What's on your to-do list? August 3rd to August 9th

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    Sweetie and I are home safe and sound from our little holiday. We stayed in our favourite theatre town and attended two stage productions: Macbeth and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

    Macbeth was wonderful, a frightening rendition. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was an hilarious delight from front to finish.

    We stayed in our favourite Bed & Breakfast, ate some delicious food, went on a river boat tour and browsed the shops and craft stores.

    Denemay, Congratulations on 45 years of marriage! Wow!

    I can't wait to hear about your trip to Rome, Nancy. Get some good rest, then hop on board and tell us all about it :)

    Kim, thanks for your well-wishes. I'm feeling much better, thanks and I think (though I'm not certain) the culprit for the terrible increase in nausea may have been the new denture adhesive I was using. Once I stopped using it, the nausea (coincidently, or not) returned to it's normal background level. Fortunately, I made the change in time to enjoy my holiday.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your time with Sam. I appreciate how exhausting caring for a baby can be - feeling too tired to fall asleep is a terrible feeling. I'm glad you're getting lots of zzz's on your days off. I hope all goes will with the doctor next week, that you get some good care and effective treatment.

    Molly, I'm sure you're looking forward to next week, knowing camp will provide good fun and care for Liam and give you a bit of time to yourself again.

    To-Do List

    Sweetie is home from work today (holiday Monday) and so, in addition to my usual housework, I'm going to enlist his help to do some of the bigger chores

    clean floors
    clean closets
    clean window sills

    Also, I need to do my physiotherapy exercises and scoot to the store.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Anne Theresa, thanks for starting the thread this week. I'm so glad you enjoyed your getaway! Was the bed ok for you?

    I don't know any other way to describe our days in Rome other than just pure perfection! For someone who hasn't been out of the house much in the last 5 years and now travels so rarely due to all of my medical difficulties, this holiday couldn't have gone better.

    The flight was wonderful, our driver from the airport literally took us on a tour so we could see the things we knew we wouldn't have time for. If you've never been to Italy it would take an hour to explain how they drive, but he didn't care.....I couldn't have asked for more, and remember I wasn't sure if the hotel room would be my vacation, didn't know how I'd feel, so this special time he took with us was amazing!

    The hotel.....just perfection! After searching online for a 'good' hotel and seeing the horrible reviews and experiences that some people had, I chose the 'best' hotel in Rome and it was simply wonderful!!!

    The staff was so courteous, kind and very understanding of my problems. Their elevator was on the fritz one morning so we had to walk down the stairs to get to the lobby. Mario at the desk said, "but Madam, why didn't you call me, I would have come for you"......wow, he could have brought us down in the staff elevator. The service was divine. Coffee delivered in silver service (the heavy stuff) too cool!!!

    The first day we went to the Spanish Steps which seems to be the beginning place for tourists. Katy got to visit her Keats museum and she really enjoyed it. We shopped a bit, found a great little place to eat, a fruit stand and stumbled upon a Basillica that was just beautiful.

    We went back to the hotel after wards for a nap (geez 100 degrees is really hot, not used to it) and I woke Katy up and we found the Hard Rock Cafe nearby. I really needed a huge glass of iced tea with ice, was completely dehydrated from the heat. We shopped a bit after wards, walked the streets and really enjoyed ourselves.

    Mario at the front desk was a dream and found me a private tour guide for our trip to the Vatican the next day. I knew I couldn't do the minimum of 3 hour trip so I really appreciated the time he took to help me. Our guide was a great lady, we got along well. No lines with a private tour guide so that helped as well.

    I had them point me to the Sistine Chapel and I spend a portion of the time there by myself (sitting) while she took Katy to the museums to see what she wanted to see most. We met back up then went on to St. Peter's Basilica. It didn't hit me till we exited that I coming out right below where the Pope comes out when he's first chosen and at most other times. Wow.....very special.

    Again, the heat was debilitating so we shopped for our stuff then left, very happy! I have no great love for real Italian foods so we ate at the Hard Rock again. Just picture Chef Boyardee on a very expensive plate and you'll get what I mean about the food........

    The next morning I was too exhausted to go anywhere so Katy went to a museum by herself, we had lunch at the Hard Rock (I know but the steak plate was perfect for my blood sugar issues) and left for the airport.

    Rome's airport is horrible, hot, antiquated and just icky so that was the worst part of the trip but it was good to get home to 30 degree cooler weather.

    I've already been to the clinic once this morning for a fasting blood test and need to go now to take Katy for her appt. So many doc appts this week.....

    Hope to hear from you all soon....


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    Hi all,

    Anne Theresa-Your holiday sounds wonderful and very romantic. I love B&Bs. Have you decorated your scooter at all? You know like with a flag or something?

    Nancy-I'm so happy for you that your trip went so well. Sounds like it went perfectly for you both. You got to rest when needed and Katy got to see all the things she wanted to. I remember being in the London airport once near the Middle Eastern plane area. The smell of BO almost made me lose my lunch! So it is around 70 degrees where you live? That is so nice.

    My ds camp is going so well this week. I love it! i came to pick him up after the first day and his camp aide told me he got along well with everyone and had a great time. He was happy and calm:)

    Today I went to the follow up ultra sound for my gyn appt. My pap came back fine. On the ultrasound the dr found a fibroid and thicker and uneven lining that was causing my spotting and extra period. So he suggests a hysteroscopy with a myomectomy. I will be put under but not sure if it's light or general anthesia? I'm a little scared. I always go to the "I can't die, I have to see Liam through to adulthood". My thoughts are crazy aren't they? They will try to do the surgery within the next 2 weeks. Anyone have any words of wisdom?

    Our dog, Skeeter has had arthritis in his back and hips from a fall about 5 years ago. Our vet had to take him off prednisone because they aren't supposed to stay on it permanently. So we went off meds for a week and tried a new med and pain pills to help also. He is just about how he is off meds entirely. So we have to try another med. Poor guy, he cannot jump up on our bed or the sofas. Coming down the stairs he looks pathetic. So we have been trying to carry him up, down, but he doesn't always wait. He loves to follow me everywhere. I try to tell him wait, I'm just going down to get water but he follows. His allergies are way worse now off the prednisone too. He has constant tears and he is chewing on his feet. Poor baby. He is nine. I look at him and realize he won't always be around:(

    Tomorrow I have a lot of driving and stuff.

    To do:
    make smoothie (NO MORE going without eating until 2pm in the afternoon!!!!!!!)
    apply sunscreen to Liam
    pack his lunch and camp stuff
    put on a little make-up
    drive ds to camp north and east then drive back and south to take doggy to the vet
    not sure how much I can do while ds is at camp
    pick up ds from camp in afternoon
    in-home behavior therapy (therapist cancelled Monday due to a fever so not sure about today)
    keep updating daily data sheets for behavior therapy (this is time consuming)


  4. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all.....

    Molly, I'm not sure what a hysteroscopy is....is it a hysterectomy by endoscopy??? I love my hysterectomy, no more crappy periods that last most of the month.....

    So sorry your pooch had to go off is meds. Must be so hard on him to get around.

    Today we have Katy's psych appt this morning, I'm still so tired but I'm not sure it's from the trip.

    I loved the bed in the hotel and we've been searching for a new mattress for months now. I've ordered one from our base furniture store and it should be delivered from another base next week. (All of Europe goes on vacation in Aug each year otherwise we'd have it sooner)

    I think this will make a difference in my health as well. I just don't sleep well on my bed, the mattress is too soft and has a butt dent from me spending so much time sitting up in bed. I woke up in pain again this morning even though we switch the mattress around every week or so.

    I thought I had tomorrow off from appts but I need to make a payment to a pharmacy out in town. I didn't realize I had the money in my acct from TriCare, Katy endorsed the check, hubby deposited it and I can't blame the pharmacy for wanting to get paid! (Wasn't even noted in the checkbook, we had a heck of a time searching for it)

    Friday Katy has an appt with an orthopedic surgeon for her elbow. We're trying so hard to get things done with the divorce pending.....

    Hugs all,

  5. AnneTheresa

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    Nancy, I loved reading about your holiday. I'm glad you and Katy had such a wonderful time. I'm sure a year ago (or less) you would not have imagined either of you would have been able (well enough) to enjoy such a holiday. Life can bring some wonderful surprises. We should remain open to living our dreams though they may seem far-fetched. To see the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica must have done your heart some good. I hope your new bed arrives soon and brings you many nights of comfort and restful sleep.

    Hi Molly, to answer your question, no I haven't decorated my scooter. I have my eyes open for a pretty floral/rose decal to adhere to the left of the controls, aside from that I won't be adding any decorations. Although I get a kick out of the scooters that are boldly decorated with flags and signs etc. it's not my style. In terms of decor and fashion, subtle & understated is more my personal style (or lack thereof :) I'm glad Liam's having such a good time at camp. It's amazing the difference the right personnel can make.

    Try not to worry about the upcoming medical procedure. I know it's easier said than done. It may be helpful to talk about the source of your anxiety with your partner, close family member or peer. You can always share your feelings with your friends here. Know that you're in my heart and in my prayers.

    To-Do Today

    Today is my treatment day. This afternoon, I go for physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. I have a few household chores and errands to do before and after, but most of my energy will go toward treatment.

    put dishes away,
    clean counters & sinks,
    swiffer floors,
    make bed,
    empty wastebaskets,
    schedule several appointments,
    make grocery list,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    sorekitty New Member

    Wow, has this week flown by or what?

    Nancy-The hysteroscopy is an instument with a light that they use to go through the vagina to look into the uterus. No it isn't a hysterectomy. They then use something like a lazer to zap the fibroid and get rid of it. How was katy's psych appt? Hope you find the right bed. Sleeping well makes all the difference in the world!

    Anne-Theresa-You treatment day sounds really nice! I used to do acupuncture and loved it! Massage therapy is always nice. How is the physiotherapy? Are they going at your pace? Hope you had a nice day of treatment.

    The vet is sending us on to a Vet Specialty Hospital. I have an appoinment on Saturday. The x-rays show nothing so they will do an ultrasound or some other way to see what exactly is going on with Skeeter's back. The Vet found a round mass in the stomach. We just had Skeeter in for his annual in July and he didn't feel it then. I am hoping for the best. They will try to figure out what that is too. Yesturday, I spent my rest time with Skeeter on my bed (as usual) but petted him the entire time. I try to massage his back. I feel so bad for him.

    The other night my son was tired and had a 35 minute tantrum. It was tough. He was making fists and charging at me. Saying "I am bossing him" "He is my slave" and that I am "mean" (which I now take as a compliment, lol;) He gets so volitile! And so quickly too. I was exhausted afterwards, whew. I stood my ground, maintained consistency and am so proud of myself. All this week Liam has been telling me at random, "Mommy, I love you" It's hard work but it is working.

    My dh and I started marriage counseling:) I really like the counselor. We go for our 2nd appt today. I'll keep you posted.

    To do:
    walk Skeeter
    brush Skeeter
    appt with dh
    pick up ds at camp
    meeting with behavior supervisor
    make mahi mahi and rice with veges
    watch movie with ds, 'The Ant Bully'

  7. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Molly, the medical procedure you described sounds perfectly amazing. It's incredible what they can do these days with miniaturized equipment. My sister is scheduled for a medical procedure (to replace a large vein) that will be done as an out-patient (with virtually no recovery time required). The procedure is in place of a double-bypass, a surgery that is very invasive and requires a month or more recovery time.

    To answer your question, the physiotherapy is fine. I'm actually doing more than I thought I would be able to do at this point. The therapist is careful about my limits but he pushes me to do that little bit extra. So far - no flare ups. This past week, I was terribly sore directly after the physiotherapy but then the acupuncture and massage put me right back on track. The challenge for me is to follow through with the at-home exercises but I'm working to make it part of my daily routine. Sometimes forming new habits can be as difficult as letting go of old habits.

    I hope Skeeter is going to be okay. It's difficult when our animal friends are unwell. Our old cat seems well enough but he's almost twenty and the typical life-span for cats is eighteen years. I find myself petting him a lot more than I used to, knowing that he won't be around forever (although I did read of a cat who lived to be 35 :)

    I had to laugh at you taking 'you are mean' as a compliment. Kids can be so funny sometimes when they get into that 'you treat me like a slave' stuff. I remember once when James was 6 or 7 I sent him to clean his room. After a few minutes, I could hear him talking, so I peaked into his room to see what he was doing. There he was tidying his room, with his head down, wearing a long sad face and he was muttering to himself 'Cinderella, Cinderella, all I hear is Cinderella." I laughed and laughed.

    I'm taking today as a rest day. Given how busy I've been this week, I need a day of r & r The most ambition thing on my to-do list today is a shower & shampoo and a good long read. The weather is lovely so I will likely get out for a scoot this afternoon.

    God bless,

  8. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all.....

    Molly, I'm glad you and your husband are going to counseling ....there are certain times in our stressful lives that I'm sure almost all of us could use a few sessions.

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad your therapy is going well. Did you manage to get out in the pretty weather for a scoot?

    Today is another day of rest for me, although I need to fill our weekly pill packs.

    Katy's having surgery on Wednesday on her elbow so this is going to be another busy week for me. Monday we'll check in with TriCare to see if there's any additional paperwork to be done. Tuesday I take her for her blood work that needs to be done prior to the surgery and then on Wed she needs to be there before 7:00 am. Yikes.......

    So many prayers answered lately, we are so blessed......

    After being released from the last hospital, remember they didn't send her home with medications? So we stopped on base before going home to get them and saw a doc we had never seen before. He not only fixed up her meds, she liked him so she made another appt for her elbow pain.

    He quickly dx her with cubital tunnel syndrome, I'm sure others might have ignored it or put in in the basket with Fibro pain, but it's something that usually only gets better with surgery. He even sent her to the neurologist for testing and a 2nd opinion.

    So with her divorce looming, getting all of this done and taken care of is truly a blessing for us.

    Hugs all,


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