What's on Your To-Do List? June 21 - 27

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    Hi, Girls:

    I am so sorry for my long absence. I've been having cataract surgery the past two weeks. I'm not sure if I mentioned this to all of you or not. Unfortunately, I just completed a long post to all of you and when I tried to submit it, my computer did something strange and it was lost. Since my hands are now getting tired, this will have to be shorter.

    I do not have to wear my glasses now, since I've had to wear either glasses or contacts since grade school, but I still have problems seeing things like road signs or shiny objects, which are the things that I had problems with with the cataracts. I also couldn't drive at night. I still haven't tried that yet. My opthamalogist said to give it time. I have more healing to do and then we will see. It's been great not wearing glasses, except I do have to wear reading glasses.

    I did have a bad experience with my second surgery-I was awake for the whole thing! The anesthesiologist hardly gave me any anesthia at all! It was very scary laying there wondering when I the anesthia was finally going to kick in and I didn't have to experience any more of the surgery. I hated laying there wondering what they were going to do next to my eye and feeling pressure and pain in my eye. I also wanted to blink a couple of times. My eyes were wide open when I left the operating room.

    I saw the anesthesiologist after the surgery and told him I was awake the entire time. He just laughed and said that he believed in being lighthanded with the anesthia. Then he walked away. I thought to myself "How dare he put myself and others through surgery? It's like he gets his kicks out of it!" I don't normally see the anesthesiologist after surgery-it's like he wanted to see my reaction afterward!

    I complained to my opthomalogist and to the hospital when they called to see how I was doing and how I rated their hospital. I said everything was great except for that awful experience. That's when I was told that others had complained about lack of anesthia in their surgeries. How long has this gone on? Will the hospital do something about it?


    (I'm going to test my computer now to see if I can save this message)
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    now that I know my computer works again!

    Terri: It sounds like your son's wedding was so nice. I'm glad you and your son danced together. That's a nice memory you will always have.

    Anne Theresa: That's great that you like your new bathing suit and that it fits you well. You can't beat the "price" of it! I always hate shopping for suits. Most of us don't have perfect figures!

    Molly: I'm so sorry that Liam has seizures. There never seems to be an end to his health problems. You are such a strong woman to handle all this!

    Beadlady: I, too, have pain in my arms and hands so I can understand the inability to do the things you want to do. It is very frustrating. I have bought special gloves for people with arthritis, which do help my hands and wrists. They have them in the drug stores.

    Sorry this is so long, but it's only because I've been gone for weeks. Take care, everyone.

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    Hello everyone.

    Ellen, I'm glad you're back from your surgery - thanks for getting the thread started this week.

    What a horrible experience, being awake and aware during surgery! That must have been very frightening. Since the hospital has been receiving complaints from their patients about being awake during surgery, I hope they're going to do something about it.

    I know oftentimes a written complaint gets more attention than a verbal one so it may be worth the time it takes to write a letter to the hospital administrator outlining your experiences and letting him or her know that, according to the hospital staff that you spoke with on the phone - yours is not an isolated case.

    I hope the remaining problems with your eyesight clear up with time.

    I'm well, though still a bit wonky with the medication changes. Topomax is an effective medication for me (it decreases my body pain & headaches, increases my energy) but it's a very strong drug and has the potential to knock me off my feet. I've been taking less-than the therapeutic dose for a couple years (I can't tolerate the full dose but I receive a benefit from 1/2 dose). When the effexor didn't work, my doc suggested I increase the topomax (it's an anti-seizure med, used off-label for pain disorders) and my synthroid (thyroid med) to see if this would have an effect on my low energy and depression. It has helped quite a bit (thank heavens!) but the topomax wonkiness will likely be with me for a few weeks until my body adjusts. I'm still below the therapeutic dose and the doctor gave me the option to increase two more units but I'll likely stay where I am (less is better, I think, as far as drugs are concerned)

    I have some laundry in the washer and a few other things on my to-do list today:

    order prescription refills
    clean bunny cage
    cut up vegetables and fruit for snacking
    go for a walk
    fold, hang up clothes
    continue writing (short story)
    read & rest

    God bless,
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    Just dropping in to say hi......hopefully we are having fewer posters due to summer weather and being busy!

    Hubby is sick with a sinus infection and I seem to be flirting with it. I am upping my vitamin C and staying close to home today to try to thwart the virus. He is being treated with antibiotics, but I think it was viral, since I have some of it. Not sure?

    We are a quiet household these days.....3 kids out on their own and two here. Actually, one went camping this weekend and the other decided not to go, so it is quiet! I miss the grandkids- they are back in Alaska now. My daughter does wedding cakes for people as a job, so she had two weddings yesterday! Plus 3 other cakes to do.....a crazy day! I wish I could have helped her with the kids, but we are too far away.

    Good to hear from you girls.....keep in touch!