What's on your to-do list: August 24th - 30th

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    Hello all,

    I hope everyone had a good weekend with lots of fun activity or healthful rest, whichever was most necessary.

    It's difficult to believe we're nearing the end of August - we've had such strange weather this year, many in my area would say we've yet to experience any summer weather. Myself, I've enjoyed the cooler days and not having to use the air conditioner.

    My big to-do for today is a scoot to the bank for a credit card application (my present credit card is shared with Dave and I want to ensure I obtain a card for my own self before we cancel the shared card) and then on to the salon for a manicure and eyebrow waxing.

    Beyond that and a bit of reading, I have nothing else on my to-do list today. Contrary to my usual routines, I'm not doing much housework lately. Just the bare minimum to keep my own self organized and our shared space from becoming a health hazard. Beyond that - why bother? I have to laugh at how rebellious and liberated I feel, not sweeping my floors.

    I look forward to hearing from each of you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Hi everyone,

    Anne Theresa-That's hilarious about your rebellion! You really kept up with your house so I think it's great your relaxing a bit about it. We have had a cool summer too and I love it! Enjoy your manicure and waxing! Have you enjoyed any new films lately?

    My weekend didn't have much scheduled but yet I was exhausted! On Saturday we made a spur of the moment playdate. My friend (she was our nanny before and now works with kids on the spectrum at my son's school) called to see if we could meet her and a 6yo boy she was caring for. We met at the lagoon and had a great time. I got to catch up with my friend and Liam got to swim, run and play. I was tired afterwards. All weekend Liam has been pushing his limits with me/us and absolutely being a pill. My ABA therapist told me the other day that he was the most stubborn kid she has ever worked with. It actually made me feel better(lol).

    My MIL had knee surgery last Thursday so my dh spent a lot of time helping her. Visiting her at the hospital and then yesturday bringing her home. This sounds mean but it took a lot of time from our family and i had to care for Liam both days without rest. I am so angry at dh siblings. He called his brother to visit her in the hospital at times when she would be alone. He said he was busy then told him oh I'm going to a party. Then my dh sister in Oregon has an empty nest and no job and they are super rich. She could have come down to help. Instead all caretaking of dh parents have been by him! Ya know the man who runs his own business, has a wife with an illness, a son on the autism spectrum etc etc. Please!!

    Today is surf camp for my boy! It will be quite a drive since it is a special Autism Society camp but worth it to me. It is about 50 miles roundtrip and we live 2 miles from the beach! Maybe this year I can volunteer at the ASA to bring surf camp to North County!

    School starts in a week and a half. So I have to get my letter finished to the principal. We are supposed to meet the new case manager and hopefully the teacher before the year starts.

    To do:
    dropped off Liam at camp
    finish letter to principal and drop off
    reschedule dentist and hair appointments
    ABA in home therapy
    paint toenails :)


    Oh yeah also on my to do list is pick up Liam from camp! Duh! Better go get another cuppa coffee;)[This Message was Edited on 08/24/2009]
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    Hello all,

    Molly, I'm glad you had a nice Saturday. It's always good to visit with a friend and it was especially nice that Liam had his own fun while you had a visit.

    I can understand how exhausting it must be caring for Liam full time. Having the ABA therapist confirm that he's a handful would of course make you feel better. It's nice to have that objective understanding that he's more than a little unruly.

    I hope your MIL's recovery is speedy for her own sake but also so your husband will be free from having to spend so much time caring for her. It's unfair, though it seems common in families, that one sibling seems carry the load in terms of elder care. I don't know why this is.
    I hope Liam has an enjoyable day at camp and that you have a good day too.

    To-Do Today

    as little housework as possible
    physiotherapy exercises
    go to the mall with a friend
    organize clothes closet
    make appointment for hair

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, thanks for getting the thread started this week.

    And good for you, getting your own credit card for yourself and rebelling just a bit in a very good way. Since they are now 'shared' spaces you shouldn't be responsible for all of the cleaning and tidying up. I'm very proud of you!

    Molly you've been busy as usual lately again but I'm glad that you enjoyed your play date.

    So sorry about your MIL's surgery. It seems that that's the way it always goes in families though, those who have it rougher are always the one's who are there helping.

    Hopefully things will go well this year with the new case manager for all of you. Finger's crossed!

    I finally got my new bed on Saturday. Spent a bit of a restless night on it that night, it's so firm compared to my old bumpy bed but I've gotten used to it quickly and I really do like it. I've splurged on a new mattress pad that should be coming in the mail soon and hopefully it'll take some of the brick feeling away and I needed a new one anyway, it was time.

    Katy got her stitches out on Monday and since then I just haven't felt well at all. Spent a lot of time just laying in bed still.....not moving yet not sleeping either. Seems to be the best that I could do the last few days.

    Today I've already sewed myself a new pair of jammies so I'm showered early and plan for a day of rest. And I've been a bit blue lately with my weight and just how hard it is to live this way but I figured out this morning in the shower that I forgot my hormone patch so maybe that'll help things along.

    Terri, thanks for the compliment last week but I'm much too opinionated to ever be a good counselor. (did I spell that right? it looks funny to me)

    Hugs all,

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    Yup, Nancy, you spelled it right. Opiniioniooonnnnated.

    We are getting ready for a new school year....the boys don't start until Sept. 10th. I have applied for a choral job at one of the schools here. I kind of hope NOT to get it, as I haven't taught in the classroom for 30 years. I really like being a private piano teacher, but the students are dropping off. A sign of the times, I fear. They get braces and the piano lessons go. So we'll see what happens with the job.

    My formerly CF son is heading off to Canada for college soon. He is 22 but seems more like 17. He had forgotten to get in his loan papers, so yesterday DH and he sat down and got that done. That would have been bad at the border....you have to show proof of funding to be allowed in as a student! But he wants to go to this particular school because his gf will be there. I hope they remember to study!

    Anne Theresa- I think I've always been a rebel at housekeeping.....plenty of dust on my floors! I was going to have my MIL over for dinner last night, but the house was too messy, so she got postponed (what she didn't know didn't hurt her!).

    To do:

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    Hi, Girls:

    I can't believe it's Wednesday already and I'm now just getting on here. Monday was a frustrating day. I had to stay home all day, but isn't usually a bad thing for me as I'm a homebody anyway, but having to for the following reasons isn't good.

    I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I've been having problems with my hearing aid for some time. It's never really worked right, but with not feeling well and with the pain in my arms, shoulders and hands, driving has been a problem for me, although I've been getting around a little better lately and sometimes I just grin and bear it as I just don't have people to drive me places.

    Anyway, the problem is is that I hear a wind sound so I can't turn the hearing aid up very high, which means I can't hear very well and the problem has worsened. But with the health problems this summer, I haven't been able to get to the hearing center. I made one appt., which my MIL was going to take me to, but then I began to have all those mental problems which I later found out was caused by the Prozac.

    I finally got to the hearing center, had it adjusted, it seemed to work fine, got a third of the way home and it started again. So I turned around and went back. The audiologist readjusted it and it worked fine until Friday (the next day). So the following Monday I had to take it back as the audiologist said if it did it again, they would have to mail it to the company for them to work on.

    Well, on Monday (just a week later from the time they mailed it out) it came in the mail from Fed Ex. I was pleased to get it back so soon. I put it on, but it still had the wind sound and I was so disappointed! I called the company in Colorado. I had to also call the hearing center. Then I noticed that the name on the paperwork was not mine-it was someone named Caroline Sitter! So I had to make a couple more phone calls and the company said they would have to do a search for my hearing aid! As you can imagine, I was pretty upset.

    To make a long story short, my hearing aid was found at a hearing aid center in Colorado, I was reimbursed for my long-distance calls (they are sending me some hearing aid batteries-I requested to be reimbursed) and Fed Ex came to get Caroline's hearing aid which the company will pay to have mailed.

    Plus, I was dealing with our dishwasher on Monday, too, to have a repairman come to install a new rack on the top. It isn't working correctly. Fortunately, it is still under warrantly so it won't cost us anything. What a day!

    I stopped at my church yesterday and asked about doing some volunteer work one morning a week in their office. The person I needed to talk to was gone. I should have left my resume and letters of recommendation, but today I got them off in the mail. I think it will help my morale to do a little office work and it will be a test to see how well my arms and hands do. So far my arms, right shoulder and hands remain painful. Last night I tried using a heating pad on them instead of the ice packs, but no difference. My left arm is better than my right arm. Maybe they just need more time. I keep telling myself to be patient. The pain in my ankles and toe joints is mostly gone.

    Molly: I understand fully how one sibling does all the work. I have been the one to take care of my mentally ill brother for years and my other siblings do not do very much at all. My older brother does very little and my sister does nothing. And I am the one with all the health problems!

    Ann Theresa: Good for you on rebelling against the housework! And, yes, I think it is a good idea to get your own credit card. You might also think about starting to get your own bank accounts, too.

    Nancy: I'm glad that Katy is recovering well. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well, though.

    Terri: Even though you aren't into cleaning, you certainly are good at canning. I can't believe already that school is about to start. And can you believe that yesterday there was a commercial on TV about Christmas? This is definitely way too early!

    Well, better go. It's rainy and cool here today. Upper 60's.

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    Hello all

    Molly, To answer your question re: any good films, it's been a little while since I've been out to the movies. The most recent movie I saw was Disney's UP which I thoroughly enjoyed. You've reminded me, I need to make a movie-date with my niece - it's been a while since we've spent time together so I'll put that on my to-do list (thanks for the inspiration :)

    I'm glad you like your new bed Nancy. In terms of back-health, I've been told the firmer the bed, the better, so it seems you've made a wise choice. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and I hope you feel better after adjusting your HRT patch.

    The times that I've mistakenly decreased my HRT (mine is pill-form) I've experienced ill-effects almost immediately. The same can be said for most of the medication I use, my body is reliant on a steady stream of chemicals (narcotics, anti-depressants, insulin, etc.) and the least little change (a single missed dose) can result in my feeling simply terrible. It's not such a great feeling to be dependent on such a finely balanced regime of medication but it's better than the alternative. When I remember the acute pain and dysfunction of my pre-medication days, the hassle of living on medication seems mild in comparison.

    Whether or not you'd make a counselor doesn't alter the fact that you give amazing advice. Many times, I've witnessed you cut through layers of confusion and go directly to the nub of an issue. You're a wise woman and your 'opinionated' nature is exactly the right vehicle to carry your wisdom forward.

    Terri, I understand your mixed feelings about taking a job at a school. Teaching through an institution must be very different from the one-on-one, in-your-home sessions that you're accustomed to. Although I understand how a family needs to prioritize, that putting food on the table (or paying for braces) can be seen as more important than cultivating their child's musical gift, it saddens me that music lessons are seen as expendable in this way. Whatever happens, I wish the best for you, as you continue to teach music to our younger generation.

    It's great your son will be attending the same school as his girlfriend. I'm sure he's very excited about living in such close proximity after such a long time of living so far apart. When you refer to your former CF son, do I understand this to mean your son no longer has CF? If so, how wonderful! Can you tell us what brought about the change?

    Ellen, I'm sorry your hearing aid has been bothering you. And, what an incredible hassle, receiving someone else's hearing aid instead of your own - good heavens! I hope everything works out to your satisfaction. I think a volunteer job at your church would be great. It will keep your secretarial skills sharp and keep you in the loop. It can also help counteract the loss-of-identity issues that can occur with job-loss. When I left my work in 2000, I had a heck of a time (I still do sometimes), given that my work was a big part of who I was in the world. That's what I mean by loss-of identity issues.

    To do List

    make doctor's appointment
    shower & shampoo
    arrange movie-date with niece

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Hi, Girls:

    I am so glad that we are in the latter part of this week. It has been the most frustrating week for me. I did tell you that I had also been called by the hearing center that is going to test Jim's hearing on Monday and they had requested that I call Jim's regular doctor to get a referral from him to bill Medicare. I really don't think they will cover this as they no longer cover vision. I called their office and I can't remember what they said, but the doctor didn't think he needed to do this to bill Medicare. I guess I should have called the hearing center back, but with everything else going on, I didn't. Well, they called me today to confirm the appt., and now said they must have this referral or Jim can't have the appt. Of course I called their office and of course they are closed on Friday afternoons so I just left a message. I think I will just pay cash and then they can try to bill Medicare, but I can't believe they will cover this. If it doesn't work out, I will have Jim's guardian reimburse me.

    And I still haven't received my hearing aid! I called my hearing center in Ohio and they wanted me to call the hearing place in Colorado to find out what happened! I said "no", I just got the hearing aid batteries from them in the mail to reimburse me for all the long-distance calls I had made earlier in the week, and "no" I wasn't going to rack up more long-distance calls! And besides, I told them it was their job to figure out what happened to my hearing aid and I am unemployed and disabled and they can afford the expense more than I can! I am so tired of people not being willing to do their jobs!

    About an hour later I got a call and they said that the hearing aid I got on Monday really was my hearing aid-they had just accidently sent the wrong paperwork with it and accidently wrote the wrong person's name on the outside of the box! Well, I told them that I hadn't noticed that at first and had worn the hearing aid and I could still hear the wind sound so they still need to work on it. So the hearing center in Colorado will send it to the repair center to be worked on again (I'm really wondering if it was ever really worked on) and then will send it to me next week. I'm crossing my fingers it's finally fixed! What a hassle!

    Harry happened to be home and I complain about all this for about maybe not even five minutes and he claims it was a half hour and said he didn't want to hear about it! He's a great supportive spouse! He said he can't because of his job. What if I used that excuse for not doing things around the house and doing errands because of fibromyalgia?

    Oh, and I think I've lost my best friend who also has FMS. I've sensed things haven't been right between us all summer. I really needed her when I was really sick and I noticed she wasn't very supportive. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I sensed it was because I couldn't go with her to a guest speaker on nutrition and why we overeat. She had won the tickets on the radio. The morning of the day we were going to go (this was back in late June) she called and said I would have to drive because the brakes on her car were too bad to drive. I was having a lot of problems with my arms then and wondered how I was going to drive, but didn't say anyway. I guess I should have had her drive. But actually, I wasn't feeling well that day-that was the start of all those side effects, but I didn't know it then. I didn't say anything to her. Usually when I don't feel well, nauseous feeling, I just lay around and later I feel better. Well, I didn't get better and I never really felt well, things just got worse as the weeks went by). I had to cancel with her last minute. Had I known, I wouldn't have done this to her.

    I found out later, she wasn't able to find anyone else to go. She could have gone with her MIL, but they would have been late. Now she's made at me about this. I can't believe she's continuing to hold a grudge. I apologized for not letting her know sooner that I was sick, but after all I went through, you would think she would feel bad about me being so sick and not hold it against me. It seems stupid to ruin our friendship over this.

    The computer is running out of time.

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    Sorry for all the venting, but I just needed to. The library is going to be closing soon. It's been raining off and on all day, but the weekend looks nice. My brother, Tom, and I were going to get together to plant some small bushes in front of our house to replace two that died, but have rescheduled for tomorrow. He doesn't want any money for gas, so I told him I would take him out for lunch.

    Anne Theresa: Getting together with your niece sounds like a good idea. Since I have lost my one friend, I have made a point to get together with my other two friends. And maybe I haven't lost her. I know she has been going through a stressful time, so maybe she is just mad at the world right now. That's what one of my other friends said and she could be right. I'll just give her some space right now and see what happens. If she wants to contact me, she can. If not, then it's her loss.

    Well, they are turning off the lights, so I had better go.