What's on Your To-Do List: July 26 - August 1

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    Hello everyone,

    This week's to-do list thread reaches into August! I's hard to believe we're so deep into summer - it seems like only yesterday I was complaining about all the snow and the unshoveled sidewalks.

    All is well with me - I had a good weekend, although in my case (following along with my sister's work schedule) my weekends are generally Sunday/Monday rather than the traditional Saturday/Sunday. I like that schedule - it's nice to do our grocery shopping on Monday afternoons when the stores are quiet, instead of facing the weekend crowds. (Generally speaking, given that I don't work, I can shop whenever I feel like it, but grocery shopping is most definitely a two-person job.)

    I was up early today and so I've done most of my chores already, but there are still a few things I need to do.

    Today's To-Do List

    research air filter systems
    lunch and errands with a friend
    organize and file papers & photos

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa


    Hello Anne Theresa and to all those to follow....

    Anne Theresa...you sound wonderful...looks like you have left some of your past behind and have moved on to bigger and better things..GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Hubby and I are finally getting a short break from the vineyard..needless to say, we both are extremely tired..working in tripple digits isn't the best condition to be in...several times, I had to tell my husband to stop, rest, and take in some fluids...and wouldn't you know it, the minute we came home the temperatures dropped to the mid to low 90s!! We will be making day trips to the vineyard a couple of times every week to check on things from now until harvest..then we'll be there until harvest is over..

    On July 16th, we had a small fire in the vineyard..not quite an acre burned, and fortunately, no vines were damaged..we had just finished working on the irrigation on the hillside and were moving to another site when hubby started down the hill and noticed smoke..he called me on the Walkie Talkie and told me what he had spotted...he rushed to turn the hose on to try and put out the flames, but the fire was moving too fast..in the meatime, I was on the phone to 911 and opening the gates so the fire trucks and crews could get in...it was soo scary..CDF came out in full force..8 trucks and a helicopter..the fire investigator on the scene came to the conclusion that it was started by a reflection from a stainless steel sink, which has been in this particular area for more than 10 years, and is used for washing hands, rinsing equipment etc..the reflection bouncing off and onto dry brush is what, he feels, started it..plus, the temperature that day was 106, which is just a prime situation for fires, he said...the lesson we learned that day was no matter how short the grasses and weeds are a fire can still get started under the right circumstances...needless to say, we have started covering the sink when it's not in use...

    On a brighter note, our granddaughter arrived on July 22..Alaina weighed in at 7 lbs 10 ozs.... 20" long..and has brown hair..she is soo sweet and seems to be a very good baby..luvs to sleep!!! Mommy's labor was waaaay too long though..almost 28 hrs..however, everyone is healthy and doing well..

    I need to catch up on the previous posts to see how everyone is doing..hope all of you are doing well..but for now, I'll be trying to get caught up on some much needed rest..inbetween cleaning house and doing laundry!!

    Take care everyone...
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    Hello everyone,

    OMG JB! I'm so glad you & your husband weren't injured in the fire and that none of your vines were damaged. What a random thing - the reflection off a sink - but in those temperatures I suppose it doesn't take much for a fire to occur.

    CONGRATULATIONS! on your new granddaughter. What a pretty name - Alaina!

    Your observation about my moving on is correct. I feel I'm making progress, moving away from the acute sadness I felt for so long. I still cry every day (usually in the morning) but after that, I shake it off and get on with my day.

    My sons are well and this impacts on my own well-being. My eldest (who was out of touch for a year) is back in my life and that's done wonders for my disposition. My youngest and his finance have just bought a house and are planning to marry next summer. They're very happy and this, in turn, makes me happy.

    To Do List

    fill out insurance forms
    address cards
    make dinner
    attend housewarming party for friend

    Enjoy the weekend, all.

    God bless,

    Anne Theresa

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