What's on your 'To Do' List Feb 16 to Feb 22?

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    Good Morning all,

    Anne Theresa, before I forget...I wanted to mention that I'm not on that med so I can't give any advice about it. Wish I could help you and hope you feel better soon. I'm glad your trip went well.

    I've had an interesting morning already. I'm not known to do much laundry around here, I have a habit of being caught at my worst in the elevator that works for all 3 homes here. Private, yet people do have guests come and go.

    For some reason this morning, I decided to go down and get my favorite sweater and start some of Katy's laundry. Lo and behold, the elevator broke with me in it! Very cold in there, not properly dressed, crazy jammies, no bra and a shirt that didn't fit because I woke up soaked this morning so just threw another one on. (of course)

    Spent close to 45 minutes in there, must have been all of 35 degrees, it finally opened at one point, but it looked like my husband was coming in, (he was reaching in to help me up) so it closed again with me in it. At that point my blood sugar was low, past the time I should have eaten so I wasn't thinking right that I should get out anyway......

    Finally had hubby go get me a coat and boots, I was in slippers and ankle socks with about 8" of snow outside.......and the landlord eventually came and let me out. (We were supposed to all be taught how to get someone out, but it never happened....only 1 guy was taught and he wasn't answering his bell) What a morning.....

    Now hubby's out, salting the outside rickety stairs we'll have to use this morning so no one else will fall like he did bringing me my coat and boots so I could trudge back up the outside way. (he also spilled coffee on my white coat trying to bring it to me)

    I've showered and am trying to warm up a bit....we need to go to the commissary for a few things, out in town to get dog food and Katy has an appt with the gastro doc later today.

    Supposed to snow about 6 more inches tomorrow......think I'll just curl up in bed, lol!

    Hugs all......

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    Hi, Girls:

    Here we are-the start of another week. But this one will be a short one for me with my surgery on Friday. Already most of this workday is over. My lunch time is almost here and after that I only work an hour and then I'm done for the day. I actually don't have any errands to run after work. I can go straight home, which is nice. I didn't get everything done on my to-do list for the weekend so I plan to finish that up this afternoon. I always get my house really clean before surgery. That way I can recuperate and not have to do it in a messy, dirty house.

    We had a nice time having my in-laws over yesterday. It's been awhile since we've had them over. Even all our cats came out of hiding and showed themselves! Especially timid Albert-my white cat! I couldn't believe it!

    We had a nice Valentine's Day. Harry gave me flowers and I gave him a box of chocolates. Then we went to the mall, which is a treat for me since I can't go their often since I can't take my scooter. We split up and did our own shopping. I was looking at bras at J.C.Penny when I lady came up to me and said she was an employee of the store and was a professional bra fitter. She asked if I wanted to use her services. I hate shopping for bras so I said yes! She even went into the dressing room with me. Now I know why I hate shopping for bras-I'm a between sizes person. She found the closest size for me, which isn't an easy size to find. She found one. She told me how to properly care for bras-no dryers-it ruins the elastic and shortens the life. I looked so much better in the new bra. Like so many women, the bra I was wearing was too small.

    After shopping, Harry and I went out for lunch and got a Valentine special. A really nice, relaxing day.

    It had been 10 days since I called Jim so I finally did on Saturday. He sounded a little cheerier, which is good.

    Nancy: What a day you had. I bet you were really wiped out after finally get out of the elevator. I've always had a fear of getting stuck in an elevator. I'm a little claustrophobic. I'll bet it will be awhile before you get back into it.

    Anne Theresa: I'm the one who is on Topamax. I do have problems with sleepiness on it. I've had problems with sleepiness at work or driving, which is not good. At work, I try to get up now and then and move around. With driving, I try opening the window or turning on the radio. I'm glad it has started to affect your appetite.

    Well, I had better get back to work. Take care, everyone.

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    Good Morning all....

    Ellen, I'm so sorry to ask this, I must have missed it...but what surgery are you having on Friday? I'll say a few prayers for you....and hope everything goes well.

    Katy has another appt today to have a camera put down her stomach but I'm not sure if I'll take her or have hubby do it.

    After yesterday I had planned to just lay around in bed and rest today. (We did go grocery shopping after the elevator incident, I gave the dog a haircut and vacuumed the entire house too) So I wasn't mentally prepared to have to go out today. It's supposed to snow a lot too. And yes, I'm pretty tired after all of that.

    The elevator repair guy came and taught me how to get someone out of the elevator, now all I need is for him to make me a key. I'm just glad it was me and not Katy who got stuck, or all of us.

    Hope to hear from the others soon...


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    Hi, Girls:

    I've been copying up a storm here at work. Lots of copy jobs to do. I've got them all done now I'm glad to say. It's almost time for me to leave.

    My oldest brother, Tom, called me last night. I was right in the middle of dusting the upstairs when he called so I held the cordless phone in one hand and dusted with the other while we talked. I am determined to recooperate from the surgery in a clean house. Tom and I haven't talked in awhile so we had some catching up to do. Also, he wondered if I wanted to come over this weekend to watch family slides with him and my brother, Jim. He forgot about my surgery on Friday so we postponed it to later next week when I should be feeling better. My father took a lot of slides of us kids when we were growing up and it would be fun to see those pictures again. Once in awhile the three of us get together and watch them. We can never get my sister to come over.

    I'm going to try and find time to pass my resume around campus in hopes of working part-time on campus this summer. It's too hard to go all summer without a paycheck although the time off is nice.

    Nancy: I'm having surgery on my right ear. I'm having a BAHA hearing aid put in. Part of it will be inside and part outside. I'm opting for the surgery as insurance will cover it and if I went with the hearing aid I would have to pay $2,000.00. I will be off of work all next week, but will try and get over to the library later in the week and let all of you know how I'm doing.

    Linda: that was nice of your son and his girlfriend to give you flowers. What a nice surprise.

    Well, it's time for me to leave. See you tomorrow!

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    Good Morning all,

    Linda, sounds like you've been very busy so enjoy your resting time....

    Ellen, I hope your surgery goes well, but don't over do with the housework...try to rest up a bit too before the surgery.

    I ended up taking Katy to her appt yesterday. She had an endoscopy done on her stomach so it took over 3 hours....We both came home very tired but I wasn't able to rest because of the puppy and she just couldn't help herself from falling asleep.

    The results were good, her tummy's fine but we have another appt next week for an ultra sound on her abdomen.

    You know me, I have to eat every 2 hours, so I'm sitting in a full waiting room and took 2 bites of my apple, then looked around and went oooops!

    So I asked the nurses and they gave me a private room to eat in. I hadn't thought that all of these people had been fasting for over 12 hours. I was so embarrassed and didn't want to be rude, but they were very nice about it.

    She's aready begging me to take her shopping at the PX today so we'll have to see how it goes.....other than that, I need to get my nerve up and go back downstairs to move the laundry around and finish what I started on Monday.

    Hugs all........

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    Hello friends, I have some wonderful news from my weight-watchers meeting last eve. After missing two meetings, I weighed-in last eve. and showed an eight pound loss. I pray to God this is more than a one off, that I've turned the corner in my weight loss efforts. I owe my success to a good conversation with my doctor that resulted in my letting go of one nasty med and adding topomax to the mix. I'm still quite tired but beginning to adjust to the topomax.

    Ellen, I hope your surgery goes well on Friday and that your recovery is swift and complete. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nancy, OMG, such a frightful incident with the elevator! I'm glad you received training so this won't happen again.

    Linda, I'm glad you're getting some rest. I can completely relate to those weather-related ouchies. We had a few warm & rainy days. Now all the snow is gone - unheard of for February. It's turned very cold again and it will likely snow before too long.

    Sweetie only has to work two hours today so we plan to shop for groceries today and perhaps, later, go to a movie. Before he gets home, I have time to do a few things

    - put laundry away
    - put dishes away
    - clean counters & kitchen sink
    - empty wastebaskets

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Haven't been on the board for awhile. Sounds like some nerve wracking things going on. Stuck in an elevator and surgery. I'm a bit claustrophobic so I don't think I'd like the elevator event. The one at our church got stuck sometime in the last year and I think about it every time I use it. (bad knees). I think I could cope with the size of it but not with the absence of a bathroom. So what if the corner gets watered.

    Not a lot going on here. Kind of a February funk. Still doing all the volunteer things. Spent four hours yesterday cleaning. Also watched Abby, our soon to be 5 year old grandaughter. She had a fever so she couldn't go to day care. She spent all day in the sunroom watching Sponge Bob cartoons and coloring.

    Went up to Port Huron on Valentine's day. We had lunch at the Thomas Edison Inn. It is under the Blue Water Bridge to Canada, right where Lake Huron empties into the St. Mary's river. It is really pretty in the summer with all the sailboats and the water which is really blue. Not so pretty this time of year, but the food is good.

    I've been crocheting an afghan for our oldest son for next Christmas but I'm not to happy about the way it is turning out. It is one of those that you have to crochet the pieces and then sew them together. I don't know if I'll finish it or put it away for awhile. Which means that I probably won' finish it. I'll have to see.

    Well that is it for me. Hope you are all well and that Ellen's surgery goes well. Godbless
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    Both yesterday and today I have typed long messages only to find I had to delete them as I couldn't submit them. So this is a test to see if I can submit this.

  9. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Okay, I will take a chance to type another long message and hope when I get done that I can submit it. My test one when okay. Yesterday afternoon was really stressful for me! I got a call from Ann the Director in Human Resources. She's only been director for a short time and it's a new position. Anyway, she raked me over the coals because I hadn't contacted her earlier that I was going to be off for surgery earlier so she could find a replacement. I told her I didn't know I had to do this and I didn't know this was a new policy. I told her twice and both times she just ignored me. (She later found a secretary who won't sit at my desk, but will be available to help the professors). She found out I was having surgery from Agnes, another administrator, (she found out in a roundabout way ten days ago). I asked Ann how she found out I was having surgery and she said that Agnes told her. I can't help but think that Agnes knew about this policy and deliberately waited until the last minute to tell Ann to get me in trouble. For some reason she has had it in for me for some time now. I found a memo from Nancy (a professor in my building) to Agnes where the two were belittling me and Nancy was telling Agnes another "Ellen story". It makes me wonder how long this has been going on. I have never anything to these women-why are they doing this to me?

    Anyway-back to Ann. She later sent me an e-mail saying that she wanted me to put up two signs about Deb filling in for me in the office, then e-mail the signs to all the professors in the building, then to her and Agnes. What's their problem-they have to check my sign to make sure I did it correctly?

    So I called our Secretarial Steering Committe which consists of four secretaries and one administrator, David Drews. I talked to two of them and they said they never heard of this policy and they said it wasn't in the secretary handbook. They thought me having to e-mail the sign to Agnes and Ann was ridiculous. One of them said they were taking time off during spring break and they didn't want to tell Ann or they would have to go through the same crap. I told them they better or they would get into trouble!

    I think having someone help out on your job is a good idea, but she just needed to let the committee know about it so they could discuss it at their next meeting and then let all of us know about it. We can't follow policies we know nothing about. And then to treat me like this! I didn't even get a "Good luck on your surgery". I think the Human Resource Director could be a little more humane!

    So I e-mailed all the committe members, including David Drews, Agnes and Ann, and requested that this policy be discussed at the next meeting and that all secretaries be informed of this new policy so that when we take vacations and scheduled sick leave we can let Ann know. I was professional in the e-mail, but it was my way of getting back at Ann and a little bit at Agnes!

    Sometimes I envy you guys. You don't have to deal with the working world and office politics. Can I retire????? (ooops-I just had an interruption. Pat Alber-another professor-just came in and apologized to me about the pop machine. Another situation that happened back in December. Long story-but she went to Nancy-big mistake-and Nancy blew it all out of proportion and made up things I said to Agnes to make me look bad. Pat just saw it on an e-mail and is really sorry she talked to Nancy. I told her what Agnes and Nancy are doing to me. I had the feeling that Pat wasn't involved in this and I was right. At least we've cleared the air. She told Nancy she would never talk to her again!)

    Thanks for all your kind words about my surgery and I'll try to get to the computers at the library as soon as I'm feeling up to it! I still don't know what time the surgery is.

    Nancy: I had to laugh at your story about eating the apple! That will be me tomorrow! I bet
    you really hate to get back into the elevator. At least you know how to get out of it now.

    Greygoddess: Your life sounds so nice and calm. Can we trade lives?

    Anne Theresa: I'm glad to hear from you again. I was starting to worry about you. Congratulations on the weight loss! The Topamax is doing its job!

    I'll be back on here as soon as I'm able! Take care, everyone.

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    Yay-it let me send my long message-computers!

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    It's Friday and my first time here this week.....better late than never!

    Ellen- I'm praying that you have a successful surgery today. Speedy recovery too. Enjoy your time in your clean house!

    Nancy- be careful around those elevators! Or at least next time, wear something warmer. It sounds like an outdoor elevator.

    AnneTheresa- Congrats on the weight loss! Woo hoo! (That's Weight Watcher talk) Now just keep going.....I'll join you in the effort. I haven't lost any for a few weeks now, but I'm trying!

    Grey- I hear you about the February blahs.....I'm anxious for spring! We have no snow, so that's a step in the right direction. Now some highs in the 70's would be nice!

    I mentioned that Mother had her birthday this week. We took her out to the resort where my son works and had a wonderful dinner. We got the employee discount and they also brought out five free appetizers. Plus a free dessert for Mother. She saved it since I had pecan pie made at home for dessert. So she had a great 88th b-day.

    Well, take care everyone and have a nice weekend.
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    Good Morning all....

    Not sure if anyone will get a chance to read this or not......

    Haven't been feeling well as is my norm lately.....losing my breakfast in a violent manner put me in bed Friday.

    Yesterday we got a few things done around the house then went out and bought 2 new recliners. I've been shopping for them for a year now, it's hard with just the base being our furniture store and I've wanted matching one's, but I found them yesterday and I'm so glad I did.

    They're wonderful, pretty and so supportive on my back and body.

    Hubby's leaving tomorrow morning early to go to my Dad's house for a vacation, if you can call it that so I'm trying to rest up knowing that I have to do everything by myself for the next 2 weeks.

    Each time he brings me my coffee, refill, or grabs something for me is such a big help and I really notice it when he's gone.

    Ellen, I'm so sorry you're having a problem with office politics. Just what we don't need is more stress!

    Grey, got a question for you.....do dear tracks leave both a left and right path? We've had a something in our yard lately that left tracks in the snow but I can't find anything online to compare them to.

    The tracks we had were in a single line, 18" apart.....6" long but only 2 marks close together. Not from the cat family though.....

    Tomorrow is my facial and I'm really looking forward to it....what a way to start the week with hubby being gone.

    Hugs all,