What's on your 'To Do' list Feb 8 to Feb 14th?

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  1. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    I've already been to the mall this morning for my facial, shopped a bit and brought lunch home.

    I'm still enjoying the extra energy and just feeling so much better since weaning off of Effexor so I still have an afternoon to fill.

    This has made so many differences around the house. So much gets done now that I'm not having trouble even just walking to my kitchen and back.....

    Hope to hear from you all soon.....


  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I just finished working at the library and we are in the midst of a snowstorm. I decided not to go to my monthly luncheon with my friends who used to work at the College because of the snow. They are talking up to five inches of snow in our area. We actually have nothing to complain about this winter. This is actually only the second storm we've had this winter. The other one was I think in December and we had six inches in that storm. The rest of the time all the storms have gone around us, which has been great. We have had some cold weather, though.

    I got up extra early this morning as Harry and I were going to go out for breakfast. Usually Harry has to get up early like 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m., but this morning it was different. We were just getting ready to leave the house, when he got a phone call from work with a change in his schedule which meant he had to leave on a different route immediately. So that was disappointing. Not only that, they were sending him south, where all the snow is. So I was praying today that he will be safe on the roads today. He said he will call me later as to whether or not he will be home later or will be spending the night in the semi.

    I actually have a rare day that I don't have a lot to do at home housework wise. I have laundry to do, a little ironing and I need to double check my work on our taxes. Our spice jars need some new labels so I will work on those, but the rest of the day I would like to just do some reading. I'm kind of behind on that and I never feel like I have enough time to read.

    Nancy: I'm so glad you finally have more energy. That's something those of us with FMS appreciate more than the average person.

    Well I had better get off here and head for home. The snow is still coming down really hard.

  3. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Nancy, I'm so glad your good energy is still with you. If this continues (knock wood) you'll be able to take on some extra projects and hobbies.

    I wish my own energy would pick up a bit. I have a small bed-side table (and some lavender paint) that I've planned on painting ever since I moved (Dec 1st). I'm ever-hopeful that a burst of energy will occur and my bed-side table will be the fortunate recipient. I need a supplementary to-do list for such high-energy tasks :)

    I'm glad you're getting out and enjoying yourself and I hope you continue to feel well.

    The weather is miserable here too, Ellen, and I'm happy to be able to stay indoors today. I can understand your worry about your husband when he's out on the road in winter weather.

    My youngest son (age 30) has just completed and passed his training as a professional driver. His girlfriend's (soon-to-be-wife's) father is a truck driver so she knows what to expect in terms of having a partner on the road. It sounds like an interesting profession but worrisome, from time-to-time.

    Stay warm.

    I missed my weight-watchers meeting last night due to fatigue. Living this far from the meeting place makes it doubly-difficult to motivate myself to get out the door. Prior to living here, a friend picked me up at my front door and drove me to and from meetings. Now having to take two buses in the cold, cold weather is a great deterrent to attending meetings, unless I happen to feel extremely well with lots of energy (which hardly ever happens). So, I'll try my best to go next week and, in the meantime, I'll continue to eat healthy foods in moderation and take some exercise (that's what it's all about!).

    To-Do Today

    Shower & shampoo
    Empty dishwasher
    Fold & put away laundry
    clean bunny cage
    make dinner
    print off niece's resume
    treadmill or stationary bike
    read & rest

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  4. alaska3355

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    Hi all,
    Nancy, you'll have to package up some of your energy and send some to Anne Theresa!

    We could also use some of your snow, Ellen. We are having a mild, dry winter and I'm afraid we'll be talking drought come summer. Here it is hot and dry all summer, so we need our snowfall in the winter.

    I will do some real subbing on Friday.....for 6th and 7th grade band. Wish me luck- I'll need it!

    Hugs, Terri
  5. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    Ellen it was good to hear from you and I'm glad you had a light chore day around the house.

    Terri, good luck on your subbing...hope it goes well.

    Anne Theresa, have you thought of supplementing your meetings with online Weight Watcher's friends? It might help you stay on track if you're unable to get out of the house.

    Well I had my doc appt yesterday....and gave him an earful on NOT listening to me about the AD's....so now he wants me to go see a psych doc because I took myself off of the Efffexor ( on his directions)....weird.

    But the worse news is really, really a doozy.....Katy went to TriCare while I was at my appt to schedule her surgery on her other elbow only to find out she has no insurance, no coverage and we found out after we got home that......SHE'S DIVORCED and we didn't even know.

    It was done without her consent, signature or knowledge so we're very floored by this news. She's been divorced since Jan 23rd so we've lost time that we could have been using to get her under our coverage somehow.

    Now we have the pressure of taking her to work when her ID is no good etc...and the worries about her mental health if we can't get her more meds soon enough.

    We thought it was odd last month when we went for refills and they loaded her up on medications so we do have a few weeks leeway but I'm truly very frightened.

    The blessing of her sanity, safety and return to life has been too short to lose it now....

    For those who pray, please add her to your list, we need all of the help that we can get....

    Hugs all,

  6. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, it has been quite exciting since I was last on here on Tuesday. That was the day that Harry and I were going to go to breakfast together and his work called and changed his schedule and sent him down into Ohio where there was more snow and we couldn't have breakfast together. Later he called me and said he had been in an accident. Fortunately, he is fine, but the semi is totalled. Harry was so upset and afraid he would lost his job.

    I was surprised at how calmly I handled the situation. I was worried, of course, but I decided to look at the situtation objectively. I told him that he was a good employee, he never done anything wrong before, had only taken off one day in the two years he has been there and that was for my surgery, has never been late, has always helped them out in a jam like working last Sunday, etc. He joked and called me his "cheerleader". One of the dispatchers told him that several of his co-workers had also been in accidents on Tuesdays. Of course we don't know how bad they were or if they were at fault like Harry was. Harry slipped on some ice and rearended another truck. The police report said that Harry was speeding, but Harry said he wasn't. The road condition were just really bad.

    I went to my volunteer job at the library, but only because it was in the morning and conditions were real bad here yet. I think we got about eight inches of snow. As soon as I was done working, I ran a couple of quick errands and then headed home and there I stayed. The weather did get bad. Harry's ticket was $125.00. So far no one has really said anything to Harry at work. Harry himself brought it up and he was just told that there would be a write up in his file. So I think he is feeling better and feels that he will still have a job there. He does have a good driving record. They did do a drug test and a breathalizer test, which I understand is a standard thing they do. Of course everything came up zero.

    Nancy: I can't believe that Katie has been divorced all this time and you didn't know it? That seems so crazy! And now she doesn't have insurance? When people get divorced don't they both have to show up in court? I am so sorry for this latest problem. You and her certainly didn't need this. I'm not sure if I understood, but are you able to put her on your insurance?

    Terri: Actually, we really need the snow here. All around us they have had snow, but we really have had an easy winter. It's been cold here, but not much snow. This is only our second big snowstorm. Not that I like snow, especially with Harry driving.

    Anne Theresa: I'm so sorry for your lack of energy. I never have a really lot of energy, but some days I have more than others. Too bad it's so far to your meetings and with the winter weather, it doesn't inspire you to go.

    Well, it's getting late and I have to head home to cook dinner. Take care everyone. Tomorrow Jim and I get together. With the weather, we delayed it this week.

  7. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Wow, Friday already??? Hubby's driving home from Munich today so I'm worried about him on the roads.

    Ellen I'm so glad that Harry's ok......I know our roads here without salt are just treacherous and I had my worst slide ever a few days ago taking Katy to work.

    And yes, apparently now you can get a divorce without court, signature and knowledge. She had been e-mailing her ex for weeks with no reply wondering if he'd signed the Separation Agreement, now we know why he didn't write back.

    In my online research, I've found that you can divorce someone simply by putting a notice in a newspaper.... of course, we'd never see that.....

    Legal office is closed today for a 4 day weekend as are most on base offices so we can't do any paperwork until Tuesday.....and the main offices are closed in DC as well so for now there's not much we can do.

    I'll probably write the drug companies to see if we can get some sample medications to tide us over. Not sure how it works but I have to try something.

    Hugs all,