What's on your 'To Do' List Feb 2 through Feb 8?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hugs4evry1, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    I have a monster to do list this week even without all of the little things I hope to accomplish.

    I need to get to the mall for my new glasses so I'm hoping to do that today.

    Katy's been having tummy troubles so I need to get her to TriCare to make an appt out in town but I'm hoping to put that off until Wed when I have another doc appt on base.

    We also need to go out in town to get her meds.....the doc is weaning her down a bit from her monster dosage of Seroquel and so far, it's going pretty well.

    We're hoping to take the pup out with us and maybe have lunch out too.

    I also need to change my sheets on my bed, I won't even mention how long it's been, but I usually switch my mattress around at the same time and hubby hurt his back this weekend so I can't ask him for help.

    I'm due for a large grocery shopping trip as well.....

    It's hard starting a week knowing so many important things need to be done, yet not knowing how I'll feel or how much I can get done. Oh the pressure.

    Hope to hear from you all soon and Cindy, welcome again to the thread.


  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Nancy, just take one thing at a time. You can only do what you can do. If you don't get it all done right away, the world won't blow up! (I don't think!)

    I'm accompanying for solo/ensemble this week, so it's a busy one with rehearsals and so on. Hubby is out of town this week, so it's all up to me. But the kids help when I ask them. They just tend not to be motivated to "notice" what has to be done.....

    I also volunteered to set up a breakfast for the adjudicators on Saturday. I will buy all the goodies and set it up, then I'll be reimbursed. Good thing- I think it could be fairly expensive! They want fruit, pastries and coffee from Starbucks.

    I hope some more people chime in soon.....
  3. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I hope you're able to get some good rest breaks, interspersed between your many chores this week. When you look at it (all that you need to do) all at once like that, it's bound to seem overwhelming. Best to focus on one day, one thing, one step at a time. That's what I try to do though admittedly, more often than not, I can't see the forest because of all the trees. I hope you like your new glasses and enjoy the improved vision.

    Terri, you've got a busy week planned, as well. Good for you! I hope your accompanying goes well and is enjoyable. Your children are good to help out when asked. Being able to 'notice' what needs to be done is a skill most children and many men haven't developed. God bless them.

    Grammy27, I love reading about your dogs. Labs are beautiful!
    It's great you're able to give the therapist a trial period. It's so important to have someone compatible, otherwise you're wasting your time & money.

    I was halfway planning to begin counseling this month but, given my pain and near-immobility of late, I'm opting for physiotherapy instead. A friend with fibro recommended a physiotherapist who is also an acupuncturist so I'm going to give him a try.
    Hopefully, I'll see some good results.

    I hope your many appointments & meetings go well this week and that you feel well and joyful throughout.

    Did I mention that this year's (annual) gift-to-self (to acknowledge another year without a cigarette!) was two lovely pairs of pants that I ordered on-line? anyway, they arrived by mail this morning and they're just perfect; a pair of black velvet leggings worn under a pair of black lacy flares. They are so unique & pretty and - because the seamstress called me for my measurements - they fit like a dream. I'm happy.

    make bed
    dust desk & dresser
    put dishes away
    clean kitchen counters & sink
    make iced tea & jello
    make casserole for dinner

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Here it is mid-week and I'm finally getting on here. This week got off to a rough start. I called in sick on Monday-a had a flare-up. The weekend started off well with my 50th birthday on Saturday. Harry had to work on Saturday so Jim and I got together. We had lunch out and Jim convinced Harry and I that he would be good so Harry let him spend Saturday night. Jim and I also had a nice visit with Harry's parents. We had a really nice day. Jim gave me a birthday card.

    Well, Jim behaved until Sunday morning. That when he started "pestering" me again to give him money out of his trust account for these natural "cures" that he is sure will cure him. Harry told him to stop it or he would have to go home. Then a little while later Jim wanted to use the phone. We said he could, but only our siblings, Tom and Janet, not his guardian, Judy, as she is long distance. Well, lo and behold, guess who I caught him talking to on the phone-Judy!

    So I ended up taking Jim back to the group home a little early. Boy was I mad at him. Harry was, too! Jim can be so sneaky sometimes! (He was in the basement when he was talking to Judy.)

    After I got back, Harry took me out to a nice restaurant and gave me a dozen red roses for my birthday. But it was hard to get over being mad at Jim for both of us. I think being so emotionally upset-I mean I really lost it-is what brought on my flare-up later that day. Usually I maintain my patience with him, but I can't stand it when he deliberately disobeys and sneaks around!

    On Tuesday I still didn't feel well, so I slept until noon and went into work in the early afternoon. Today I'm doing much better, but still tired.

    Nancy: I know what you mean about having lots to do and feeling overwhelmed! Just being off work for such a short time got me behind at work, although I am getting caught up. Today I have a lot of things to do at home. There's never an end. I hope you like your glasses and Katy's tummy troubles go away.

    Terri: Good luck on your music program this week. I have heard that Starbucks is expensive.
    As for men and children not noticing things needing to be done, that is most definitely true. I know it is with my husband!

    Anne Theresa: I hope the therapy helps you and that you are able to find someone that you feel comfortable with. That is the important thing. I am sorry that you have become so unable to do things. Sometimes I envy those of you who can stay at home, but then I realize that I should be grateful that I am well enough to be able to work even though it is hard at times.

    Grammy: I had to laugh at your story about your smelly dog! Sometimes animals do eat strange things. Two of my cats like yogurt, although that probably isn't a strange thing for them to like. The vet said it is actually good for them. Good luck with your dr. appts.

    To-do list:

    -grocery shopping
    -vacuum hard floors
    -long nap
    -make chop suey
    -feed the birds (done)


  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Ellen, I don't know if you saw, but I had posted a happy birthday note to you here! I know it's upsetting when you feel deceived by a family member- I've been there. It's hard to get over, but I'm sure you will be able to forgive him soon.

    Anne Theresa- that's great when something you order fits so well! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new pants/outfit. Maybe the thing to wear to a play......my weight loss has slowed down because I need to exercise and don't really. Just getting out and walking would help. Gotta do it! My boys want me to go swimming with them, but I hate the idea of wearing a suit......ackk!

    Nancy- hope you and Katy are feeling better. Did you make some new jammy pants this week? I'm sure your pup would love to help with any scraps that fall on the floor!

    Grammy- you are sounding better and like your old self. I hope and pray all goes well with you. Watch out for dog stinkers!

    Haven't heard from Linda in quite awhile.....hope she is OK and can check in with us soon.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been doing pretty well this week taking things one at a time to try to finish my monster list of things to do.

    Yesterday I had my doc appt where we discussed the weight loss finally (and again) so he did some more blood work (3rd time) and I'll call him back next week.

    I managed to go grocery shopping after wards but I wasn't fully coherent the entire time. Hubby and I even had lunch together on base so that was fun, grabbing a few minutes to ourselves.

    Today I went back to another base so I'm getting my new glasses done. Not like the states though, it'll be around the 17th when I finally get them. Had lunch out with Katy and went to the thrift store on the other base as well. My housekeeper was here today so it wasn't a good day to try to rest until after she left.

    I did manage the mall this week too to buy frames, had my eyebrows done, (can't see to pluck them properly) and I made myself an appt for a facial. I used to love being pampered and it's about time I find something relaxing and wonderful for myself.

    Made it to TriCare yesterday too for Katy's dermotology appt out in town but didn't have a chance to make my own Endo appt, I'll put that on next week's list.

    Tomorrow if I feel human I'll try to get out and get Katy's meds out in town, if not, hubby can help me with that on Saturday morning.

    Sorry, my dogs are fighting but I did read each response and hope you all are well.


  7. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Grammy, I hope you're feeling better - hopefully Wednesday's upset stomach was short-lived.

    Ellen, I'm sorry you're at odds with your brother. I'm sure we can all relate to his desperation for a cure, but he needs to know such 'cures' are almost always a scam. It's unfortunate that he didn't follow your instructions re: the phone and I understand how upsetting this would be to you. It's a shame the experience put a damper on your birthday celebration. Red roses are beautiful; my bouquet of choice for all occasions. I'm glad your flare has eased up and I hope it continues to improve.

    Hi Terri, I hope you've had a good week and that your accompaniment went well.

    Good for you Nancy, for making your way through your monster list. I'm glad you made an appointment for a facial. I'm a firm believer in pampering oneself.

    My sister and I have a tradition of spending some time together; getting facials and a nice lunch to celebrate Valentine's Day. I'm looking forward.

    This has been a strange week for me. I slept more than usual but I expect that's due to the topomax, even though I've only been taking 1/4 of the optimal dose. I increase the dose today to 1/2 the optimal dose and hope the tiredness doesn't hit me all over again.

    Tomorrow, sweetie and I are leaving for a 3-day book-buying trip (sweetie is a bookseller). While he's meeting with publishers, I plan to go to the malls, watch the in-house movies, use the whirlpool, read & relax. A perfect little business trip / vacation to counteract the February blahs. I'll be back on Wednesday and so I'll post then.

    To do today

    swiffer floors
    empty wastebaskets
    swipe washroom
    print out pet-care instructions
    help with laundry
    shower & shampoo

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Have a great little trip, Anne Theresa!

    Any sign of Linda???


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