What's on your 'To Do' List Dec 29 to Jan 3rd?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hugs4evry1, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    Sorry I haven't been online much I've been feeling awful for the last week or so.

    Molly one day while I was sick in bed I was watching a show on cats on the Animal Network. They were talking about Oriental cats and kids with autism and the change in this one child was just amazing. If you google it you can find more information but I had written this down to tell you, then forgot about it, sorry.

    We had a nice Christmas, quiet and peaceful so it was pretty wonderful.

    Hope to hear from you all soon.


  2. AnneTheresa

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    Thanks for getting us started this week, Nancy. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and I hope your good feelings soon return. I'm glad your Christmas was nice. Mine was nice too.

    I had a quiet celebration with my sister, then made my way by bus (a terrible way to travel!) up north to spend time with my youngest son and his partner. I had a lovely time while there though the occasion was somewhat marred by our concern and worry over my eldest son who did not make contact with me or his brother over the holidays. We decided to make a surprise visit to absent-son's apartment for his birthday (in two weeks), to hopefully find out what's wrong and effect a reconciliation. Please - if you pray - say a prayer for this situation. As you know it has been ongoing and of concern for quite some time.

    I've been exhausted and resting since I got home Monday evening but this afternoon I'm going to try to get to the shops. I need a few groceries, at the least. At the most, I need a new vacuum cleaner. As well as needing to attend to this increasingly-dirty beige carpet, as it turns out, my sister is allergic to bunny-hair and so I need a good vacuum to get every bit of bunny hair out of the (fabric) sofa & chairs.

    So, a shower and shampoo (done) and a trip to the mall is my to-do list today.

    God bless,
  3. sorekitty

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    Hi All,

    Thanks Nancy for starting the thread. I will look up about the oriental cats. Now that I haven't heard of! The mom of one of Liam's classmates is puppy training for Canine Companions for children with autism. She really wants me to get one for Liam and I want to too. But we still have Skeeter hanging in there with his lymphoma. i started filling out the application process since it can take time but I couldn't do it just yet. It didn't feel right while Skeeter is still alive; as if I am pushing him to go or something. I will most likely wait til he passes away:( I am glad you had a good Christmas and hope you feel better soon.

    Anne Theresa-I will pray for your son. So when you made the surprise visit what happened? Does he still live there? Was he there? I'm sorry it must be very sad and hurtful for you. I am glad you had a nice Christmas. Have fun shopping.

    I have had my nanny/friend come in to help yesturday and today. She took Liam to see the new Chipmunks film the "Squeakquel" (lol) and they enjoyed it. Meanwhile I went shopping and had a blast. I found the perfect day planner for 2010. It is small, soft, purple leather. It will fit in my purse, yet has a lot of room to write in appointments and things. I love it and it was half price. I also found a really cute umbrella. I am not kidding every umbrella I get lasts maybe two light rainfalls and then breaks! This one is cute and the company is from London so I am hoping it is better quality. I think most umbrellas sold in So. Cal are cheapo!!!! It has a cheerful pattern. Funny, it started to rain shortly after I bought it:D

    I saw the new Psychiatrist (for me) yesturday and I will start on Cymbalta first then he wants to add something later of which I haven't researched yet. I hope upon hope that I do not have any bad side effects.

    To do this afternoon:

    rest on heating pad
    try out umbrella!
    fold laundry and put away

    What are everyone's plans for New Year's Eve?

  4. hugs4evry1

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    Happy New Year to all.......

    Molly I'm glad you went to see someone and hopefully you won't have any problems with the new medication(s).....

    Anne Theresa I do hope your surprise visit goes well with your son. How hard was that bus ride for you? Did you make it there and back ok?

    Although I still don't feel any better today, I'm getting new furniture for my living room. Hubby and Katy are out now picking it up for me and she has to work in a few hours but he'll take her for me and return the rental truck at the same time.

    So my living room is pretty torn up at the moment, I'm just hoping I have the energy to get it semi put back when they get home. Otherwise I'll just wait until tomorrow so Katy can help.

    I'm having problems mentally picturing where to put everything because the way I had planned it, leaves me too many steps away from everything I need. (this is a very good sized home) So....I'm in a state of mental confusion trying to work it out now while they're gone so it will be easier when they get back.

    We don't have any plans for tonight, I'm sure I'll be in bed it's just a matter of what time this afternoon I get there!

    Hugs all,

  5. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Happy New Year!

    Molly, I can understand your mixed feelings about getting a new dog, but a support animal is different than a pet and so there's no need to feel disloyal to Skeeter if you get one for Liam. That's my opinion, anyway. Thanks for your concern about my son, Steve. My son, James and I plan to visit Steve on his birthday (which is mid-January), hopefully he'll be at home and receptive to us. I'll be sure to let you know the outcome.

    I'm glad you had a good time shopping - I had a good day shopping yesterday too. I found a upright Bissell vacuum on sale for $60. At that price, I was surprised at how well it works, it did a wonderful job cleaning the carpet (this morning). But for the need to spot-clean a few stains (spilled pop, mostly), the carpet looks lovely!

    I hope the new medication works well and doesn't have any nasty side-effects.

    Nancy, to answer your question, the bus ride up north was not too bad but having to transfer buses in Toronto was brutal. I found it difficult to navigate the big, crowded terminal with my walker & cane while I was carrying luggage, knapsack, purse, Christmas gifts etc. then having to climb up onto a bus when I'm physically unable to climb stairs - that was a near impossible feat but I prayed and I did it! Ah well, at the other end of it all, was my dear son and so it was worth all the hassle! I hope your new furniture looks great in your home and is very comfortable for you and your family.

    I already did the housework and so, after I have my lunch and some quality time with my bunny, I'm going to shop for groceries.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  6. greygodess

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    I haven't been on in a long time but I do check on you guys once in a while. Thought I'd give you an update. I don't volunteer on a regular basis at the nature center anymore. I now take care of my 3 year old grandson 4 days a week. So right now I'm in the middle of potty training. Fun! I also bowl and volunteer at my church. I am knitting a baby blanket and crocheting an afghan for next christmas. Gotta get a head start. Hoping to keep my head up financially in this coming year. That's about it for me. May God grant you a healthy and happy New Year. Godbless
  7. sorekitty

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    Hi All,

    Nancy-New living room furniture sounds very nice. Hopefully you will get help figuring it out. Sounds like a quiet restful New Year's eve for you! Thanks for the well wishes for the new medication.

    Anne Theresa-I totally mis-read what you wrote--sorry! I hope all goes well when you both visit Steve. I cannot believe what a huge undertaking that bus ride was for you! I would think someone there could help with your packages and such. it is amazing you made it! You have a lot of perserverance. Thank you for your + thoughts for my new meds.

    Grey-It sounds like you are very busy. How nice for you to help out with your grandson. I am sure your family really appreciates it! i wish I knew how to knit or crochet or something cool like that.

    I tried the Cymbalta this morning and the only thing I have noticed so far is extreme sleepiness that started around 1:30 in the afternoon.

    For New Year's eve we are staying home. Having a toast with sparkling apple juice and a family movie. Liam usually can only stay up til 7:30 pm these days. We plan to go to bed early since Liam has been waking early.

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year!
  8. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Here's a tentative list of my New Year's Resolutions.

    1. Learn how to use, and then use, my cellphone
    2. Go for a walk most days
    3. Do physiotherapy exercises and/or swim most days
    4. Limit toxic trio*foods to one item per week
    (toxic trio: chocolate, baked goods, ice-cream)
    5. Eat fruit & vegetables every day
    6. Focus one hour daily on writing/editing projects
    7. Do something social 2 x week
    8. Seek a more balanced emotional & spiritual framework


    Grey Goddess, it's good to hear from you. How nice that you're looking after your grandson! I'm sure it's a lot of work but a pleasure too, no doubt. Good for you for getting a head start on knitting and crocheting next year's Christmas gifts. I'm sure the recipients of these gifts will be most grateful - everyone loves hand-kitted or crocheted items. I hope between caring for your grandson, your church activities and bowling, you'll be able to stop by the thread from time to time in the new year. It's always good to hear from you.

    Molly, your family New Year's party sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy your sparkling apple juice and movie. I usually like to stay up late and welcome the New Year but I'm really tired from today's grocery shopping so I may not last until midnight. I'll try to stay up late and watch the celebrations on TV but I'll likely fall asleep in my chair ;)

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa