What's on your "To Do" List June 23 to June 30?

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  1. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    I wanted to get this started this morning because I have no idea where my week is going to go.

    My daughter's husband called this morning and it's possible that a facility in England will be taking her and maybe as soon as tomorrow. She panicked at the thought of this but for now is trying to sleep.

    I'll need to take her to her house today and we need to search for her passport. That should be fun, she has no idea where it could be.

    I've called my husband and he's volunteered to fly with her, but I hope he can keep his job if he does. He's the one always taking off of work at a moment's notice and after a while, it's just not good.

    For me, my IBS-D is just out of control, but it's no wonder with all of the stress we're under here.

    It was a rough weekend, but we made it through. I'm just sorry my husband had to see what I go through with her on a sometimes daily basis. We all have our part in keeping her safe, but I hated for him to see her the way she was.

    I may not post daily this week if things aren't going well...but please try not to worry. I'm taking care of things as best as I can.

    Anne Theresa, I'm so glad you're finding some relief with your new puffer....

    I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful week.



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  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Nancy- you have a lot on your plate right now. Don't worry about us- we'll be praying that Katy gets the help she needs and that your hubby can keep his job! Take care of yourself, hon.

    Linda- how was your anniversary trip? Check in when you can....we miss you.

    Greygodess- I hope your grandkids have a great time in Alaska! It's a fun time to be there with summer solstice.....light all night. Fairbanks had a midnight baseball game with no artificial lights....crazy, huh?

    To Do:
    Get Scout uniforms ready for an award ceremony....my boys are getting some badges
    Take boys to doctor....one that had broken his toe needs to have it checked and the other needs an allergy shot
    Clean my messy house!

    Take care, everyone!
  3. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Oh Nancy~ I'm so sorry for your family to go through all of this. I hope all goes well on the plane flight. Take care of yourself as best you can.

    Terri~ How many boys do you have? What are their ages. I am really interested to know how your son with CFS improved. I know we are all different but I would like to hear the story sometime. We would like to start our son in cub scouts. It starts, I believe in 1st grade. It is usually a good place for kids with Aspergers. My dh is an Eagle scout and wants to be a part of it with our son. So, I think it would be really good.

    Our son is still waking early. I don't know what to do. After he had his adenoids out last October he slept much better.

    After our appointment with the behavior specialist I am considering medication for him. I really struggle with this though. I have pushed it away. He is so impulsive and has some anxiety. I am scared though. I may just schedule an appointment and just hear what the doctor says.

    To do:

    Call orthotics place and get sizing help. I couldn't get their chart to print properly. My son used to qualify for physical therapy and they took care of it but now I have to.

    My house is a disorganized mess! I have to start somewhere. The heatwave killed any motivation I had over the weekend. It is supposed to be a little cooler today.

  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Well, here it is almost a week later since I was last on here. I was just too busy to get back to the library to get on here the latter part of last week.

    The computers here at the library are not busy today and I was lucky to get on the one that you can stay on for two hours! So I was able to read over last week's posts. Everyone sounds busy, especially Nancy.

    I'm hanging in there with Jim, who is doing much better. Since he's been on Court-ordered medication and staying away from Don Pence, he is doing much better. I'm having a problem getting Jim's doctor to do the letter that I need to proceed with the restraining order against Don. I can't imagine why she's giving me such a hard time, especially now with the sexual problems that have time to light with Don. Nothing is ever easy, is it?

    I am trying to give myself some breaks and going out with friends and spending time with Harry. I went to a scary movie on Friday with a girlfriend. Yesterday Harry and I bought three ceiling fans for our house. We have saved up enough points on our American Express credit card just from buying groceries and gas so they didn't cost us anything. Harry has an electrician lined up, but I'm not sure when they will be installed yet. One will go on our back screened-in porch, one for the middle bedroom and the other for our livingroom. We have central air, but sometimes it's nice just to have a fan going for a little cool air.

    Jim is still in the hospital, but will probably be discharged this week. The doctor may release him on Wednesday.

    July is going to be a busy month. My cousin, Kathy, from California called me several days ago and is coming for a few days, but she will stay with my brother. She wants to see me while she is here, which will be nice.

    Also, I will be driving over to Holland, Michigan to spend a couple of days with my grandmother's sister who is 87 years old. We have been corresponding for ten years now and the last time we saw eachothers was at my grandma's funeral 10 years ago. She's still pretty lively and drives. I've never been to Holland so she's going to "give me a tour". It should be fun. I just told her not to overdue.

    We are still hoping Harry will have some time off in early July during plant shutdown. Then we plan to go away for a few days. Nothing far away or expensive. We haven't had a vacation in five years.

    Nancy: I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I can certainly understand what you and your family are going through. I hope nothing happens to your husband's job. They need to understand that sometimes a family does have a crisis.

    Molly: I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. I am always taking care of my husband and my brother, Jim, and it does get overwhelming at times. I need "me" times, too. I'm glad I have my summers off because when I go back to work it really gets crazy. Don't feel like you have to apologize for venting. This is the place to do it!

    Mary: I'm glad your mother's birthday party went well, but it sounds like you really weren't up to it with still getting over the bronchitis. I've had bronchitis and I know how long it takes to get over it.

    Terri: I'm glad your family enjoyed your trip. I am really itching to go away somewhere myself. I have one trip planned for July and hopefully my husband and I can go someplace together. I, too, like the name "Elsa".

    Linda: So how was your anniversary trip? I've seen two scary movies lately. They are called "The Strangers" and "The Happening". Both were really good.

    Anne Theresa: No wonder you weren't surprised by the emphasema diagnosis since your mother had it. I'm so glad your puffer is helping.

    To-do list:

    -continue working on spring cleaning the basement
    -do two loads of laundry (in process)
    -mail bills (done)
    -take Harry's Meals on Wheels sheets to the Senior
    Center (done)
    -drop recyling off (done)
    -call our accountant about our Michigan taxes not being
    taken off of Harry's paychecks

    To-do list for tomorrow:

    -pick up bread at wholesale place
    -pool therapy class

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    A couple of you asked about the FMS workshop I attended. I realized I forgot to talk about that. It was really interesting, although quite a bit of the information I already knew about since I've done so much reading.

    There were a couple of things the doctor said that I didn't agree with. One-that narcotics don't help pain in fibromyalgia. And, two, that there will not be a cure in our lifetimes. I realizes he is working in FMS research, but there is other research going on outside of the University of Michigan and that is just one doctor's opinion. He did say that in four to five years they should be able to identify the gene or genes that causes FMS. To me that was encouraging news.

    They were also looking for people willing for participate in vavious research studies so I signed up. Of course you don't have to sign up for anything you don't want to participate in. You can pick and choose. They also gave us an interesting workbook to read, which I am in the middle of reading right now. So far I am finding it to be informative.

  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I spent most of the weekend resting in bed. It did me some good but today I just can't seem to get moving. I'm at least up & dressed and - given how low of energy I feel - I'll count that as an accomplishment. Sweetie's home from work early today (a slow day) and at the moment he's napping.

    After his nap, I'll 'supervise' his planting a couple new perennials and I'll do some 'weed-whacking' in the front yard and along the edges of the driveway.

    I've discovered 'weed-whacking' as something I'm able to do to contribute to yard maintenance. Every other yard-work chore is too strenuous for me or requires too much bending/stretching, so it's nice to have something I can do to help. I like my front yard & garden and taking care of it, so far as I'm able, is fun!

    My roses are in bloom - check out my profile.

    After the yard-work, I'd like to take a walk. Beyond that, there's only a few things on my to-do list:

    clean kitchen counters, put dishes away
    clean stove-tops, replace foil burner covers
    clean pet areas
    empty wastebaskets & garbage
    clean fish & bowl
    make bed
    swiffer hardwood, vacuum hallway carpet

    Hello Ellen. Thanks for checking in with us via the library. I'm glad to hear Jim is doing well. I'm also puzzled as to why the doctor is hesitant to support a restraining order against Don. Perhaps she's of the 'I don't want to get involved' mentality. I hope not.

    I'm glad you have some fun events to look forward to over the summer. You deserve some fun times, free from worry and concern.

    Molly, I can only imagine your trouble discerning whether or not to use medication for your son. I think your tact to seek advice from your doctor is wise. Whatever decision you make will be the right one, rest assured.

    House cleaning & organizing can be very challenging when your energy & motivation is low. I find it best to do one small section at a time; work for ten or fifteen minutes, rest for ten or fifteen minutes.

    Sometimes, I'll alternate physical work fifteen minutes, with fifteen minutes of computer time. It's amazing how much progress I an make over the course of the day.

    Terri, how nice that your sons are getting scout badges. I used to enjoy my son's involvement in cubs and scouts. Watching them have such fun was great fun for me!

    A midnight basketball game with no artificial light - wow! I expect a person's circadian rhythm would be profoundly confused after spending time in such an environment.

    Nancy, I hope the facility in England turns out to be a good match for Katy and that - if this is where she ends up going - she arrives there safe & sound. It's quite a distance from family but - in terms of a longer-term hospitalization - that may be okay. In today's world physical distance isn't the barrier to closeness that it used to be.

    It may very well have been a positive thing for your husband to have witnessed, up-close, what you contend with during Katy's frequent episodes. That sort of understanding cannot be conveyed through conversation, it takes a first-hand experience to understand the severity of the situation.

    You're in my thoughts & prayers, you & your family. Please post as your able but be sure to put your own needs first and foremost. Take good care.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Thanks for all the kind words of support and prayers, they are all greatly appreciated.

    She's leaving today for the facility in England and will be flying by herself as they recommend. It's a direct flight, and only an hour long so that helps.

    I did get her to her house yesterday and we found the passport. We also grabbed some clothing too so I did up 3 loads of laundry for her too. (My first time in the laundry room in 2 months, but I didn't have to carry it, it went straight from the car)

    So I got a bird's eye view of what kind of mess her husband leaves for her on a daily basis and I can only say omg, it was awful. Huge empty wine bottle, wine glasses, beer bottles, dirty dishes (and all of this was everywhere on every surface) and to top it off, toenail clippings on the coffee table! I told her if it was me, they'd be in his salad for dinner that night.

    So for today, we'll finish up the last minute packing things, try to keep her calm although she's very excitedd to go to this facility. Apparently people like Kate Moss and other celebrities have been known to go there too. (She's hoping for Orlando Bloom)

    I just hope they keep her for awhile and even for the 30 days that the insurance will pay for....she has so many issues to deal with. But she needs to take the time for herself, time to heal, time to let the meds start working properly.

    Although my housekeeper will be here tomorrow I'm planning a controlled crash with lots of time spent in bed resting for the remainder of the week. I need it....

    Have to go, her idiot husband just called (it's 5:40 am here) and the phone woke her up so my day is starting extra early. I really didn't have much to say to him, he did his math wrong on the time (I'm guessing a couple of beers and a bottle of wine will do that)...so I pretty much hung up on him.

    Hugs all,

  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Good morning-

    I couldn't sleep, so here I am again...

    Molly- I have (drum roll please) 2 girls and 3 boys. My girls are in their 20's amd my son who has had CFS is 21. The twins are in Scouts and they are 13.
    You asked how my son got better.....probably a combination of things. He had all of his fillings replaced.....expensive, but worth it. He had vitamin B-12 shots at home and took lots of other supplements. He got so sick of taking things that now I can barely get him to take one vitamin! He tried some food eliminations and that may have helped. Now we just watch out for processed foods and MSG. He does best on my home cooking. I also think that prayer had a lot to do with him getting better. Allergies get him down, so he takes allergy meds (if I bug him to do it!).

    Nancy- I pray that Katy will get the help she needs now. I also hope that you can get some rest.....let the housekeeper deal with the house! Do you clean house before the housekeeper comes? I liked your line about putting the toenail clippings in his salad.....funny!

    Anne Theresa- your roses are lovely! They look like an old fashioned bush rose....be careful with that weed whacker! We have the boys do that job here.

    Ellen- how is your hubby's job going? I hope you get to see him now and then....

    To do:
    hubby and I are doing 20 minutes of exercise each morning to
    help lose weight.....I do the stationary bike
    General pick up

    Have a good day!

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  9. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Katy called me from London today and she was detained for 3 hours at Passport and Immigration because she didn't have any paperwork. (I know...what paperwork???)

    I spent the afternoon on the phone trying to straighten out the mess and get somebody working on getting her released. Had my husband call her to help keep her calm.

    She did handle it amazingly well although she did have to miss a dose of her medications which would have put her to sleep.

    I'm still waiting for a call for confirmation of her safe arrival, hopefully with her luggage too.

    I've officially poured my first drink in so many years I can't even count them. I think I deserve it!

    Me and my buddy Bailey (Irish Creme) will be anxiously awaiting that phone call...

    Hugs all,

  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I've made my way through my daily chores, all but for vacuuming the hallway (we only have one small area of carpeting in our house) which I'll leave for sweetie to do since my back is particularly bad today.

    My outing tonight (with my friend) is to the grocery store and so I need to spend some time looking at recipes, planning meals for the week and making a grocery list. That, and the outing itself, is all that's left on today's to-do list.

    Nancy, I"m glad Katy is en route to England and that she's impressed with the facility and looking forward to the in-patient experience. I hope and pray this helps her turn a corner; gives her the tools she needs to better manage her illness.

    I like your term 'controlled crash'. From time-to-time I believe that's what we all need. Get some rest, my dear and Enjoy your Baileys!

    Terri, it's great you & your hubby are doing daily exercises together. It helps to have as partner when you're working to improve your fitness level.

    Thanks for sharing your son's story and the several things that most helped his recovery. The importance of eating good healthy foods, (rather than processed, MSG-laden foodstuff) is paramount. To improve my own eating habits is my ongoing work.

    God bless,
  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm not surprised I had to stop for a minute and figure out what day it is today. I started to type Friday but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking!

    She has arrived at the facility. Hubby talked to her and she still sounded impressed by the beauty of it and was looking forward to her own room and bathroom.

    One thing I did right yesterday was sending my husband with an extra Clonazepam for her that she did take before her flight. That might be what kept her so calm throughout the ordeal.

    So for today I'm going to try to relax...maybe watch a movie, play some poker and try to get some rest. Now that I've become able to walk around the house, there are so many things that I see that need to be done, but I'm going to try to ignore them all and put it off until next week.

    Hugs all,

  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I'm relieved that Katy made it to England without incident....the extra pill did the trick! Take a well-deserved break, Nancy! You deserve it.....

    Not much happening here today....the boys have another overnight planned. Do you remember way back in the spring when I said we might get a steer? It looks like it is coming soon. Hubby and all 3 boys were out putting electrical fence up yesterday. Hubby is worried about food prices and hormones added to the beef, so that's why we're doing it. Wish us luck!

    Linda- where are you? I hope you didn't crash after your trip.....

    To do:
    more cleaning

  13. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    my mom has been here for 3 weeks and she is finally leaving today. She is a piece of work and I could write voumes about her so I'll just leave it.

    I watched the 4 year old and 18 month old grandkids on Monday.

    Tuesday I went to the dentist for my new partial ( the second one in about 8 weeks, the dentist broke the clasp on the first one) and it didn't fit well at all. They have to send it back and replace one of the teeth that sticks out to far.

    After that I just had time to go to my volunteer job at the Nature Center where I spent 2 hours weeding. Which I am not getting done at home between the rain and catering to my mom.

    I was supposed to work the animal shelter today but I figured that since my mom was leaving I should spend the time with her. After all she is 88 and who knows.

    Thursday I have Shawl Ministry and all I have to do is sit and knit or crochet.

    No plans for Friday of Saturday as of yet. Maybe I'll get some of that gardening done.

    Sunday dh and I will be working in the nursery at church. Then we take our nap.

    So that is it for me.

    Glad Katy made it to the facility. Hope all goes well for her.

    The grankdids are in Anchorage. That is all I know about it.


  14. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    up my apartment to move to a way better apartment we've been living in a one bedroom me my fiance and 4yr old daughter

    so now we are moving to a 2 bedroom with a yard yay for us-Kim
  15. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Welcome Kim, to the to-list thread. I'm sure you'll find this thread to be a helpful as you prioritize your daily tasks and practice pacing to better manage your symptoms. Even though you're looking forward, remember moving can be stressful, so be sure to take extra good care of yourself.

    I hope you've left yourself lots of time to pack. When we last moved house, I set a goal of packing five boxes every day. No matter how good or bad I felt, I packed five boxes per day - this kept me on schedule without burning me out. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you.

    Greygoddess, three weeks is a long time to have your mom as a house-guest - I'm sure you'll be glad to reclaim your space. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your partial - what a hassle. I wear a lower-partial and so I know, first-hand, how important it is to have a good fit. I hope this next attempt fits perfectly and looks great.

    Terri, I do remember your posts about getting a steer. How nice that it's finally going to happen! Your husband's concerns are valid and I think raising your own food is the best you can do to counteract these issues. I wish you all the best with this new venture and I look forward to hearing all about it (thereby living the experience vicariously).

    Nancy, I hope you put your own need to rest above doing those things (that need to be done) around the house. Those chores will still be there next week, after you've re-couped from your latest experience with Katy's illness. I'm glad you're walking a bit and hope this means you'll recover without surgical intervention.

    I'm claiming a rest day today, as well. I pushed myself to walk yesterday and by the time I got home I was in tears with pain & exhaustion. I usually don't push myself beyond what's comfortable but sometimes it's difficult to find the fine-line between doing too much and doing too little.

    I did shower/shampoo this afternoon (a job in and of itself on days like this) and I finished my few daily chores, so I only have a few small things to do before I call it a day, to sit & read & watch TV.

    To-Do List

    - respond to email messages
    - make big bowl of jello & strawberries
    - organize dresser drawers
    - water outdoor plants
    - swiffer hardwood floors

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  16. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I've been thinking about all of you, especially Nancy, so I decided to get over to the library to see what's going on.

    I am almost done with the spring cleaning. Now that it's summer, should I call it summer cleaning? I still have the garage windows to wash and then I'm done. Finally!

    Jim was released from the hospital yesterday. I took him out to lunch and he came over to my house for awhile before I took him home. He seems much better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I've decided that I will just have to give up on the restraining order against Don. Jim's doctor just isn't going to do the letter apparently even though a couple of weeks ago she said she would. I can't get her to answer my phone calls and this isn't worth a heart attack or a nervous breakdown on my part. I guess she just doesn't want to get involved, which to me is sad and very frustrating. But at least Don can no longer talk Jim out of medication since Jim is under Court under to take medication now. So we won that battle.

    Nancy: I'm so glad that Nancy made it to the facility in England although it wasn't without its frustrations. You certainly deserve some down time. I can't believe her husband leaving such messes and I love your humor about putting the toenails in his salad! What a slob!

    Lenore: We haven't heard from you in awhile! Hope all is okay with you.

    Anne Theresa: Your roses are beautiful. Red roses are my favorite. I have a few in bloom right now, too.

    Mary: It sounds like you are involved in a lot of volunteer activities. I would like to do this, too, but I just don't have the time. Someday when I retire I will do volunteer work.

    Terri: Good luck in losing weight with your husband. Just remember that men lose weight faster than women.

    To-do list:

    -vacuum upstairs and porch (done)
    -wash dishes (done)
    -mending (done)
    -pay two bills
    -do a load of laundry (in the process)
    -defrost freezer in the basement

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  17. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, it breaks my heart to think of you in so much pain. Please find that restful day and take good care of yourself.

    Kim, welcome to the to do thread. I hope you find that it helps you to pace yourself. I just moved a year ago and had to pack the house myself. It was difficult, but somehow I managed to get things done by pacing and perseverance. (And I was thrilled to have found the house we're living in now)

    Ellen, I'm glad Jim's out of the hospital and relieved to know he's on court ordered meds, although I've never heard of this.

    As for the restraining order, I understand that letting go of this will be difficult but probably better at this time.

    Do you journal and keep track of the problems that Don causes? I know he's been a thorn in your side for a few years now. Might be helpful to keep track with dates, times and problems.

    Grey, try to take a little time for yourself, I know you've had a very busy few weeks lately.

    Although I'd love to do nothing more than rest today, I think I may have to go back to the commissary for some groceries again. I'm also out of some of my meds.

    Hubby and I are trying to figure out how to go visit Katy next weekend, but I need to find a pet sitter. I don't want her husband involved since she's requested that he NOT visit and I'm considering even telling him that her cell phone is here.

    (I know I've got a battle ahead there too...although he 'returned' her to us, he seems to pop in like a bad dream when I wish he would just stay out of things for now.)

    I just don't know anyone anymore since I've spent the last 4 years mostly housebound. And it's the holiday weekend so many folks are going to be away.

    Molly, Linda and Lenore, hope you all check in soon.


  18. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I finally called the LLMD to get started on my Lyme testing. She has a waiting list and I am now number 125!!!! So I called another dr they recommended and he actually was able to fit me in yesturday. It was exhausting for me. Been having lots of fatigue. The whole thing took about 3.5 hours. I came home and slept for 2 hours. I am so lucky I have my great friend and nanny back for the summer.

    So, the dr. is an integrative medicine type guy. He took about an hour and 15 mins with me. Basically he wants to do the Igenex Lyme testing but i have to wait because they will be on vacation for a week. Then i am supposed to do a stool analysis. They gave me everything I need and I have to Fed Ex it. Then I will meet with him in a month to go over all results. I feel depressed. It costs a lot of $ and is this just another doctor on the merry-go-round?

    Ellen~ Thanks for the fms workshop info. That is excellent about the possibility of finding the gene. Sorry about the evil Don. You are sometimes best to let it go for your own health. Glad Jim is doing better.

    AnneTheresa~ Your roses are really nice. I love the brick house! We can't have those here. I hope you are feeling better.

    Terri~ OMG 5 kids and twins! "I'm not worthy!"(remember Mike Meyers?) I can totally understand your son not wanting to take any vitamins. I call mine "horse pills".

    Hi and welcome Kim~ We moved our house and dh's home business when our son was 2. It was so insane and took forever to change everything over and unpack. Good luck and take it easy.

    Nancy~ I'm sorry your SIL is just adding negativity to the mix. I'm glad Katy is in a good hospital and that you may be able to visit her. Thank you for the reminder. I have to go pick up my meds too. Keep hangin in there.

    Greygoddess~ That is so nice you get to hang out with your grandkids. I hope you have a nice weekend.

    Hugs to all the rest who haven't been around. Hope you are okay.

  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Sometimes I like to finish out the week here....

    Hi to Kim, Molly and Grey. I hope you're having a good weekend....

    We planted a strawberry bed yesteday.. I think we'll need a net to keep the birdie visitors away! We planted "Junebearing" variety, but I hope they'll bear in July!

    Time to go water some plants....

  20. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    MMMMMMMMmmm, fresh, home-grown strawberries.
    What a simple delight.

    I'll be glad when my back-yard is made use-able so I can plant some nice things. We've been back and forth with a landscaper, now awaiting an estimate to rototill and sod. It's only a teeny yard so I'm hopeful that the landscaping will be within our budget.

    I look forward to being able to sit and read in the back yard (there's a lovely maple, a huge shade tree back there) and have a barbecue. Hopefully, the landscaping will happen this summer, though I should consider- one project at a time - Sweetie and his dad are working on the washroom today - hopefully they'll be done with all that before too long.

    I'm presently waiting for a break in the rain (just a drizzle, really) so I can go for my walk & return the DVD's we rented. Else-wise, on my to-do list is making a nice dinner, then hopefully getting out to the show with sweetie this eve. I want to see Wall-E.

    We're planning a mini-vacation next week. Three days at a favourite bed & breakfast in a nearby small-town, along with theatre tickets and plans to browse the many arts, antiques & gift-stores in the area. I'm looking forward.

    Wishing each of you a wonderful day with all the best for the week ahead,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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