What's on your to-do list? July 13 to 19th

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    Hi, girls:

    I didn't see the new week's post, so I decided to get it started. Well, Harry went back to work after two weeks of layoff. Although he makes less on unemployment, the two weeks off was good for him and it helped me to have him home to help me, too. And it was nice to spend some time together. Although money is tight right now, we found free and cheap things to do together so we had a good 2 weeks.

    We went to that Dillinger movie over the weekend and it was really good. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

    With Harry's help, my flower and veggie gardens are looking good. Although I am doing better, but still can't chop or cut and have to work in short intervals.

    Found a new lawyer and made an appt. this morning. Will meet w/him next Tues. morning at 10:00 a.m. He's local & hopefully won't have any affiliations w/the college. I'm guessing he will say I don't have a case. His sec. says he doesn't collect unless you win.

    Finally heard from a long-lost former co-worker & friend over the weekend-Vanessa Hyder. Got a card and note from her in mail. thought she had quit her job. she didnt. the college had fired her and then tried to say she quit so they could get out of paying her unemployment. I had tried to contact her, but she never called me back. Vanessa said she went into a deep depression and her physical health suffered, too. she had to take the college to court and judge ruled in her favor. yay! justice prevailed! that college is so evil. I thought it was strange that she would quit her job, but they were being really mean to her and really stressing her out. They also told judge that they didnt give Vanessa that much work to do, when they actually overworked her. she was the cleaning lady. glad judge saw through their lies. I wish vanessa had contacted me earlier so I could have given her some support. But I also said that I understand that when you are severely depressed you tend to push away people that can help you and she said that was what she was doing. I told her all that has happened to me and she felt so bad for me, too. She said she is much better now.

    Harry has agreed that for now I will continue job searching, although we both know the chances of me finding a job that I can do with my disabilities is probably pretty small, especially with the economy and the high unemployment rate here-17%. If I don't find something by the time my unemployment runs out, I will then apply for disability. I will have no choice.

    Well, better go. Time running out.


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    Ellen I am happy you found a new lawyer. After reading your friend's success, maybe you would want to use who she did? Just a thought! I am happy Harry was called back to work. Hopefully, they will need for quite awhile! It's good you had fun for those two weeks. Take care!

    I know Nancy and Anne Theresa had great vacations coming up. Please excuse me for not remembering when! Were this week? My mind is on strike today.

    Having Sam (our infant grandson) for three days, last week, was great. I've had to pay the price over the weekend. Of course, fatigued. This week starts tomorrow! He is here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I do enjoy the long weekend! He is so much fun and the days went by quickly! Hope it's the same for this weekend!

    I hope this coming week is a good, or better one, for you all!


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    Yay! I have made it to the start of week 3 with no camps for Liam! I am so proud of myself. We are actually doing well considering. Today Liam started swim lessons 3x a week for the next two weeks.

    Liam earned his t-shirt for the library reading program yesturday:) We are going to a show at the library this afternoon. It is a comedy and music thing. It sounds like fun. Then we have therapy at home later in the afternoon.

    I have used his icon schedule and data sheets consistently and it helps so much.

    Last week we saw the movie UP! It was so hilarious. A lot of people say it is sad and there are sad parts but I was laughing throughout. We went with the neighbor girl, Liam and me. Yesturday we rented the 1943 version of Lassie Come Home. I had never seen it. I LOVED it! OMG it is now one of my favorite classics.

    To answer from last week:
    Nancy-Yes Liam is my only. I do have a bachelors in child development but having Liam makes me feel as though I know nothing sometimes!!! I have been trying to compared and separate out normal and not. It is complicated. My behavior therapist have been so great to talk to and bounce things off of. The Indiana Jones thing is so darn precious. He dressed up againg the other day while playing and I just enjoyed it. The first dx psych we saw said with Aspergers you don't really know just to the extent it will be until around age 9 so I have that on my mind. I have been doing better this week though. So yes, once again you are right on target!

    Anne Theresa-ROFL! I was actually thinking of getting a Bozo the Clown punching bag. HA HA Thought it may do our whole family well. I want to see both of the movies you mentioned. I remember being a kid and seeing Race to Witch Mountain the original and thought it was magical.

    Ellen-Kim has a good point about using the other employees lawyer. I sure hope for the best for your appointment. 17% unemployment!!! When I was at the library the other day waiting to be helped I heard the ref desk person telling someone on the phone that they are not doing any hiring and don't plan to. UGGH Keep your head up!

    Kim-I'm so glad you can rest up so you are ready to care for Sam. I want details. How often does he eat and sleep. Does he like to be outdoors? How much does he weigh now? How much hair does he have? Tell us more (lol).

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    Hello all,

    Thanks for getting us started this week, Ellen. I'm glad you heard from your friend, Vanessa. I remember you mentioning her in the past and some of the troubles she was experiencing on the job. It's terrible the way she was treated and I'm so happy she took the university to court and won her case. I'm impressed by how efficient you've been throughout this ordeal, attending to details and carrying on when many others would crumble. I suppose it's this quality that makes you such a good secretary :) I'm glad you & Harry had some quality time together, though it's good his lay-off was short-lived. Take good care.

    Kim, I'm glad you had fun with little Sam and, like Molly, I'd love to know more about this precious child. The three-day on, four-day off schedule is ideal if you're able to manage. It's wonderful for Sam to be able to stay with his grandma while mom is working. I have nothing against daycare centres, but one-to-one attention from a loved-one is a hard act to follow. You're doing important work.

    Hi Molly, I just loved the movie UP! It was sweet and yes, hilarious. Lassie Come Home is one of my faves, as well. It seems you & Liam have been having a busy summer with lots of activity. Liam with his Indiana Jones costume puts me in mind of my James and his orange tractor. My mom bought James a ride-a-long tractor and from the time he received it until the day it (literally) fell apart, he rode it day and night. He would pull up to the table with his tractor, ride it to toilet and to his bedside and when we went somewhere in the car he'd insist we put his tractor in the trunk so he'd have it with him wherever he went. This went on for over a year. James will be 30 in October and whenever I think of him riding around on his orange tractor, I get misty. Treasure these days with Liam - children grow up so fast.

    I've finished my chores and now all I have to do now is fix my face & hair and then go to my weight-watchers meeting. My ride will be here in an hour - this should leave me a bit of time to read.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all.....

    Ellen thanks for getting this started this week. I woke up Monday to no internet and it took hours to get it fixed. I agree with the others in applauding you for how you've handled this current situation. But.....I have one suggestion and I hope you don't mind if I go ahead with it.

    Whenever you write about others that you know, I'm always concerned that if they google their name, the paragraph will show up. I guess I could check this first but I worry about you using full names in your posts. Uh oh, I just googled it and it does show up....Hope you don't mind that I've mentioned this.

    Kim, so good to see you posting. I hope that 3 days a week aren't too much for you with your precious Sam. But enjoy your days!!! They grow so fast, it would be wonderful to have time with a precious grandchild again, knowing what you know now that we didn't when it was our turn.

    And yes, I'm taking a trip to Rome at the end of the month with Katy. We've changed our hotel reservations after reading bad reviews on the internet and in my saner moments, I feel kind of stupid spending this kind of money with the recession and all, but I just feel like we need this short trip.

    We're now staying at the Aldrovandi Palace....not quite as centrally located as the other one, but voted the best hotel there....I need to know I can rest and relax as needed, get my fruits and meals as needed and feel safe and comfortable. They have a shuttle car to the main places all day long so this should allow me to get back and forth as needed.

    Molly, I'm so glad you were able to enjoy Liam's phase last week even if just for a short time. Next time you start to worry, please let us know what's going on....although I have no degrees whatsoever, I think I'm just a Mom in my soul and I've helped raise so many other kids along the way. (Kids would come to me and tell me things they couldn't tell their own parents)

    Katy was always a bit of an odd child...we didn't know she was ADHD until she was 13. But had we not adored her for her idiosyncracies (sp?) her life would be so much different now.....Hubby was dx first, then Katy, then it was my turn a few years later!

    Next time you're in a waiting room with kids and parents together (or anywhere for that matter) watch the kids who's parents don't adore them and see how badly these kids behave. It's the parents who's eyes light up simply because their child is 'there' who's kids behave the best. Sorry, I tend to preach a bit on the subject of kids....my apologies if I've offended.

    Anne Theresa, I loved your story about the tractor...and had a good laugh about it too. Just lovely!

    Yesterday hubby finally had his endoscopy with biopsy done and has an appt next week to find out the result of all of his tests. Hopefully we'll have some answers for him soon.

    Katy has her first appt with her new psych today and she's actually looking forward to it. She's now officially been served with her divorce papers, has visited the lawyer regarding this, has another appt next week and is handling it all WELL!!!

    Thank God for the ladies at TriCare who take such good care of her and look out for her best interests. Thank God they sent her to the hospital here in Germany on her last admission. Thank God for the doctor who was only there for about 3 days before he got sick, but dx her properly and got her on the right medications. Thank God and the Angels above for an answer to all of our prayers that she is doing well, not harming herself and handling all of this so well.

    She's even still losing weight and put on a pair of size 18's yesterday. She's really looking good too.

    Ok all, sorry for the book but I guess this is what happens when I haven't been on in a few days.

    Oh something else odd is going on and I think maybe that after being on my new Enzyme meds for a few months now that changes are starting to come.

    I've been cleaning!!! Construction messes that I never got around to cleaning in the 2 years I've lived here. Katy caught me the other day and asked what I was doing. I told her "I'm not sure what they call it" and she said, "you mean cleaning???"

    My white/gray marble type tiles on the floor had messes all over and the baseboards looked awful. I've now cleaned them all with the exception of my bedroom and the place looks so much brighter for it. Those Mr Clean erasers are just magic on white things.....

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Hi Nancy, Your trip sounds wonderful and will coincide with sweetie & I going on our annual bed & breakfast adventure to our fave theatre town. We have theatre tickets for two successive days (Macbeth and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) and we plan to take a boat tour up and down the river, browse the lovely arts & crafts boutiques etc.

    I'm so happy Katy's looking & feeling well and handling stress without relapse. God bless her. It's especially wonderful she's losing weight. Being overweight is difficult but especially so for a young woman Katy's age.

    You must be picking up in the energy department if you're up and cleaning - those enzyme medications seem to be shaking things up for you. How is your weight? Have you managed to gain any, or at least stop losing? I thought of you today while I was at the most amazing physiotherapy session. It's too bad your recent experience was so terrible. My experience was the opposite, great!

    Today, the physiotherapist did the intake interview and the exam, prescribed some at-home exercises (for me to do daily at my own pace) and gave me 4 acupuncture needles.

    My main area of weakness is my hips. I need to build some muscle in my hips and legs so I can prevent falls, walk better and use the stairs. At this point (he said) it's dangerous for me to walk without my walker. I'm going to go on Wednesday afternoons for a while and each physio session will be followed-up with a massage therapy session.

    I'm looking forward and hope to see some improvement.

    To-Do Today

    make dinner
    fill out insurance forms
    editing project

    God bless,
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    Hi, Girls:

    Today isn't one of my better days- my "t" still causing alot of pain in my hands & wrists, but my shoulders are doing better. My left arms is doing better now that I'm forcing myself to use my right arm now (the arm with the "t"). I'm on my 4th week of therapy. Harry is back to work, which I'm glad of, but I miss having him home for help, but at least I'm doing a little better. I do exercises everday and Harry does a treatment on my arm 3 times/wk that the therapist taught him.

    Jim & I got together yesterday & since he's gained more weight again, we went shopping for shorts and found some right away fortunately. I also got Harry's birthday present plus some other errands done. Jim also helped me get groceries.

    Thanks for all the kinds words and encouragement on my possible case. I don't mean to sound negative, but I'm thinking I probably don't have a case. I'm just thinking of what that other lawyer I saw at the library said, although he wasn't a specialist in disability cases. In any case, it will be nice to finally know one way or the other. But I am trying to stay calm because I know it's not good for my health especially now with the "t". I have to concentrate on getting better.

    Ann Theresa: How much weight have you lost? I know you've been going to WW for a long time now.

    Nancy: I'm glad that finally Katy's divorce papers have come. Congrats on her weight loss and your increase in energy. Are you gaining any weight? Thanks for warning me about using full names. I never even thought of it. I have to remember this is the Internet.

    Molly: I'm so glad that Liam is doing better right now. I love the movie about Lassie, too.

    Kim: I bet you are tired after watching your grandson. Your daughter is lucky to have you.

    Have to limit typing. I'll be back next week. Take care, everyone.


    P.S. Can't use lawyer Vanessa used as she didn't use one. The court thing was over the telephone. A kind of arbitration thing.
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    Hello all,

    Ellen, I'm sorry you're having a bad day with pain, though it's good you're seeing some improvement in your shoulders. I began my at-home physio exercises last night and I intend to be as faithful as you have been, in terms of making a daily commitment.

    To answer your question, I've lost 25 lbs. so far and I have a long-term goal to lose that much twice again. When you're as heavy as I am, then a 25 lb. loss isn't very noticeable, but I expect the next ten lbs. etc. will make a difference to how I look. One victory is I'm able to cut my toenails now - something I've been unable to do for the past 2 years (those pedicures were out of necessity, not just the urge to pamper myself :)

    I can relate to your stress of not knowing where you stand with regard to the possible court cases. Whatever the outcome, knowing is better than not knowing.

    It's nice you were able to see Jim yesterday. I hope his recent weight gain does not interfere with his health or well-being. It seems many people have trouble maintaining a healthy weight for a variety of reasons. Medication side-effects, an abundance of high-calorie, high fat foods in the marketplace & restaurants, emotional eating, sedentary lifestyles & the all-consuming advertising; these are just a few of the obstacles to maintaining a healthy weight.

    After a busy week, I've scheduled today as a rest-day. I plan to take a shower/shampoo and then spend some time reading & writing. Later in the day, after sweetie gets home from his book-buying mission, we'll likely get out for a scoot and bike ride to do a bit of shopping.

    By the way, yesterday I took my scooter downtown to my doctor's office and back (to pick up some insurance forms). It was the furthest I've traveled with the scooter and through the busiest part of town. I was nervous crossing the busy streets but I did just fine.

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa