What's on your 'To Do' List July 6 to July 12?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hugs4evry1, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    I've had a mostly restful weekend and that was just what I needed....

    Anne Theresa, so sorry to hear that you're having so many mobility problems, I hope they can help you with this.

    Terri, sorry to hear about your dad....must be so hard for all of you.

    Today my husband has both an appt with our gastro doctor and his procedure as well.

    I need to figure out how to wash my hair for this. I've had some trouble with the lasered area by my ear bleeding all weekend so I haven't showered yet. I also have the stitches on my foot so I just took a little tiny bath yesterday in about an inch of water to keep it dry.

    But...on Saturday we made travel plans. My hubby has gotten even more busy at work than ever and I could see our trip to Ireland slipping away.

    So......we booked a trip to Rome for Katy and I at the end of this month. We'll be staying at the Grand Plaza Hotel Roma (you should google this, it's amazing) I'll be happy even if I can't get out of the hotel much, but we'll be centrally located so Katy can get out and go by herself as I know she will.

    I'm working on booking a private tour for us so we can get to the sites in an air conditioned car with a private tour guide. I know I won't be able to stay at sites for long, nor will I probably want to but it will allow us to see more than just walking distance from our hotel.

    I am so excited about this trip. I love the history in Europe and it's hard to have been here for 6 years being so ill for 5 of them. It's time to get out and see a bit of the wonders that are just outside our door.

    Katy's beside herself with excitement too, this is a dream trip for her and we made the plans while she was sleeping so she woke up to the news on Saturday.

    Hugs all......

  2. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Nancy, what wonderful news! A trip to Rome sounds like a dream come true. A private tour and guide would be perfect. Sweetie & I went on a group tour ten years ago and - even though I wasn't using canes or a walker for mobility ten years ago - it was near-impossible for me to keep up with the group. I'm so excited for you & Katy. I hope you manage to get your hair washed and that your lasered area heals up completely.

    I have a few things to do before I head out on my own little holiday (a book convention). I'm packed, except for toiletries. I have a manicure scheduled this afternoon, then afterward, sweetie & I will meet the bus.

    I'm looking forward to two days of fun while sweetie works the book trade. I'm planning a spa facial, a trip to the mall and movies along with something decadent from room-service. Challenges include a two-hour bus trip (ouch!) and a bed that kills my back (we've been to this hotel before). That means, extra pain killers, back brace, heating pad, deep cold, pain patch etc.

    To Do Today

    Put dishes away
    Clean sink, counter
    swiffer/mop kitchen floor
    swish washroom
    print out instruction for feeding pets
    finish packing
    manicure & shopping

    Be back Thursday,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, I hope you enjoy your trip. It's a shame you can't call the hotel in advance and ask for a better bed, but your schedule sounds wonderful!

    Hubby washed my hair yesterday for me so that helped a lot. But there was a scheduling mishap with his procedure and it's now scheduled for next week.

    Katy also made a psych appt with a new British doctor who she gets along well with on the phone. That was a condition of the trip for her, she needed to make that call.

    Today I need to pick up my meds out in town and I still need to get my SOFA stamp for my passport before we leave. I'm trying to get things done early so the trip doesn't turn into one big To Do list. I want to be rested before we go.

    Hugs all,

  4. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Good Morning!

    My husband came home from his backpacking trek on Sunday. Safe and sound and had a good trip too.

    I haven't been sleeping well (even with sleep meds). I notice I have a lot of anger and even grieving. I wake up in the wee hours and my mind cannot stop! I am angry at the school district but really in the summer it is pointless for me to loose sleep. I had a bad experience with the service center for my car and that set off some major anger. I seem to be very high strung and do not know what to do.

    I am wondering if my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds have stopped working as well or if it is just my life is stressful? My son's autism symptoms have increased and it is like I am wondering just where he will end up on the spectrum. I have always thought he is sooooo high functioning he will be okay but then he is experiencing his first perseveration. It is like an obsession. At least it is age appropriate. He is perseverating on Indiana Jones Legos. He wears his Indie costume and talks non-stop about it and plays with it so much that he won't play what the neighbor girl wants to play. Keeps insisting they play the Legos (lol). The neighbor is a great neuro-typical peer for him to interact with so I have been pushing him to take turns. Sometimes he does not want to leave the house (partly transition difficulty) because he has to play the Legos. Probably more than you all wanted or needed to know about autism.

    Today we are going to a beach playdate with his classmates. I told him it is something we will try. If he doesn't help carry things to and from the beach, stay with our group or leave when it is time to go we will not be able to do the beach playdate next week. Beach is hard.

    Then he has therapy so it isn't exactly a carrot on a stick to leave the beach (lol).

    Nancy-Sorry no Ireland but Rome doesn't sound too bad! How nice for you and Katy to be able to go.

    Anne Theresa-Your mini trip sounds fabulous. I love those kinds of trips. Going to the spa and still having time with your hubby. I'm really sorry to hear about your ankles giving out. That has to be really scary. I remember a trip and fall I had while I was carrying Liam at age 3. I was so embarrassed. He didn't get hurt but my knee was all bloody.

    Hope everyone else is well!

  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Molly....is Liam your only child? I'm just wondering because sometimes it seems that you have nothing to base normalcy on other than his behaviors yet sometimes your posts bring back so many funny memories of my own son that they make me smile.

    Eric went through phases....one was that he wouldn't eat anything that made crunchy noises. Another was a Rambo type phase, I have pictures of him in his headband which he wore daily and nightly after that movie came out. We also went through Superman, He-Man etc.....dressed to the nines in his own home made costumes. Pictures of him hunting Easter Eggs all decked out as Rambo etc...........

    Don't get me wrong...I better than most, understand watching behaviors for clues. I have to do that with Katy daily and hope that I don't miss anything. And it's only with hindsight that I understand Katy more and more. So many clues along the way, yet no one would have picked up on them any better than I did...I tried my best.

    Hindsight is the best teaching tool I have....I learn so much more about her mental health, but only when I look back and can see the clues clearly.

    Yet I think you're trying so hard to be the best Mom you can be that you may be missing the normal stuff of kids....by wondering if it means 'more'?

    I'm sure your anxiety and stress are through the roof.......what to do about that? Do you have a counselor you can talk to? Someone just for you? I've been known to talk to the ones we have on base sometimes just to take all of my stresses, wrap them up in a 'box' and leave them on someone else's shoulders.......it helps. I walk away feeling lighter, like a great weight has been lifted. And they never seem to mind....

    For my to do list today, I need a huge grocery shopping trip, yuck! That always takes so much out of me......but my housekeeper is coming today so that should help too.

    Yesterday we took a day of rest, I was just too tired to go anywhere and get anything done. It felt odd, not to be running errands, yet I really needed to do that for me....

    Hugs all,

  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    I'm home from the book convention safe and sound. I had a nice little holiday. I enjoyed my facial and my time at the mall (I bought the loveliest red scarf and a silver chain). I watched two movies: Race to Witch Mountain and Aliens vs Monsters (both were good!) and I ate some delicious food.

    The bed was horrible on my back (even though the lobby receptionist told me the beds were brand new) and so I slept sitting up in a chair. My back is still sore today but for some reason, I don't feel as bone-tired exhausted as I usually do after a mini-holiday.

    Nancy, your upcoming trip must be fun to anticipate. Given all you and your daughter have been through lately, you utterly deserve this holiday. I know how you feel about grocery shopping. I feel the same. The only good thing about grocery shopping are the full cupboards afterwords :) Take care.

    Hi Molly. Before my FMS became severe, I used to cope with my anger/anxiety/restlessness with physical exercise. Weight lifting, aerobics, exercise machines, etc. As cliché as it seems, the best release came to me through using a punching bag. I don't know how 'physical' your FMS allows you to be, but even a walk around the block can help relieve stress/anxiety. I hope you & Liam have a fun day at the beach.

    I've already done most of today's housework.

    To-Do Today

    water the plants
    editing project
    scoot to pharmacy
    read & write
    sweep floors
    make dinner

    God bless,

  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    This will have to be short, not just due to my "t", but not much time left on computer after reading posts. Nancy and Anne T. your trips sound nice. I was in Rome with my pen pal Eva many years ago and loved it. I didn't need a scooter then, but remember sore feet with so much walking! Took lots of pictures!

    After 3 weeks I still haven't heard from lawyer on possible case against my previous employer. She doesn't specialize in employee disability cases, but was going to check into it. Called her 2 days ago-no call back. Think I will have to get another lawyer. Just want to know if I have a case or not. Has been a frustrating summer, but trying to be patient.

    Am also changing physical therapists. Just happened to get another PT yesterday and she was gentler-better for fms. I had already cut back on exercises-knew it would be too much otherwise. slowly getting better and typing better too! but have to be careful not to overdue.
    book says it's easy to overdue when you feel a little better.

    Harry has been off work past 2 wks. due to auto plant shutdown. we've done a few fun things that don't cost much.

    Nancy: glad they caught the changes in your moles. i had basal skin cancer on my face along hairline yrs. ago. apply sunscreen religiously now.

    AT: sorry about fall. yes you need to exercise to build up strength.

    Molly: I understand about anger. I feel that way about my past employer, but tryimg to concentrate now on getting well and enjoying summer.

    better go-enough typing for now.


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