What's on your To Do List Feb. 14 -20 ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AnneTheresa, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello everyone,


    Thanks everyone for condolences with regard to my little bunny, Harriet. Terri, Broadcasting and Dianne, thanks for your kind words.

    JB thank-you too. I'm sorry you're suffering from depression. It can be horrible, I know. Hang in there - February is a terrible month for depression but spring is on the way. I pretty much have my SAD* lamp on all day during January/February (*special spectrum lamp to help with seasonal affective disorder). I can't say for sure if it's helping with my depression (I think it is) but I know for sure my plants love the light:)

    To-Do Today

    empty dishwasher
    empty garbages
    water plants
    coffee with a friend
    complete household budget
    make decision about writing an article (I was asked to write an article for a regional newspaper - I'm honored but not sure if I want to take on the stress)

    I look forward to hearing from others and, as always, new members are welcome.
    What's on Your To Do List?

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  2. EllenComstock

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    This will be short tonight as I need to get back to working on taxes. We have an accountant who does our taxes, but of course I need to get our paperwork in order.

    Anne Theresa: I am so sorry about your bunny. Sorry I haven't been on here the past week or so. I know what you mean about depression. I have been having problems with that off and on. I keep giving myself pep talks and forcing myself to go out and go about my normal routine, which includes keeping up with friends and volunteer activities. I know this is important with all that is going on with my marriage right now. And I keep remembering that I deserve to be respected and loved! Right now I feel stronger than I did earlier in the week. I guess that's the way it will go. Is that how things are with you-good days and bad days?

    I gave my husband a nice card and box of candy all wrapped up fancy for Valentine's Day and he gave me nothing. He refused to go to counseling last Saturday so I went alone, but suddenly said he would go this Saturday. That does it. Both Mike (the counselor) and I have about had it with him. I am going to tell him at counseling tomorrow that if he cancels out on counseling and then decides to go back that I am not going to play his games anymore. No more counseling.

    I got some books (they were in a set of three) on abusive men from Amazon.com, and have started reading to educate myself on verbally and psychologically abusive men and hopefully will begin to understand what makes my husband and other abusive men like him tick. While I am learning some things, some of it is confusing. But I am reading slowly and highlighting things that apply to my husband.

    Have a good weekend!


  3. alaska3355

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    Hi all,

    Ellen, sorry your Valentine's day was a dud......I think you are wise to educate yourself and it sounds like you are emotionally stronger now. We are also trying to get our paperwork in order for taxes- that's enough for us to handle!

    Anne Theresa- We used to have a SAD light when we lived in Alaska.....long, dark winters up there. We haven't needed it in WA state so much (good thing, as we got rid of it when we moved!). I think they are helpful.....

    We had a birthday party for my MIL on Thursday....she turned 90! She still is mentally alert, although she is getting frail. I made a huge cake ( a carrot cake) and even decorated it myself. Since my daughter does professional cake decorating, I called her up for advice. She sent me some gumpaste flowers she made to put on the cake, so that dressed it up. Mother had a nice day and was moved by all of the attention. I am delivering cake leftovers to her friends at her assisted living today.....gotta get that cake out of here! It is too tempting!

    Have a good weekend....

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