What's on your "To Do" list January 26 to Feb 1st?

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  1. hugs4evry1

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    Hi all,

    Sorry I didn't get this thread posted earlier today....as usual not feeling well again. Lost my breakfast again this morning so my day didn't start out too well.

    Katy and I watched some downloaded tv programs to catch us up on a series we all enjoy. Found some fabric to make us both some jammy pants only to have a thread jam in my sewing machine. For some reason I tried to fix it myself but wasn't able to finish it yet, yikes!! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I wake up with half a brain so I can try to get it back together again.

    Hope your day is going better than mine.


  2. greygodess

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    Sorry to hear about your day. I didn't go bowling today because of my lower back. Instead I went to the chiro and then walked on the treadmill at the gym. My back started to spasm near the end so I got off a little early. Some heat and a little ibuprofen will help I hope. Tomorrow I might watch the youngest grandaughter, Delaney. She's 19 months and a cutie. Wednesday I have the nature center. The deer have gone for the winter but will probably start showing up in late March or April. I have a crochet project I need to get going. It's a little time consuming to make 62 octagons. Then sew together and do the border.

    I don't know if you guys remember that I had a heart issue called A-Fib. An irregular heart beat. I had it fixed by having my heart shocked a couple of times. That put it back in rhythm and now I am on a med to keep it that way. I felt so light after the procedure. I didn't realize how much energy I had lost while in this condition. So it is good to not be tired all the time.

    But I still take my naps and am getting ready for one now. Godbless
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  3. AnneTheresa

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    Thanks for beginning this week's thread, Nancy.
    I'm sorry you're still not feeling well and I hope your day improves.

    Greygoddess, I'm glad the heart procedure was help[ful and has resulted in you're feeling more energetic. That's very good news. I hope your lower back pain eases up. Enjoy your time with Delaney - she sounds like a doll!

    Yesterday Sweetie & I and his aunt had dinner together, then we went to see Benjamen Button. It was a good movie, an enjoyable day.

    I slept late today and woke to a messy house. Sweetie is good at helping me clean the house but he's not very good about keeping the house tidy between cleanings. So my after-the-weekend housework session is always a big one, so much so that I try not to schedule anything but housecleaning on Mondays.

    Monday To Do List

    pick-up & tidy living room & bedroom
    clean kitchen & washroom
    swiffer floors
    dust furniture
    empty wastebaskets
    put laundry away
    make grocery list

    God bless,
  4. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Stuff to get done this week:

    get the kitchen cabinets wiped down
    mop kitchen floor

    vacuum all through the house ***get new vacuum cleaner bags***

    clean the bathroom & mop the floor

    make appt for dog to get a bath & nails done
    Make list of stuff to take on our little trip

    Balance check book & pay bills :(

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  5. alaska3355

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    I hope you drop in often.....we also just chat. Whatever you want to write about is OK!

    I have to take Mother to the oncologist today. Hope that goes OK. She has been doing quite well for a lady who is almost 88. She loves to go shopping, loves to try new foods, and enjoys life. I hope I do that well at 88.

    Other than that, I'll work with the boys on their homeschool. We were trying to build a simple radio, but have had trouble with the parts. Any tech whizzes out there?

    Nancy- I hope you'll be able to get to the doc and see why you're still so sick. It is troubling to lose breakfast and weight too- especially when you're not trying to. You take care of yourself.

    Anne Theresa- I hear you about messy men! My hubby "helps" with the laundry....by that, I mean he does 3 loads of laundry, dumps them in a pile and he's done! So the boys and I have to put it away- sometimes it gets wrinkled waiting for us to get to it. I know DH is trying to help, but it can be a mess. When he cooks (I'm not complaining, because he's a good cook!) the whole kitchen is torn up. Food all over the stove, on the floor...etc. So I'd almost rather cook and limit the mess. But I think cooking is relaxing for him.

    Wow- gotta go!
    Take care all,
  6. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    We had a fairly quiet weekend. Sunday was Jim's birthday so we took him out for lunch, but his mood wasn't the best. He was complaining (again!) about his dry mouth, which is caused by one of the new meds and about how he was not feeling as well. So not the best birthday celebration.

    On Monday I had to get up extra early to take my car in to the body shop to start the repairs to the front bumper. They estimate it will be in there for three days. This is costing us $500.00. I was surprised that Harry gave me $250.00 towards the repairs. I will have to take my half out of our emergency fund money since I just don't have the money to pay for it out of my checking account. Insurance will pay the rest. Fortunately, we have insurance for a rental car. I had to call work and tell them I would be a few minutes late.

    Then this morning I overslept by a half hour! Harry had to wake me up or I don't know how long I would have slept! It was one of those times when you turn off the alarm and say you will get up in a couple of minutes and then you fall back to sleep for a half hour or more!
    I hate starting the day like that!

    It's still very cold here with snowy and icy roads. Last Friday it reached 37 degrees. That was cause for celebration!

    Nancy: I'm so sorry you are still sick. I hope they figure out what is wrong soon.

    Grey Goddess: I'm glad your heart condition has been taken care of. I would love to have more energy.

    Anne Theresa: Harry and I saw "Benjamin Button" a couple of weeks ago and really liked the movie, although I am sure there is no such things as a disease that makes you go from an old person to a baby. But it was entertaining.

    To-do list:

    -pool class
    -empty dishwasher
    -a long nap


  7. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I hope you're feeling better.

    Hi Beadlady & Welcome!

    Terri, it's nice your mom is well, getting around and enjoying life at her advanced age. God bless her. I hope you enjoy, and are sucessful with, the radio-making project. Homeschool sounds like fun! It seems your hubby and my sweetie have lots in common re: housework & laundry. Ah well, hopefully, our own sons - wherever they land in ther lifetimes, will do their share of the housework.

    Ellen, you've had your share of stressors lately - those kind of days can leave you tired to the bone. I hope the work on your car is done well and to your satisfaction. I also hope you get a nice long nap and wake feeling rejuvinated and well. Stay warm.

    I had a good doctor's appointment today. The doctor agreed to a trial of topomax, so I'll begin taking this med later in the week. We also talked about physio & accupuncture, both of which I intend to look into. While at the clinic, I made an appointment to see the foot nurse (I have an ingrown toe-nail and I can't reach to fix it) for thursday evening.

    This evening I have a Weight-Watchers meeting and then I'm going to come home and go to bed. I'm very tired, having got up early this morning for my doctor's appointment.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  8. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    Grey I'm so happy that you've found more energy after your procedure.

    Beadlady, welcome to the thread. I hope you continue to post here.

    Terri, I hope your Mom's appt goes well. She sounds like she's doing well and don't we all hope that we can be going strong at that age.

    Ellen, I'm sorry your lunch with Jim didn't go well. I know what you mean about the complaining, I live with it daily. The dry mouth should clear up soon and I know they've recommended hard candies for Katy on some of her meds too.

    You've been so busy lately with everything that's been going on, no wonder you slept in!

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad you had a good doc appt and I hope the Topamax helps some.

    I have an appt with the eye doc today so I'm very excited about that. It's been years since I've had my eyes checked and I need new glasses desperately. I'm hoping to feel well enough to pick up some dog food for the puppy while I'm out. He's growing so much and it's always surprising to us since Dixie is only 4 pounds fully grown.

    Hope to hear from the others soon as well.


  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    You know, it's amazing how time changes things. Yesterday was my mother's birthday and I breezed through the day without crying or getting depressed. I didn't even think about it being her birthday until the middle of the morning and then it was a pleasant thought about her and dad being together in heaven. Years ago, I was so conscious of the day coming up, and would be so sad the whole day. But I know my mother wouldn't want me to be sad on her birthday.

    We are getting quite a snowstorm today-several inches of the white stuff. Will this awful winter ever give us a break? The body shop called yesterday and my car is done. If this storm keeps up I might just leave work a little early. I have to return the rental car first.

    I am always tired, but lately I really feel drained of energy. I think you are right, Nancy, about a lot of things going on in my life.

    I haven't said anything to you, girls, but my vision is getting worse again. I was enjoying driving at night, but now I am having problems again and may have to stop driving at night again soon. My vision during the day is getting worse again, too. Harry says to get new glasses, but I feel I have to wait until my vision is worse because I can't afford new glasses too often. New glasses every few months is just too expensive, especially when you are working a part-time job. Darn FMS.

    Nancy: I'm sorry you have to listen to the complaining, too. I suppose it's hard for those with OCD, but it's hard for us, too. Especially since we are sick, too. I try to be understanding with Jim as I'm sure you are with Katy. You deserve a medal, Nancy. Living with a person with OCD is very difficult. I had suggested Jim chew gum for his dry mouth, but the hard candy is also a good suggestion.

    To-do list:

    -drop off rental car and pick up my car
    -vacuum hard floors
    -easy dinner


  10. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    the nice welcome here.

    the week is half over & I haven't done very much on my list.
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  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Bead lady, don't worry about not accomplishing everything on your list. That's why we post here, it's always a goal.....never a done deal.

    Ellen, do they know why your vision is changing so often? I'm sorry if you've talked about this before but I don't remember the cause.

    As I said yesterday I had an appt with my eye doc and lo and behold, got a new disease along with it..... Glaucoma. Not quite by US standards but by the German definition, I do have it. US standards are 25, German's use 23....yikes, wasn't expecting this.

    Today is a rest day for me, I'll probably have to drive to Katy's appt tomorrow and it takes everything out of me. Hoping to get some more sewing done. The pup has ripped both of Katy's new jammies by biting them and I have had to alter my pattern considerably for myself so that they fit me now and I'm enjoying my few new pairs that aren't falling off.

    Hugs all,

  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Harry got called back to work. They've been calling him for two or three-day jobs, which is good, but we don't like the fact that he's gone overnight. I won't see him until Saturday now. Such is the life of a truck driver. The only good thing is that I get out of cooking for awhile.

    Saturday is my birthday-a milestone. 50 years old! And I have the day off!

    Nancy-I'm so sorry you have glaucoma. My mother had that. I remember she had to put drops in her eyes to keep the pressure down. And she had to go in for checkups every so often. And for my eyes, they are affected by the fibromyalgia. I took me a long time to figure this out until I finally found an article about how fibromyalgia affects your eyes. Since that times, I have talked to several other people who have the same problem I do. I try not to worry too much about it, but I can't help but wonder how bad my eyesight will get in time.

    Grammy-thanks for your suggestion on the yellow glasses, but I am already using those. Someone here on the FMS website suggested yellow glasses some time ago and I've been using them ever since. Without them, the headlights almost blind me. I'm so glad you found a doctor that you like. I'm sorry that things with your husband are not going well. Here you thought things were going well, only to discover that you and he are not on the same page after all. That must have been a blow to you.

    To-do list:

    -vacuum carpeting upstairs
    -pool class
    -balance checkbook
    -pay bills

    Well, it's about time for lunch, which means my day is nearly over. I only have an hour to work after lunch. Take care, everyone.


  13. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I must be crazy to have gone out for a manicure is this terrible winter weather. It's brutal cold and windy today. Pushing my walker and self through snow-covered, slushy sidewalks was a work-out and a half. I'm home now, exhausted, frozen to the bone but with amazing nails:)

    Happy Birthday, Ellen! I hope your 50th birthday is as fun as mine was. It's good Harry will be home in time to help you celebrate:) I'm sorry your vision is still an issue; I had hoped after your most recent bout, your vision would not decline further.

    I think of my own mom every year on her birthday. Her birthday is a few days before mine (same as you and your mom) and I miss sharing a b-day cake with her. God bless.

    Nancy, I'm sorry to hear you have glaucoma - what a surprise that must have been. What's next? eye-drops? medication?

    Grammy27, I'm glad you're on the mend and receiving treatment for pain. It's good your husband is in therapy. Hopefully, he can resolve his anger issues. Whether you separate or move forward together, this experience has been paramount in both your lives and will not be forgotten. Enjoy your new hair-do!

    To-Do Friday (& Saturday)

    put dishes away, clean counters and sink
    sweep & mop kitchen floor
    swiffer hardwood floors
    clean mirrors & screens
    empty wastebaskets
    make cheddar & omelets for dinner
    finish grocery list
    complete & mail insurance forms

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Spent most of yesterday in bed, Katy had a psych appt on Friday and for some reason that drive always lands me on my arse.

    Today we're getting ready to go shopping at the Exchange and will probably rest afterwards.

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad that you're home safe and sound after your very cold day out and about.

    Ellen, I'm sorry you're having so many problems with your eyes.....For now, I'm just going to get checked again next year but we'll see what the German doc suggests since my insurance paperwork that day was only for one appt.

    Grammy thanks for the links for the glaucoma. I'm not too worried about it at the moment, it just threw me for a loop because I wasn't expecting it.

    I'm sorry to hear things aren't going so well at home but I think I could have predicted it, through experience. Think about it......your husband has literally gotten away with attempted murder....nothing will ever be the same again in your marriage. It's just simply impossible....hoping that things will go back to some sort of 'normal' won't make is so.

    Accepting this brutal beating is in some ways saying that the behavior was 'ok'....it's not, you didn't deserve this, no one does.

    And with a deep and heavy heart, I have to say it WILL happen again.....might not be this month, or even this year....but it ALWAYS happens again.

    Nowhere in the definition of love does it state that someone is allowed to brutally beat you and even break bones. That's not love, it's a monster.

    Yes, I'm brutally honest and perhaps a bit harsh in my opinions, but I've been there, done that and know how the story ends....always!

    Hugs all,

  15. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I kept meaning to come back to this thread and post but it seems like I didn't get much done the last few weeks! I guess it happens.
    Nancy, I read some earlier posts and learned a bit about your struggles to help your daughter-- what a fighter you are! I hope you figure out what's going on with you too.

    And what an astounding way of putting it out there regarding DV...it's so true. He sounds like he's playing the victim quite well, and turning it around to make you more confused but it's a ploy. We are more emotional and crave a connection, but break it and you'll be better off most of the time if there's DV involved. My ex played those games with me, cuz he knew there was a lot to lose. In the end the words that spewed out of his mouth in court were exactly that of a monster...even the judge's mouth hung open. we have children involved and it's been tough but no regrets because it wasn't safe, not at all.
    Grammy, I'm glad you have a therapist...be good to yourself.
    I hope everyone is okay and I'll have to go back an read more about you all. I already forgot some names--Anne Theresa...hope you had a bit of a warm up like we're having today. My kids were stuck at home for four days last week and another storm on its way...ugh! I used a walker for a year and remember pushing it over ice and slush last year.

    Today I need to get a shower STILL, run the dishwasher, and go to a superbowl party at my best friend's house...not too much to ask for today! I'm on a new med and it's made me extra drowsy the last 10 days to where I could sleep all day!