What's on your 'To Do List' April 28 to May 4th?

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  1. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    I'm hoping to avoid some confusion so I started this thread first thing in the morning.

    I'm quite pleased to say I've had 3 decent night's sleep in a row so I'm starting to feel more human although I'm canceling a doc appt for later in the day. It's not a good time with my eating schedule and hubby got my meds for me at his appt on Friday. That helped quite a bit...

    Yesterday was the first day I didn't spend hours in bed so I'm taking baby steps today.

    I'll try to water my plants, call my friend, and piddle a bit around the house.

    How's everyone feeling this week?

    Hugs all,


  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Here we are back to the start of another week. Since I'm working, to me Monday is the start of a new week. We had a good weekend. I had a long talk with my oldest brother, Tom, on Friday night. I told him all the problems with Jim. He said he wanted to help me, but didn't know how. I told him that if Jim's lawyer gave us any problems with doing the restraining order, he could help by calling him and urging him to do the restraining order. I would also call the lawyer. He agreed to do this.

    I don't ask Tom for help very often since he is also mentally ill. He has bi-polar and is often very stressed out. But I felt this was something he could handle.

    The rest of the weekend was relaxed. We went out to eat and I got out in my flower gardens and planted the pansies that the professors gave me for Secretaries' Day. I also pulled weeds and picked up more pinecones-a neverending job! I find working in the yard to be very therapeutic.

    I also read and just watched TV. We also stopped and saw my in-laws.

    Nancy: I'm so glad you finally got a few nights in a row of rest. I know how bad you feel when you can't sleep. Sleeping makes all the difference.

    Anne Theresa: That will be good when all the arrangements are finalized in purchasing the bookstore. I know this has been a dream for you and your husband for quite some time.

    Lenore: Your rheumatologist was right about sleep and exercise. You may be different than me, but I have found that I cannot walk on hard or hilly surfaces. By hard I mean concrete or pavement. It makes my legs and hips hurt. You can try it and maybe it won't bother you. I just thought you should be warned in case you are like me. I can walk on grass or dirt.

    Terri: Yes, we liked your beef stew, but I used my own stewed tomatoes and I think I added too much water as my canning jar is bigger than a can from the store so it turned out a little soupy. I did manage to drain off some of the water, but oh well. Live and learn.

    To-do list:

    -corned beef and cabbage for dinner
    -call and make an appt.
    -dust upstairs

  3. alaska3355

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    I'm still Lucy.....my hair is bright red! I was blonde for a day and couldn't stand that, so I put a semi permanent color on it and it went red! I am going to wait a week to let it rest, then go see what I can do about it. I hope I don't turn green...

    Anne Theresa- tell us more about the bookstore....I must have missed that post. Sounds exciting!

    Nancy- glad you are feeling some better. Take care of yourself. Is your weather warming up?

    Ellen- I hope your brother (Jim) figures things out soon. I'm sure you miss him and he probably misses you, but is mixed up. I will pray for you and your family.

    Linda- I imagine things are really heating up where you are. When we lived in Nevada, I remember not having much luck growing anything because it would just burn up. But some people had it figured out. I suppose they just planted early and used varieties that could withstand a lot of heat.

    Lenore- I hope life is getting back to normal for you. What is normal anyway??

    To Do:

    clean up the pantry
    teach a few piano students
    see hubby off for a few days.

  4. sorekitty

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    Hi! The IEP is over! It went well and we are very happy with it. My friend helped me a lot beforehand and she also came to the meeting. Thank goodness for my friend!

    I haven't been sleeping well for about the past week (sound familiar anyone?). It is pretty unusual since I take sleeping meds. It must be all the stress lately.

    We had a nice weekend. My husband took our son to t-ball. Then I took him to a birthday party and he had fun there. Me and David watched a movie called "Waitress" and it was really enjoyable. It had an indie film feel about it.

    Then, Sunday we had a record heatwave! I wilted. We live near the beach within 2 miles and it was 98! It was 14% humidity. I felt awful. David(husband) took son to beach with our neighbors and their little 2 yo girl. I tried to nap but it was miserably hot. I don't do well with heat or cold. Oh, did you hear about the shark attack? It happened not too far from us. Very unusual and so sad. The man was a triathalon swimmer and a great white bit him so bad he bled to death. We don't get great whites here and not usually so close to shore (well, he was out a bit but still!).

    Nancy-I'm glad you are getting some nice sleep! It is so important. You are smart to take baby steps. It can be tempting to do otherwise. I hope your flair is over.

    Ellen-Monday is start of week for me too. Since my son goes to school. I'm so glad your brother is willing to help you.

    Anne Theresa-wow, a bookstore. You must be in a very good place with your dd to feel able to do it. That is awesome.

    Terri-Sorry about your hair! OMG going to a person that doesn't speak english. OH no! Thank you for telling me (was that Yyou?) about filling the pinata. I am sooooooooooooo glad you told me your story. That was so funny, although I'm sure not at the time.

    Lenore-I am planning on writing you an update concerning our try for Regional Center. Please do not feel bad that you were unable to help. I had a friend really help with the IEP and we are at a waiting point with RC. So it is all fine. I appreciate your caring. I hope you are recovering well.

    I hope I didn't miss anyone. This week will be much more calm for me (knock on wood).


    ~shop at Costco (just a few items)
    ~call friend
    ~dinner, leftover crockpot chicken & potatoes (have to make kids meal for son). He is very picky.


  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I had a wonderful day yesterday. In the morning, I poked around the back-yard with sweetie (what an incredible mud-pit) to try & envision a small green space where we could sit & read, barbecue, etc.

    Then, in the afternoon we went out to hardware & decorating stores with sweetie's father to pick our the bathroom sink & vanity. Sweeties dad is becoming elderly but he has wonderful ideas and much to teach. I found a nice, somewhat unique set that I think will look nice.

    Nancy, Thanks for getting us started this week. I'm glad you managed some sleep and I hope this continues for you. I completely understand canceling an appointment due to eating & med schedules. Our systems are fragile and we need to adhere to our routines.

    I had some trouble sleeping last night - due to breathing problems - and I ended up sleeping in my recliner. This has been an issue, ongoing for several months and worsening. allergies? asthma? bronchitis? I don't know.

    Last night's episode moved from trouble breathing into a full-blown panic attack and so I phoned the doctor's office this morning and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

    Ellen, I'm glad you talked to your elder brother and brought him in on the situation with Jim. This is good all around. It sounds like you had a nice day in your garden, a good means to counteract the stress in your life and a project in and of itself.

    Lucy-style red hair? That must be a shock to your system, Terri. With regard to the bookstore, sweetie has been a bookseller for 20 + years, his true passion. The store he's presently managing has been working with him) for the past several years) to develop a model of business succession.

    We've been taking it step-by-step and continue to do so. At the moment, the accountants are involved with the numbers, financing is up in the air and the deal could go through without a hitch or fall apart tomorrow. Time will tell.


    elliptical machine
    clean bedroom closet
    put dishes away, clean cupboards & sink
    swiffer hardwood floors
    learn scanner software (procrastination issues at play)
    make dinner ? ?
    walk with sweetie

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Wow, so many checked in already and it sounds like everyone had a relatively peaceful weekend! I'm jealous.... Friday's visit to the ortho revealed another (third time) tear in the knee, plus a HUGE cyst, so large that he will have to remove the entire thing by open surgery (he said about a four inch incision). I haven't had open surgery since my last c section 11 years ago, so this news was rather overwhelming. Surgery is scheduled for May 13. Over the weekend, we had to turn the entire kitchen back over from Passover, and then Sunday night when Passover ended was Bob's birthday, so the "blended family" plus my friend and her son who is still here went out for dinner. It went better than last time.

    Nancy, thanks for getting us started and avoiding confusion this week. It made me smile to hear you have been getting some good sleep-- keep it up, girlfriend!

    Ellen, I'm glad you had Tom to support you in your troubles with Jim. I also love gardening, and am planning on preparing my vegetable and spice beds this weekend. It's been a Mother's Day thing since the kids were very little to plant these beds, so we'll do that next Sunday together. I'd like to get some annuals to for my "Secret Garden". Thanks for the tip on where to walk; I don't know WHAT to do know with a torn knee and sleepless nights! I think I'll try your idea of a soft surface with a knee brace for the next two weeks. It's a great idea--thanks again!

    Terri, your hair story just totally cracked me up! Thanks for making my day. And I'd like to know what the heck "Normal" is, since I haven't seen it in forever! ;-)

    Molly, I'm so glad the IEP went well. I just finished filling out the SIB-R, BASC and BRIEF for Noah's IEP. I'm also fending off the Regional Center lady; hopefully she won't catch up with me until after the surgery! I have to schedule Josh's annual IEP (due by May 17-yeah, right) and get a date for Noah's first IEP for classification and services in June. I heard about the shark attack! One of Josh's obsessions is whales and sharks; it was front page news in the Sunday LA Times. When I went to read the paper, I couldn't find the first section. Josh had taken the ENTIRE section up to his room! He researched it, went on the internet, and talked about it all day long. I think he knew more at the end of the day than any reporter! It's been a heatwave here too--92 degrees today, supposedly 74 tomorrow. I hate these big weather changes--do they wreck havoc on your body too?

    Anne Theresa, what's up with the breathing? Do you have a history of asthma? Geez, just reading it scared me; I can't imagine how you must have felt. I'm so glad you are seeing the doctor tomorrow. Please let us know what you find out.... I have a nebulizer in the house for asthma attacks-- I never had asthma before these DDs. I have a "Secret Garden" in an atrium here and am looking forward to hearing how you and your sweetie make yours.

    Linda, I am so sorry to hear that you might have strep. Did you get in to the doctor yet? I hope you get to the bottom of it (and the thyroid) and start to feel better real soon.

    My "To do" is to figure out what I have to do this week! I know that sounds crazy, but I haven't been able to update my "Master List", I have been so busy just putting out fires. I'm hoping that by the end of the day I'll know what I have to do this week and next before the surgery, cause I'm gonna fall behind again after that!

    Have a great day all,

  7. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    The sleep is beginning to help and I'm starting to feel human again, although I woke up at 2:30 last night after a very symbolic dream about my daughter.

    She's coming in today after her psych appt and my hubby and I discussed me going to 'talk' to someone about the anger I'm carrying around because of my SIL. Luckily they have people on base and you can just stop by to talk, but they've moved their offices and I need to find the new ones first. I'll put that on my list for tomorrow.

    Ellen, I know you carry the biggest part of the burden with Jim, but I'm glad your other brother can be of some help and support during this difficult time.

    I managed to plant a few of my new lavender plants this weekend, and I agree that it's therapeutic. I love doing something that shows, that I can enjoy in the future.

    Terri, I hope it won't insult you but I had to laugh at the Lucy comment. I once turned Katy's hair pink but she was young so she happened to love it. I quickly took her in to have it redone though.

    Molly, I'm so glad the IEP is over and that you had someone to help you with it. Is this a yearly thing you have to go through?

    Anne Theresa, your comment on my poker playing last week improved my game tremendously, you hit the nail on the head and it's what I needed to hear. I always knew my instincts were good, but having you put it the way it did was really helpful.

    I'm a bit concerned about the breathing incident. How did the doc appt go?

    Linda, I hope you feel better soon...I usually know when I have strep throat because it always feels like I'm swallowing cut glass. That's the difference for me...if that one symptom is there, then I know.

    And hon, you're not complaining a bit, you're going through a rough time as we all do and we understand. Thyroid issues are tricky, yet yours are the worse I've ever heard of. I hope they find something soon to get you leveled out.

    Lenore....Lenore, Lenore...your body is talking to you and you're not listening.....

    One way or another hon, you're going to have to slow down a bit, somehow, someway....I know that can seem like an impossible task, but if you end up flat on your back, life is going to go on around you.

    I think that we as women can all understand trying to take care of everyone around us instead of taking care of ourselves first but think of the oxygen on an airplane. You have to put yours on first, before the kids, so you can take care of them.

    Try to think about the pride on a kid's face as they accomplish a helpful task...then start delegating.

    I hope I haven't overstepped, I just worry about you...

    And yes, it did get warm here yesterday so I dug out my cotton jammy pants and tank tops. Don't know why I was caught off guard with this, it is almost May but then I remembered that it just snowed here too.

    Hubby's side of the bed is covered with these items so I need to clean them up, go through my drawers and exchange winter stuff with spring/summer stuff. Soon.....

    Hugs all,

  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I just got done reading everyone's posts and everyone is certainly busy in spite of our physical problems. I guess that's the way we women are. We somehow manage to carry on.

    As for myself, I'm not doing too badly, except I did wake up early this morning and I was thinking about all the things going on in my own life right now. I tried calling Judy, Jim's guardian, last night to see if she had reached Jim's lawyer about the restraining order, but she wasn't home. I will try her again tonight. It's been a week since I last spoke with her.

    I still haven't heard from Dr. Nesbary about my job and I'm feeling frustrated. I wonder if he's met with the Communication Dept. yet or if anything at all has happened. I'm afraid that patience is not one of my strong points. It's hard when you have to wait on other people.

    Linda: I've never had strept throat before, but I've heard it's really bad and very contagious. I hope for your sake that you don't.

    Anne Theresa: The panic attack must have been very scary for you. I hope that your doctor can certainly help you. On the positive side, it sounds like you had a good time in your yard planning a place to put a table and chairs, and also shopping for your vanity.

    Lucy (aka Terri!) sorry your hair turned red, but it sounds like you can get your hair turned back to a more reasonable color. What color did you want your hair to be?

    Molly: I'm not familiar with the IEP process, but I'm glad it went well for your son. Maybe now you can sleep better now that this is behind you. It's good you had your friend to help you. I'm like you-I don't handle extreme heat and cold weather either.

    Lenore: I'm so sorry that you will end up having surgery on your knee. I know you were afraid that this is what would happen. I'm assuming you will be layed up for several weeks?

    Nancy: I think your husband is right and you should go into counseling. Carrying this anger around inside you isn't good and can and will affect you physically.

    To-do list:

    -dr. appt. (I am going to a dr. to see if I would be a
    good candidate for Lasik surgery)
    -pool therapy class
    -not sure what else

  9. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi goils,
    The heat wave is gone! It is supposed to go back down to low 70s and even 60s later in the week. When the cool breeze came back yesturday afternoon I actually had goosebumps because I wasn't used to it! I think my body does not adjust well. My joints are achy. Woke up again last night I got too hot.

    Anne Theresa-How did your dr appt go regarding the breathing and panic? I hope you can get it sorted out.

    Linda-Sorry your throat is so bad. That is one of the symptoms I hate about the cfs is the bad sore throats. Did the dr check for strep? They did look for the great white but believe she was long gone right after the attack.

    Lenore-I'm so sorry to hear about your knee:( That is awful. I hope you can get some help while you are recovering. Do you have respite hours you can use? The weather changes really affect me. I get irritable when it is really hot. Then when temps go down it is like my body goes from hot to cold. I put on blankets or hoody and then take it off. Back and forth. I do this all day long!

    Ellen-I hope you hear about the job soon! He sure is making you wait:( I hope you can speak to the social worker and put your mind at ease a bit.

    Nancy-Talking with a counselor would be a good idea. Especially when you aren't sleeping well. It would be good to get it off your chest. After all the snow I bet you are looking forward to warm weather!


    Set up appt with ped for 6 yo well child check-up
    Pick up movie and wine for tonight
    fold & put away laundry
    put batteries in camera
    e-mail my mom with gift ideas for son's b-day

    go to neighbors(Sarah) to watch chick flic and drink wine! She is a new mom of an 8 mos old and works full-time. She is going through a lot with her job and her hubby is about to get laid off. He is out of town right now M-TH each week for work. Hope I can cheer her up.

    Have a nice day everyone!
  10. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Hello all! I've missed you!

    Nancy: Sleeping well makes a huge difference in our lives. I hope it continues. I would be very mad/upset with my SIL if he acted as yours has. After all, our kids are still our kids, no matter the age. Talking to someone might help. Take care!

    Ellen: I'm sorry you've had problems with Jim. I am happy Tom was able to help you. His home really does need to keep him away from 'Don'. No matter what it takes. Not knowing about your job must be frustrating. Praying you'll here very soon!

    Terri: Lucy, I'm home! Hee Hee! What is the current status of your hair? I am a blonde, but have been a deeper auburn with many different red highlighting, for 16 years. I have been in the position you're in though! Our short stay in Raleigh, NC, brought Buck into my life. I asked for a different color and it was awful. Bright, Brassy, Gold/Red. It was our 15th anniversary and nothing he did helped. I ran to Target and bought two shades that washed out, over time. Found out later he was a barber in the Army, and didn't have a LICENSE!!!!! You are a HOOT!

    Molly: Cheers to your efforts with IEP, and the great results you were given! Hot weather, if it's humid makes everthing hurt, even more. I hope those achey joints feel better soon. I think our body's baramoter is different than 'normals'. Have fun with your friend! Sounds great!

    Anne Theresa: I hope you are feeling better. What you felt would have made my anxiety worse, also. Please, take extra special care..

    Linda: Don't you have enough going on in your life, little missy, without having to deal with more pain? Sweetie, you are in my thoughts and heart. Please take the best care you can....

    Lenorer: You too, have had your plate filled! You have been so busy and now there's your knee and cyst issue. I'm sure you haven't recovered yet from all of the work for your Passover. Do take care of yourself, and make sure you get enough rest. It sounds as if things were a little better with your blended family. Small steps! Great ones at that!

    I've cleaned the floors, been doing laundry for two days, and laying out what I need to pack for our vacation! We leave Friday for Hatteras Island. I'm very excited! Even while knowing, the old 'bod' will suffer some! Between heating pads, ice bags, pain meds, and my trusty friend, Therma Rub; I know I will persevere! LOL

    The worse part of getting ready, was trying on my summer clothes from last year! I'd lost so much weight with my CICU stay. I've gained some back. The clothes fit, if you don't count me having to lay down to pull the zipper up on shorts, pants, etc! LOL Working on that extra 'fluffiness' every day!

    I'm not sure if our laptop will work, where we are, unless the home is wired correctly. I may not talk with you for a couple weeks. Sigh. You will all be in my thoughts, and I'll hope life is not taking it's toll on any of you. There's enough of that happening, now.

    Hugs to you all! I will miss you!


  11. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I have to leave work early today as I've decided to go to Jim's psychiatrist appt. this morning. I don't really have anything much to do at work this morning anyway.

    Here's an update: I finally reached Judy and she said that Jim's attorney doesn't want to do the restraining order at this time. I feel so frustrated! I feel like everything I do is such a struggle! Judy feels the same way, but, of course Jim isn't her brother. So now I have to call Jay Tressler (the lawyer's name) and have Tom call him, too. Harry suggested I see about getting all the people who want the restraining order to sign a paper saying they want it and send it to Jay. More work for me to do. If worse comes to worse, I guess I can petition the Court and see if we can get another Court appointed lawyer.

    I finally heard from Dr. Nesbary this morning about the job. He e-mailed me and said that I have two choices about jobs-stay in the job I'm in or try for the full-time job in Valade Hall. He didn't mention the job I've been trying for all this time so I lost out on that. So the Communication Dept. won. Maybe it's for the best as it would have been a difficult work environment, but it's upsetting as we really could use the money.

    Don Kleinsmith, the professor I really like, is trying to help me get the full-time job. He knows I can't work full-time, but is going with me to the appt. I made to see Dr.
    Nesbary next Monday to see if we can drop the hours to 3/4 time. He's going to talk to everyone I would be working for to see if they would mind if I didn't work full-time. I don't know if this will work, though. Dr. Nesbary seems pretty determined that it will be full-time.

    All this stress is really getting to me. Last night I was in a lot of pain and my bladder flared up again. So, needless to say, I hardly slept. This afternoon I plan to take a long nap. After Jim's dr. appt. I'm not going back to work. I just feel really wiped out and like someone has beaten me up.

    Sorry I can't answer everyone personally. Maybe tomorrow.

    Take care everyone.

  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Thanks for all the advice and comments on my hair.....I've never heard of a drabber bath, Linda. I'm still deciding what to do- spend upwards of $75 to have a salon do something, or try again myself.

    Ellen- my hair is usually a light brown with blonde highlights. My Vietnamese lady must have thought I wanted it all blonde, because that's what she did. Then I put on a bottle of Clairol medium golden brown (semi permanent) and came out like Lucy. It isn't as bad as the blonde, but I hadn't wanted such a departure!

    Kim- nice to see you back! It sounds like you're feeling pretty good- take care, OK?

    To Do:
    Take my son for allergy shot
    Clean up and piano lessons
    Help daughter with financial aid
    Leftovers for dinner

    Have a good one!
  13. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all,

    Ellen, I'm sorry the job thing didn't work out for you the way you were hoping. Something must be around the corner though, you certainly deserve a break.

    Kim, it's great to see you posting again, careful not to over do and have a great time on vacation.

    Anne Theresa, was the appt ok? What did the dr say?

    I did go to talk to someone today. They have visiting councelors (can't spell it for some reason) who are only here for a month or two then rotate out, so for me it's a one time, good deal. (Or whenever I feel the need again)

    She was really helpful at getting me back on track with Katy, and even though the lessons ahead for her are going to be difficult, they're still her lessons to learn. So I'll step back a bit as I'd already decided, try not to wring her husband's neck and work on getting my life back again.

    I managed to get a few things done around the house today, cleaned out my winter clothes, gathered some for charity and put my spring things away, whew!

    I brought home a pizza for dinner so we'll get fed tonight.

    Hugs all,


    Sorry, a bit tired from my first trip out in about 2 weeks.
  14. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I'm happy to say that I slept better last night. I woke up about an hour before I had to get up.

    I don't think I said anything in yesterday's post (I was in kind of a hurry), but in Dr. Nesbary's e-mail to me, he gave me two choices: stay in my current half-time job or I can take the full-time job working for the English Dept. and Chaplain's Office up in Valade Hall. I might also be working for the new Social Work Dept. Professor Don Kleinsmith and I are meeting with him on Monday morning and will make one last effort to get him to lower the lower on the full-time job. If he doesn't, I have to make a choice.

    My husband and I need the money so badly, that I am considering the full-time job, although I wonder if I can handle it physically. I will ask if the hours can be changed from 8:30 to 5:00 to 8:00 to 4:00 to get me home earlier. According to the American with Disabilities Act, he has to make some accommodations for me. During the workday I will have a half-hour lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks to rest so that would help.

    One concern I have is trying to work full-time and doing all my housework. Harry said he is seriously considering helping me with that. I told him he can't just "seriously consider", he would have to really do it and keep doing it.

    If only his job was better, I wouldn't be in this predicament. I really don't want to work full-time, but feel I have no choice.

    Also, when I went to Jim's psychiatrist appt. yesterday, I found out that the appt. was cancelled as the psychiatrist had called in sick. I found out later that Jim's group home had called me at home to tell me this, but of course I wasn't home to get the message. The appt. has been rescheduled for next week.

    Nancy: I am so glad you went and talked to a counselor. I have gone to counseling several times and found it to be quite helpful.

    Molly: I have a cousin who lives near San Diego. My brother, Jim, and I visited her one time. She lives in Poway.

    Kim: Have a good time on your trip tomorrow and try not to overdue. I know-easier said than done when you are traveling.

    To-do list:

    -call Jim's lawyer
    -call eye doctor
    -finish vacuuming
    -do laundry
    -pool therapy class

  15. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all....

    Anne Theresa, I'm starting to worry about you since we haven't heard from you since you had your doctor's appt, you ok?

    Ellen, I haven't lived in the states for over a decade so I really don't know this, but is there something else your husband can do while his job isn't full time?

    I know how hard you work with the part time hours and getting everything else done in between...

    Lenore, I hope you're getting to rest that knee before your surgery comes up.

    Today my housekeeper was here so I piddled around the house this morning cleaning toilets and washing windows before she came.

    I managed to get a good start on trimming my dogs hair until I cut myself with the sharp scissors and since I was sitting outside, I had to stop cause I didn't bring band-aids with me, but I should have, I know better!

    I showered then rested for a bit then made buffalo wings for dinner tonight, haven't made those in at least a year.

    So for the rest of the evening, I'm resting...

    Hugs all,

  16. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    I'm sorry I've not posted in a couple days.

    I've been fine but utterly exhausted, too tired to even sit up to the computer. I'm still very tired today but I need to overcome so I thought I'd begin by posting a quick hello & update.

    I went to the doctor on Tuesday (re: trouble breathing)and he was very attentive & efficient. He prescribed a 'puffer' and ordered chest x-rays (today at the lab) and a lung test (tomorrow at the hospital). I see him again in two weeks to go over the test results.

    I have no experience with breathing difficulties, allergies or asthma but over the past year, I've developed a wheeze and my breath seems more shallow than it used to be. Hopefully, it's nothing serious and the puffer (which the pharmacy will deliver today) will help.

    Now, I need to shower, shampoo, get dressed and go to the lab, so I don't have enough time to write more than this or say hello individually.

    My best to each of you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  17. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Okay, so I haven't left yet.... LOL

    Once again.. Every single one of you take good care of yourselves. It appears there has been much going on for everyone. I hope you all feel better, less stressed, and less tired when I return home.

    Thanks to all of you for reminding me to pace myself. Wish I had heeded your advice! LOL Major flare up last night. There were many things I had to take care of, with Jim being in Philly until last night. Today, I'm working at much lower pace! GRIN I know what I need to do to take care of myself, but lose sight when I'm on a mission!!

    Hugs to all..


  18. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I am not feeling well today. Yesturday a couple things happenned that started me on a downward spiral. I began to think I was a bad mom. We have been working on some in- home behavioral therapy and had prioritized the most pressing issues. My son's non-comliance and aggression (hit, bite, kick etc) were top priority. Anyways my OT is on me about ds still using a sippy cup (he uses a regular cup at table). Then she and my nanny were both on me about nightime potty training. Anyways I distorted the whole thing and became very depressed. My ds is delayed on "activities of daily living" and although important I need to let the OT know we have had to focus on the other stuff. Besides our well child check is coming up and I want to talk to the ped about nighttime potty training. Anyways I'm all over the place even trying to tell you guys here.

    I saw my short term counselor today and she really did help me go through a CBT activity and I need to go rest and re-read that. I may watch a movie. My son is at his science camp and they have a 1/4 scale model of the mars rover there today. He is going to love it!

    The end of the CBT activity I was finally able to believe that "I am doing the best I can" and " I am a good enough mother for my son".

    UUUUUGGGHHHHHH I have neck aches and a headache.

  19. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Anne Theresa, thanks for stopping by to let us know how you are, but I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. Pop in if you get a chance and let us know how the tests go. We'll be thinking about you.

    Kim, take care of yourself and enjoy your vacation.

    Molly...We all do the best we can with each day we're given. If it isn't good enough for someone else, that's their problem. There's a reason why these are your children and why you are their mother.

    As a mother, we have to pick our battles and prioritize. I would be concerned if your child was using a sippy cup at the Prom or potty training while on a first date. Otherwise, for Pete's sake, they'll be fine! Really, they'll learn when it's the right time for them.

    In the meantime, know that you're doing your best, juggling all kinds of problems along with your own health issues and we're all rooting for you.

    I'm going to take a 'me' day today and just do whatever it is I feel like doing. I have no plans for today.

    Tomorrow hubby's going to take me to a garden store that I prefer out by the Stuttgart airport. I'm hoping to get some wonderful perenials for my (the word just won't come to me) but it's concrete planters to stop the hill from falling into my deck. Oh, retaining wall!!!!

    Guess my blood sugar is off so I'll stop now.

    Hugs all and I hope you all have a happy weekend

  20. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Good morning:

    I am going to a beauty school that my daughter recommended to me to try to correct my haircolor. It has dulled somewhat since last weekend, but I'd really like to get back to normal.....if possible!

    Molly: I remember those days of worrying about nighttime potty accidents and sippy cups. It seems like they will never be over, but it happens and then your little one is all grown up. Then you have new things to worry about! A parent's job is never done....

    Linda: I like your letters. Is your son moving very far from you? I hope he'll still be in the area.

    Nancy: What kind of perennials will you get for your retaining wall? I finally got to plant some flowers and strawberries yesterday...nothing much. Just a few pots- but it felt good to be outside.

    Ellen: I hope things work out for you financially....maybe your husband could take on some additional work. I hate to see you commit to full time....I'll keep you in prayer.

    Anne Theresa: I hope you are doing better now. Have you had panic attacks before?

    Gotta run.....time for getting the boys to jazz band.