What's on your To Do list June 14-20?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by alaska3355, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Well, we are back from the wedding. It was a lovely weekend, complete with warmer weather (for a change!). Our son looked so happy all of the time.....it was a blessing to see the two of them together. We are happy for them, but wish we could see them a little more often. She hasn't gotten her passport yet (and probably won't for awhile yet) which means they will stay in Canada until she does. Plus, since he wants to work there, he can't come back for even a visit for maybe 6 months to establish residency. We'll probably go back up later in the summer to visit again.

    I even danced with my son at the reception.....I'm really not a dancer, but it was nice!

    Our daughter and two grandkids are still here until Friday, so we are heading out to Silverwood today, a theme park in northern Idaho. I will mostly take pictures, as I'm not a fan of putting on a swimsuit (too fat!) or of roller coasters. But the kids will have fun....even though it is not really warm enough to swim. They don't care.

    We had our first ripe strawberries from the garden last night....yum!
    Hugs, Terri
  2. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks, Terri, for getting the thread started this week. I'm glad the wedding was nice and that you had the opportunity to dance with your son. I hope you have/had lots of fun at the theme park - the little ones will surely have a great time and you're being able to capture some of it with a camera is ideal. enjoy!

    My friend came over last eve. with two big plastic tubs filled with (beautiful!) clothes for my sister and me. Cristina's lost weight and wanted her size-large wardrobe to go to a good home. My sister took most of the clothes (some beautiful new outfits for work!) and I took for myself three pretty blouses, a pair of jeans and a bathing suit.

    Most spectacular in all of this was that I received the perfect bathing suit the very day after I decided I needed one! My sister and I have been swimming a lot lately and I had just mentioned to her that I needed a new bathing suit because the one I was using took too much effort to get in and out of. It was a one-piece suit made of tight stretchy fabric and, given my physical pain and body's inability to move this way and that, getting in and out of this bathing suit was getting to be an ordeal.

    The new bathing suit (the one that came from Cristina) is a two-piece, making it super easy to put on/take off. The top part has an uncomplicated bra shelf and the rest of the top falls nicely in place, covering my midriff. It looks like a one-piece garment. It's a pretty blue.

    I love this sort serendipity, co-incidences, being in the right place at the right time, little miracles, emerging angles, God is good.

    To Do

    paper filing
    clean bunny cage
    clean washroom
    order & pick up medication refill
    shopping for groceries
    shower & shampoo

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

  3. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi to all!

    Terri-The wedding sounds great and how nice to have that special dance with your son! I'm sure you are enjoying this special time with your family and the theme park sounds fun. I love strawberries and am wondering how many have you planted? We have a U-pick strawberry farm nearby and went for the first time a couple of months ago and had so much fun.

    Anne Theresa-I need a bathing suit(lol) and I want someone to just come over and give me the perfect one! What a nice score! From reading your to-do lists for a while now I really think your bunny is very well cared for! Sometimes I look at our dog and wish to be oblivious to world disasters and take a nap anytime I need to! Thanks for the movie tip! We watched the Tooth Fairy the other night and cracked up. We really enjoyed it:)

    I am just making out my list for tomorrow. It is my son's last day of school and it is minimum day. I would like to go get cards for my anniversary and Father's Day for my hubby. I got tickets to a Jack Johnson concert for our anniversary. I first got hooked on his music from the soundtrack of the Curious George movie. I bought the CD and listened to it with my son whenever we drove around. Then I got another CD, into the static and it is awesome too! The concert isn't until October but oh well I hope my husband likes the gift. He has been in a weird music phase. Listening to all 80's! Stuff that I loved in high school and am sort of sick of right now. I actually get on sensory overload sometimes when i hear it! Which is hilarious since I blasted it as a teen and my parents hated it!

    To do:
    meditate (really, I am gonna sit and do it this time)

    phone calls: son's therapist, Children's optical to order son's spare pair of glasses

    Errands-CVS rx-go and see how much this epilepsy drug will be for son & Hallmark cards

    Support group in the evening with my son. Parents of Aspies and our kids have childcare in the next room and they have therapy dogs for the kids. I can't wait to see how my son does with this.

  4. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I'm having a flare up in my hand & up to my elbow. I finally found the brace the dr. gave to me--it does help.

    1. need to get my outside herbs planted--going to need another pair of hands to help me---that will be intesting to ask & find someone.

    2. need to get a haircut--my regular lady is the process of moving, so I will have to pick a temp place.

    3. wednesday morning is eye dr appt--think they will be dilating my eyes and taking more pictures. It will be a spendy appt.

    Thats all for now--until this flare gets better.
  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, I'm glad you and Liam enjoyed the Tooth Fairy.

    Yes, my bunny (Harriet) is well-cared for and loved. I wish she could have the run of the house like my previous bunny did but Harriet is a big chewer and I've haven't found a method of taping up cords and cables (computer, TV, electric cords, phone wires) that can stop her from chewing through them in seconds. So she lives in her cage in my bedroom, with supervised outings several times each day. She seems happy. Our pets are precious, aren't they?

    Concert tickets are always an ideal anniversary gift - I'm sure your husband will be very happy with the gift. I hope Liam takes well to the experience of a therapy dog. I think the therapy dog/animal program is just wonderful!

    Beadlady, I'm sorry this intense flare is keeping you from doing what you want to do and I hope a pair of helping hands are forthcoming to help you in the garden. I'm glad you have the braces to wear - I found those to be very helpful and speed up the healing. I hope all goes well at your eye appointment and that you get a nice hairdo.

    I've done everything on yesterday's to-do list except for paper filing so I'll begin with that today.

    To-Do List

    paper filing
    clean bedroom
    make dinner
    read & rest

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I stopped in while I am making my Friday list.

    Beadlady-I'm sorry to hear about the flare. I remember having to wear my brace for my wrist when my ds was younger and I was carrying him. It made a huge difference. I hope you like your hair!

    Anne Theresa-Well with the way our wild bunnies chomp on our grass I can imagine! Thanks for the encouragement with the concert tickets . . .I needed that!

    To do:
    take ds to the optical place to be fitted for spare pair
    plan out dates & times needed for respite for July; i'm out of hours for June :(
    call therapist to make an appointment
    plan possible dates for our Hawaii vacation
    light house cleaning, if I am able


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