What's on your to-do list? July 20th to 27th

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    Hello all,

    I'll take my turn and begin this week's thread. I have a busy week ahead but today I've scheduled a stay-at-home day with the intent of doing housework. I try to save Mondays for a post-weekend clean-up, though it's not always possible. Tuesday is Weight-Watchers, Wednesday, I have physiotherapy/massage, Thursday, I'm taking my sister out for lunch to celebrate her 50th b-day, Friday I'll run errands or rest, whichever is most needed, and Saturday, sweetie and I are going to a barbecue at a friend's house. That's my 'week at a glance' :)

    To-Do Today

    dust living room/office
    sweep & damp-mop floors
    put dishes away, clean counters, etc.
    put laundry away
    clean washroom
    get a start on paper filing (there are over year's worth of paper's in my 'to-file' basket, so this project will take a few days :)
    read, write, rest

    I look forward to hearing from each of you.

    God bless,

    Anne Theresa
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    Hey Anne Theresa thank you for starting the week out. I hope your busy week goes well. Hopefully you were able to get things done yet rest in between.

    I had a nice weekend to myself. My dh took ds camping with a couple of the cub scouts dads and their kids. I got to take naps, shop, watch a chick flick and go to dinner with a girlfriend.

    Even still this week I feel a mess. I almost feel like stop posting here. Not because of you guys but because I feel so negative and am sick of the negativity myself! I am so sorry. My emotions are on a rollercoaster.

    I planned to finally make the important call for legal advise on the school system for ds and marriage counseling for dh and me. I was falling apart too much today. But I did have a conversation with my dh and well I guess that is some progress. I explained that with the tough times that are hitting us we need to do things to de-stress. He agreed that we could do the mindful yoga cd 2x a week together after ds goes to bed. I will make the phone call tomorrow. I didn't want to be sobbing and blubbering into the phone. Hopefully I will be in better condition tomorrow.

    My ds is stressed. The camping trip was a bit too much for him. He began a new tic (before, during and after the trip). A clucking noise with his tongue. I am trying like hell not to let it alarm me but of course I'm all riled up. He is unable to have a two-way conversation and usually does more of a monolog of Indiana Jones legos set ups. I try not to cry. I have to be strong. He did give me lots of affection after he got home and gave me the longest hug he has ever given me! It was really wonderful.

    This week I am taking ds to swim lessons in the morning and an engineering (Lego) camp in the afternoon. He was supposed to have extra support for his special needs. I arranged this in June for all three camps this summer with this particular rec center. Well, no one was there for him and I could see no extra support. I didn't say anything thinking well he has been here and is familiar etc etc/ When I picked him up he said he didn't want to go back. To a LEGO CAMP????? He had social problems with some of the kids and no one to help him through it. So I had my dh leave a message with the person in charge of inclusion since I could not speak without falling apart today. So they have until 1:00 tomorrow to call back and figure out how Liam can be included and be successful in this camp.

    Saturday is Mom's night out with my autism mom's. I hope to go with my girlfriend that I went to dinner with. She hasn't been yet and we thought we could try it out.

    Well I hope you are all feeling your best and able to have a nice week. Hugs!

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    Hello all,

    Hi Molly, I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Even though it may not be apparent, I believe on some level, the good times give us the strength and endurance to better manage the days we feel like 'a mess'. Please don't stop posting because you feel negative - feeling positive and upbeat is absolutely not a prerequisite for participating.

    Stress can be a terrible thing; it can rob us of our health and happiness. I'm glad you're exploring ways to de-stress and that your husband is supportive in this regard.

    Before I took a medical leave-of-absence - nine years ago - I was stressed from head-to-toe, day and night. I blamed it on my job, which was, objectively speaking, a high-stress position in a high-stress field.

    Of course, being in a constant state of stress kept me in a constant flare so my pain and other symptoms were through the roof. I was surprised when I left the workforce that the stress did not go away. Leaving the workplace only resulted in my becoming stressed about different issues (the state of the world, my dirty dishes, etc.) and so I had to find a new philosophy.

    It's taken a while to cultivate a sense of inner-peace but, having achieved this state (a majority of the time) has gone a long way to improve the quality of my life. I'm not drawing a comparison between my life and yours, only sharing my experience in case there's something of value there.

    I hope the problems at camp are resolved so Liam can receive the support he needs to enjoy the experience. I hope your spirits lift soon but, in the meantime, don't feel bad about feeling bad. Sometimes a good cry is the best medicine.

    I didn't get too far on yesterday's to-do list, because I spent too much time with my nose in a book (I've done the same so far today - such a good novel!). So, I'll work from yesterday's to-do list today and, in addition, go to my weight-watchers meeting this evening.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, thanks for getting the thread started this week. I'm surprised but I completely forgot about it. And that must be some book, hope you continue to enjoy it!

    Monday my husband took one of my major 'to do's' off of my list so for some reason that morning I just started sewing. I had finally found a way to take my sewing machine back off and gave it a thorough cleaning on Sunday, so I was able to make my friend with MS a box full of new jammy pants for her birthday.

    I also managed to clean off my sewing desk area which has been on my mental to do list for almost 2 years! I also cleaned out my fabric cabinet which cleared out some much needed room.

    Yesterday for some reason I decided to figure out how to reupholster a chair that Katy and I found on the side of our road. (We live in a swanky area so the stuff they put out is really nice) That was a bit too exhausting for me.

    I too have such a busy week that doing the things that I love really made me happy.

    Katy had her legal appt on Monday, her hubby filed the divorce papers wrong so that might buy us some time. Today she has a therapy session and we need to stop by the base for some VAT forms for our trip. (this cuts the 19% tax for us for major purchases, or vet care for pets and I'm hoping for the hotel in Rome)

    Tomorrow Katy has a neurology appt for her arm (cubital tunnel syndrome) Hubby has his appt with the gastro doc to find out the results of his testing (how i wish I could be in both places at one time) and on Friday he has his dermatology appt. Whew....

    Molly, bless you...........what do you like to do? I remember in my younger years of parenting wishing that everyone would just stop 'taking' and that someone would just magically come along and 'fill me up' again. But it doesn't happen that way.

    You are the only one who can 'fill you up' whatever that may be. Especially in such difficult times, you must find your happiness, your joy and allow yourself time to do just that......

    Again, I know how dark life can seem at times taking care of a special child, you feel like you can't even find a minute for yourself, but I'm telling you........(at 47) that you HAVE to!!! I've learned this the hard way and working on my sewing machine gave me my joy back. I needed this! It's my outlet, creating something that makes someone else so happy.

    We all know that Anne Theresa likes to read, go to shows and have a good cup of cappuccino, Ellen likes scary movies and gardening, I love to sew, Teri cans her own vegetables and teaches piano, but what do you like to do? I just realized we don't even know that about you.

    Unfortunately, that's a good indication that you're not paying enough attention to your own needs and might need to take a look at it. Trust me, this isn't being selfish, it's the old adage that in an airplane you give yourself the air mask first, then put them on your children. It's a way of creating balance in your life...

    Please don't leave the board, we haven't even noticed negativity, we just know that you have a very difficult situation to deal with and try to find ways to help.

    Hugs all,

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm on edge and have a headache since I spoke to the inclusion lady on Tuesday (I am not kidding I still have the headache as I write this). The short story is . . . she got a bit snippy with me and I was very assertive. She only called me back like just before camp at 1:00 so I was completely freaking. I took ds (Tues.) and spoke to the instructor. Basically both (very) young men in charge of this are hapless.

    Picked up Liam (Tues) and a boy comes to tell me my ds punched his little brother. Neither teacher saw or knew anything about hitting or what happened. My ds was yelling "Liar" to the other boy. Spoke to supervisor inclusion man today and he is sending someone to observe how the camp is run and to be an extra person to help. Dropped ds off today (very reluctantly) there was hardly any kids. It was weird. Anyways, the guy observing may not see anything since ratio is much smaller. But my ds will most likely have a better day.

    We always had great experiences with the science camps run by another group and the inclusion was done differently too. I plan on cancelling our other week long camp in Aug since the same guy is running it. Oh, and their inclusion is that the guys running camp had a "training" Well woop de friggin do. I saw that he had been given some papers on Monday about autism. I guess so he could "learn overnight" how to work with my son. I am beyond frustrated that I am constantly fighting for my son and just how hard this is.

    Do I have bad Karma? Why is everything happening all at once to us and just goes on and on and never stops.

    So the University called and we have an appointment to set up a "family compass" It helps those dealing with a special needs child with legal (IEP), marriage counseling and I don't know what else. But I finally made the call and we go in tomorrow. Just me and dh.

    SIX WEEKS OF SUMMER left! I'm dying here, I'm dying . . . .

    Anne Theresa-Please, tell me how you cultivated a sense of inner peace? I really would love to have that. Hey, glad you enjoyed your novel!

    Nancy-The pjs are the nicest thing ever!! Your friend must be so happy. I hope for the best for your family's medical appointments. What do I like to do. Hum. I need to go do my mindful yoga right now to clear my head.

    Thanks too for telling me I am okay to post.

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    Hello all,

    I had a good physiotherapy/acupuncture session yesterday. When I first went in I had horrible nausea which, as you know, is a common occurrence for me. The therapist gave me an acupuncture session specifically designed to ease nausea and it worked like a charm. I did my physiotherapy exercises, then had my first massage therapy session. The massage therapist was wonderful and I'll be seeing him regularly, after my weekly physiotherapy/acupuncture sessions. So long as I maintain my commitment to the at-home exercises, I expect I'll be able to rebuild some muscles and thereby improve/maintain my mobility. If I can help it, I'd rather not use a wheelchair.

    I've recently discovered the exceedingly comfortable world of jammy pants, Nancy. I don't know how I got to this age without discovering these treasures. I've always been partial to nighties and it was only recently, when the department store was out of nightgowns and I desperately needed new sleepwear, that I ventured into the world of pajamas.

    Now, I can truly appreciate how a box of jammy pants would make the most wonderful birthday gift. I'm sure your friend will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful present. It's so nice to think of you taking on projects, getting out and about and doing the things you love. It seems your family is busy with health-related appointments lately - I hope everything goes smoothly in that department.

    Molly, I'm sorry you're having such a struggle with the inclusion folks. It must be frustrating to have to fight at every juncture so your son's needs will be met. Rather than relying on each community setting to accommodate people with special needs, I know of some special needs people who have coaches or attendants that travel with them to community events (including school) to provide one-on-one support. Is this kind of support available or feasible for Liam? Just a thought.

    How did I achieve inner peace? It was a long road for me, primarily because I came from a place of great anxiety. At one point - in my early thirties - I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, medicated and even hospitalized. I tell you this so you'll know that my emotional turmoil was great and that my becoming peaceful was nothing less than a spiritual journey.

    I wish I could draw a map but the best I can do is mention some of the things that helped along the way; psychotherapy, counselling, comparative study of world religions and spiritual system (the underlying principles are very similar), yoga, tai chi, peer support, relaxation & breathing exercises, poetry (reading and writing), journaling, reading classic literature & self help books, meditation, dream interpretation.

    When I was forced to slow down physically - due to severe FMS - I did my best to slow down mentally, as well. I made an effort to smell the roses (literally and figuratively) and this did me a world of good.

    The closest I can come to explaining inner peace is the Christian reference of being ‘in the world but not of the world? To me, that means employing the 'observer' self in the capacity of peace keeper. In other words, as you're being assertive with the inclusion folks, the observer-self is watching impartially and unemotionally, holding the peace for you. Does this make sense"?

    One practice that sustains me is keeping a gratitude journal. Each day I write down five things for which I'm grateful. On bad days, I may have to stretch to find five things from that particular day but there's always something for which to be grateful. Keeping a gratitude journal encourages me to keep my eyes open throughout the day, looking for small things to add to my journal. Pardon the cliche but it fosters an 'attitude of gratitude' which is a definite guidepost on the way to inner-peace.

    Today's main event is taking my sister out for her b-day dinner. I've chosen a nice vegetarian-friendly restaurant that I haven't been to for a while. Prior to meeting my sister, I need to take a shower & shampoo and take a rest. Housework-wise, I still have a bit of dusting to do and I need to clean the kitchen & washroom.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Hi all,
    True to what Nancy said, I've been canning today. I taught a piano lesson yesterday....so I am an open book!
    I made 9 half pints of apricot jam, and finally I can see the end of all of my apricots. Our little tree was loaded this year, which is nice, but a bit much all at once. I also froze some of them (whole) and some went into Apricot Oat Squares.....they are good!

    I enjoy reading everyone's posts......even when they are in pain or having problems. If I can help, that's great. Sometimes I don't feel qualified to help, since I don't have FMS or chronic fatigue, but I can be a listener. I like what you said, Anne Theresa, about keeping a gratitude journal. It's so good to have to focus on the positive things in one's life......even when you don't think they are apparent. There is always something to be thankful for.

    Molly, I'm sorry the Legos camp didn't turn out as well as you had hoped. Did Liam finish the whole week? Hang in there, summer will pass! Try to be good to yourself and do something you enjoy.

    Nancy, what a find to come upon a nice chair parked on the side of the road! Have you done upholstery before? I've always thought it too daunting to try.....let me know how yours turns out, should you tackle the project. Are you taking any trips this summer?

    I've got a batch of cherry fruit leather drying to send to my daughter in Alaska. She loves my fruit leather and her two little girls keep her pretty busy. She has a bumper crop of wild blueberries in her yard but very little time to pick with her one year old keeping her busy. She would like me to come up and help her pick them.....I wouldn't mind a bit!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
    Hugs, Terri