What's on your 'To Do' List December 10-16??

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  1. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good morning all, hope this week finds you all peaceful and full of jolly!

    For me...not so much, my daughter is not doing well at all.

    She's coming over today and tomorrow, we need to make phone calls to Heidelberg again....not sure I can make the trip today, I'm exhausted.

    I've taken her off of her new meds since we had no help this weekend. The voices are back...never a good sign.

    Her meds are a mess now...back on Risperadone to wean more slowly, I had her start taking them in full dosage again since I recommended she stop the new med. The voices came back within a day of starting the new med.

    She's on another 7/24 watch to keep her safe. Her husband has to work today and tomorrow because he's off work then for the holidays and while my Dad and son are here. That will help tremendously.

    Although she's afraid to leave the house again (Risperadone causing the major OCD symptoms) we're going to have to make it through the next few days somehow.

    Hubby pulled through for me this weekend and everything we needed to get done for the visitors is finished. The house is as ready as it's going to get and the housekeeper comes on Thursday the day before they get here.

    Ice storm in St. Louis isn't a good sign, my Dad flies out of there on Thursday.

    I'm hoping to water my plants today and very little else....

    Happy Holiday Hugs all and sorry to start this week's thread off like this....if you want, I can delete it so it's starts with more jolly?

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  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Nancy- maybe when your daughter is doing a little better, she can start some baking for you....that might help her frame of mind. I haven't dealt with an OCD, so I don't know, but just an idea....

    Linda- sorry you're under the weather. Finish your cards? I haven't even started yet! Hopefully soon.....sometimes I'm sending cards right up until the 24th!

    We have another busy week coming up- my boys have a band concert Wed., then my piano students have a recital on Thursday. I try not to duplicate on their music, but somehow we wound up with 3 Jingle Bells, 2 Bell Carols, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree......(just kidding!). I'll try to space them out so it's not so noticeable...

    The boys have to get some fillings this week and I'm going for a cholesterol screening- wish me luck!
  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    It seems that almost everyone in our little group is not feeling well right now and going through some difficult time. As for myself, we had a good weekend. Saturday was a good day. Jim came over and we watched the Christmas videos. We went out for dinner and also listened to Christmas music.

    Sunday we had an ice storm so we pretty much stayed put. But that wasn't so bad. The roads still weren't very good this morning so my husband drove me into work.

    This afternoon my husband has a doctor appt. with a new doctor as his old doctor retired. I'm not sure if I've told everyone, but depression problems run in his family (both my husband and his dad suffer from depression and have to take anti-depressants). My husband has been on Prozac for years. A couple of weeks ago while we were eating out, my husband was very honest with me and said he felt he wasn't the same person as when we got married and he feels he needs a new med change would help.

    I thought he had improved just taking it every day (for awhile he wasn't taking it every day so now I have to monitor it by putting it in a daily pill container and making sure he takes it. We have sometimes wondered if he has a learning disability since his memory is so poor. But I thought it was great that he was admitting he was admitting he needed more help and that he took the initiative and scheduled the appt. He told me he thinks he's a jerk to me sometimes. I do have to admit that his mood changes are hard to deal with sometimes, although I know that my FMS can't always be easy to deal with,too

    Sorry this is so long, but the appt. is today and I am hopeful that the doctor will change his medication. I know that Prozac is an older med. Maybe a new med like Cymbalta will help. I'm on that.

    Nancy: You don't have to do any pretending here. I would hate for you to pretend that everything is okay when it's not. Jim used to have voices, too, but I haven't heard him mention them in years, thank goodness. I pray that your daughter can be helped and helped soon. I know how tormented Jim has been over the years. OCD is a terrible disease. I hope your father is able to fly out okay. I remember how much my parents did for Jim so I can just imagine all you are doing for your daughter and how exhausting it must be for you when you are sick yourself. I will continue to pray for all of you.

    Linda: You take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Anne Theresa: I hope your flare-up eases soon. How is your neck doing?

    To-do list:

    -stop at the drug store to get prescriptions and a few
    things for my husband's and Jim's Christmas stockings
    -do a load of laundry
    -husband's dr. appt.


  4. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hi Ellen, Thanks for asking after my neck pain. Unfortunately, the pain is as bad as ever, though I have a good range of motion. My spirits are good and this is always important to my overall well being.

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend. You must be pleased to see your brother well & able to enjoy the season. I hope all goes well with your hubby's appointment and that he experiences relief from his depression.

    Terri, I hope your cholesterol screening shows the results you're hoping for. It's good to monitor those sorts of things, especially if you have a history or family history of related issues. My own was sky high before I started taking lipitor - now it's consistently good.

    I didn't realize your boys were musically inclined, it must run in the family - that's great! Best of luck with the upcoming concert & recital. I hope both events are successful.

    Linda, I hope you don't get a cold, or, if you already have one, I hope it's mild and short-lived. I agree with your feeling of this group being like family. I feel close to each of you and I look forward to daily cyber-visits. It's amazing how the computer has added a whole other dimension to our understanding of 'community'. It's wonderful, I think. Take good care.

    Nancy, I love how you're able to rally around your daughter each time her needs become acute & apparent. Though I know it must break your heart to see her suffer like this, it seems you take the situation in stride and do what you can to help and co-ordinate her care.

    I hope the weather doesn't interfere with a safe and enjoyable trip for your dad. This time of year, it's difficult to predict from one day to the next what shape and form the weather will take.

    It's been very cold here, though nice & sunny. I spent a lot of days indoors last week but I went out with Sweetie and our friends, last night, for a wonderful buffet dinner and gift exchange. It was lovely.

    This eve. I'm going to try my best to get to my Weight-Watcher's meeting. I've missed the past two meetings and need to face the music. I expect a weight-gain of one or two pounds, to fit with my usual up one, down one, up two, down two, pattern.

    A small to-do list before I go out

    - empty waste baskets
    - swish toilet & tub
    - water plants
    - make/return phone calls

    Then, after I get home

    - cut up veggies
    - make muffins
    - vacuum

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Nancy, thank you, again, for picking up the thread this week. Thank you to Ellen and everyone else who has done the same.

    I stayed with my mom for several nights. She is still having some health issues. I love spending time with her, but it also me to gauge how she is really doing. Just came home an hour ago.

    Our 20 y/o son, moved back out, again, into his own apartment. Some of you might remember it did not work out well last year. Kevin drank, and drove, and put his truck head first into an interstate abuttment (sp).

    Thank heaven no one else was around. He almost bled out, after his head going throuh the window shield, then pulled it back out. He almost died. So, while I am very nervous, I am trying to let go and let God. Much easier said than done!

    Jim and I plan to leave for Dallas, on Thursday. Hopefully, we will be able to fly out of here and have nice weather for 3 nights. Of course, our ice storm's are still being predicted until Thursday. Indiana needs to move itself to a better locale.

    Nancy. Please NEVER think of pulling a post, when you are having very rough times. My heart goes out to you. How helpless you must feel, along with your daughter, your DH and SIL. Being bipolar, I feel blessed, not having to go through what your daughter does. These illness' suck! You would think in this day and age, there would be more advancements. Take very good care of yourself, while going through this rough time. I am praying your Dad get's out and heads his way to you, Thursday.

    Linda. You take care of YOURSELF, also! With all you've through, these past month's, I am sure your body is tiring, and would like to take 'advantage' of this. Rest, my friend.

    Terri. Geez, oh Pete! Your boy's are not only musical, but you are, also! I love watching recital's! Not that I can read ONE note of music...LOL Is there anything, you don't or cannot do? LOL! Your truly inspire and amaze me! Hope all goes well!

    Ellen. I am happy your weekend went well with Jim. It must make life a little less complicated. I am sorry your husband is depressed again. It certainly does run in families, mine included. I know when I am in a depression I hate myself and am short fused with those who love me. Hang in there and I hope your DH is back to feeling well very soon! You take care!

    Anne Theresa. Your pain has actually, been a pain in the neck! Sorry! It must be wearing you down. My mom's neck is one of her health problem's. I've seen how it affect's my mom's life. It certainly affects the rest of your body. Please take gentle care.

    I wish you all healing, and happier day's, very soon!


  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Kim- thanks for the compliment. I don't do everything well.......sewing and mending definitely comes to mind! I have things to be mended that have waited for......oh well, never mind!

    I hope you are all staying safe with the ice storms I'm hearing about in the midwest. My sister in Iowa said it is to be very bad there today. Nancy, I hope your dad makes it out OK.

    I got my package mailed to my daughter's family in Alaska yesterday- major relief to have that gone!

    Ellen mentioned watching holiday films- I think my favorite is "Scrooge" with Albert Finney, done in 1970. It has wonderful music and is so well done. Check it out if you can find it!

    Holiday hugs to all-
  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Well, Harry drove me to work again today because of the weather. It wasn't freezing rain on the way in, but it's supposed to change to freezing rain this morning then change back to regular rain by noon as the temps rise. Crazy weather. What a messy week this is going to be. They are talking about more freezing rain tonight, I think, and then 2-4 inches of snow on Thursday. Jim has a dental appt. on Thursday. Maybe I'll have to cancel that. I am so thankful I have Harry to drive me into work. I am so nervous driving on slippery roads.

    Harry's doctor appt. went well. We like his new doctor. She wants to try lowering his medication first and see what that does. If that doesn't improve his mood, then she will switch him to another anti-depressant like cymbalta or another one that I can't remember. Of course it will take two to three weeks before we will know what this change will do. But I am happy that Harry is admitting he needs some help and has taken the initiative to get it. It's not that he's terribly depressed, but his moods are changeable. Not always easy for me to live with.

    Anne Theresa: So sorry your neck pain is still so bad. I know how frustrating and annoying that can be. With the weather we've been having, I'm surprised I'm not hurting more than I am.

    Linda: How's the cold doing? At least by the time Christmas comes, your cold should be gone.

    Nancy: I want you to know that I said a prayer for you and your family last night.

    Kim: So sorry your mother is not doing well. I've never had any children, but I'm sure it must be hard to have your children move out, especially when you are uncertain how well they will do and you are afraid of the mistakes they may make. It must be so hard to let go.

    Terri: My favorite holiday film is "It's a Wonderful Life". I always have to watch that every year. My husband has never seen the ending of it as he always falls asleep halfway through it!

    To-do list:

    -pick up prescriptions
    -lunch out with Harry (weather permitting)
    -pool therapy class (weather permitting)
    -vacuum carpet upstairs

  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. It's been quiet here today in regards to my daughter since she's at home with her husband although I do know she slept pretty well last night. He's now off with her until the 27th when my Dad and son leave.

    Mine is gone today and until Thursday in Southern Germany. He's always wanted to see Garmish at Christmas time...but he's there for a very important conference that he's presenting at too.

    Ellen, he has depressive issues too but isn't on any medication at this point although he's close to asking for it with all the stress from our daughter.

    I hope things get better with your husband, I know how hard this all is.

    I've done my to do list for today since it was extremely short.

    I've watered my plants & the Christmas tree. Cleaned up my new pots and pans that I had to buy in order to cook for 6 people. I somehow lost my other new ones in the move.???

    And I've wrapped 2 more gifts to put under the tree. Hopefully the things I've ordered for my son will get here in time for Christmas.

    And...most importantly of all, I've crawled in bed with a good book and some Christmas movies.

    I'm pretty exhausted from yesterday's trip. It was 3 hours by car (r/t) but my knee is killing me today from being in the back seat.

    But I have to tell you all...I've never been so proud of my husband, although I'm sure I've said it before to him. He's presenting his solutions to a huge project that he's been working on for over 2 years and yesterday was probably his busiest day of the year.

    Yet, when my daughter called and asked if he'd take us to Heidleberg, he immediately said yes and you should have seen her eyes light up.

    That's because her husband 'had' to work yesterday and today....but when things became critical, he too got the time off. (I then let hubby off the hook so he could finish preparing for this trip)

    I heard my daughter ask about Ambassador Gates (although I'm sure she was confused and meant Sec Gates....so I now know why her hubby had to work, but didn't. Both had very important days planned, yet she was more important to both of them in her time of need.....I am so proud of them!

    Thank you all again for your prayers and support.

    I'm getting ready to make myself something simple for dinner then crawl back into bed.




    It's so good to be back..I'm so sorry to hear that so many of you are feeling under the weather..looks like I'm going to have to join the group..feels like I have a cold coming on, too..yuk!!

    Hubby and I got home late last night and we're so glad that finally the vineyard has been bedded down for the winter..what a job it has been this year..harvest went pretty well..Fortunately, I didn't have to drive and deliver the grapes this time..we hired a trucking company to do that, and boy, was that nice..however, there were plenty of other things to do..we had spent so much time this past year on fixing the irrigation damage made by the coyotes, that the vineyard started looking a bit shabby..so after harvest, we hired a few men to help us with the clean-up and tree removal..we had trees popping up all over the vineyard and they needed to be taken out before they started to damage the vines...so, now that's all done and what a relief!

    I need to catch up on our past posts to see what I've missed, and will post again soon. I've really missed you all.

    My do to list: is to do nothing for the rest of the week!

    Take care everyone and stay warm and healthy!!
  10. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Hubby back to the doctor today for the 2nd time this month , still trying to get rid of the cold he brought home to me before Thanksgiving.

    Ruled out pneumonia and decided it was a bad case of acute bronchitis. He has had to have a 2nd PSA test as the last one was a tad above normal.

    It just made my Fibro and Ra worse and I'm still in a battle. Pain is very intense.

    Get up in the morn and set on my behind until the pain meds kick in and try to accomplish something.

    My table linens I sent out to be ironed are back home and in the closet. That helps.

    Managed to decorate both ends of my 27 foot bowling bowl den for Christmas. Thats taken 2 weeks. Slow is the operative word here.

    Made an Christmas arrangement for the living room and my front door wreath has been revamped but ran out of steam before I got it on the porch.

    Table deco for 30 foot of tables is scattered about in boxes and on small tables ready to do "something with. If this pain dosen't let up it may get stuck under the beds until after.

    Opened my dishwasher this morning to find a brown recluse spider climbing up the side. I about wet my pants.I hate spiders.Hate them. And yes I am positive thats what he was.

    I imagine he crawled out of one of the many boxes I've brought out of storage for xmas.

    The second I realized what he was , he was a grease spot.
    I'll probably dream about the horrid thing tonight.

    I've had to move into the guest bedroom for a few nights as the small almount of sleep I get at night is being disturbed by my hubbys coughing.

    Tomorrow I hope to do my party mix. That is the one time of the year I get my fiber right. LOL

    I feel so sorry for you guys who are going through the ice storm. I dread that word around here as I have over a 100 pines around my home, many of which I cannot reach around.

    It's a scary thing.

    Nancy: Never fear to make a post. I sometimes feel that if I couldn't put it into words somewhere to somebody,I would lose my mind. I would feel like a shaken soda bottle with the lid on if I didn't tell how awful it can be sometimes.

    I will never forget when my children moved out. It broke my heart and I wept my eyes dry.

    My son soon moved back when his so called friend wouldn't pay his share of the bills and ate all the groceries.
    He moved back and was here until he married.

    Daughter moved out came back home move out and married moved out of state, got home sick moved back home with hubby and baby, stayed 2 yrs intil they bought their own home.

    Now I'm gun shy. Afraid to keep my guest bedroom in perfect order and somebody will find it so inviting they'll move back again.LOL

    TO do list:
    Make xmas goodies
    Finish decorating

    Maybe shop a little.

    Did mow my yard today, or rather used the mower to blow of the blanket of leaves that was to hard for me to rake.

    I quit.


  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good morning everyone!

    JB, it's good to see you posting again....glad the harvest is in. I know it's been a busy time for you.

    Wren, I loved how you mentioned just putting your decorations under the bed. This year is the first time I've used that option as well.

    I have 3 options for today's to do list....

    One is to do nothing and rest some more...

    However, I do need to go huge grocery shopping to get supplies in for the holidays and the guests. I can also stop by and pick up our mail on base. I know this option will relieve stress since I need to do this without my daughter with me.

    Or, I could stay home, trim the dog's hair and bathe her and vacuum up the mess. This is my least favorite choice for the day. I wish I could just have a dog grooming fairy make her look pretty again.

    I do feel pretty rested this morning. I slept from about 8:30 until 6:00 this morning. I'll have to wait and see how my morning goes before I make my choices. Need to see if my daughter needs me here.

    Happy Holiday Hugs all,

  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    The roads were fine this morning so I drove myself in to work. Although I am thankful we didn't get the brunt of the ice storms. Thankfully we were on the edge of it. I guess a lot of people in other states are still without power.

    Nancy: I'm not surprised that your husband needs medication for depression right now. You two have been through a lot. How are you holding up? I'm sure your dad and son coming is giving you a mental boost right now.

    JB: So nice to hear from you. Sounds like you have been really been in the vineyards. It's great you have your harvesting done for the year and can relax a little more now.

    Wren: Are brown recluse spiders poisonous? I've heard of them. I'm not crazy about any kind of spider. My husband is my "spider-killer".

    To-do list:

    -grocery shopping
    -mend a blouse
    -meeting husband at the theatre after grocery shopping-
    we are seeing the movie "Awake"


  13. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all.

    I'm still in a flare with much pain, although today's energy seems a bit better than its' been. I've spent most of the day in bed but I've been able and motivated to get up every hour to do five or ten minutes work before returning to my bed, heating pad, etc.

    It's during difficult times like these that I most cherish my adjustable bed and the ability to sit and/or lay comfortably (with head & feet raised) to watch TV, nap and/or read if/when my headache allows.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a lap top so spending time on the computer is difficult. Having said that, I know you'll understand my need for a brief message today. I just wanted to post, to let you know I'm here, improving a bit and thinking of you. Hopefully, I'll write more tomorrow or, if not tomorrow, soon.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

    p.s. It's almost bed-time now, so I won't make a to-do list. However, the items noted below are the tasks I've accomplished today:

    - put dishes away
    - put laundry away
    - vacuum, just a small area
    - care for pets
    - respond to one email - the rest will have to wait
  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good morning all...

    I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has flown by!

    I did manage to get my grocery shopping done yesterday, got gas, Euro, washed the last set of new towels....and my daughter came over while her husband did some shopping. We made her a new curtain for her bedroom window. (She was determined to get this done)

    Her husband bathed the dog for me, she did the blow dry so my dog looks presentable again, thank goodness...I guess you can say the 'dog grooming fairy' really did stop by, lol!!!

    I have a few small things to do around the house today, little things need to be tidied up and the housekeeper comes today, but I think I'll spend the day mostly resting.

    I'm feeling pretty tired although I just got out of bed a few minutes ago.

    Ellen, I'm holding up fine although tired as I already mentioned, thanks for asking. I'm just thrilled that I haven't been diagnosed with a new disease for Christmas this year like the last two...although there's still time in December yet, knock on wood.

    Anne Theresa, I hope you feel better soon....but thanks for updating us.

    Hugs all,

  15. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    A few people have very little reaction to them but those who do can get into some very serious problems that lead to surgery as the only way to stop the progress of the bite.

    That was the first one i've seen in real life form and I never want to see one again.

    I'm thinking I may have my building sprayed.

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  16. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    The boys did well at their band concert last night...one of them had some solos. I could hear some nervousness, but he held it together.

    Tonight is the student piano recital and I haven't even typed up my program yet. Then I make copies for everyone. I provide the punch and others bring cookies. It's a nice, short evening and I think the kids are prepared.

    Hopefully, the boys and I will get to make some cookies tomorrow.....I need a fun activity for them. I saw a recipe where you put a stiff white frosting on the cookies, then paint on that with food coloring.....could be fun!

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon...
  17. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Well, it's getting pretty quiet here on campus since some of the students are done with exams and have left for their Christmas break. However, I am really busy with this large class evaluation project which I want to get done before I leave for my own Christmas break at the end of next week. Plus, I have a few other small things that need to get done, too.

    The English Dept. surprised Vanessa (our cleaning lady) and me each with a $50.00 gift certificate to a local store as a Christmas present. They always do something nice for us every year. I will save mine and use it to buy flowers for our yard next spring.

    My husband and I never did see our movie yesterday. They had a problem with their equipment. After waiting 45 minutes, we finally got our money back and left. This is the second time this has happened to us. We'll try again on the weekend. So instead I did some housework.

    Terri: That's great that your boys did good at their recitals last night. Good luck with the student recitals tonight. I'm sure your students are nervous, but so pleased when they do well.

    Wren: I'm so glad I don't live where you do. I love the south, but I don't love some of the "wildlife" you have down there.

    Nancy: I'm glad you are doing okay. Sounds like keeping your daughter busy maybe helps her mentally?

    Anne Theresa: I'm so sorry your flare-up is continuing. I hope it eases in time for Christmas.

    To-do list:

    -take Jim to the dentist
    -get my wedding ring cleaned
    -pool therapy class
    -clean laundry tub

  18. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Is short and sweet....I need to rest and then rest some more.

    For some reason yesterday I almost hit rock bottom. I could feel it in my body...achy, so tired and 2 naps didn't even begin to help. The kind of tired where you avoid even walking to the kitchen unless you have to and it's been awhile since I've felt this badly.

    Hubby snored me awake again at 4:00 this morning so I'll be going back to bed soon.

    A few more gifts came in the mail for my son last night so I'm hoping to wrap them and have them under the tree when he gets here tonight.

    Going to the airport is even just a 'maybe' for me tonight, that tells you how crappy I'm feeling.

    A gentle reminder goes out to us all....please take care of yourself during these busy holiday times. Apparently I've pushed a bit too hard and wham....back to feeling badly again.

    Hugs all,

  19. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Sounds like all the stress plus the holidays is catching up with some of us here with people getting sick and having flare-ups. I, too, have been pushing myself a little more than usual lately and I know this isn't good.
    Plus, things have been busy at work. It always is at the end of the semester. I hope to have this big project done by the middle of next week.

    I do plan to go out to my girlfriend's house tomorrow with Jim to do some Christmas cookie baking, but the rest of the weekend I plan for it to be pretty low key. My husband is going to help me by picking up Jim so I don't have to make two trips to Morenci, which is quite a drive. Driving really tires me out. So that will save my energy level for the cookie baking.

    My husband drove me into work today as he had some things to do in town today while I am working. We'll have lunch afterward and I have a couple of errands of my own to do.

    To-do list:

    -lunch with husband
    -get wedding ring cleaned
    -finish mending blouse
    -wash towels and bedding

    Well, take care everyone.

  20. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    For the most part, I'm taking this flare in stride but I'm beginning to fear I won't be recovered (or improved) in time for Christmas.

    I've co-ordinated my sons' visit and so my 'main' Christmas event will be with them over the weekend of the 28th. Prior to my sons' visiting, we have six events to attend, though depending on how I feel, Sweetie may have to go to some (or all) of these without me.

    I plan to move through the season one-day-at-a-time and do the best I can.

    In the meantime, it's back to bed for me.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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