What's on your "To Do List" April 21 27th?

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    Hello all.....

    I'll go ahead and start this again cause it's already evening time for me and I didn't see one started. Hope you all don't mind.

    I spent the morning running Katy around for her dermatology appt this morning, and I do mean running around. It was very difficult to find, both sides of the road had the same numbers, lots of stairs etc....

    We were already running late, there was an accident at the end of my road and I couldn't get out of it for quite awhile.

    We had lunch out which was nice.....then came home and piddled the day away calling my friend and playing online poker. (I did really well surprisingly in my afternoon tournament)

    Hubby's coming home tomorrow and I can't wait...but I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights so I hope that goes better tonight.

    Hope we're all in for a relaxing and painless week!

    Hugs all,

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    Thanks Nancy, for starting this thread! I wish I knew how to play poker! There are so many different kinds. My mind gets boggled..go figure that one! LOL It's nice having our guy's come home, even when we enjoy our down time! I hope Katy is doing well, and that you can get some rest!

    I cleaned both bathrooms today. Dusted some. Basically, hit the recliner with heating pads. Seems to be another flare starting, and of course the rest of this week is nuts! Just want to feel good when we get to the beach! We leave a week from this Friday.

    Hope everyone else is doing well, and had a good weekend!



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    Good Morning all....

    This is just too funny....we must have all been posting at the same time!

    I snacked badly last night, blame it on the stress of another day spent with Katy and seeing her controlling husband last night. Uggg....if he leaves one more time (without saying thank you) after I've rearranged my day to take her to another doc appt, I think I'm gonna just blow up.

    Putting their names on the base housing list would be an answer to so many of her problems yet he doesn't want to 'right now'.....grrrrrrr!

    She's now out of her Seroquel again although I told him last Monday that she needed her refill, should be an interesting week.

    I think I want my life back....but like Ellen, I'm torn between fighting for her and his selfish influence on her. I hate waking up angry like this.

    Hubby should be home this morning so I'm looking forward to that. I hope I feel a bit better by then, I hate to have him walk right back into the stress he left, at least he got a week off from it.

    I need to go to base for my own med refills and hope I feel up to it later. If not, maybe I'll call them in so I can pick them up tomorrow, or have hubby do it. I try not to have to call them in, there's so many numbers to punch in with each subscription that I'm afraid I'll make a mistake.

    Still need to water my plants today and do a few other things....

    Linda, thanks for mentioning the picture, I love how my husband is holding onto my Dad...shows how protective he is and what a sweetheart too!

    Hope to hear from you all soon.


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    What's on your "To Do" list April 2127 04/21/08 01:32 PM
    Ha, I thought I'd add a fourth.....

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    LOL Terri! 04/21/08 06:30 PM

    I don't think there's ever been this many 'to do' lists on one board~~~

    Well, I hope that you're having a nice day, and the week ahead is a good one for you. How's your neck, better I hope!

    Last night I slept almost 10 hrs. which never happens, so I'm on a roll around here today~~laundry and cooking. It's up to 82 today, really enjoying the last of the "cool" days.




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    Thanks Linda 04/22/08 05:49 AM
    It was naughty of me, but I couldn't resist putting one more To Do up there!

    My neck is finally getting better....still a bit sore, but not like it was.
    Thanks for asking.

    I got a kick out of your "cool days"....I remember from our days in Las Vegas how hot it was in April through October......totally used the A.C.

    We had a dusting of snow again yesterday...we are having a very cool spring!


    Actually, 04/22/08 05:54 AM
    I had been the fourth To Do list.....Ellen had also started one, but I think she deleted hers........

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    Hi, Girls:

    What a surprise to get on here this morning and see so many "to do" posts on here! I guess several of us must have been posting at the same time. Since this one has the most replies to it, I decided to go with this one.

    So how is everyone doing? I felt pretty ambitious yesterday afternoon and managed to wash four windows. So nice to get off the winter's grime and have a few windows I can really see out of now. I have almost all of the screens up now, too.

    I have decided to join a support group for people who care for adults with mental illness. I've seen the group advertise their meetings in the newspaper for quite awhile now. I think they meet once a month on Thursday nights. So I will go this week and see what it's like. I've stopped crying, but just feel sad and frustrated.

    Every few days I call the group home and ask how Jim is doing. So far he has run away twice. The latest time was Sunday. He was gone for an hour and a half and then he came back. Both times when he ran away and called Don. Vicki, the owner of Jim's group home, has been trying to contact Judy, Jim's guardian, to find out what should be done about Jim's running away. I'm not sure what they should do. It's not like they can lock him in his room.

    No word yet about the job. I am trying to be patient. Not much else I can do.

    Harry drove me into work today so he can help me with groceries. First we'll have lunch together, then groceries. While it's nice having him home, it sure will be good having back to work again. Again, I'm trying to remain patient.

    Nancy: I can definitely feel your stress when it comes to Katy and her husband. He sounds like a real jerk. How long did she know him before she married him?

    Lenore: It sounds like your dinner went well in spite of the conflict between the two girls. With all that's been going on with you, you definitely need some rest and relaxation. I hope you can have a slower week, which you certainly need.

    Linda: I'm so glad you mom is doing better and that the injections helped her pain.

    Anne Theresa: How are you doing? How is your neck?

    To-do list:

    -remove rugs from car and wash them (these protect the
    carpet in the winter from snow)
    -lunch with husband
    -pool therapy class
    -pay a bill

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    Hi everyone,

    Nancy-Glad your husband is home. I'm sorry you are so stressed by your SIL. It must be really hard when your child is an adult and you can only do so much. Do you have a lot of indoor plants that you are watering?

    Kim-Your vacation is just around the corner! I hope you enjoy and relax.

    Linda-What is your Mom's illness? Glad she is better. I love the beautiful picture in your profile. Did you take it?

    Terri-ROFL at your 4th to do list! Hope your neck is getting better.

    Ellen-Good for you to seek support! My husband went to a NAMI for siblings group a while back. It really helped him during some tough, tough times. I hope you hear something soon on the job front.

    Lenore-I'm glad you had a nice Passover. You are so smart for taking this week to rest and your friend Abby sounds very nice. Is Bob your SO?

    My cold is better. I still have the congestion but my sore throat and aches are gone. We sent the intake paperwork to the Regional Center. We hope to get behavioral and social skills services for our son that is on the Autism spectrum.

    We also have our IEP with the school district this Friday. I'll be working on the IEP all week just here and there as I go about my to do list.

    I'm also starting to plan my son's b-day party. He will be 6 yo on May 10th. We want to have it home this year. He wants a pinata.

    Tuesday's to do:

    -Pay a bill (already done)

    -RSVP for son's friend's b-day party (already done)

    -groceries and supplement shopping

    -Call special ed teacher with questions and info regarding the IEP on Friday

    -Have husband pick up Rxs from Costco and new tapes to video son's behavior (as further proof for Regional Center <eye roll>).

    Take care everyone!


  7. AnneTheresa

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    Hello friends, I'm happy to be up and about today, after being sick in bed since Thursday. This was a nasty bout of cold, cough, sore throat & fever made worse by fibro-symptoms. I could only eat ice-cream (shame!) due to sore throat and was very dizzy throughout. I slept a lot, thankfully.

    Sweetie had the same virus but he recovered faster, was mobile throughout and only missed one day from work. God bless him, he took excellent care of me and did his best to keep the house running and the pets happy.

    - reschedule missed appointments
    - clean washroom
    - put away dishes, clean counters & sink
    - empty wastebaskets
    - water plants
    - sweep
    - dust
    - read, nap
    - to the mall with friend

    Ellen, Nancy, Linda, Lenore, Kim, Terri, Molly, SoreKitty and others, I hope you're well and managing the issues in your life. I need to catch up with reading a week's worth of daily posts and as I do, I'll say a prayer for each of you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Your son wanting a pinata for his b-day reminded me of my first experience with one....we decided to buy one for one of our kids' birthdays, and, clueless me, I didn't know that you had to fill the pinata. Imagine four kids looking disappointed when the pinata broke, nothing fell out, and I also had no candy in the house! I had to send them home with apples! What a bummer....

    I hope you are all having a fine day...
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    It looked like three of us were writing at the same time!! Too funny...anyway, I'll copy mine on here as I said I would.


    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our Seder Saturday was lovely, just one other couple (divorced with kids at the other parent like me)and newly engaged. We had gone out once before, and the guys got along very well. Saturday night was no different. I had put out appetizers because reading the Seder book can take hours, and somehow the food migrated to the kitchen table, we were eating and enjoying some wine, and the next thing we knew it was almost 9 pm and we hadn't started the Seder! So we did *Seder Lite* (GRIN) and had a great time.

    My friend Abby came in Sunday morning and basically took over everything that was left to do for Second Seder. All three of Bob's kids came (another long story but unusual in itself), my kids were there, and Abby's son was there. My friend Lori, who is not Jewish but has been coming for about the last 5-6 years, was there also. Some years ago, the kids had come up with a script for doing a Passover play, acting out the Exodus and such. This year, for the first time, all but Josh just wanted to read the Passover book. I was very sad the my babies had "grown up", and Abby said she wondered when they would get too old for it. So we went through the book, Josh called it "boring", and Abby and I realized how much the kids had grown. I really missed the play, and hope that next year I'll have more time to prepare and thus give them more time to prepare and have them do it again.

    My kids and Bob's kids have never really learned to blend, and our last outing to dinner was a HUGE disaster. I said I would never do it again, but of course I did. I purposely set the place cards so that Lila was next to the daughter of Bob's who lives with her mom (Melissa). Melissa complained to her father three times about the placement and even tried to switch the place cards, but he held firm. She barely spoke to Lila, but Bob's other daughter (Leslie who lives with him) was on Lila's other side, they got along famously, and they seem to have somehow resolved a lot of each other's jealously of feeling "replaced" by the other when we were on vacation. In the end, I felt truly blessed that at leat one "fmaily blending" hurdle had been overcome.

    I actually calendared today to collapse and spend it in bed, with Abby's help driving the kids around. I ended up waking up in pain, so I let Abby sleep and got the kids ready for school. Noah and Lila didn't want to go because their homework wasn't done due to the holiday all weekend, but I told them both they were going to school. Lila supposedly developed a stomach ache and "threw up" and is now lying on the couch. She asked for Pepto Bismol, which tastes yucky, so now I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, she really does have a stomach ache. It's so hard to give credibility in a situation like this..... sigh

    To do:
    try to stay in bed (yeah, THAT might happen)
    go through mail
    pay bills
    PT at 1 pm
    put Seder items back into special box to put away
    leftovers for dinner

    I'm going to try very hard to stick to just this. I have three specialist appointments this week that Abby is coming with me for, and I know how badly I need to rest. Ladies, please help me this week to keep it slow even though I have a mountain to do so that with Abby's help I will gain some of my strength and humor back.

    Hugs to all,

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    Monday ~~~4/21 04/21/08 06:49 PM

    Last, but not least~~~Lenore, I had to chuckle when I saw three separate posts started this week for the 'to do'~~~

    So, in keeping with the spirit, I'll be responding to each~~LOL!!

    And please don't delete yours, I know the other gals will want to read this. You always brighten my day with your very busy days. Have you ever considered writing? I think that you and Anne Theresa have a wonderful gift.

    It seems that you had a lovely week-end. All the cooking, cleaning, and hard work paid off. So happy for you, and what great memories you'll have. Just sorry that there was a rift between Lila and Melissa (did I get that right?).

    And Abby seems to be a real gem , how nice of her to help out this week

    I have no tales to tell, rather a boring day of cooking and cleaning.

    Be sure and copy and paste this to Nancy's or Terri's thread.



  10. LenoreR

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    Hi everyone,

    Since there were three threads posted within 15 minutes of each other yesterday, I deleted mine and hope it posted here.

    As always, I am very pressed for time. My youngest came home with a Science Fair Project that the teacher wants reglued and a book report that is past due that he wants him to type. This is fifth grade, the teacher knows my youngest has ADHD and is going through the evaluation process at school for other learning disabilities, and he's turned my kids' work into a Romper Room episode for 5 year olds!

    I saw the Infectious Disease Specialist today and my friend came along. He could tell that my pain had gone from bad to immesurable, and gave me a super dose of Decedron to help some of the swelling go down. He said I should feel some pain relief after the next 24 hours. He set me up with an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in knees and shoulders, and made me an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. The ortho will do the MRI on my knee right in his office and have the results in 20 minutes (I couldn't believe it!). Of course, this doctor is "out of network" on my insurance, but I don't care. I'm in so much pain that I HAVE to get this knee looked at. It's 3 times the size of the other, everyone who had looked at it thinks it's full of fluid and probably a torn meniscus, so I need to get this done. I'm trying to get the MRI disc of my shoulder from the other ortho to take to this new guy tomorrow for a second opinion. My ID promised that this ortho won't just "blow me off" sayings it's just fibro, etc, etc.

    My daughter had to have me pick her up from school both yesterday and today. It's so stressful. She had physical therapy today at 3:30, Bob was going over anyway and said he'd take her, and she ripped at me that if I was a "good parent" I'd be taking her. I just don't get it.

    Ladies, I'm sorry I'm not responding personally, but it's so late in the day, I am beyond exhausted emotionally and physically, the trip to the doctor 30 miles each way and telling my story from soup to nuts made me finally break down and cry, so I'm just not up to the task right now. Hopefully tomorrow before I see the ortho.

    I read the thread and it looks like I'm not alone in this emotionally charged week. For those (and me) I hope we can take it in without getting all stressed out. For everyone else, help prop us up!!!!!! lol

    Hugs to all,
  11. hugs4evry1

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    Good morning all....

    The only thing on my to do list today is to get a shower and go back to bed. I stopped sleeping well about 4 days ago and last night was the worst night.

    I was ready for bed at 4:30, but of course you just can't go to bed for the night at that time of day.

    I tried to stay awake as best I could, took my pills at 7:00 and for some reason, didn't fall asleep until after 10:30!!

    To make things worse, I'm up at 4:30 in the morning...

    I'll check back in later and try to do a better post...

    Hugs all,

  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Everyone is sure going through their trials and tribulations right now, it seems. And, as usual, everyone is busy and trying to work through the usual pain and flare-ups.

    Harry asked me yesterday about going to the Hope Center and seeing how Jim is doing there. So we went, since Tuesday is a day when he doesn't go. We lucked out and were able to talk to Jessica, the director. She said she could tell right away by Jim's behavior that he was off the medication. But she said that until the situation becomes impossible, they will allow him to continue coming to the center and participating in the programs. Of course I got weepy in her office and she gave me a big hug. She's such a nice lady.

    She doesn't like Don either. She had a difficult conversation with Don one time when Don insisted that Jim be allowed to call him from the Hope Center and she told him "no". She agreed that Don was a big problem in Jim's life and thinks that the only way to solve the problem is to go to Court and get a restraining order. Of course this will have to come from Judy.

    This morning I called Vicki, the owner of Jim's group home, and she definitely wants me to push Judy into doing a restraining order against Don. So I will call Judy tonight. The last time this came up, Judy wasn't really in favor of it, but hopefully this time I can convince her. This may help curb the running away problem, too, if Jim knows he can't call Don.

    Molly: Thanks for the encouraging words about the support group. I'm glad that it helped your husband. Glad your cold is better.

    Anne Theresa: I'm glad your cold is better. A lot of people seem to be getting colds these days. It must be the changeable weather.

    Lenore: Good luck on your shoulder and knee tests. It's amazing what they can do on these tests. You sure do have your hands full. Try not to take what your daughter said personally. You know you are a good mother, just because you didn't take her to physical therapy. And don't worry about getting me the crock pot recipes. Right now I am trying the ones that Terri gave me.

    Nancy: I'm sorry you are not sleeping well. If you are like me, you don't sleep well when you get a lot on your mind. Or are you not feeling well?

    Linda: Sorry you are not sleeping well either. I've never heard any connection of sleeping with the full moon, but who knows.

    Terri: Tonight I am going to try the beef stew recipe. I will put it together and then let it cook tomorrow. It sounds really good.

    To-do list:

    -stop at the drugstore
    -put together crock pot recipe for tomorrow's dinner
    -pay a bill

    Take care, everyone!

  13. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Last eve., I managed a small outing - a trip to the mall - but it wore me out and set me back it seems. So today, I need to be careful not to over-do which means carefully pacing and listening to my body.

    shower & shampoo
    empty wastebaskets
    sweep & vacuum
    dust living-room & office
    make jello & strawberry cups
    sit outside to read (a lovely day!)

    Ellen, I'm glad you & Harry are in-touch with Jim's support team and are able to get timely & accurate news of him. During my working years, I witnessed & worked with many scenarios of people deciding to go off their psych medications and I know how heart-breaking it can be to watch someone decline so rapidly. I'll continue to pray.

    Linda & Nancy, I wish you both a large block of good night's sleep. It's terrible when sleep issues take hold and you're forced to run on empty.

    Lenore, It sounds just terrible, your knee, and the last thing you need in your busy life. I hope yesterday's dose of Decedron has taken hold and brought about some relief. Further, I hope this issue is resolved soon.

    Don't let your daughter's gibe get to you - she needs to know she's not the only one with needs. I don't know how you do it, sweetie, stay afloat with so many responsibilities and demands. Take extra good care of yourself and be sure to make some time for rest.

    Terri, we must be of like-mind because it would never have occurred to me that pinata's were purchased empty. Such a sad and funny story.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  14. LenoreR

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    Well hi everyone!

    I woke up this morning with a smidgen of relief from this G-d awful pain, took the kids to school and said bye bye to them for the next two days that they are with their dad, got my cup of coffee, and; even though I have a million other things to, I decided to start here, calmly checking in with you wonderful, supportive friends while I have some quiet (Abby and her son went out for a while) and enjoy my time with YOU all!

    I'm trying to get back to my "normal". I've been told repeatly that pain medications work better if you eat protein within two hours of taking them. I decided to have a piece of string cheese and an Activia yogurt each morning. I haven't been doing it consistently since we got back from vacation. Today I am starting again,(the Activia is not "kosher for Passover" but I justify this by thinking of it as *medicine*), as well as keeping four water bottles next to my desk. As I finish one, I put it at the end of the row of bottles and take the next one. This may sound crazy, but I do much better when I am in my routine.

    Nancy, I hope that with Hubby back home again safely that you are sleeping better. I saw you had a rough night last night; sweetie, I know how hard it is when we don't sleep. I wish I could wave a magic wand and change things for you. This stress with Katy must be taking a huge toll on you. I hope she gets back to her Seroquel soon. I hear your mental anguish when you say "you want your life back". It's so hard feeling so torn. I'm feeling much the same way these days, do I continue to fight for/with Josh (the Autistic one who is already 16) or let him fail and see what that feels like, do I fight for Noah (my fifth grader whose only control over his own life is school so he doesn't do his homework/projects and gets behind and in trouble and food so he is a hide/binge eater at 11) or let him keep doing this until he figures out it won't do him any good, do I hold on to everyone or let go and try to get out of this flare without feeling selfish? It seems we are all propping up everyone else, to our detriment.

    Kim, I'm so sorry that you are feeling another flare coming on. You need your vacation to be non stressful to temper it, and you said the rest of this week is crazy for you. Maybe you can delegate some stuff so you can handle the trip? I feel like I'm talking to myself; we all advise everyone else to take it easy and then don't listen to our own advice!!!

    Linda, I'm so glad your mom is doing better; that must relieve some stress for you. I laughed too when I saw us all starting the week's thread; I guess everyone needed to say hello at the same time! lol How in the world could I "brighten your day" when it looks like I belong in the Ha Ha House?!? Thank you for the writing compliment; I think of it often, have started one novel and outlined a book on handling these DDs. I contribute quarterly to some trade magazines, and my friends are always pressuring me to do more. I really should do it; maybe after I create my next "Master list" and get everything done I can create some "chunk time" for my writing, as I enjoy it so much. Yeah, like THAT might happen! You sure had a crazy night last night--I'll have to watch the moon and report back. Funny, if we all did this we could decide if your hubby is right or not. Thanks for the sympathy about my knee-- the Decadron shot yesterday seems to be helping some, and I am praying this expensive ortho will figure out my knee and shoulder. I'll be SOOO pi**ed if there's a tear in the knee again--I just had surgery on it last July (and back in 2001) and the recovery was NO FUN at all. I'm scared he's going to say surgery to the shoulder too-- I had two surgeries in two months last summer and haven't been the same since. When I got the fibro dx last month, I really attributed it to the back to back surgeries and running srtaight back to my hectic life immediately after. I was happy to see that you were planning on taking it easy today--follow through on that, girlfriend!

    Terri, your "NOT to do list" is hilarious! I know I messed up this thread--Nancy and Ellen, I'm really sorry if I stepped on your toes. I'm happy to hear that your neck is finally getting better--pass on the magic bullet to the rest of us! lol I moved out of the snow almost 23 years ago, and still just seeing the word makes me shiver. Our weather here in north LA has been ridiculous, 80 one day, 65 the next, 78 the next and today 64. It's killing my body temperature, which regulates poorly already and I am sure is contributing to not getting rid of this horrible flare. Nancy, Anne Theresa and any one else who is bedbound a lot; I really don't know how you cope with this pain. I told the doctor yesterday when I started crying (geez, I cry maybe 4 times a year) that I didn't want to live in this world of fog and pain. I was sure he was going to dx depression. Instead, he asked me if the pain became controlled would I want to stay, and of course I said yes. He told me that anyone in my position would probably feel the same way, and I immediately thought of Nancy and Anne Theresa. They never say things like that--ladies, how do cope? I can't imagine a world of this kind of pain, but you all just float on by, doing your thing without complaining. I envy you and am in awe of you. I loved the story about your pinata fiasco-- we've probably all done things like that (I know I have). Somehow we all seem to share resilience in adversity; heck, we are one tough group, no?

    Molly, I'm glad your cold is getting better. I'm so, so sorry I haven't been there for you on the RC and IEP stuff. If you start a thread for me here about it, I'll help you all I can and then we can delete it, since we can't do private emails. I am in the IEP process for the younger son and the annual IEP next month, the IPP for my older one AND starting adaptive therapy, so I really understand the mountain of paperwork you are facing. Heck, we should meet in Irvine and just fill and send out all the stuff together! lol We did have two lovely seders and the week has been nice observing the more Orthodox traditions. I couldn't do it all year round, so it's nice to sort of "come back to the faith", ya know? Seeing the different plates, pots, foods etc remind me almost hourly of my faith, and reminds me that I do have that to hang on to. Funny, Abby and I had to go to the Kosher market yesterday to fill in for the week, and an older woman approached us and said "it's so nice to see you *modern women* observing the holiday." We're 45 and 54, so to be thought of as "young" just cracked us up! Yes, Bob is my SO. We have been engaged for almost a year and a half and so far have picked two wedding dates, but since my divorce I have been very commitment phobic. We had (sorta have) a date for August this year, but earlier this year there was a real rough patch. Nancy, smart woman she is, gave me some great advice and I haven't confirmed the date with the Rabbi yet. If this group can ever find some free time, I'd love to post about it and get your opinions.

    Anne Theresa, I'm so very sorry that you had to eat ice cream for days on end! ;-) I'm glad you're on the mend and I'm sure you probably needed that long sleeping time. I'm happy to hear that you are "up and about again"-- it's so awful to be so down. I honestly don't know how you do it (I know I've already said it), I am in such awe of you. I hope you continue to have good days through the week!

    Ellen, I read your Monday post but now I can't find it! I agree that the support group sounds like a great idea--I was in one when Josh was dxed with ADHD, and another when he was dxed with Autism, and yet another when I was going through my divorce. They all helped immensely-- I think it would help you too. You are a very smart lady and can seperate the wheat from the chaff of the group. If it's not for you; you stop going--I see no harm in giving it a shot. I know you are so torn up about Jim (my heart hurts for you so much); maybe this would be an outlet for you. I hope everyone can convince Judy to take out that restraining order. I'll bet it would make a huge difference. I see you were window washing; I so badly need to get that done. It would be great to vent my frustrations on those dirty windows and then have some sparkle in the house. Your attitude about being patient waiting to hear on your job is admirable; I really do aspire to you. Thanks for the support on my daughter--sometimes I think I just can't stand teenage girls! Her very best friend since first grade is moving away to Colorado tomorrow. I know she is very broken up about this (totally understandable)so I am trying to cut her some slack as she goes through this very emotional trauma. She's also in PT for her ankle, has needed pain meds and has watched this awful flare of mine. The poor kid has a lot on her plate, but I'm trying hard to balance giving slack while refusing to allow her to be disrespectful. I know she is going to be very needy this weekend, so I'm hoping to put some time aside for her and her alone. I'm glad Terri's crock pot recipes are working for you; I'm going to try to print hers next week and add mine. Aren't crockpots a great invention?

    Well, it's taken me about two hours to catch up with you all, but instead of feeling panicked against time I actually feel really good, and my pain has subsided while I have been concentrating on you. Thank you, thank you ALL for always being here for me. I feel SO blessed that I found you and thank G-d in my prayers often for having you all in my life. It may sound trite, but when you guys are having a bad day, please think a second about me and think that you are really making a difference in someone's life.

    Okay, now on to the to do:
    Get over to the old ortho to pick up my shoulder MRI (ASAP!)
    grocery lists
    question list for new ortho
    go through mail and pay bills (call the overdue ones and ask for a pass on interest charges) I can't believe how I just can't get to this!
    market (done)
    laundry-linens and towels (in progress)
    new ortho appt 30 miles away again at 2 pm
    makeup shopping after ortho with Abby (playtime!)
    Girls' night tonight--I'm so exited and pray I feel good!

    I hope you all have agreat day/week and I'll see ya'all tomorrow!

  15. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a rheumotologist appointment in the morning 30 miles away, so I know I won't get here in the morning so I'm getting an early start.

    Well, as always, Man plans and G-d laughs. It took me hours to prepare for the ortho, copying documents, picking up my disc from the old ortho, making lists of questions, etc. that I barely got out the door in time. Good news, he's had a bunch of patients like us with inflammatory, autoimmune, nerve pain and such type issues. Bad news, my doctor's nurse forgot to tell his doctor's nurse that I needed an MRI, so there was no lab tech there to do the MRI. I had to drive all the way back here, wait for an hour to do the MRI on the knee, and have ANOTHER appointment to go back there on Friday morning. Long day....

    Tonight, out girls' night fell apart. This one worked late, this one forgot, and so on. Abby's at the video store and we'll just watch a movie tonight. But, still there are no people (our age or kids) in the house so we can just kick back and relax!

    I'll check back if I can in the afternoon, or catch up with you all on Friday. My to do is everything I wrote for Wednesday not doctor related plus my appointment in the morning.

    Hugs to all,
  16. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all........

    Well I guess I forgot that it's possible to feel worse, I'd have to say at this point that I'm in a flare. Since I live at only about 30% of who I used to be, it just didn't occur that it could be any worse, but it is.

    Lenore, I usually live fairly pain free, that helps me to handle what I do but alas.......it's back.

    And hon, you can't step on anyone's toes here by starting the thread, it just got especially funny that we were all doing it at the same time this week.

    I know I treasure your input on this thread and I'm so glad you joined us here.

    I can't think of any reason why my SIL would not want to move on base since it would help Katy so much.

    Ellen, I hope they do get that restraining order against Don, last thing we need is someone going against what we know is best.

    Katy is coming in today...she's off her Seroquel a bit and spent most of yesterday in her bathroom hearing voices again. Her hubby is out of town today and knows she shouldn't be alone.

    Luckily she's the type who will curl up in bed with me and watch movies all day if we have to, so I think it's going to be one of 'those' days again.

    Sorry all, I don't mean to leave anyone out, I just really don't feel well at all....


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  17. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Good news! I talked to Judy last night and I really went into what a bad person Don was. By the time I got done, she was as worried as I've been. She, too, is concerned about this "relationship" between Don and Jim. She, too, is concerned that something sexual may have happened between Jim and Don during the time that Jim lived there. Everyone else's bedrooms were downstairs and only Jim's bedroom was upstairs next to Don's and Jim would often go into Don's bedroom and talk to him.

    As much as I hate to think about it, I really need to have a talk with my brother to find out if anything ever happened to him. If anything ever did, I want this man punished. My brother may be 51 years old, but mentally he is about 8.

    Anyway, she is going to push for the restraining order! She is going to talk to Jim's lawyer and tell him that's what we want to do. After several years of wanting this done, it's finally going to happen. I can't tell you what a sense of relief this is for me.

    Thanks so much for all of your support. As you can imagine, this has been so stressful for me.

    Anne Theresa: Thanks for your kind words. I'm sure you've said before what you used to do when you worked, but I can't remember now. Were you a counselor?

    Lenore: Isn't that frustrating when someone messes up your dr. appt.? That must have been irritating with your MRI. I think you are doing the right thing with your daughter. While she may have a lot to deal with right now, she can't treat you with disrespect.

    Linda: Sorry you are dealing with a migraine and allergies. I hope you are doing better soon.

    Nancy: I'm so sorry Katy is not doing well. I remember Jim used to hear voices a lot. He hasn't talked about this in recent years so I guess he doesn't have this problem now or at least he doesn't talk about it.

    To-do list:

    -pool therapy class
    -attend NAMI support group
    -do some yard work
    -having Terri's beef stew for dinner!

  18. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Lenore, I totally relate to your not wanting to live in a world of pain & fog and my heart goes out to you. I feel the same way at times, particularly during a flare-up when the pain is at it's most intense. I'm glad your pain has eased a bit and, after such a mix-up in getting the MRI's, I hope longer-term relief is forthcoming.

    Linda, I'm sorry to hear about your migraine and allergies and I hope you find some relief soon. Each of us seem to be dealing with health issues on top of fibro lately and it makes for quite a challenge. It would be nice to have one problem at a time, wouldn't it?

    Nancy, I hate that sinking feeling when you first realize you're moving into a flare. I hope it isn't too extreme this time around and is short-lived. I hope you and Katy can bring some comfort to each other today. You each contend with so much on a daily basis and then on top of that have frequent flares & episodes to manage.

    Ellen, I'm glad you have Judy on-side and aware of what Don is about. I can't imagine this man in the role of group home facilitator but such people often maneuver themselves into positions of power.

    In our area - a few years ago - a local psychiatrist was found to be sexually abusing the young men in his care. It was simply tragic. I knew the psychiatrist (worked with him on several committees) and would never have fathomed such a thing about him. If sexual abuse is part of Don's repertoire, then it's very important that this be brought to light.

    To answer your question about my own work in the mental health field, I had some early experience as a support co-coordinator (working one-on-one with people with mental health issues and their families) but most of my time and energy went toward development work; creating new services, policy development, responding to serious occurrences, fund raising, research, proposal writing.

    It was good work and rewarding to see positive outcomes both in individuals and systems but very stressful for me. By the time I left in 2000 - due to my fibromyalgia becoming severe - I was completely burned out and happy to close that chapter of my life.

    I completed yesterday's to-do list except for the dusting which I'll do today. This afternoon, I have a manicure appointment and then afterward I'm meeting sweetie for cappuccino.

    Sweetie has the day off today and is presently attending an appointment at the bank (we're still aiming to purchase the bookstore in January) so hopefully he'll have some good news to share re: availability of financing.

    Afterward, our day is free and since I feel fairly good today, we'll surely find something fun to do (a matinée, a walk through the park etc.).

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  19. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.......

    Being in a flare really blows...I seem to have lost my ability to fall asleep and that hasn't happened since I started on Trazadone a few years ago.

    I've taken more pain meds this week than I have in the last year...

    Last night I took my 150mg of Trazadone, my pain pill and still needed 2 Tylenol PM's to eventually fall asleep.

    Oddly enough, I'm doing very well in my online poker tournaments and have placed in the money 3 times this week.

    I need some hot sunny weather soon!!!!!!!

    Ellen, I hope the restraining order goes through....so many try and take advantage of the mentally ill, and it's so hard to protect them when they're adults.

    Hugs all,

  20. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    It's been a busy morning here for me at work. I've dressed in casual clothes as the cleaning lady, who is also my friend, has been helping me do some packing. They will be renovating our building starting in mid-May. This is her last day cleaning in our building before she starts her summer schedule. She wanted to help me before she left for the summer as she knows about my FMS and didn't want me to overdo. She is such a great friend. She did most of the heavy work. We got a lot of the work done.

    Some of the packing I will have to wait until later, but at least most of it is done. I found out that they will be moving my office down the hall. Our building is in need of some work, so I'm looking forward to how it turns out.

    I went to the support group last night for families who have a loved one who is mentally ill. It was a small group last night, but I really liked it. The two women who run the group were quite helpful and seem to know their way around the mental health system. They didn't think that Jim's caseworker was doing his job, and I agree. They think I should give him a call and I said I would.

    Ann Theresa: Thanks for letting me know what you used to do. It sounds like an interesting job, but also one that would burn you out.

    Nancy: Yes, I agree. It is hard to protect the mentally ill, especially when they become adults. My brother is so vulnerable.

    To-do list:

    -lunch with Harry
    -drop off paper at the recycling place (from our cleaning
    out at the office this morning)
    -stop at the hardware store to pick up cards and bird seed
    -put clean sheets on the beds

    To-do list for the weekend:

    -work in my flower gardens
    -start cleaning kitchen cupboards
    -dust basement

    Have a good weekend, everyone!


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