What's on your to-do list for Sept. 20-26?

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    Hi all,
    I know it's only the 19th, but I had a few minutes, so I thought I would copy and paste Wildwoodwine's post from last week. Here it is:

    Good Morning Everyone...

    Geezz, our board is really quite...hope everyone is ok..

    I've been up since about 6 a.m., so I started doing laundry..got the sheets off the bed and got them in the machine..I wish I had a change of sheets for everyday of the week..I've never minded changing the bed..oh how I love clean sheets....

    The weather is changing..I can feel fall in the air..looks like we're going to get some rain either tomorrow or this weekend..not ready for rain just yet...wow..fall..where has this year gone?

    The past two weeks have been unbelieveable in the area where we live...first we had that horrible fire in San Bruno..we live about 4 miles from there...people still are not able to get back into their homes...neighbors nextdoor thought they had lost an uncle, but, thank goodness, they found him alive and well the next day..however, he is one of those unfortunate people who has not been able to get back into his home yet...the investigation is still ongoing...it is such a sad situation...makes me a bit nervous, however, about where I live and the conditions of the gas lines that run through my neighborhood..our area was built in 1906..

    Then last weeks, a young man had a horrible motorcyle accident a block from my house..he missed judged when he switched lanes and ran into the back of a car..I don't know if he survived or not..such a shame.

    Then last Sunday, we had another horrible car accident on 101, our big freeway, where all four lanes were all closed down in both directions for over 12 hours..they think booze was involved because they could smell it on the lady that enter the freeway going the wrong way..unfortunately, she was killed along with a young person trying to help her get her care turned around to go in the right direction..that person was also killed...makes me so sad..

    Needless to say, it's been a very bad couple of weeks and I'm ready for things to settle down..thank goodness, my loved ones are all safe..

    I'm still trying to find out if I can get the Whooping Cough booster..no one seems to know..I called my RA doctor but he hasn't called back..so looks like another call to him...the news said that another infant died this week of this horrible disease..I just don't want anything to happen to my granddaughter..so, I may just go ahead and get the shot and not worry about what it may or may not do to my immune system.

    And speaking of my RA doctor, I will be looking for someone new..when I called his office and spoke to the lady on the phone, I asked her about the Whooping Cough shot for RA patients..guess what she said, "what is RA"....(falling on the floor!!) I couldn't believe what I heard!!! Maybe SHE'S the reason I haven't heard back from him!!

    Not much good news in the way of the vineyard..the irrigation isn't working like it should and alot of the vines are pretty thirsty...my husband works like a dog out there trying to get the water to flow..but, with the coyotes still coming in and chewing on the lines, it's almost impossible to keep up with all the broken lines..

    Looks like harvest is going to be late this year..sheeeech!!

    Anne Theresa..
    Is your computer up and running? I hope so..ours died last week but my husband was able to get it up and going..however, it still isn't acting like it should..

    I'm glad your son loves working in the vineyards..it's a great job if one likes to work outdoors, which I do..however, he must take care to protect himself against the harsh sun..I learned how to dress from my crews a long time ago..so, when I'm out working, I dress like some alien..hat, gloves, sunglasses, long sleeved shirt/or light weight sweatshirt, long pants, and boots...people aske me, "aren't you hot", I'm really not..I'm insulated from the heat.....where is the vineyard that your son works?

    Ellen..glad to hear you're doing ok..wish you were feeling better than ok, tho...several years ago, I had a slight baldder control problem and I started taking Vit E..800 units daily..and it seems to have helped alot..I take Vit E for hot flashes as well..do you take Vit E? However, your doctor will know best..keep us posted..

    Terri..I'm so envious of you and Ellen..I've always wanted to can fruits and veggies, but, was always afraid I would mess things up..like, not getting the jars sealed properly..so, I never did get into canning....and congratulations on becoming a grandma again...I never knew how special grandchildren were until I got my first grandchild 7 weeks ago..I just can't get enough of her..

    Molly...think of you and your little guy often..how is he doing in 3rd grade? I'm sure he loves it..and how about you..are you able to have a bit more free time for yourself?

    My granddaughter is just adorable and getting so big..I can't get enough of her (sorry, I'm repeating myself LOL!)..still can't believe she's a red head and has a temper to match!! LOL..

    I hope I haven't left anyone out in my responses..I don't know how to look at previous posts and then to respond to them..I have to use my memory..sheeech, which is a joke..and sometimes I forget things and don't respond...is that the way you all have to do it?..there has to be an easier way...

    Ok..gotta scoot..going to try and clean the bathrooms today..ugggg..and finish laundry..

    Take care everyone and would love to hear from all of you...

    Here's Terri again:
    We had a busy week, so I didn't even get on here. Thanks for posting, JB.....hope your harvest goes well. We have less fruit here in WA state than usual, due to cold temps last spring. But I still managed to can peaches and tomatoes, a couple of kinds of jam, and froze a lot of stuff as well. I've been picking free grapes lately, which I turn into juice and jam. Concord grapes have such an intense flavor! Really grapey!

    We are heading out to a potluck today. I made a huckleberry pound cake.....care to join us, anyone? Then some general weekend catch up on laundry and call it a day.

    Hugs, Terri
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    Hi, Girls:

    You are right, JB, it has been quiet on the board for some time lately. Hopefully with summer winding down, people will get back on here more regularly. It's hard for me to get on here as often as I used to when I was working, as I now have to take my laptop to the library to use their Internet access.

    I had to get up extra early as we had our carpets cleaned. I think the guy did a good job. Even cleaned under some of our furniture. I'm late getting it down this summer. I've got our ceiling and box fans running right now to help dry the carpet. We are supposed to have a warm week, but today it's only in the 60's right now, but maybe it will warm up this afternoon.

    My canning and freezing has pretty much wound down. Not getting too much more out of our garden. The butternut squash is the next thing to harvest and they are not quite ready yet. I was going to make and can applesauce, but the apple crop didn't do well around our area due to weather here this year. I still have a little left from last year. I will try and do it next year. Besides, I am really busy with extra outdoor projects. Right now I am painting our shed, which hasn't been painted in 10 yrs. Harry painted the roof for me and I am doing the rest. I am pacing myself and not painting 2 days in a row since it isn't something I really should be doing. My last painting job this year will be the back garage door.

    Harry is having another flare-up of gout-the second this summer. This time he decided to go see his doctor. We found out there is a drug that can be taken to help prevent future flare-ups and he's on this now. He always gets it in his left big toe. He took it all weekend and he is feeling better now. A lot less pain. We need to learn more about gout. Harry gave me a website to get into so I did this morning and printed out some information.

    JB: I'm so sorry that your vineyard has been such a struggle for you and your husband. Things have been very dry here, too. We have had some rain this summer, but it never lasts very long. I always think of the farmers and others who count on the rain for their livelihoods.

    Terri: Sounds like you have been busy canning and freezing, too. Congratulations on your latest addition to the family!

    Well, that's it for now. I have lots more to do today so I had better run.

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    Sorry not to write back individually but it's good to see some of you still posting.

    I haven't been doing well lately, something's more wrong with my blood sugar and I can no longer control it with food as I've been doing for a few years now.

    Had 2 appts last week,(in one day) endo wants me to call back for results tomorrow afternoon then it's probably time to be checked into the hospital. He wants an expert to see me.

    Katy's been taking awesome care of me lately, even puts hubby to shame sometimes, ;)....but with both of them I'm in good care.

    Hugs all, sorry I've been away so long...