 'baby blues'..weepy and anxious when her DH isn't around. He's off for two weeks... They are both totally exhausted. I have offered my services to no avail. We are able to see baby any time, but DD has trouble asking for help. After SIL goes back to work I think things will be different. We are very close, but she has always had boundaries, which is difficult for me. My relationship with mom is very open and she was welcome such a help after our kids were born. Most important is they are both healthy and safe..

    I've had a horrid head and chest cold which started the night she went into hospital. Been busy and very tired. However, I did walk a mile with a DVD.

    Nancy: I'm sorry about Katy. I pray that all will look up, again, soon. Please, please tell us asap regarding your medical status. I belive it's safe to say, we've all been very concerned for you!

    Molly: I am so happy you went to beach! Even if there were some problems. You are good mom, and everything Nancy said. Take care of yourself sweetie.. You are in my thoughts!

    Ellen: Not sleeping well is horrid! I hope your doctor finds something that helps and soon! I am on Ambien CR, and use GNC Calcium Plus (with magnesium) and their Zinc. These are taken with my BP meds, which make sleep difficult also. Knock on wood, they have helped me fall asleep more quickly and allow a better sleep. The Ambien CR Just didn't do it, alone. Even with being on trazedone.

    Nothing on my list today! Need to kick back after the last 5 days. Tomorrow I will make dinner for Sam and his family. Which includes shopping! I would also love to get to the library and wish the dust away, at home!

    All of you..take perfect care,


  6. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Kim, Samuel Emerson is such a wonderful name for your grandchild. I'm so happy for you. I hope your daughter does well and won't let the baby blues continue, although we're all usually a weepy, frightened mess after the baby comes home. So much to deal with...

    Ellen, I've been taking trazadone for a few years now and sleeping like a baby every night. Please don't feel bad asking for something to help you sleep. It's one of the most important issues of our disease and when that cycle breaks down, it seems like everything else does too.

    We might be hospitalizing Katy today, just not sure yet. She's a bit afraid of going to a German hospital although this one was recommended by the ladies at TriCare. Since her psych doc bailed on her and wouldn't help her, and it's vacation time here, we don't have a lot of choices.

    Of course, hubby's leaving tomorrow morning for a very important trip to the states that can't be changed or postponed.

    And Ellen yes, that's the only thing keeping her from finishing things, the thought of going to hell. But in my mind, there have to be special considerations for special people like her who already live in a 'hell' of their own here on earth.

    To me, nothing can be so cut and dried or black and white because just this week, two families have been killed by a family member who then took his/her own life. (Saw it on the news) In my mind, Katy's so different and if something happens, I will never fear that for her and will always blow kisses to the sky.....

    So I've been trying to take care of everything here that needs to be done planning for a hospitalization. (Also, my housekeeper is in the hospital so I'm very concerned for her as well)

    This morning I'll try to go pay the first pharmacy bill, they've put a stop payment on the 2nd check and reissued it to come to our address. Her husband is supposed to be available today but I'm not sure that will help. He's either cashed it or not, but I can't wait for him to decide to pay it to me.

    Hubby's off today in case she goes to the hospital, but he needs to do his laundry, pack and has a doc appt this morning to get his meds. He's leaving first thing in the morning.

    Sometimes it seems worse when I type this all out, makes me exhausted looking at it, but it is what it is.....

    Hugs all,

  7. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    When I came into work this morning, there were a couple of cards and some chocolates on my desk. This is secretaries week and yesterday was secretaries day. Today the College is treating all of us secretaries to a free lunch. They even invited the retired secretaries so it will be nice to see them again. I have been here for 20 years so I know all the retired ones, too.

    It's going to be a beautiful day and will be for the next several days. It's going to be in the 70's tomorrow and 80 for the weekend! After all the cold, rainy weather we've had, I'm ready for it! I am taking tomorrow off, so I will enjoy my three-day weekend.

    My FMS doctor still hadn't called in the sleep medication yesterday. I will have to check again today. Last night I didn't sleep well again. I really do need to get some sleep and soon. You girls are right, if I need to take medication to sleep well, then so be it. I guess I was worried about becoming addicted.

    Harry brought me home red roses this week! He put them in the fridge. When I got up from my nap and started making dinner, I found them! He buys me flowers a couple times a month now! Things have been so good between the two of us now.

    Nancy: Well, it's good that Katy won't commit suicide due to the fear of hell. It made me sad when you said that she is going through hell here on earth. So is Jim and he says that his life is a "living hell". I wish we could make their lives better. It is so hard to watch your loved ones suffer and not be able to help them. I suppose by now Katy is in the hospital. You and your husband are such good parents. Just like my parents were. My mother used to sit up all night with Jim during times when he couldn't be left alone and my dad was working out of town. My dad would call and ask how things were and mom would lie and say "fine", but dad knew better. Now that I am caring for Jim I really appreciate what they went through even though he doesn't live with me. Your last sentence sounded so sad. I really feel for you. Here is a hug sent from the U.S. to Germany (((((hug))))) Thanks for recommending the Trazadone. If the Prosom doesn't help, I could try that.

    Kim: Congratulations on the new baby grandson! I really like the name of Sam! I bet after awhile your daughter-in-law will let you help her. Just give her time. Thanks for the encouraging words regarding my lack of sleep. I know I need to do something and hopefully I can get the prescription today. Lack of sleep definitely can take us down physically.

    To-do list:

    -pool therapy class
    -mop kitchen floor
    -empty wastebaskets (done)
    -vacuum laundry room

    Have a good weekend, everyone! I'll be thinking of you and your family, Nancy! I'll be back here on Monday.

  8. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all, I've been experiencing some flare-like pain with all the rain this week. Thankfully, the sun is shining today and I feel a little bit better.

    Nancy, my heart goes out to you for all that you've been dealing with lately. I hope, if you manage to get Katy admitted, that her hospital stay is helpful to her condition. God bless her and you too.

    Molly, you're a great mom and deserve all the joys inherent in motherhood. Having raised two energetic boys, I agree with what Nancy said - those of us who have raised children have all been there to some degree. Bringing food and a picture of your son to the meeting are great ideas. I hope it goes much better this time.

    Ellen, you've had your hands full at work lately with so many big projects. It's nice your employers show their appreciation by acknowledging secretary's day. I'm glad you & Harry are getting along so well.

    Samuel Emerson is such a beautiful name! Kim, you must be thrilled, though the chest & head cold is surely no fun. Get some rest, feel better.

    To Do Today

    swiffer/mop kitchen floor
    swiffer/sweep living room floor
    tidy desk shelves
    scoot to pharmacy
    put dishes away
    clean counters & kitchen sinks

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Nancy-Awww, I'm so sorry about Katy. It must be so difficult for you. Your responsibilities as mom are way more than usual. i really admire how you take such good care of her. I hope all will be well even though your hubby will be away.

    Ellen-Yes, I was wondering if you had fallen off the earth! Good to hear from you! I don't like having to rely on sleep meds every night but it sure beats the alternative. Hope you enjoy your Friday off and spending time with Jim.

    Kim-Samuel Emerson sounds precious! A full head of hair and a sleepy baby too! Wow. I had wanted one of those (lol). Best to mom and baby and hope your cold is better soon.

    Anne Theresa-You seem to be scooting everywhere! That is so cool. Glad you are enjoying some sunshine. i am sure your area is deserving of sunshine right about now.

    May I vent? I just had THE worst afternoon and evening with my son. I do not know what in the world is going on. Yesturday he was really cranky and angry. He hit the behavior therapist a few times which he had not done before. It was rough but nothing like today. I have to take data for this program. After school he hit me 4 times the last right before bedtime. I have the imprint of a hotwheel track on my arm. Lovely! He had 6 tantrums and was speaking rudely, and demanding/yelling at me. "GET MY SOCKS" Dear Lord! Then he became obsessed with some wood my neighbor was moving out to a truck. She was getting rid of stuff. My son had it in his mind that he wanted to make a tree house. He told me the neighbor said he could have the wood. I told him NO! I am your mother and you need to ask me. He kept running out to the wood and was furious with me. I had to pick him up and carry him. I am sure the mover guy thought i was a major biotch but I have to use my behavior skills and be extremely consistent. Man oh man. We had Open House at the school tonight and I was trying to make dinner and get ready while lifting him and having him hit me just to get away from that stupid (most likely termite filled) wood. I told him I did not want him to get slivers and that he had to do a project like that with Dad and would have to ask him.

    So I whip up a quick social story so he knows exactly what to expect at Open House and we will leave if there are any problems. He can have his Ice cream cone if he does well. Open house he did well except a big social blunder which I don't have the energy to go into right now.

    I want to pull my hair out but I am already hurting so bad from the hit with the hotwheel track. Oh and he lost another tooth so i am supposed to be tooth fairy tonight. I did tell him I forgive him (I made him apologize) then told him tomorrow is a new day we start all over and can have a good day. He said he was very cranky and did not know why. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

    Oh the other day my neighbor (I really like her) slipped out that her husband does not believe that our son has any autism because when they (he and his wife) told him what to do my son did comply with whatever they asked. It hurt me so much.

    First off, HELLO I have had early interventions and theraputic treatments for my son since he was 10 months old. Those treatments have helped a lot. Who knows where we would be now if I hadn't pushed and went with my gut. All that effen work and he gives me no credit????? I know that to an outside lay person my son's disability is invisable. But can't you say you have really helped him he is doing great instead of insinuating that our parenting is to blame. Anyways, I have to get over it. People treat me like I am crazy or making it up or have Munchhousens by proxy or something and I get really angry. Do they really thing I want my child to have these developmental issues and have a hard time? BTW their daughter is an easy girl.

    I had to tell someone. I have no one in my family that understands, except my hubby and he is most likely tired of hearing me.

    Please oh please let tomorrow be a better day.

    Autism is autism is autism!


  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Molly, perhaps you should have put that wood to good use and used it on your judgmental neighbor?

    Of course your son behaves for other people, I can make the worst behaved child in any waiting room or grocery store stop whatever it is they're doing with just a look!! (I love to do this while the Mom isn't watching, it's so much fun)

    Sometimes it's a look of tender understanding because I know it's past nap time etc....and sometimes it's a look of reproach but it always works. We've got it like that because of 28 years of practice, and the kid's not OURS!! Makes a huge difference...

    There will always be judgmental people in this world, but life's too short to spend time worrying about them, trust me, just mark them off your list.

    Ellen I hope you enjoyed your Secretary's lunch and I'm glad Harry brought you flowers.

    Anne Theresa, I always worry when we don't hear from you because I know you must be suffering from pain and exhaustion or you'd be here. Please feel better soon!

    Katy is now in a German hospital and has high hopes after speaking to her new doctor. He's changing her medications but keeping her long enough to make sure that they're working, could be a few weeks at least.

    Hubby left this morning for his trip to the states, but he gets to leave knowing that I'm comfortable with how things stand at the moment. I would have been more worried if I had to take care of her too during a crisis with him gone. So much of the worry is off of my shoulders for now at least.

    I'm trying not to worry about how many things I have to do around the house today. He accidentally spilled coffee on two of my favorite white shirts so I need to get them back in the laundry today. We were bringin up the laundry after taking her to the hospital and he was just so tired that his coffee cup spilled on the freshly washed shirts, ooops.

    And my goal for today is to get to one of my favorite restaurants for their Friday special of spaghetti shrimp, it's wonderful and tastes like a party in your mouth. But, they load me up with it so it'll make at least 10 meals for me while he's gone and it freezes well too.

    I usually have a lot of meals frozen in advance when he leaves but I don't after the difficult week we've had and not feeling well last week.

    If that's all I get done today, it's gonna be wonderful, I need to take some time for myself today, the dirty floors can wait a bit.

    Hugs all,

  11. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, you're right; this region deserves these lovely, sunny days after experiencing such a long, cold winter and, with the help of my scooter, I'm enjoying every moment of sunshine. I love the mobility my scooter provides and truth-be-told, instead of feeling like a 51-year old disabled woman, I feel like a kid with a go-kart. Such fun!

    I'm sorry you had such a bad day with Liam. My happy memories of raising my boys are marred with several such experiences - temper tantrums and worse - but love is sufficient to overshadow the bad times. It may be difficult to keep that in mind while living through the experience, but you know it's the truth. It's wonderful that you received an apology and were able to provide forgiveness and the promise of a clean slate the next day. That's all anyone needs to grow.

    I'm sorry you came face-to-face with your neighbor's attitude.
    Sweetie has a young cousin (10 year-old girl) who has autism and I've been privy to the family's horrendous attitude directed at this family. It breaks my heart that sweetie's mom and her sisters could be so ignorant, disbelieving the little girl's diagnosis, blaming her brother and his wife (the little girl's parents) for creating a problem when there isn't one etc. Like any invisible disease, there are always going to be ignorant people who blame the victims. It makes me angry but, beyond a well-placed word now & then to promote understanding, it's best to rise above it.

    Nancy, I'm glad Katy is in the hospital. I'm sure it's the best place for her right now. I'll say a prayer that this new medication gives her some blessed relief so that she can begin to live a meaningful, joy-filled life. This is time for you now, to focus on your own needs and desires. God knows, you've been working so hard to support your husband & daughter through their difficult times but I fear it's been at the expense of your own sense of balance & well-being. Rest, rest, rest and enjoy your shrimp spaghetti (it sounds delicious!)

    To-Do Today

    clean inside & outside of fridge
    tidy shelves on desk
    swipe washroom
    make pill dispensers
    respond to e-mail
    scoot to store

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about myself. Yesterday I took an entire 'ME' day!

    I was trying to sit and play poker online, but Katy called, and the sun was shining, it was just a gloriously beautiful day!!

    So I went to a nearby favorite town, bought the little black shoes that I need (cute with kitten heels), bought 2 new white shirts to replace the coffee stained ones and had lunch outside by myself.

    It was so beautiful I can't even describe it and it felt good to sit in the sunshine.

    I came home, called my friend who has MS and we were on the phone for hours although we had to take a few breaks.

    My house is just filthy and I know it, but I knew it would still be like that today.

    So today I'll clean as I can, hopefully in 10 to 15 minute stretches. If anyone knew me before they'd be so surprised to see how dirty and messy it is, but sometimes you just have to let things go. With the week I had with Katy, hubby leaving too and my housekeeper in the hospital things will just have to wait for me.

    Anne Theresa, thank you for the prayers they are always appreciated.

    Hugs all,


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