What's on your to do list? Aug 31-Sept 4

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  1. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I hope you are all well. We are having a heat wave (spoke too soon Anne Theresa). Record breaking temps. It is a little better today:)

    On Sunday my son told me he had a sore throat. I took him into the dr this morning to be tested for strep. Strep affects my son very badly and causes a disease, PANDAS. He does not have strep, YIPEE!

    To do:
    dr appt for me, 2nd opinion on my fibroid
    in-home therapy
    phone call to rescedule appt
    write letter to 2nd grade teacher (we are meeting with her tomorrow with Liam too)
    write social story for Liam about school starting (starts Weds)

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Molly thanks for getting the thread started this week. I'm so glad your son didn't have strep. I had it repeatedly as a kid and it's awful. Good luck on your doc appt with the second opinion. And we're also having a heat wave but I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's so beautiful here, unusual European weather.

    I haven't been feeling well lately but the soonest I could get an appt is the 9th of September. Need to find out my fasting blood test results then too. Hopefully this is something they can adjust or fix cause I just go down in the afternoons...hard. All I can do is lay there in bed not moving.

    Had a weird e-mail from my son on Sunday telling me to make sure I called my Dad as always on Sunday night. He said I needed to give him a 'stern Mom talk' so that worried me all day.

    I finally called when it was a decent time in the morning for him and found out he had passed out while on his daily morning walk. He's an old fart and a neighbor friend walks with him. They were right at the hospital down the street from my childhood home but didn't stop in to get him checked out.

    His wrist was hurting pretty badly but it wasn't until the next day when he went out for breakfast (he eats all his meals out, since my Mom died, it keeps him busy and I know he tries to stay out of the house a lot).....he saw an old friend who he knew had also fallen before a few times. They discussed the fall but his friend talked him into going to the hospital ER to have the wrist checked out.

    So.......old fart that he is...he walked to the ER (too hard to find parking and it is just down the street) and had his wrist x-rayed. When the ER doc asked him how it happened, he actually told the truth about the fall and the alarm bells all went off. (he's 76)

    They were going to keep him overnight for observation but it turned into 3 days....he needs to have a defibrillator or pacemaker put in. He was supposed to stay and have it done on Monday but the idiot doc who was subbing on the weekend let him go home.

    So.....made the mistake of calling my sister who's a nurse at that hospital.....she told me if I want to see him alive again I should get my butt there. Unfortunately, that's just not possible......again, couldn't go home when my Mom died and I have more diseases and conditions now than I had then.

    I'm very ok with this.....there really isn't anything I can do about it although she was quick to judge and tell me it's 'my choice'.....ugh why did I even call?

    I live my life every day to the fullest, I treasure my loved ones....and it's the best I can do. For whatever reason God put me on this path with surviving Toxic Shock Syndrome at age 18 when I really should have died from it has led me on this path of illness but that's ok. I totally accept it and know that it's meant to be my path in life.

    I do the best that I can.....

    With any luck I won't go down as hard today and can enjoy the beautiful weather we're having.

    Hugs all.....

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member


    Was up all night last night with food poisoning....yuck and ugh.

    Hugs all,

  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    We are having beautiful fall-like weather. But it is causing the vegetables in my garden to ripen so slowly. I am getting quite a few cherry tomatoes, but the big tomatoes are ripening to slowly with the cooler temps. I would normally be having lots of tomatoes by now and would be canning, too. I would like to can about 12 quarts of tomatoes. In spite of my hands and arms, I should be able to can tomatoes this year. I should be able to do small amounts at a time, of course. I will probably have to cover up my veggies if we get nights that are too cool. I have cantaloupe that I want to harvest. They are an unusual variety-shaped like bananas, but larger. I imagine they taste the same, though.

    There are so few jobs around here for me to apply for. The unemployment rate went up in my county again. I told Harry if this cheery news continues, we may have to cancel our newspaper subscription! Of course I was kidding. I do want to know what's going on locally. We also subscribe to a weekly newspaper in the town we live in.

    I am getting some spring cleaning done, though. After I get back home, I am hoping to get a couple more cupboards done. Actually I should start calling it fall cleaning soon.

    I am faithfully doing my range of motion and the stretching exercises that Harry showed me and I think they are helping my arms and hands. They are allowing me to be able to do more things and I'm having less pain. And the best part is that it doesn't cost me anything to do this therapy!

    I took Jim for a hearing test on Monday and he does have some hearing loss in his left ear, but the audiologist said that it's not bad enough for a hearing aid yet. Looks like Jim has also inherited our dad's hearing loss problems. But at least we have caught it early. He has to go in next year for more testing. It's probably going to be a nuisance with him wearing a hearing aid, but maybe he will do okay with it.

    Molly: I'm so glad that Liam doesn't have strep throat. I've never had this, but I've heard it's really bad and quite contagious.

    Nancy: I hope they can figure out what's going on with you. I'm so sorry about your dad. I know you would give anything to see him again. Your sister has no business laying a guilt trip on you. Apparently she has no understanding of your health problems. But I get that, too, from family members, including my husband, which is quite hurtful. But at least you can talk to him on the phone.

    To-do list:

    vacuum hard floors (done)
    mop hard floors (done)
    clean artificial plant in kitchen
    buy artificial bricks for gas grill
    buy birthday card for girlfriend
    library (done)
    put yard waste in bags (done)
    clean at least one cupboard

    Hopefully I'll get back on here this week. I start my volunteer job at the church office tomorrow morning. Take care everyone!

  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, thanks for getting us started this week. I hope your weather is not too hot today. Heat waves can really take it out of a person energy-wise. I'm glad Liam's sore throat did not develop into strep and I hope he felt well enough to attend his first day back to school today. Back-to-school can be an exciting time for children and a hectic time for parents. fun.

    Nancy, it's too bad you have to wait until the 9th for your doctor's appointment, given how poorly you feel. Hopefully the appointment will undercover something small & 'fixable' so that you can get some relief & energy and begin to gain weight.

    (And now, on top of it all, food poisoning, my goodness, it seems to never end!)

    I'm sorry your Dad is unwell. He sounds like a stubborn soul and though his decisions may not be the wisest, from a medical standpoint, I admire his self-determination. Your sister's remark was completely out-of-line and, although you're accustomed to her insensitivity, it must still hurt each time she says something like this. You live an exemplary life; to the fullest each day and with grace. Your sister's perception of 'choice' has nothing to do with reality. Hugs.

    Ellen, I've never seen banana-shaped cantelope - how interesting. I've heard some concern about the tomato crop in this area and so I hope the weather does not adversely effect your harvest. I'm glad you're seeing some improvement with your pain levels and range of motion. It's great your feeling able to do some cleaning, etc. All the best with your new volunteer job tomorrow.

    I went to my physiotherapy & massage therapy sessions this afternoon and - as I usually feel afterward - now I'm ready for a nice long nap. I still find the physiotherapy work-out very challenging but it was apparent today that I've made some progress. I feel good about that. More good news: I went back to Weight-Watchers last night and after 5 weeks away, I lost 5 lbs. That gives me a grand total of 30 lbs lost.

    Since it's so late in the day, I'm not going to make a to-do list.

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
  6. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi all,
    I am so proud and happy. I made it through the entire summer with my son! He started 2nd grade today and looked so adoreable.

    We had a meeting with his new teacher, new case manager and principal yesturday. It went well. I really like the teacher, the case manager is younger than the other (please don't take offense, by older I mean old school and doesn't believe in the higher functioning Autism). Actually she is my husbands age. Anyways, I truly hope that the new case manager had schooling regarding Asperger Syndrome.

    My son was so excited. We woke up at the same time and he was chattering away about it all. We arrived and it was so parked in that we were a little later than I would have liked but didn't miss anything. The teacher has snakes and this is number 1 in my son's mind. The school has had a lot of construction and the snakes will be back in her room next week(lol). She is very structured and teaches the science for 2nd grade. Science is my son's favorite. So we got the teacher we wanted:)

    OMG I got Liam the cutest Converse shoes. They are plaid and have 3 velcro straps. I decided no more tantrums over tying shoes. If he learns by college I'll be happy. Fine motor is really hard for our guys. Speaking of which, we had a revelation at todays ABA therapy. My son called to me from the bathroom. He was stuck because he always pulls his pants up and down to go without unbuttoning/unzipping. So he could not pull them back up. The therapist and myself realized he doesn't know how to do buttons on his pants/shorts. Even though he practiced buttons with a private OT, they do it on a piece of cloth. It is very different when you are trying to hold your shirt up under your chin and know how to move your hands. He couldn't do it and became extremely frustrated. We explained that mommy will not be at school to help so he has to learn. He hates it! I'm going to talk to the OT at school but also work on it at home. I hate to think of him at school with his pants down to his knees unable to pull them back up. It sounds mean but the therapist was explaining that he would be thought of as the weird kid. He got pissed at us but it is so much better coming from us than his peers.

    Nancy-I'm so sorry about the food poisoning. Must have been awful. What temp is a heatwave there? It has been 84 in our house and recently muggy. I wonder if hurricane Jimenez is bringing humidity yet or if it will get worse. Hugs about your Dad. It must be so hard to be far away. I'm sorry your sister is not understanding. I have no luck with sisters. I have two older ones that were never happy I came into the picture to begin with(lol) so I have some experience there!

    Ellen-Good for you keeping up with the exercises. WTG! i'm starting a yoga class with a friend soon. It is a gentle and calming class. GL with the volunteer work

    Anne Theresa-WooHoo congrats on the weight loss. You must feel very proud. It's great you take a massage therapy each week. I would want to nap after that too.

    To do:
    Get ds to school
    couples counseling
    clean downstairs bathroom
    grocery shop
    minimum day; pick up ds an hour early (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    First of all, I didn't get the job I had applied for in our school district. I'm not really upset, except maybe that they weren't even interested in me. But, then, I haven't been in the classroom for many years and have been very happy, so I'll continue to look for piano students. I've had such a drop off in my number (economy) so I'm advertising. Hopefully I'll pick up a few.

    Anne T: you asked about how my son's chronic fatigue was relieved? A combination of factors, really. I think the fact that he is young was a help. Prayer was also a major factor. But I also think getting mercury out of his mouth was a big factor....we had all of his fillings replaced (he had quite a few) and he slowly improved over the next year. He had fatigue about 3 years and now I would say he is normal. His personality has changed....he is quieter now. But we are blessed to be out of that valley.

    Molly- I'm happy that school has started and that the teacher has snakes! Perfect for little boys! Sounds like you got a good teacher for him......great!

    Ellen- I'm with you on the job market....it isn't great. We'll keep each other encouraged. My hubby wanted to get a new truck if I got that job, and now we're looking at old used ones again. That's OK with me, I don't have to have new.

    Nancy- I'm with the others in that your sister should not have made you feel so badly about not being able to come. She just doesn't get it and probably never will. Be careful with the pacemakers.....I think my Dad had an allergic reaction to the dye, or the pacemaker itself, and he developed blisters all over. They could only be controlled by prednisone the rest of his life.....awful. We always blamed the pacemaker.

    Well, gotta go.
    Hugs to all,
  8. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi! Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of the heatwave. It is hard to get things done and I have been getting headaches from it. I just keep thinking how lucky we are not to have fires.

    Yesturday we tried a new chemo drug for Skeeter (lymphoma). It was a tx we did at home. I am going to watch him today for any signs of problems. My dh keeps taking him outside and hosing him off to keep him cool.

    I forgot to tell you all that I cleaned my house on Liam's first day of school! I did the living room and dining room plus front entryway. I found the hugest dust bunnies ever. I had to wash my hands about 12 times throughout! I have a bit of OCD surrounding dirt and germs. I did fine after. I rested but didn't overdo it. I plan to clean and organize areas of the house now that Liam is at school. I just cannot do that stuff when he is home.

    We are really looking forward to a Labor Day pool party. This is with families from my Autism MNO(mom's night out) group. Our family is really able to do more and more in the outside world. It's great. My dh took ds to the beach yesturday to play in the waves. Dh has always refused before because it was just so terribly difficult. Liam is able to do more and more:) Our family's world is opening up and it is great.

    Friday to do:

    Pick up RX from Vet's office
    Get my hair cut
    More back to school shopping if I am able
  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I know it's unusual for me to get on here on a Saturday, but hubby is taking a nap so I decided to come over here while he is snoozing. Also, I need a few things at the store as I need to make an easy dish for a family reunion tomorrow. I just hope I have the energy for it. Harry hates to go to my family things, but he is willing to go this year. If he wasn't going, I wouldn't be able to as it is over an hour away and not easy to find. Unfortunately, my cousin, Mark, has chosen the site for the reunion as it is the same place as last year and we have the farthest to come. They used to have it right in Toledo, but now have chosen a place farther away in the middle of nowhere beside a river. It's a pretty park, but not easy to find (at least not for my FMS brain). There are lots of twists and turns on our route to get there and last year I had to go alone and got lost two times. By the time I finally got there, I was really tired. I decided after that, I wouldn't try it again. I was really disappointed when I heard that my cousin had decided to have it at the same place again this year. I really do want to go as I like to see my cousins and also because it is the only time I get to see my great-niece and great-nephews.

    I realize I have to give it a little time, but I am a little disappointed with my volunteer job at the church. The church secretary also has FMS, but degenerative bone disease (her arm is in a cast and she might have to have surgery), plus she is deaf in one ear due to a stroke several years ago), but I think she is possessive of her job and doesn't want to give me much work. All I did was answer the phone eight times. This isn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to volunteer to help her out and to keep my skills up so they don't get rusty. Maybe I won't be able to work again, but who knows? I don't want to give up yet. And even if I can't work, maybe I can just do this and that will help my morale. This lady is not helping us unemployed people. She works seven days a week. I asked her if she gets paid for working 60 hours a week and if Father Dave expects her to do this and just as I expected, she said "no". I think she is being stupid. All she is doing is wearing herself out so she will eventually have to quit work all together and all the church will do is just hire someone else. If she just would admit she can't do all this work and not work 20 extra hours, the church might eventually hire a part-time secretary like me to help with the overload. Don't get me wrong, I like this lady, but I don't think she's very smart. When I talked to her on the phone, the last thing she told me was to bring something to do like a magazine. I wish now I had said something. She also said she has a volunteer who works all day on Mondays and she works on her knitting when she isn't answering the phone. I have decided to ask the other people who work there if they have something for me to do before I will read a magazine. But when I worked the other day, both Loretta and Father Dave were gone. Aimee was there and she said she would when her just got busier after school starts since she works with the youth program.

    Molly: Your last post sounded the most positive that I have heard in a long time. I am glad that Liam is doing better. I am glad that he likes his new teacher. Sounds like the snakes are helping. Snakes sound like something a little boy would like, but they aren't anything I would care about! I watched a movie the other night about people who were trapped on a plane with a bunch of snakes! Really scary!

    Anne Theresa: Congrats on the weight loss! I'm sure that makes you feel good!

    Nancy: I hope you have recovered from the food poisoning! I had that once and it sure isn't fun.

    Terri: I'm sorry you didn't get the job, but I know you really didn't want it. Maybe they sensed that. Have you tried advertising for older students? When I took piano lessons for a year long ago, I was in my early 20's. I'm sure that there are people of all ages that are interested in music. Just a thought. You might have to broaden your student base here.

    Well, better go. Have a good holiday weekend.

  10. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Terri-Sorry about the job although it sounds like your heart wasn't in it. I hope your business picks up.

    Ellen-Your family reunion reminds me of the time my dh's family held a reunion in some obscure place in N. CA. A small part of the family is in N. CA but most are in S. CA. We knew a 5-6 hour drive for our 4 yo special needs/hyper son was impossible. We tried to find an airport nearby and there was nothing even close. Afterwards family members kept asking why didn't you come? The kids had a great time. My kids all had fun on the ride, etc. etc. (lol)

    I'm glad your dh is able to go and drive you. That helps so much. Hopefully your job improves. I cannot believe she told you to bring a magazine ROFL!

    I hope the ones we haven't heard from are doing okay! Have a good weekend.

    To do:

    take very cool shower (as cold as I can take it!)
    some house cleaning
    some grocery shopping
    b-day gift for the pool party

  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. We just found out my hubby is leaving next Saturday for a 6 week school in DC so we've been very busy getting him ready to go and trying to think of things to have done for me since he'll be gone so long.

    Took me a few days to recover from the food poisoning but that was totally expected. None of us can afford to be up all night and sooo sick as well. I think that's only happened to me a 3 or 4 times in my life.

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and the tip about the pacemaker. I'll find out tonight if he had the surgery.....aren't my family great about keeping me up on things? Haven't heard a word all week.

    So sorry not to respond to you all, I've been running around again this morning getting things done and need to eat for my blood sugar.


  12. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, I'm so glad your Liam had a good first day of school. Hopefully, that will set the stage for a successful year. Snakes are fascinating creatures and they'll surely add a dimension of intrigue to the classroom :) I hope the heatwave has eased up and that Skeeter's chemo drug is effective. Enjoy your labor day party!

    Terri, thanks for answering my questions about your son's experience with CFS. It's interesting to note that his personality has changed since his ordeal ('he's quieter now'). It's almost as if the illness and ensuing loss of energy has left a permanent feature. At any rate, I'm glad he's well and embarking on life as a full-time student in Canada. I'm sorry you didn't get the job and I wish you all the best in recruiting new students. I like Ellen's idea of working to attract older students, I expect many young adults, mid-lifers and even elders are interested in learning to play the piano.

    Ellen, I'm glad Harry's agreed to attend your family re-union tomorrow. Now that you don't have to face the fear of getting lost, you're free to enjoy yourself at the picnic.

    I think you're right to say the church secretary is 'possessive' about her job. What a shame! She could make things so much easier on herself if she would accept the help that's available. In this age of high unemployment, it's understandable that people fear for their jobs, but living with that kind of fear must be very uncomfortable - God bless her. Hopefully, as she gets to know you, she'll ease up a bit and trust you with some work.

    Nancy, I'm glad you've recovered from the bout of food poisoning. I've had that experience twice in my life and I shudder to remember how awful it was.

    Six weeks is a long time for your DH to be away. Even though you're accustomed to his being absent, given the nature of his work, you must miss him terribly when he's gone.

    It shouldn't be this hard for you to get news about your dad. I'm sorry your family is behaving this way. Like many of us with less-than-understanding family members, I'm sure you have ample opportunities to 'rise above it', 'take the high road' and simply allow toxic comments to roll off of you 'like water off a duck's back' (That's my favourite 'like water off a duck's back', when someone is being rude or downright mean to me, I think of this and it makes me smile :) However you deal with your sister (or anyone else that doesn't 'get it' ) I hope you can keep yourself from becoming upset or emotionally distraught. Always consider the source.

    I've had a slow & lazy day. Now, I plan to take a shower, then go to the show with Dave. It felt a bit strange my asking him if he wanted to go see a movie but, given the alternative was sitting around the house not quite making eye contact, I thought going to a movie would be better.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, all,

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

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