What's on your 'To Do' List for Sept 14 to Sept 20th?

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    Good Morning all.....

    Anne Theresa, I'm so glad you've been getting out and about but so sorry to hear that your sister's place won't be a workable solution for you.

    I'm sorry...I still don't understand why he can't just move out of your house...maybe your sister could move in there and help you with payments so you can continue to live in 'your' home.....(I just want something to work out YOUR way in all of this)

    Ellen, bless you...... the lady at work sounds a bit like someone who places all of their importance on 'what' they do instead of 'who' they are, and most importantly, how they treat people. I've always tried to measure who I am by how I treat people.....not what they do.

    Being in a military family for so long you see this day in and day out. Wives who are married to some big wig, spend their lives wearing their husband's rank like it's theirs too. They treat people like pooh because they find a self importance in something so trivial and something that won't matter in the big picture of life.

    So sorry about your family reunions, must be an enormous stress for you to attend these things at all. I'm not so sure that I'd bother....it's heartbreaking to hear of you trying to just see your nieces and nephews but not being able to interact.

    Molly....you can't control other people, you can only control how you react to them. No one has a right to judge you and I doubt if they'd want to spend a day in your shoes. You're doing fine....working hard to make things go as well as they can for your son. But that's all you can do. You can never change someone's opinion so please.....don't try. It's their loss not getting to know you, your son and your difficult situation.

    In my world there's very few people who's opinions I care about. Myself, my husband and my God.......that's it. If others don't like me, I respect their right to their opinion but feel that they're missing out. Yes my dear dear friends matter a lot to me too, but of all the people on earth, we'll never agree all of the time. Friendships are special and I don't mean to leave them out....

    Try to take steps to take this burden off of your shoulders. You carry too many already as it is......choose your battles in life based on what matters in the very big picture of life.

    Katy and I are hoping to make it to the Thrift Store today for some shopping. They were closed last week so it's exciting to see what they've done with the place. I need more seasonal clothing and hate to pay full price again for yet another size.

    I've been trying to finish up some sewing projects. It occurred to me yesterday that if I need surgery done on my hand, then it could be some time before I can get back to it.

    My niece, either 24 or 25 yrs old may also need a defibrilator (sp?) or pacemaker installed due to her immune system problems. She's moved to Idaho for her doctorate in psychology and I know she gets cold easily so I make her fleece jammies. She's over due for a new batch. She's also getting married next June so I'm making her some she'll like that you wouldn't necessarily wear with a hubby beside you! She can enjoy them now and choose later!

    Sorry, my poor brain needs food. Having trouble typing.

    Hugs all,

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    Nancy-Thanks for the pep talk. I do still care about what people think. The counselor is trying to help me figure this out. I don't care if it's out in public and I will never see them again. I do care if it is people I run into quite often and know I will be seeing throughout the years. This woman's son is in my class. I am supposed to tell myself "It's her, her problem" when I see her:) That is what I'll try to do. My counselor also has a book about how to share with the kids in class about Liam and how this may filter up to the parents. But in any case I am interested in it. She is supposed to bring it to our next meeting. I'm sorry to hear about your niece. She is so young. She is lucky to have nice warm jammies from you. Did you find anything at the thrift store?

    Anne Theresa-I have to say Nancy's idea about your sister moving in with you is genius. I hadn't thought of that. I hope you will consider it.

    Ellen-I think you should tell the woman that hired you and thought you volunteering was such a great idea about how it is going. She needs to know.

    We had a tough weekend with our son. I was not feeling well. I got my period and was in bed most of Saturday and parts of Sunday. Ds was with dh and grandma and ended up hitting my husband twice when they had to turn off the tv and leave (transition). He lost tv and books for the rest of the day. I was in bed so I could have the energy to take Liam to the library (lol) so I went alone. Liam came home in a tantrum and I needed to leave and just get outta the house. Then they went to the lagoon and had a good time. I forget why but Liam hit daddy again! So he lost his Legos and flipped out. I don't care he had to put them all away. He was yelling and horrible. His "special interest" is Indiana Jones Legos.

    Today our behavior supervisor is coming over to see how things are going(ROFL). Last week our behavior tutor was sick and we also found out we are running out of hours. I have to talk to her about Liam starting school and not having the therapy last week and what can we do about that. His in-home therapy ends at the end of Sept. I started to cry last week when I realized how much I would miss his tutor. She is so awesome. I will still run into her at Liam's school. She works in the autism class. I love her, I really do. I cannot describe how well she understands these kids and the parents. I want to be around people like her all the time.

    Back to school night is this week. We have to prepare because if you remember nightime overstimulating school events haven't gone well. I will need to do a social story. I will need to prepare for the two mom's that I described earlier (each has a son in my son's class).

    To do:
    phone calls: OT at school (ds needs rubber cushion with bumps on his chair) had one last year and he needs it now. Call church for prayer for my surgery. Call research program would like results from June's testing. Call respite, haven't found anyone yet.

    clean one little corner of my bedroom that has piled up with stuff


    meeting with behavioral supervisor

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    Hi, Girls:

    Poor Harry had a bad weekend. He was down with a cold and ended up having to work yesterday. He had to leave early in the afternoon. We have to remind ourselves that we are glad that his job is keeping him busy, but still we hope that this doesn't happen too often. He has such little free time during the week that he really needs his weekends. And then to be sick this weekend and to have it shortened. Of course he was not home Sunday night and he left a message this morning that he won't be home tonight either. When he is in Canada, we are unable to call eachother. He said when he gets back into the States again, he will call me.

    I am trying to stay calm about this mysterious pain I am having every day in my groin area. I would describe it as an intense aching pain. At least it isn't constant, but I have it several times a day. I have never had a pain like this before and I can't help but he concerned. But I keep praying and am trying to stay calm. I did call the gynecologist's office and asked to be called for an earlier appt. if someone should cancel. But in the meantime I am trying to stay busy until Thursday gets here. Of course I realize I won't have any answers that day either. I am sure she will need to run some tests, but maybe she will have some suggestions of what it may possibly be.

    I did call the Diocese of Lansing today and unfortunately got a person who is just working there temporarily. So, of course, they didn't know if volunteers can't do much work at churches at not. But I have this person's phone number and name and she said she would get back with me when she finds this out. But I do intend to talk to Loretta, the lady who thought me working there as a volunteer was a good idea. But I want to hear back from the Diocese first. Actually, if Shelly (the secretary) is worried about confidentiality, I shouldn't even be answering the phone because she said that parishioners may be calling about needing the food pantry or having housing problems. Now I consider that pretty confidential!

    Harry wondered if she was up to something unethical like embezzling, which I hadn't thought of! Of course I can't accuse someone without any proof, but if certainly would explain her strange behavior. And I have a feeling she would like me to leave. With me being eager to work and looking around the office to find out where things are (since she has failed to do this), she is looking at me as a threat. My cousin, Dick from New Jersey, called me yesterday and I told him this story and he said it's possible she might be up to something dishonest. I think as a parishioner I have a right to look into it.

    I have a dr. appt. with the FMS dr. and need to leave soon.

    Anne Theresa: I am so sorry that living with your sister won't work out, unless she is willing to live somewhere else. I would be great if your two could work something out. Do you received disability payments every month? And yes, I agree, you need to tell your sons in person. It will be a shock to them.

    Nancy: I'm glad that Katy is able to mow the lawn for you. That will be a big help. If Harry was gone for a long time, I would have to find someone to do it for me. No longer can I do this chore. That's nice that you make jammies for your niece, but you are right, probably they aren't too "sexy" for her future husband.

    Molly: That's for your advice on the secretary situation. As you can see, I intend to talk to Loretta. If nothing else, maybe she will have work I can do for her. I'm so sorry that Liam was so hard on his dad. Certainly hitting your parents is unacceptable behavior. I'm glad you have a counselor that understands autistic children and what parents with them go through. I have been through so much with Jim now that my parents are gone that I sometimes feel like a parent, but thankfully he doesn't live with me. I just couldn't handle it with my health situation and it would be too hard on my marriage.

    Well, gotta head for Ann Arbor.

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    Hello all,

    I've been trying to find a way to stay in the house (without Dave) but I just can't work it out, financially or otherwise. I suggested to my sister that she move in here but she said she needs to live along the main bus route so she could get to and from her workplace. (She works in the next city and needs to use the Tri-city transit system to get there.) This house, unfortunately is off the main route. There are other reasons why staying in the house wouldn't work but they all point to the same sad conclusion - we need to sell the house.

    Sis and I are now talking about moving into a luxury apartment building equipped with pool, whirlpool, gym. We would share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit with all the amenities; en suite laundry, dishwasher, air-conditioning, etc. It's a much, much nicer place than either of us could afford on our own. We have an appointment to view the place on the 25th. I hope everything works out!

    Nancy, I hope you & Katy get to the thrift store today and have a nice time. I love thrift store shopping!

    Molly, I'm sorry you had a trying time with Liam over the weekend, on top of your not feeling well. The behavior tutor sounds like an incredibly gifted person and a genuine help to your family. It's too bad your time with her is so limited.

    Ellen, to answer your question, yes, I receive two small disability pensions each month. One is from the federal government and the other is through private insurance via my workplace. I'm fortunate in this regard. I hope you have a good doctor's appointment today and I especially hope your appointment on Thursday is helpful.

    I was scheduled for a counselling session this morning but I decided against keeping the appointment. I cancelled because I remembered why I stopped seeing this counselor when I went to her for a few months, a few years ago. I didn't find her to be particularly skilled or helpful in any way and in fact, I thought she did more harm than good. I don't see myself as being emotionally fragile but I always felt worse after each session with her. It's like she would 'tinker' around in my head, pushing buttons and pulling out grievous memories and then when I'd feel at my most vulnerable, she'd just shrug her shoulders and end the session. I'm glad I remembered we weren't a good match in time to cancel the appointment this morning and avoid what could have been a harmful encounter.

    I'm also glad to have the day off because my darn cat kept me awake all night with his scratching and meowing and mournful night-time noises. I need a nice long nap.

    To Do

    wash kitchen counter-tops
    swish washroom
    empty wastebaskets
    water plants
    read, watch tv

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

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    I'm sorry to see many are having a rough time.....but we are lucky to have each other for support.

    Anne Theresa- I like the luxury apartment idea....hopefully you can make ends meet to afford it! I'm praying that it will work.

    Molly- I hope you run into more people like the caring lady you described.....thank God for people like her.

    Ellen- I have missed hearing the news lately.....how is your job search going? Any news?

    Nancy- I too love thrift stores. I have way too much stuff in my closet, so it's time to purge and give it back to the above mentioned stores. Then I'll go and buy some more! :)

    This time of year I am busy with canning and freezing......Ellen too, I imagine. I have put up many quarts of tomatoes and pickles, and I'm freezing the rest. I froze peaches a new way....just throw them whole into a bag, get as much air out as possible, and you're done. Then, when you want a peach, soak it for 5 minutes in a bowl of water. The skin slips right off and it is wonderful on cereal in a semi frozen state. I don't know, maybe the frozen peach feels good on sore backs too!

    Hugs to all,
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    Good Morning all....

    Spent most of yesterday in bed feeling like I'd been hit by a truck....

    Today I have plans to get organized, see what we need and try to take care of it.

    Been having major problems with my hand, so wanted to let you know that if I'm not on here for a few days or so, it's just the hand bothering me.

    Katy was a huge help last night when the pain was just too much. She cleaned up from dinner, did dishes, helped me into her sling etc....

    And I discovered the Thrift Store with her....I"m again facing another season and my clothes don't fit. I was nowhere near this small last fall and I've lost a few more pounds so I'm now avoiding the scale again. Knew this was coming and I did find some really nice things a few days ago there.

    Hugs all,

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    Hi, Just put Liam to bed and have a few minutes.

    Liam is doing better since school started on Monday. The structure helps him so much and our behavioral supervisor said all of the consistency over the weekend has paid off. He is behaving really well. I thought he would stop hitting all together after our program was done (duh) but he will still have bad days. He has autism! Reality check Mom. Anyways we were told we are doing great and to keep on following through.

    My depression is at an all time low and the anxiety is no fun either. i think I may need to find a pyschiatrist and change meds around. I hate the thought of that. i haven't had much luck with pyschs! They have usually had more issues than me!!!!

    Okay, I am nervous about the surgery on Friday. I admit it. i was trying to pretend it was no big deal. I am scared I will die and leave my son way before he is ready. I know awfully dramatic but that is the ultamite fear.

    My yoga class is cancelled. Not enough people for that night. i cannot do the other night available. I am bummed. Whatever.


    Skeeter to vet for check-up and blood work (so far chemo is doing well)

    ABA in-home therapy for ds and me

    Back to school night. Found out they do not want the kids there. i will go alone then

    Hugs all, I'll check back in before Friday

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    I am so proud of myself- I've accomplished much of last week's to-do list while the kids and husband were away camping. It did take me 4 days what someone healthy could probably do in a few hours. But I am so, so thankful that I could do it! I also had time just to quilt with some lovely ladies- it was a very peaceful and calm atmosphere to be in. I so love connecting with people, learning about them and their life stories. I got a couple of beautiful compliments from friends about the craft afternoon that I hosted, this was unexpected and such a highlight for me.

    Nancy- your niece will love those jammies made with love. I too love to make special people in my life handmade gifts (when I can manage). Hope all goes well with the pacemaker and her health. I agree that only God, husband's and my opinion should be the only ones that matter - just harder to put into practice. I'll just keep on at it.

    Anne Theresa- sorry to hear about the end of your marriage and having to get another suitable place to live, hope that you heal well and that you find the perfect place to set up home with your sister.

    Molly- Sorry about your anxiety issues. I tend to have this too but keep it mainly under control with key words/phrase and scripture to say to myself plus I listen to my relaxation tape. It took me some time to learn these new skills. I too had a horror counsellor who increased my anxiety levels by her suggestions. She basically told me I couldn't cope unless I flew in my mother (900km away) every weekend to help me! This threw me into a tailspin- it took me a long while to believe that I could cope without my mother and I had been doing it for the prior 15 years anyway!
    I am glad things are going better at the school with Liam and that the autism diagnosis now means you can learn how to help him. Praying that your surgery goes well.

    Terri- preserving a bountiful harvest feels so warm and and homely, have fun in the process. Have you tried lacto-fermentation? I am always in the process of making veggie pickles and sauerkraut- great for the digestion.

    Ellen- hope the volunteer issue gets resolved and that you get to the bottom of your mysterious pain.

    My to do list

    Visit my friend Kerstin for a lovely morning tea, also catching up with two other friends on this day.
    Hang out the washing
    Make bread rolls

    Sorry if I missed anyone. Being new here I find it hard to link up names to stories plus who is part of this small but caring group (I apologise if I've mixed anything up).

    Keep well,

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    Good Morning all,

    Molly it's understandable that you'd be nervous about your surgery tomorrow. I'll be thinking about both you and my Dad all day so when you get a chance, let us know how things are going.

    And I understand completely about your meds. I can't even list the docs and meds that my daughter was put on, all without a proper diagnosis. She was on levels of Clonazapam that were unheard of, yet it didn't help because no one had found the root cause of her symptoms yet, nor did they try. They just medicated her symptoms, not bothering to find the root cause.

    She was on 2 AD's, now she's not on any at all......amazing.

    There's no way to describe her now but a true Blessing.....so keep hoping...perhaps a new doc will be the one to help you find the combination of meds you need. And remember, the wrong meds for you can CAUSE horrible symptoms too......

    Snez, so glad you've joined the group. And don't worry about fitting the stories to the names, you'll catch on....

    I'm glad you managed to get your to do list going, mine keeps moving back and forth. These are goals.......sometimes it's just a shower day and sometimes we get a bit more done.

    Yesterday I went to base trying to get a few things done since my hand is getting worse. I got some checks deposited, a haircut, a few groceries and the mail which is a really good day for me.. (hoping the proper dose of Iron will be giving me more energy soon)

    Today is my ortho surgeon's appt so I hope that goes well. I'd like to get this done and over with. The pain's getting worse each day. But Katy's taking over beautifully.

    Hugs all,


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    Hello all,

    Terri, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughts & prayers about my situation. Your idea of using frozen peaches on our sore backs made me smile. Pain relief & a refreshing snack all in one :)

    Nancy, I'm sorry you're hand-pain has gotten so much worse and and I hope and pray today's appointment with the ortho surgeon sets you on the road to recovery. Thank heaven's Katy's there to help you. I'll be thinking of your dad having surgery tomorrow and I'll say a little prayer for him.

    Molly, I relate to your pre-surgery anxiety. I'm fearful of surgery too, it's a common reaction. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I trust all will go well. Nancy's comments about psychiatric medication are right-on and give reason to hope. It can take a lot of trial & error but miraculous change is possible.

    Congratulations Snez on making such good progress with your goals! It's wonderful that, in addition to accomplishing some housework-type goals, you were able to take some joy from your craft projects and friends. Good for you!

    One small hint to help you link up names with stories etc, is when you're about to reply to a post, hold down the 'shift' key while you click 'reply'. This will open the response box in a separate window - that way you can go back and forth between the windows in order to easily refer back to the posts as you're writing your response. Try it, it's easy!

    I played hooky from physiotherapy yesterday in order to stay home and have a good cry. I moped around the house, watched TV, took several naps, finished the novel I was reading and started a new one. Perhaps it was irresponsible and self-indulgent behavior but it felt good. Sometimes I get so tired of pushing myself to do things even though I feel sick and/or in pain and/or have a broken heart that I could just scream. I know I'll be charged (not full price, but something) for the missed appointments and maybe then I'll feel remorseful, but right now I'm glad I took the day off.

    Today, I'm going to do more of the same (reading, resting, watching TV). Then Friday, I have a lunch date planned and Saturday I have plans to go shopping with a friend. As long as I keep up with my Friday/Saturday plans, I should be able to mope around for another day without risking becoming isolated or overly depressed.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all...

    Ugh, yesterday's appt was a bust. They weren't sure what the problem was and couldn't see it properly with just the x-rays so they wanted me to schedule a CT scan. But I couldn't find the place they were talking about.

    I left to go on base and pick up my new handicapped paperwork so I can get a sticker for hubby's car. Thought I'd stop by and ask my TriCare ladies for better directions but they were closed.

    No one was there at the MP's to do the handicapped paperwork so basically I just ran around without finishing anything. (At least I had the energy, the iron just might be starting to help)

    Need to go in town for Katy's meds from her dermatologist today. Also thought I'd shop for some sweat pants that are easier on my hands to pull up and down. Zippers are getting difficult. And of course, none of my clothes from last Sept fit anymore either.

    But...I wish I could play hooky and might even do so.

    Anne Theresa, bless you......you deserve a pity party! How can something that feels good be self indulgent and irresponsible? Your body probably needed this and you can't ignore what your body needs right now. I don't blame you a bit.

    And the smart thing was you limited yourself and have plans to get out soon. That's VERY important! You're not taking a month long pity party, you took a day........and you needed it!!

    Living with these illnesses mean we all push ourselves knowing it's not good for us, but we have no other choice. I think taking the time to say, 'I NEED this today' is a form of honoring ourselves by listening to our bodies and NOT ignoring what we NEED. Very important.....Perhaps you should start scheduling a day a month like that?

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    It's too bad, Nancy that your errands went unfinished yesterday - it can be frustrating, days like that. Hopefully, you'll soon get the CT scan organized, it will be so nice for you to have some answers about that terrible pain. I'm glad the iron is starting to ease your fatigue - that's one good thing. Thanks for helping me put my pity party into perspective. I really do feel better for taking the day for a good mope.

    My lunch date today is with a woman I haven't seen for several years. We used to be friends. The reason we're no longer friends is because this woman has a tendency to be verbally abusive and her words can be toxic. Of course she has a wonderful side to her as well; she's intelligent and witty and fun to be around.

    After the last time she verbally abused me, several years ago (mis-directed anger) I decided I could no longer be friends with her. Then, when I saw her at the grocery store a few weeks ago and she invited me for lunch, I said yes. I don't know what I was thinking.

    I do not want to invite this woman too far into my life so I need to be careful about establishing boundaries. Maybe a (very) occasional lunch in a restaurant would be okay.
    We'll see.


    go for lunch
    pick up a few groceries
    clean washrooms
    empty wastebaskets
    water plants

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Hi, Girls:

    This secretary at the church is looking more and more guilty of embezzling. The lady at the Diocese of Lansing called me yesterday, but I spent yesterday with Jim and by the time I went to my pool class afterward and got home, it was after 4:30 and their office was closed. So I called Julie (the woman's name) this morning. I also told her that in counting the church's weekly donations, the secretary no longer allows parishioner volunteers to double check the counting. She immediately put me on hold and after several minutes came back on the phone. She said that she had spoken with Monsegneir (sp?) (can't remember the last name) and they would like me to put all of this in writing to the Bishop with a copy to our parish priest as soon as possible. Of course I said "yes". I also told her that I was told by the person who volunteers for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry and that the secretary has been opening the money contributions for that. Julie said she should not be doing this. The volunteer said that some of the contributions are in cash and one time the person wrote on the envelope that they had contributed $30.00. After Shelly (the secretary) gave the envelope back to the volunteer, there was only $20.00 in it. When the volunteer questioned Shelly about it, she just said that the volunteer decided they only wanted to donate $20.00 instead. That sounds fishy to me. And now we are no longer told how much is donated each Sunday-only year to date. Julie agrees that all of this sounds strange and is sending up red flags. I told her I just thought I would be quietly doing some volunteer work for the church instead of playing Nancy Drew. I am amazed that no one else has noticed what she is doing.

    I went to the gynecologist yesterday and she checked for a few things like a dropped bladder and an infection and those things were fine. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Oct. 2 and will see her again on Oct. 6. More money. I wish I had my old insurance that covered better, but I guess I had better be grateful that I have any insurance at all. I told her I wondered if my endometriosis is acting up again, as sometimes my pelvic area bothers me. But this one pain I am having is unlike anything I have ever experienced. She said as you get older, endometriosis usually resolves itself. Although from the reading I've done, I know it doesn't always. There are women in their 70's that still have problems. My last laparoscopy was in 2004. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if the endo is getting bad again is by having surgery and with me not having good insurance anymore, that is going to be expensive. But this ultrasound will check out my female parts and hopefully other areas for cancer (what I've been worrying about). I've had so many health problems for so many years, my biggest fear is that eventually I will get something that will be life threatening. But I've been staying pretty calm about it the past couple of weeks. I figure what will be will be. But I want to live as long as I can for Jim's sake.

    Harry and I are going on a vacation in mid-October. Harry was talking about going to the Carolinas as it will be warmer there. That sounds okay to me. It will be just so nice to go somewhere and spend some time together.

    Anne Theresa: You certainly deserve to have a good cry. It will help you deal with what you are going through. After all you are grieving the loss of a relationship. And I would look into another counselor. I had found a good one, although she has now moved out of this area. And I would be careful with this person you are meeting today. You certainly don't need to be around a verbally abusive person right now.

    Snaz: I'm not sure-is this the name of our new person? My fibromyalgia does this to me sometimes-my mind will go blank! I used to do a lot of crafts and quilting was one of them. I still have of one of the quilts I made. It's not a fancy one, but it's still pretty. I'm 50 now, and I made it in my early 20's. I also used to knit and croquet. I also love art and used to do some drawing. I like mainly to do portraits of people. I've done several of people in my family. I gave one to my dad on father's day one year of my grandfather who had already passed away. I didn't have to tell him who it was since I got a pretty good likeness.

    Terri: No, I haven't had much luck in the job market. Our unemployment rate here in Michigan went up again-this time to 18.2% and lately there have been even fewer jobs to apply for. Since I've been off work since May, I have only found two jobs to apply for. Of course I am more limited since I can only work part-time with the fibro. I haven't heard anything about the job I applied for two weeks ago so I guess I won't get an interview on that one either. And, yes, I've been freezing and canning fruits and veggies. With our cooler summer, my tomatoes haven't been ripening like normal. Here we are in mid-September and they are now just ripening a little more now. Really unusual. They are a month late. I have only been able to can 4 quarts. I hope to get 12 quarts.

    Nancy: I hope your dad's surgery is going well today. I can certainly understand the frustration with your hand with all my hand and arm pain this summer. As you can see with all the typing I am doing here, I have improved. But I do wonder if I will be able to work a part-time job. I will have to stop soon as my arms and hands are getting tired.

    Molly: I don't blame you for being nervous about your surgery. In my lifetime I have had about 14 surgeries and I was nervous before each one. I think what I hate the most is having the IV put in. They always have a hard time with me and with the FMS, it is especially painful for me to have it put in. I hope all goes well today.

    I finally heard from my penpal, Eva, from Austria yesterday. I don't hear from her as often as I did, but we've been corresponding since we were 17. We are only a month apart in age. But she gave me the sad news that her mother passed away. I have been to Europe 3 times to visit her and her family, the last time when I was in my mid-30's. Her parents were so nice to me, so this hit me rather hard.

    Well, my computer time is almost up. Better go. Take care everyone.