What's on your "To Do List" August 11 to 17th?

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    Good Morning all....

    Katy has a doc appt this morning so that's the main thing on my to do list today. Also need to stop at the store and pick up a few things.

    I haven't been sleeping well lately, but we mostly rested this weekend so I hope I have the energy to get things done today.

    Hope to hear from everyone soon....



  2. greygodess

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    I wanted to get out and walk again but the achiness will make it difficult. I'll be going to the chiropractor today. Got to sleep late and woke up early to trees being cut down across the street. So I think a nap is in order. Going to take it easy today. Godbless
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    Hi, Girls:

    Since it's been awhile since I've been on here, I decided I had better get over to the library. I start work on Friday so this will be my last trip to the library.

    I have to be honest, girls. I've been having some marriage trouble since the end of June. My husband and I haven't been getting along. Remember the fight I had with my father-in-law? That's when it started. We haven't been fighting all the time (except lately).

    My father-in-law caused a fight yesterday. We were going to have a ceiling fan put up by a friend of his, but this friend has been stringing us along all summer. Now I am going back to work this Friday and still no fan up. When I talked to my FIL, he said he could come over and while the fan was being put up while I was at work. Now he told Harry over the weekend that he won't do it, because he feels I am still mad at him over the fight we had in June and he's afraid that if the electrician does something wrong, I will blame him. Ever hear if anything so crazy?

    Why would I blame him? While he and I didn't say "I'm sorry" to eachother, I have made an effort to visit my in-laws since June by myself. While I was in Holland, MI visiting my Aunt Jean, I called him and sang Happy Birthday to him. I admit our relationship isn't quite what it used to be, but I don't know what more I can do. He must have known that saying this to Harry would cause a fight between the two of us. I wish my FIL could just let this fight go and move on.

    So Harry and I had a fight and Harry left yesterday. I don't know where he slept last night. I don't know when he's coming back. I noticed he only took medication for one night. He's been putting me down and I feel so anxious around him. Nothing I do is right. He has so many rules I have to follow. I just can't relax around him.

    When I talk I have to make sure I don't say things twice. I am trying not to interrupt him-I'm sure that's annoying. But with the hearing problem, a lot of the time I just can't hear him. If I'm doing housework with a skirt or dress on, I'm reminded to put on "play clothes". Things like that. I feel like I'm being treated like a child.

    He refuses to seek counseling, although we have gone in the past. I am going on Weds. evening. I had lunch with a girlfriend today and she said she would come over to my house after the counseling if I wanted her to. I'm so glad I have her.

    My FMS doctor put me on Xanax right now for the anxious problem, but I'm not sure how much it will help. I'm not saying I'm innocent in all this. I'm sure I have things I need to work on. I've written out some things to take to the counselor. I sure wish Harry would go. I want my marriage to work. It scares me because financially I can't make it without him and I still really love him.

  4. EllenComstock

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    My husband calls me names all the time, too, like vain (because I don't like wearing glasses), whiny, drama queen (when I get upset).

    He makes fun of some of the TV shows I want. He doesn't like me having cats. He threatened to put to sleep the cat I am the closest to. He doesn't think I should feed the birds. He said that feeding the birds and cats is too expensive.

    He says when I talk I repeat things and when I do this, he is going to point this out to me. I feel like I am walking on eggshells.

  5. sorekitty

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    Good Morning!
    This week is a glorious week for me to catch up! My son is in an ASA (Autism Society)camp again only this time it is a short drive, an all day camp and I will have my nanny to help me this week! YES!

    If you remember from last week I found out I have Lyme disease and digestion problems. My doctor has me on a rotation diet and I cannot eat: WHEAT, DAIRY, SOY, CORN AND NO WINE (ALCOHOL). Last week I freaked out and didn't have or know what to eat. I didn't have much time or help. So I muddled through as best I could.

    Monday to do:

    Phone in order for son's orthotics
    Barnes & Nobel, look for book on Lyme and GFCF diet
    research foods, menus and make grocery list and plan meals
    make son's bed (he wets it every night even through his diaper!)
    Nap and/or rest and read
    Make dinner (who knows what I'll make)

    Nancy-Sorry you had poor sleep. I got my sleep meds so I have at least been able to sleep. Hope your day goes well.

    Grey-I hope the chiro helps and you get a nice nap.

    Ellen-Awww I'm sorry to hear of your problems with dh. I suggest going through your dh for anything having to do with his dad. Let him handle it all. Let him know you need him to take over the responsibility of his family. Since you don't want to have any more misunderstandings with your FIL. Can you guys use some humor? We use that all the time and it helps so much. Let each other know that you will make it no matter what and stick together.
    I'm just throwing out suggestions that we have used. Hugs to you! Hang in there.


  6. sorekitty

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    I did not see your second post. I think I was posting at the same time. I am upset that he calls you names, especially when you are upset. Also, makes fun of your tv shows. And put the cat to sleep? Not good. I'm worried about these things. They will only serve to distance you and cause a lack of trust.

    I hope you will see a therapist and maybe your dh will come around to seeing one too.

    Again, I so sad to hear this. Please take care.

  7. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    Grammy, nice to see you've joined our thread. Hope it helps you as it has all of us.

    Ellen, I'm a bit shocked and for now will bite my tongue a bit. If I remember correctly, Harry has a few problems of his own, but we all know that name calling and threats are not how you treat someone you love.

    What happens if you don't follow his 'rules'? I'm so sorry for you, I can't imagine living that way....

    Your FIL is just being a butt and nobody needs that in a marriage. It almost sounds like they've gotten together to gang up on you a bit and that's unacceptable.

    I'm so glad you're going for counseling on your own...you need it and a place that's safe to say all that you need to say. I'm also so glad you have your friend who can help you through this.

    Molly, I'm glad you have a week to catch up on things. Treasure it, the time will fly by quickly. (Trust me, I know)

    Not sure what I'll be doing today, my to do list is a mile long and filled with little annoying things that need to be completed.

    We all need to clean out a few things to help organize the house since there are now 3 of us living here.

    At some point, I need to take Katy back to her home to start organizing and packing up there.

    Her husband's ex is sending his 12 yr old son to live with him. He's a genius ADHD 'in trouble' child and I just pray that his Dad has learned something about compassion after Katy but somehow I doubt it. I just worry for the child...if he can toss Katy away when things get rough, I can't imagine how this boy will feel after his Mom's already 'given up' on him.

    Hugs all,

  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I can't believe it. I went to the library and there where computers available-no waiting! I just decided I couldn't wait until Friday (my first day of work) before talking to all of you again.

    Well, yesterday with the husband didn't start out so well. Two new rules. No more talking to him as though he is my girlfriend, whatever that means. I guess that means gossiping with him, which actually he seems to enjoy. And no more complaining about the rabbits eating my beans unless I want him to kill the rabbit. Which makes no sense since I'm sure it's more than one causing the problem. And I haven't talked about it in weeks. And I've been putting lime on my bean plants so I'm working on the problem myself.

    My counseling appt. is tomorrow night. My girlfriend offered to come over to my house (my husband will be at work) in case I just want to talk), which is great of her. I told her I would call her afterward to see how I feel. Maybe we can just talk on the phone. With the price of gas, I hate to have her drive all the way over.

    My husband started acting nicer after I got a phone call from Jim's group home that Jim wasn't doing well and wanted to be put back in the hospital. I know he's been feeling anxious, but he's on the new medication (the same meds he was on before that really helped him). But he was begging to be readmitted so he was put back in last night. I will visit him as soon as I am done talking with all of you. The visiting hours are limited during the week.

    Harry gave me a hug and said he was sure everything would work out okay. But then later he said he wondered if Jim was just faking about being so bad off and feeling suicidal.

    Molly: Yes, I think you are right about letting Harry handle his dad. I don't feel I can trust Harry or his dad right now. I do kind of feel like they have ganged up on me. I'm so sorry for your Lyme diagnosis. I hope your diagnosis was early enough.

    Linda: I'm so sorry you hurt your fingers. I guess that's a good reason for not being on here.

    Grammy: I just wanted to welcome you on here and thanks for being so understanding about my marriage problems.

    Nancy: Thanks for your kind words. I really don't feel I can trust my in-laws or my husband right now. It makes me feel sad to say that. I know I'm not perfect and there are things I need to work on like not interrupting him. Except when I interrupt him because I didn't hear him. Of course he doesn't believe me when I say that even though my hearing loss is the worst with men's voices. I didn't know that Katy's husband had a son. I feel sorry for this child. He probably won't get any more compassion that Katy did. How is Katy doing? I know she got released sooner that you wanted.

    To-do list:

    -pick up prescriptions
    -pick up film
    -water grass (it's so dry here!)
    -send out a get-well card
    that's all I can think of for now

    That's everyone for being so kind and understanding

  9. AnneTheresa

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    Hi friends, This will be a brief note as I'm in much pain with my usual neck etc. problem and now on top of that several teeth in my lower jaw are hurting terribly (due to exposed nerves through bone loss). The teeth will likely need to come out. I have a dentist's appointment on Thursday. I'll write more as I feel up to it, Love to each and all, God bless, Theresa
  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Linda, so sorry to hear about your fingers, that must be very painful. Great to see you back and posting.

    Anne Theresa, when it rains...it sure does pore doesn't it. I hope your dentist can help alleviate your pain but I imagine a long appt isn't going to help your neck pain very much either.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Ellen my friend...do you realize how absurd it is for your husband to have rules like that?

    Of course you interrupt him when you can't hear and it makes sense that men's voices are hardest for you to hear clearly.

    I'm sorry to hear Jim's having troubles again and in my opinion, it's almost impossible for him to fake anything and it's always a good thing when they admit to feeling suicidal.

    As for Katy, so far she's doing pretty well. We did go to her house yesterday to pick up a few things which of course was upsetting for her, but she handled it well.

    She forgot her ID on base Monday and her husband was supposed to pick it up and return it last night but he didn't. She called him, they had a talk and again, this upset her as it should have.

    But we stayed up late talking and she went to bed in a much better frame of mind.

    Not trying to toot my own horn here, but after spending so much time at the Priory, many people I talked to told me that they learned more talking to me than at the hospital itself and the weeks they spent there.

    This is helping so much I can't even begin to explain. Katy called it 'pimping out' her Mom....people would talk to her throughout the week about their problems and she'd recommend that they talk to me when I got there.

    This gives me a new view in her eyes and she's listening to me as if we were still there in the garden...and after spending so much time there, I can still keep our environment similar to what it was there.

    When I ask 'how are you feeling' she answers truthfully because this was a common question with all of the patients there...it's a wonderful habit for us to keep up.

    She even said last night that she was talking to me like she would have to the nurses at the Priory...

    Not sure of my to do list today...we might take it easy or might try to go to base and pick up her ID for her.

    Hugs all, and hoping to hear from the others soon.

  11. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I'm happy to know the positive experience at Priority has carried over and opened up new avenues of communication for you & Katy.

    I can well imagine how a person who is distressed or in crisis would find it helpful to talk/share with you. You've surely been a help to me (and others on this board, I'm sure) these past few years, with your steady, emphatic and straight-forward approach.

    I hope Katy's recovery continues. As wonderful as a hospital setting can be, there's no place like home. And, if you can incorporate some of the positive aspects of Priority into our home environment, then all the better.

    Ellen, I'm sorry things are not well between you & Harry at the moment. I suppose we all make compromises and adjustments to our behaviour and/or attitude when we co-habituate but it seems to me like you're the one making all the accommodations without his retribution or respect.

    I can think of a few instances where sweetie and I have 'made rules' for the other (phone if you're going to be late, wash out the shower after you use it, don't cook 'your' meat in my 'vegetarian' pots and pans, to name a few) but there comes a point when living by each other's rules can become ridiculous, stifling, even abusive. Only you, in your heart of hearts, can determine whether this is the case and if so, decide how to intervene.

    I know you love Harry and value your marriage and for this reason, I hope you're able to resolve/overcome these issues. I expect you'll find counseling will help you through this and, perhaps with time, Harry will understand the seriousness of the situation and agree to marriage counseling.

    On the other hand, please know you are a strong, capable woman and should the need ever arise, you could live well and happily on your own. This knowledge is important for all women to hold onto. Even during the happiest of marriages, a woman needs to know she could look after her own self.

    Greygoddess, I hope your pain has eased a bit and that the chiropractor's appointment was helpful in that regard. Get some rest - it's the best you can do during a flare,

    Molly, I hope with the diagnosis of Lyme, you'll be able to find a helpful treatment protocol and begin to feel better. Typically, when someone receives a diagnosis, it's customary to say 'I'm sorry' but in the world of FM/CFS, acquiring a definite diagnosis is often the best thing as it gives the doctor's something more tangible to work with. So, with that in mind, please understand the sentiment when I tell you this is good news :)

    Grammy, I appreciate how overwhelming housework can seem when each chore reminds you of several more things that need to be done. That's what I like about making a to-do list. Having a list allows me to focus on the tasks ahead of me and then, as I come across other things that need to be done, I simply make a note for tomorrow's list. I love your idea of smiley stickers to motivate and celebrate doing the laundry. Keep up the good work and remember to pace yourself!

    Linda, it's so good to see you! Sorry about your injury and I hope you recover well and completely. To answer your question about the specialist, my doctor made the referral for me. The wait list is about a year long but it may be sooner if there are cancellations. In the meantime, I've ordered her book and so will get a chance to learn about her treatment approach. I'm looking forward.

    So far today, the pain is at bay which is good because I have a busy day ahead:

    shower, shampoo dress
    make bed, quick pick-up and tidy
    go uptown for manicure
    pick up a few groceries and cab home
    phone re-schedule missed appointment
    rest, read, watch TV
    go to the mall with my friend

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  12. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Geeshhhhhhhhh, I had written a long thread and it suddenly 'disappeard'. Not sure about this new computer.

    I need to get going, but you have all been in my thoughts and prayers. It was great seeing Grey, Linda, Molly and a big welcome to Grammy.

    For those with pain. I hope you are able to find relief, SOON. While we kind of, get use to our daily aches and pains, it is horrid when more pain is added.

    Ellen, my heart goes out to you. So happy you're going to a counselor. Do not let Harry 'bully' you from continuing. I would not like the feeling of 'walking on eggshells', either. It appears as if he is trying to control you, and that makes me sad for you. You take care..

    Hooking up with a friend later. Did some laundry yesterday and should dust. I am tired and just don't care very much at this time!

    Biggest news! I am going to be a Grandma! Our DD and SIL came over Monday evening to give us this news. I am ecstatic! Jim is still in shock! She is due 4/15/09. She is only 6 weeks along. Please give a little prayer or thought for my new grandchild to be.

    All of you, take perfect care. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.


  13. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Kim, I'm so happy for you and your DD and SIL....Warm wishes going out your way for a healthy beautiful grandbaby.

    Anne Theresa, you too have a lovely calming way of speaking to people and seeing both sides of the story. And you have a much nicer way of saying things than I do, lol!

    Ellen, I hope you get a chance to post soon about your counseling session. I know it will be a busy few weeks for you going back to work soon. But at least we'll get to hear from you more often which I always enjoy.

    Katy slept all day yesterday, I think she was a bit depressed after talking to her husband the night before and being disappointed by him again.

    So today we'll need to go to the grocery store, drop off some movies and hopefully rest a bit and watch some of the Olympics.

    Hubby wrote that he's finished up his business early and will be coming home tomorrow morning instead of Sunday morning. That's wonderful news and he'll be much better rested for the week ahead.

    Hugs all,

  14. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Most of the day is gone now. I am feeling so much fatigue. I am also itching a lot. Just saw allergist and I have sensitive skin and my many allergies to grasses and pollens is probably acting up. My dh was able to drive our son to camp this morning. So I got up early and got my son ready to go. Then I tried to do a few things and tried to figure out what I can eat on this terrible horrible elimination diet. I hate it. I was so fatigued I went back to bed and slept for an hour and a half. Then i showered and washed and still need to style my hair. I am so exhausted.

    You see when I don't know what to eat I just don't eat. I am too tired to go to the grocery and have been cooking but I am so tired. I will have my nanny go to the store for me today while I hang out with my son. It is impossible to read labels if my son goes with me. The wheat and dairy free would be a snap if it weren't for having to avoid corn, egg, soy also. I have lost 5 pounds that I did NOT want to lose!!!!!!!!! And this is only week one. I tried to explain to the dr that I would lose weight. UUUGGGGGHHHHHH! I cannot use my favorite protein powder because one is made with whey and the other is made with egg white. So there goes the shake I make that helps me keep weight and energy on.

    The longer I take to do this diet right the longer I have to be on it and I am so upset and frustrated. I wish I had a personal chef and grocery shopper. I plan to get all the unusual flours and make my own bread but I have been too tired and am in eating for survival mode now.

    To do:
    style hair
    lay down again, read
    watch movie and read books with my lil guy
    cook dinner for me and something for everybody else

    I am thinking of you all and will say some prayers for each of you when I lay down.

  15. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Hi everyone,

    It's been hectic here with wedding plans, kids getting ready to go back to school, and some mysterious "amping" of all my cfs/fms symptoms. I've only been in worse shape back in 2003 before my dx. Gain 12 pounds in two days, then lose 9; meds aren't "working", legs giving out--it's been horrible. Saw the doctor earlier this week who is running a million tests looking for the "zebra" in the herd of horses. He mentioned the word "adrenal" and it kicked up a memory of an incidental dx when I was in the hospital after the car accident. I went home and looked through the CT scans. The one of my pelvis showed a tumor on my adrenal gland 8x9 mm. I called the doctor who said incidental meant to the ACCIDENT; that this is a big deal, and to fax him the CT, which I did. I see him next week when all the test results are in. I've made a decision that if this tumor isn't going to kill me in the next month, I am not dealing with it until after my honeymoon. I am tired of having things lurking over my head and I need this next month to be a cheerful time. The wedding is two weeks from Saturday.

    Nancy, whenever I come here I feel like you are the calm in the storm. It's no wonder the rest of the world feels the same way. I'm glad that Katy is settling in and using some tools you both learned at the Priory. Now that you are a full time mom again, so to speak, as a mom (I'm sure Molly is with me on this one <grin>)I am telling you to remember to take some time for "just you" every single day and don't use that time to think about Katy's troubles. I can't believe that I am giving advice to the Advice Queen, but since no else has said it I think it's something good for you to remember!

    Grey, nice to see you're still posting--please keep doing it! I hope the chiro helped and you are doing better and more rested (as I listen to the gardner mowing lawns outside!).

    Ellen, I can only say "ditto" to all the good advise you got here this week. I'd like to repeat that you should always remember you can be OK on your own. This gives you internal power not to put up with things you seriously disagree with. Harry seems like a nice guy; you're an adorable angel of the working world that I aspire to; you love him even in this rough patch and using your internal power to see a counselor yourself since Harry is refusing to go. You guys have had so much stress this year it's no wonder that the relationship is buckling. You are doing positive things to smooth the buckling; that's hard work and I commend you for it. One thing you said in particular caught my eye--the issue of interrupting. I tend to do that too because if I don't I'll forget my thought if I wait. It drove Bob to distraction. Now I let him him complete his sentence (or paragraph, many times in his case- lol), then tell him I didn't hear a word. That's his signal to break down whatever it is he's telling me into short sentences that I can hear and process. I don't know if something like that would work for you, but I'm throwing it out there because it really was a deal breaker for us that we were able to work through. Ellen, my tough squishy girl, we're all here for you, want the best for you, and will support you in whatever decisions you make. Stand up tall, girlfriend and go back to work with a positive attitude because you really are THE BEST!

    Molly, I can't believe you were dxed with lyme. I hope you took this "glorious week" of yours to do some things for yourself. I've heard about the elimination diet and heard it's tough. I had a giggle imagining you in my mind in a house full of food and saying you had nothing to eat--I've done the same thing myself! Thank goodness for ASA camp--Josh went for two years when he was 8 and 9 and boy, was it a respite for me. Now at 16 he calls himself "slightly Autistic" (giggle). He (we) began adaptive therapy this week since I didn't have anything else to do (grin). We'll see how it goes. Take care of yourself and enjoy the break!

    Grammy, welcome aboard! I love saying that since I was welcomed so warmly when I came aboard. When you finish all those linens, I have some here........ Please post as often as you can; this is a great group and you can only make it better!

    Linda, you just HAVE to stop eating tomatoes........ Good to see you and your usual upbeat self. I also have been very sporadic this summer; but with the kids back in school and the wedding/honeymoon coming up, by the end of September I promise to be a "regular" again. Part of our honeymoon is cruising across the Atlantic--I'll try to post from there--wouldn't THAT be a hoot?

    Anne Theresa, I an so sorry for your woes! Let us know what the dentist says. Oh, the pain you must be in--sending prayers to the pain relief angels for you.....

    Kim, Mazel tov on your good news. I'm kinda superstitious about this baby stuff before it's born, so forgive me in advance if I don't mention it again. Of course I'll say prayers for a healthy pregnancy. In my culture I do not even reveal the baby's name until after it is born lest the evil eye come and take the unborn baby away. Crazy, I know; but old habits die hard. Do keep posting as the grandma to be comes along-- I love hearing good things on this board!

    As usual, I took forever here and sorry for that. Howdy and how are ya to the others who haven't yet posted this week. My arms are killing me so I must go now and prepare for a quick IEP for Josh to change his course schedule. I HATE all these stupid laws! Since my arms are killing me I couldn't style my hair after my shower this morning--I'm going to scare the hell out of the people at the meeting with my natural curly hair! Oh, the little joys of getting one up on the buereauocrisy........

    A wonderful day to everyone,
  16. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Molly, it's been about 2 1/2 yrs since I was dx as borderline diabetic but with severe hypoglycemia but I too had to learn how to eat properly and let me tell you, it took forever.

    I never knew how much what I ate affected my body and how I felt.

    At the time, we had a member here who advocated natural foods for the body and eliminating processed foods, bless her.

    So now I eat 7 times a day....and most of it is fruits.

    I eat an apple for breakfast, salad or another piece of fruit at 9:00, lunch, fruit and more fruit until dinner.

    I'm not sure if this will help you, but please don't skip eating because you don't know what to eat. Grab a banana, peach or apple...they're all quick, easy and handy too.

    Although I can eat foods like pizza or a hamburger, I always feel like crap afterwards so I eat them rarely now (unless I cook them myself to control the ingredients). So try not to look at this as something awful, but something you're doing for your body and I'm guessing in time, you'll feel better too.

    Lenore...you might be the only woman I know who could be so busy as to forget a tumor on your adrenals......what are we going to do with you???

    I'm worried about your symptoms so let us know what the doc says next week.

    And yes, I do take time for myself every day. That's what my online poker is for. It's part of my 'old' normal and I play every day to keep it in my 'new' normal as well. I consider it a great brain exercise and it also measures how far I've come since pre hypothyroid dx when I couldn't remember my own phone number.

    But Katy medicated properly is an entirely different woman than before and she also doesn't have her husband making her feel like a failure on a daily basis.

    We always have had a "Gilmore Girls" type of relationship so for now, it's a joy to have her around the house.

    We have agreements on the medicine cabinet since her part of the house has the meds and the majority of sharps, so she knows that if she takes too many Tylenol PM's at night, I'll lock things up. So we're working out the kinks and again, so far...so good.

    For today? I'm going to feel a bit guilty that I didn't manage to take the trash to the base while my husband was gone this week, and just wait for him to come home. I'll play a little poker online and tidy up the house a bit.

    Hugs all,


    And Lenore? REST!!!
  17. alaska3355

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    Sorry, I've been MIA lately......we went on a camping trip. It was a lovely getaway, and I was able to pick some huckleberries! How many of you have heard of huckleberries? They are like a small blueberry.

    Lenore- Congrats on the upcoming wedding.....when is the date? I'm thinking it's soon. Anyway, try to RELAX! Your voyage across the Atlantic sounds very romantic! Uh oh- I'm a poet.....

    Nancy- I'm glad things are going better with Katy. You seem to have picked up on some counseling tips from the Priory....maybe they should consider hiring you! And your hubby is coming home- maybe you can take a nap!

    Linda and Anne Theresa-good to hear from you both. I hope your aches and pains subside this weekend and, Linda- I'm praying for highs in the 70's for you!

    Ellen- take care of yourself. I'm glad you are going to counseling.....at least it will help you cope.

    I'll talk again later.......have a good weekend, all!
  18. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I am now a working girl once again. Actually, the day has flown by as I've been busy rearranging my new office. I have my own office (more about that on Monday) and I have new carpet and freshly painted walls. But I still have more unpacking and rearranging to do.

    My counseling session went great and I think I will like my new counselor. She's an older woman who seems to be quite understanding.

    Things are better between Harry and me, except this morning I interrupted him and you would have think I committed a mortal sin with the look he gave me.

    He asked me about going to the Dream Cruise car show up in Plymouth tomorrow with him and his sister's two boys. It means a long day so I told him I would think about it. I should be fun, but after all the heavy moving I did here at the office today, I'm not sure how I will feel tomorrow.

    And thanks again, for all the great advice and kind words from everyone. As usual, you guys are supportive and always there for me.

    Well, it's time for me to leave work so I can't talk to each of you separately, but I will be back on Monday!

  19. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    My dental appointment yesterday resulted in a recommendation to have all my bottom teeth removed. My teeth are painful and inflamed (no cavities) due to bone loss and there's nothing to be done for them but to have them removed.

    I lost my upper teeth 5 years ago for the same reason and so this eventually is not a surprise but it saddens me nonetheless.

    Since the gum-line is too inflamed to take novocaine (we tried yesterday but - even with five needles - it wouldn't freeze), the plan then is to have all my lower teeth removed under general anesthetic, heal for two weeks, and then have a denture put in.

    The timing is bad and so I'll probably wait until after my holidays (2nd week of September) to have the work done. Hopefully - by using oil of cloves and avoiding hot/cold foods - I'll be able to remain relatively pain-free and able to enjo my holiday.

    Congratulations Kim! You must be thrilled with the thought of becoming a grandmother. I'll say a prayer for your family; a healthy pregnancy, successful birth & healthy child.

    Molly, I'm sorry you're having a difficulty with your restricted diet. I hope you can follow Nancy's advice and eat something rather than nothing. Sending you cyber hugs and I hope you feel better soon.

    Lenore, I don't think your amping of symptoms is at all 'mysterious', rather a typical FMS response to such a whirlwind of activity and stress. Planning a wedding & honeymoon in the midst of such busy days, dealing with children, recovering from your accident etc. all this is bound to take a toll.

    I hope the adrenal gland issue is something that can be treated successfully and that it doesn't intefer with your wedding and honeymoon plans. I know you have a lot to do but please try to get some rest and take extra good care of yourself during this stressful time.

    Nancy, I wish I had the resolve to eat the way you do. It would surely be a help in my quest to lose weight. I know fruit is good for me but I like it best tucked into a pie :) I'm glad things are going well with Katy and I hope you both enjoy the weekend and your hubby's early homecoming.

    Terri, it's good to hear from you. I'm glad you had a nice time camping. I've never heard of huckleberries but if they taste anything like blueberries, I'm sure they're delish.

    Ellen, it's nice you have a brand new office!

    I had a lovely office, when last I worked and as I think of it now, I miss it very much. It helps to have a pleasant work space and when you have your own office it's easier to make it comfortable and to your own liking.

    I'm glad you like your new counselor.

    At my recent doctor's appointment, we discussed my beginning counseling as a means to support my goals with diet, exercise, self care etc.

    I will probably follow through with this and make an appointment next week. Hopefully, between counseling & weight-watchers I'll be able to get myself back on course. As you have, I hope to find an understanding counselor that I like.

    Whether you go to the car show with Harry or stay home and rest, I hope you have a great weekend.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

    oh dear, all this chatter
    and I forgot to write my to-do list:)

    - make bed
    - sweep & mop bedroom floor
    - dust
    - empty wastebaskets & garbage
    - clean fridge
    - make grocery/shopping list
    - go for walk

  20. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    My to do list is (now this is the plan) is to go to the Veterans Rally up in Winterpark(we do this every year) and support our troops. Son is in the military and I never get to see him, so this is my way of supporting him and all those who are,or have served. We used to have an Indian motorcycle and ride there but we are both unable to ride at least on two wheels anyway. Anyone in Colorado thats interested it starts around 9:00am its alot of fun and the bikes are beautiful....hope everyone has a nice day!
    PS...Went to the Rally it got snowed out!Rained here in Denver but as we went up in elevation it was snow! I thought it was beautiful! Everyone was just hanging out because all the speakers and the bands got sent home but the sun did come out for a bit and its so beautiful in the mountains. Saw the wall. That was the sad part and every year the names on the Iraq part get longer and longer. Other than that it was a nice day! Painful, but nice!

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