What's on your 'To Do List' Jan 7th-13th?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hugs4evry1, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all,

    I stopped by again this evening and didn't see a post yet for this week so I thought I'd get it started.

    Didn't get much done today but I did water my plants.

    And since I had company for the holidays and didn't make my weekly call to my friend in Florida, I just spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone with her this afternoon. Thank goodness for 3 or 4 cents a minute calls to the US.

    I've just made a pizza and thrown it in the oven for dinner and hubby is home so I'll keep this short.

    Also past my meal time so I need to eat soon to up my blood sugar levels.

    Terri, so glad the recitals turned out nice for you...congratulations.

    Hugs all,

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  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    [x] grad school recommendation letter for friend

    [x] mail sis-in-law's video back

    [x] call someone about starting history project

    [ ] finish Book 1 continuing ed (almost there!)

    [ ] start Book 2 continuing ed

    [x] send off for dad's divorce papers

    [ ] get son appointment w/ENT doctor

    [ ] library project meeting

    [X] watch LSU beat the pants off Ohio State! (But I'm sure gonna pay for staying up so late!!! P.S. Linda -- please give your husband my condolences ;-) )

    This way I can come back and check off what I did!

    P.S. AnneTheresa -- My lists are notorious! Sometimes I put things that I already did on them just so I can check them off. But I promise not to do that here!

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  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all....

    Linda, don't forget I live in Germany so it was 5:30pm for me when I started this thread. I'm 6 hours ahead of East Coast time.

    My daughter is coming in today and I have to take her to a nearby town to meet a friend. Her friend is visiting here for the holidays and has to go back to college soon.

    Hopefully I'll feel up to it, I haven't been out much at all since the holidays and I haven't been feeling as well this month either.

    Haven't seen her since my son and Dad left, but she sounded well on the phone yesterday.

    Not getting much done this week either...still need to have hubby help me get the rest of the Christmas decorations packed up and taken down to storage.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I'll keep this short today....

    Linda, my MIL is still here. Weather was bad last weekend and we didn't think we could get to the Seattle airport. She is staying now till the 19th. Yesterday she helped me with homeschool, while I was fixing pot pie for dinner. She is very helpful and not a bother to have around.

    Also, thanks for the anniversary wishes! It is our 31st today and we're going out for Thai food......it will be a nice evening. It doesn't seem like we've been married that long.

    My twins watched the Ohio/ LSU game last night as well with their Scout troop. They didn't focus a lot on the game- more on the snacks and the ping pong table that was going! Boys hitting each other with ping pong balls- sounds like boys' type of fun!

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday. I was just so busy at work with it being the first day of classes. The first week of the second semester isn't as busy as the fall semester, but it's busy enough. But things are not as hectic today so here I am.

    To be honest, I'm worried about a friend of mine here at work. She is the cleaning lady in my building and we have become good friends. We both love scary movies and sometimes we go to the theatre together. Her boss is quite nasty and unreasonable and after months of her boss harrassing her, her boss is now putting her on a 30 day probation. I'm so afraid she will lose her job. I'm hoping the professors will stand with me and support her.

    Terri: Congratulations on your 31st wedding anniversary. In May we will celebrate our 9th so 31 seems a long way off for us. I hope you enjoyed the Thai restaurant.

    Nancy: I'm sorry you are not feeling well. You probably overdid it while your company was there and are now feeling the effects. Try to get some rest and take care of yourself.

    Linda: Yes, I am still in the water therapy class. I feel that the swimming has been really beneficial to me.

    Anne Theresa and Kim: I hope both of you are doing okay.

    Okay, on to the to-do list for today:

    -stop at the mall and pick up Jim's birthday present
    -empty wastebaskets (done)
    -pool therapy class
    -salmon patties for dinner

  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I had such a bad day yesterday. I woke up early, very sick with what I thought was the flu. I was so nauseas I couldn't even choke down my morning pills.

    It wasn't until noon that I happened across the previous day's pill dispenser and realized I'd missed two doses of pain-killer (+ the morning dose that I felt too sick to swallow).

    So I took my meds and by early evening I felt okay again, thank God. I *never* miss my pills - I wonder where my head was? I won't be doing that again, not any time soon.

    To Do Today

    put dishes away, clean counters
    vacuum/sweep floors
    wash bathroom floor
    nap, if I can, or read
    dress, hair, make-up
    shopping with a friend

    Nancy, Despite the distance, you must feel very close to your friend in Florida. Good friends are a blessing and I'm glad you have such a person in your life. I hope you have an enjoyable day with your daughter and that you find her to be well & happy.

    Juloo, I like your method of list-making. Checking things off as you go makes good sense. Most times, I re-visit my to-do list through the day to see if I'm on track with my chores. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment or a kick-in-the butt, whatever is needed.

    It's been raining here too, Linda, and so I feel as twisted and stiff as a pretzel today. I don't know which sort of weather is easiest on me, but I know the rain is the worse. I hope you have a good day with your mom tomorrow and that she has a successful appointment.

    Terri, it's great you get along so well with your mother-in-law. I believe that's an important ingredient in the longevity of a marriage.

    My own mother-in-law and I were very strained for the first few years that sweetie and I were together, but we get along well now. Thank to God and our own determination to get along for sweetie's sake.

    Enjoy your anniversary dinner!

    Ellen, I hope your friend gets the support she needs and doesn't lose her job. A stressful situation like this can surely makes the work-a-day more challenging than usual. Take good care of yourself.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  7. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I always could use little reminders to do a few things each week instead of sitting on the puter. LOL!

    ( ) Call Allsup about disability

    ( ) Call for better rates for my 16 year-olds insurance
    (Working on this one today)

    (X) Mail my remaining Ebay items that I sold

    ( ) Send a birthday card with a few scratch off lottery tickets to my bro, his b-day is tomorrow.

    ( ) Make dinner......what to make tonight....I'm hurting!

    My list could have a few more things added but for right now that is enough. Otherwise I get overwhelmed.
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all....

    This morning I have to take my daughter to her psych appt on the nearby base, although she just IM'd me and said her husband can take her, we'll wait and see how it goes.

    I have my own appt with my doc this afternoon to see how my blood work went and refill all of my meds. Hubby has one too this morning and I've given him a list of questions and tests to request so we can see what's going on with him lately.

    I'll be lucky if I'm still standing after all of this running around today so that's it for my to do list.

    Ellen, I too, hope your friend is going to be ok. Maybe some of you could hire her for some household help while she's on probation to help her out? Or is she still working but they're watching her more carefully?

    Terri, I'm glad your MIL is still with you, that was quite the storm that blew through your area. And congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

    Linda, looking forward to Thursday when we hear from you again.

    Anne Theresa, yes it's wonderful to have such a dear friend. We met when our boys were in diapers over 24 years ago. Now her son is schizophrenic so with my daughter being mentally ill we somehow ended up with each other to rely on after all of these years. Although I'm sorry she's in the same boat that I am, I'm blessed that we get to travel this road together.

    And Monica, welcome to the thread....I for one, treasure this group of ladies.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  9. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    Like another poster on here said, it is nice to have this thread to keep us reminded of what we need to do. Some times I'll make a handwritten list but it usually gets lost before I can ever get the first chore/errand done. Any way, here is my little list for today:

    1. Take out garbage
    2. Call SS for benifits
    3. Dr. appt for adrenal stress index (if she knows what it is).
    4. Go bowling....if my energy allows
    5. Basic household stuff.
  10. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    After several days of mild temperatures, we are back to winter again. But it's been great getting rid of the snow and ice. You can tell I'm not a winter person.

    I don't think I mentioned that I had an eye doctor appt. on Monday. I've been having blurry vision for quite some time and it's had me concerned. I don't know if it's the FMS affecting my vision or what. The doctor said it could be or the fact that I am getting older or possibly a combination. I was taking some eye drops during the day, but now I have to take more drops during the day and then a stronger eye drop just before bedtime. If this doesn't work, he wants to put me on Restasis. I was on it before, but I guess I can try it again. My vision is to the point that I am afraid to drive at night. I just can't see signs that well and other things either. I do have to drive to work in the mornings when it's kind of dark, but so far I'm managing.

    Anne Theresa: I'm so sorry you got sick. Those pill organizers are a blessing. They always let us know when we have forgotten to take a dose or two. I use them now two. I don't trust my memory anymore.

    Nancy: Your family is certainly busy with all the appts. I know how stressful that can be. I hope everything goes okay. It's good that you have your girlfriend and that you both can talk and support eachother with each having children with mental illness. I wish my mother had had that with my brother. Vanessa, my friend at work, is still working here, but is working under probation. She does have a union, but they don't seem to be doing much for her. I did talk to a few professors and they said they would definitely put in a good word for her if and when she wants it. That's what I like about my job. Most of the professors here are really great to work for.

    Welcome to our newbies! This is a great group of people and we offer support and compassion besides trying to accomplish something everyday. I have grown very close to everyone here.

    To-do list:

    -have lunch with Jim
    -stop at the drugstore
    -drop off at donation at Goodwill
    -start hemming a new skirt

  11. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    First off thank you for the warm welcome to the group. I think this is going to be a thread I love! It actually motivates me to try and get somthing done during the day even if I'm feeling bad.

    I hope I get to know each of you better in the next few weeks so I can add a few more comments to all of you.

    Juloo: Sorry about the loss of Ohio State.

    Lindyl39: what a good daughter you are to help out your mom! I'm sure she counts her blessings on having such a wonderful daughter.

    Hugs4evry1: Thank you so very much for the warm welcome! Germany? Wow! I guess this board gets around, huh? LOL. I hope your daughters appointment goes well. I hope you get good news about your appointment as well. I don't want to seem *nosy* but I was wondering what was wrong with your hubby?

    Alaska3355: That is wonderful to have your MIL around for a while. I'm glad to hear you get along fabulously and she is a big help!

    Ellencomstock: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and her troubles with her professor. With all the daily stress we all have it is so hard to deal with work stress as well. I'm hoping things go well for your co-worker/friend. PS: I hope they find out what is wrong with your eyes. I get migraines and at times I may loss all vision so it is really scary not to have your vision working properly.

    AnneTheresa: Gosh, missing pain meds for a day sure will thru you for a loop, huh? I'm glad to hear you are back on track and wishing you a pain free day!

    Kathleen12: Waving hello to a fellow newbie on this board. I hope today brings you lots of joy!

    As for me, I will leave off from what I didn't get done yesterday. I had a pretty painful day yesterday and I didn't get much accomplished. Plus, a lot of extra stress that I really didn't need.

    So, here is to a new day and a fresh start!
  12. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    While shopping last eve, I bought a new ergonomic keyboard. I'm sure I'll get used to and love it, but at the moment I'm typing very slow with many typos to stop & correct.

    This design is supposed to be easier on the hands & wrists - which would be nice as typing has become difficult for me - so when I become more accustomed to using it, I'll let you know if I see any improvement in the way my hands & wrists feel & function.

    Welcome Monica & Kathleen! I hope you find this thread helpful, as I do. Making and sharing my to-do list keeps me organized and helps me better pace myself throughout the day.

    Nancy, thanks for sharing a bit about your dear friend. How wonderful to have someone to share with you the experience of having a child with mental health issues. It must be great to have someone with such a first-hand understanding. I hope you manage your busy day today and find some joy along the way.

    Ellen, I didn't know you were experiencing problems with your vision - that must be very disconcerting. I hope the new eye-drops cures the problem.

    Speaking to the professors on your friend's behalf was a good & kind thing to do. This will surely strengthen her case, should she face dismissal.

    My 19 year old niece is coming to spend the day with me today. I'll meet her at the bus terminal in two hours and then perhaps go to the video store to rent a few movies for us to watch. A few things to do before I meet her bus:

    - make bed, tidy bedroom
    - vacuum downstairs
    - spot clean kitchen floor
    - dress, hair, make-up
    - empty waste-baskets, garbage
    - swish washroom

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  13. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Things have quited down here at work. In fact, I think it's going to be a pretty quiet morning. I've done a few odds and ends and I have some office supplies coming with the mail. I also have to go to the Dining Hall to pick up some coffee supplies. My husband drove me into work this morning as he is helping me get groceries after work. It's such a help to have him with me.

    My blurry vision is continuing, but using the eye drops is helping my eyes feel not so dry. My contacts also feel more comfortable. The problem is remembering to take them five times a day. I keep a bottle of drops on my desk at work to remind me. I try to take all this in stride, but there are days when having so many things wrong with me is overwhelming and I would just like to crawl out of my body and take a vacation from it! I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

    One good thing-the Topamax is really helping to curb my appetite, and although I haven't weighed myself, I have noticed some of my clothes are fitting a little loser. Yay! I'm definitely eating less.

    To-do list:

    -lunch with husband
    -get groceries
    -wash bedding (husband said he would help me with this)
    -continue hemming skirt (it's a really full skirt)

    I hope everyone is doing okay. Take care!

  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Although it's evening time for me and I'm ready to go to bed soon.

    I didn't make my appt on Wednesday, my daughter and I spent the morning being brutally honest with each other and I think I'm her safe place. She can't hide much from me anymore, I seem to always be 'on' to her.

    She did have a good psych appt and wanted me here with her when she returned. Hard to imagine, but it was really a good day for us.

    Hubby has been sick for at least 2 1/2 yrs now. He tested positive for Lyme and HBV but wasn't treated for either one. I've had him on supplements that I learned about here and it's kept him working. At one time, we thought disability was going to be our only option for him.

    My housekeeper was sick today so I sent her home....

    I managed to finish up my dining room and put it back to normal and those X-mas decorations away. I finished packing up some more of my things and just have tons of boxes to return to storage yet.

    I also somehow made lasagna for dinner and vacuumed the house too. Whew....I'm pooped!

    Ellen, can you set your computer at work to give you reminders to put your eye drops in? I use a Yahoo widget digital clock and I've set it to remind me to eat every 2 hours. Comes in very handy.

    Anne Theresa, hope you feel better soon....

    Hugs all,

  15. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hi folks, After a sleepless night, today is just awful with body pain - more than I can manage - and a blinding headache. I won't make a to-do list today but I have a singular goal; to shower & shampoo when sweetie gets home & can help. In the meantime, back to my bed with ice-packs. God bless and don't worry about me, it's just more of the same old flare. I'll post more and coherently tomorrow, a.t.
  16. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I'm in such a hideous flare today I can hardly see straight. The migraine is also starting to break through the meds so I'm off to bed as well for a while.

    Gentle Cyber Hugs to you and I hope you beat this flare soon!

    PS: I started working on the TO DO list today but I just can't with all this pain. It even hurts just to type.
  17. It seems I don't accomplish much lately, plus I am having the after Christmas blahs I think.

    make a coffecake ( a box mix going out of date)
    make the bed
    unload the dishwasher
    do the 3 loads of laundry
    clean the bathroom
    play on my computer
    make dinner

    gee I already did those except dinner, so I guess I do , do somethings . Ah calgon take me away where there is energy and sunshine.

    By the way I usually post on fibro board. Occasionally here, so not really new. BUT HI! I hope I can join ya all!

  18. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all....

    Linda, that was an error on my part, Hubby tested positive for EBV and Lyme at the same time. Makes a difference, lol!

    As for my lasagna, it's simple and easy. No big deal.

    I use the 'no cook' noodles and have for years, it makes it so much easier.

    So I just brown my ground beef, I use canned spaghetti sauce but I love the Chunky Garlic and Herb stuff and throw it all together with some great cheeses. Packaged Italian Blend, Ricotta if I have it, freshly grated Parm(sp) and Mozz. Geez, I can't spell this morning but I woke up late and my blood sugar is off.

    I can actually throw this together in about a half hour...right up my alley.

    Today I have no plans but to rest and relax.....

    Our dear friends that we've know for years (Bahrain) moved away over 2 years ago and the hubby is here for another week on a business trip. He hasn't seen the new house and we always used to go out to eat together every Friday night so I'm thinking we'll do that again tonight.

    This is the couple that took my daughter and I in when we were evacuated from Bahrain right before the war. Hubby was almost set to get the job he has now so it made sense to come here. One phone call was all it took, we just had to wait for him to finalize the plans for this job.

    We spent 3 wonderful years here together, every night in summers at their house on their (cooler) porch. When they moved, his wife (my friend with MS) missed us so much that she took photos of us, blew them up to life sized faces, laminated them and stuck them to their porch chairs so it looks as if 'flat Nancy and flat Greg' are still on the porch. LOL!!!!

    She was there at my daughter's wedding in July and took our 'flat faces' with her. She's a riot!!!

    Just spoke to my daughter and she needs more meds so a trip to base might be in my future.

    Need to go eat and take my pills....blood sugar problems.

    Welcome all newbies, I hope you find this group of ladies to be as wonderful as I do.

    Hugs all,

  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My computer wouldn't let me post for a few days, so my hubby fixed it and I'm back!

    I'm sorry to hear so many of you are having migraines and fibro trouble.....take care of yourselves.

    We've had a lot of fog and icy roads, so we're staying close to home. I'm going out with Mother today for lunch. She's checking out the assisted living again, and they invited us to lunch there. They are very accomodating, but Mother is bound and determined to go home for awhile first. I guess it would be hard to leave a house you've lived in for almost 50 years.

    Nancy- I liked your story of "flat Nancy and Greg" on the porch....funny! Have a good time at dinner!

  20. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I am so glad it is Friday and payday. We had two extra bills this month that came to $600.00 so that really cut into our finances. Another hour and my workday is over!

    Nancy: I loved the story of flat "Nancy" and "Greg"! It's so nice you finally get to see your friends. Have a good time tonight. I'm sorry your husband has been having health problems. I know Lyme disease is difficult to live with. I didn't know that you could set a timer with your computer. Computer are such amazing things. But just setting the eye drop container on my desk seems to be enough just to remind me. I don't a specific time to take them-just several times throughout the day.

    Anne Theresa: You have certainly had your share of sickness and flare-ups. I am so sorry you are not doing well and hope this passes quickly. Take care.

    Monica: I am sorry that you, too, are not doing well, either. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

    Fibrobutterfly: Welcome to our little group. I think by your list that you did quite a bit. Just remember to take breaks inbetween jobs so you don't overdo.

    Linda: I felt a little queasy last night. Fortunately it didn't last long. Maybe there is something going around. By the way, I saw the movie "One Missed Call" last weekend and it's really good. Also, the previews showed a lot of scary movies that will be coming on soon.

    Terri: I'm glad you got your computer fixed. Like you said,I guess you can't blame your mother for not wanting to leave her home. I'm sure we will all be that way someday, too.

    To-do list for today:

    -stop and see Jim for a few minutes
    -finish hemming skirt

    To-do list for weekend:

    -dust house
    -catch up on ironing
    -take recycling over to the township office (2 minutes from
    our house, thank goodness)
    -make chili
    -watch "Monk" marathon on Sunday (does anyone watch the
    show "Monk"? I really love it!)
    -visit in-laws

    Have a good weekend, everyone! For everyone who is sick, I hope you get better soon!


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