What's on your 'To Do' List June 8 to June 14th?

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    Good Morning all.....

    Molly I hope your busy day went well and that you were all able to enjoy yourself at the ice cream social.

    Anne Theresa, yes I think we can all relate to how you've been feeling. Please try not to be hard on yourself. We're all in different stages of our disease but we do all experience the ups and the downs of it....

    I haven't been on in a few days because we bought a Wii on Friday! I originally bought it because it was on sale and we had planned to buy one for Katy's birthday in August. But....

    We all had so much fun playing it that we decided to make it a family gift to ourselves. So hubby and I went back to the PX on Saturday and bought some things for it and a few more games. I've also ordered the Wii Fit so we can add some fitness tracking.

    For anyone who doesn't know it (like me) this game set is amazing! I never knew that you could have so much fun and get so much exercising done in your own living room. My husband and I both love the tennis game and I've improved enough in a day to beat him soundly!

    Although my Wii age is 78....this only encourages me to get better at it and improve with practice. I wasn't surprised at the age.....I haven't done anything active in over 5 years....I'm just proud of myself for doing something now.

    Today I have a Well Woman doc appt on base and hope to grocery shop after it's done. (My arm is so sore though that yesterday it hurt to pull my pants up after using the bathroom!)

    Hugs all,

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    Hi all,
    Well I made it through my busy Friday. The ice cream social went very well. Liam earned a cool chapter book and he is on page 200 already! There was only one behavior that I am upset and stumped on. I will be talking to the school psychologist this week about the summer program and hope to ask him about a couple of behaviors. I was in bed or laying down ALL DAY Saturday. Poor Liam kept asking me to play Pirate Legos. I did lay on the floor and play for a while except my butt and back started hurting. I don't know how I made it through the day. My dh was with MIL at a scholarship presentation for his father's memorial. He was gone most of the day.

    Only four more days of school! Tomorrow there is a 1st grade picnic I have offered to go on. We will walk to a park and have lunch and games. It is kind of long though, so I need to find out which aide is going. I have to leave early and rest because Liam's IPP meeting is at our house afterwards. A meeting to update his Regional Center program. The picnic is 11:30 to 2:20. That is too long for me to walk, be in the sun, etc. I am terrified though if no one holds his hand on the walk back or watches that he doesn't wander off. His teacher is gone today so I will have to leave her a message.

    Since Thursday is the last day of school I am hoping that the teacher doesn't need me to volunteer. I want to go to the last coffee/support group with moms from the Autism Society. I used to go before I volunteered and this will be the last one before a long break for summer. I need to be around those moms right now!

    Nancy-The Wii sounds awesome! I'm glad you all are having so much fun. We would like to get one too. How does it assess your age? OMG I'm not sure I would want to know (lol). Hopefully you will be able to grocery shop and they will offer carry out to your car. GL at your dr appointment.

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    It's been a long time!

    I've been battling severe fatigue for weeks now. All my years with this 'stuff' and this is the worst experience ever. I'm going to make an appointment with Ellen's doctor in Michigan. Something is not right. I've thought of thyroid and adrenal functions might not be right. I had a 'sensitive' thyroid test done and was just a tad higher than what the low end of the test scale is. It's depressing due to the extended fatigue, not depression, as such.

    Nancy: I am thrilled you're scans came back clean! You've been in my thoughts and prayers. To see this news is FANTASTIC! It sounds as if Katie is doing well. I've heard from MANY people how fun, and fit, WII is! I bowled and KO'D Jim with the boxing. Didn't have the slightest idea how I did! You were really enjoy the 'Fit' game. It is a great work out! Keep on having a blast!!!

    Ellen: It just sux you were fired. It's such a dreadful feeling on it's own, and compounded when the money is not for 'extras' but needed income. You have a great record and years of doing this. I pray you will find something very soon. Looking into an attorney was a good suggestion, (as someone mentioned on a earlier post). Something appears to be very 'off'.

    Molly: I'm glad you were able to have respite help. I know how much you must have appreciated that time. You are a wonderful mom, Molly. Don't be hard on yourself. I know, easier said than done.. Enjoy your picnic with Liam! I miss those days.

    Terri: My thoughts are with you. Having a parent who is very sick is both physically exhausting, but more important, emotional exhausting. Take care of yourself as best you can!

    AnneTheresa: I know what you mean about feeling 'guilty'. I've had many weeks of feeling the same. I question my own abilities, if I'm being lazy, if I am a hypochondriac, etc. I know I am not, but these and other thoughts stream through my brain constantly. You know, we are NOT guilty, our bodies are!! So are people who make judgement on us. I give it all I can. Sometime's there isn't much. I try my wings, accomplish something and then pay for it. It doesn't work. When I feel better, I will do all I can. We did go to the lake for my birthday, but we did basically, nothing. I keep reminding myself, it will not always be this way. Hard to believe at this time. You take care... guilt is an ugly, ugly, thing..especially when you're innocent!

    It was great to see the 'newbies' posting! Keep coming back!

    I dusted the house, and cleaned bathrooms when we came back Saturday. For now, this is enough. The floors need wet swiffer(ing), but I imagine they will be around tomorrow!

    We have severe thunderstorms heading this way. Our local weather people tend to be wrong until the weather is right on us! LOL

    Take perfect care, all...

    Hugs, Kim
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    Hello all,

    Molly, I'm glad the ice-cream social went well.
    I'm sorry you had a difficult Saturday - I hate those kind of days. Your school activities with Liam put me in mind of the many school trips I went on with my sons. The trips can be super fun, but they're a lot of work and can be down-right exhausting. Take care and I hope you get to attend your coffee/support group this week.

    I'm glad you like your Wii, Nancy, and I hope it brings you many more hours of fun.

    I feel better today; up and dressed with most of my housework done. It's such a change from a few days ago, when I was in such a deep fatigue. Today, I feel my normal fatigue level which is no great shakes but at least I can function.

    I'm meeting my sister at the mall this afternoon. We're going to have something to eat, then go to the movie (UP). When I saw my sister last week, she told me I could have one of the cell phones from her 'family plan' and so she's bringing it for me today.

    The phone is in response to my telling her about how I got halfway to the plaza via my scooter last week, and then (without warning) the scooter's battery died. (Fortunately, during this particular instance, Dave was with me on his bike and so he was able to drive to a phone booth to call a specialty taxi but, had I been alone, I'd have been stuck).

    It will be nice to have the luxury & safeguard of a cell phone and, because it's my sister's plan, the cost to me will be minimal or nil. sweet.

    Before I leave, I have a few small things to do:

    empty wastebaskets
    clean washroom
    put dishes away
    water plants

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all.....

    Anne Theresa, I'm so glad you're getting a cell phone it will certainly help in many situations, but it's also so nice to just have with you 'in case' you need it. How awful to have your battery die while you were out, I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    Kim, I'm so glad you posted again....please don't ignore new symptoms or your gut instinct that tells you that something 'else' is wrong. I've been battling that the entire past year....fight for yourself please.

    Remember, when we finally found my low iron stores and started taking the supplement, I found so much energy that I never had and that was before finding the Pancreatic Insufficiency too. Each thing is a piece to the puzzle....

    Molly I'm glad the ice cream social went well......now about the Wii age. You do a few of the activities by yourself like bowling and baseball etc and it gives you a grade. I have no problem with the initial age because I still play through the hypoglycemia and my hands shake a lot, I must look like a 78 yr old too!!! Katy's age was in the 50's...we'll both get better eventually.

    This is the beauty of the Wii system...you can't help but try to best yourself! (I'm wondering if something like this would be good for Liam and great for the summer? Remember Weebles? The people on the game system look like Weebles so it's great for kids, for some reason us adults just love it too)

    Yesterday I had the best doc appt in years. I just adored the lady who did the Pap, she had a great sense of humor and we got along great. She's a visiting doc from Heidelberg...wish we could keep her! As we all know a Pap is awful unless you have someone with a good sense of humor.

    Today is my first physical therapy appt. Although I'm still tired from the Wii activity I'm hoping it goes well. My leg is getting pretty bad again, can't cross my feet while sitting, can't sit curled up again, etc.....

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Kim, I'm, sorry I missed your post yesterday. It's good to hear from you, though I'm sorry you've been dealing with an ongoing & severe fatigue. I hope and pray the Dr. in Michigan is helpful. Thanks for your understanding words to me. It's a great help for me to share with people like you who know what it's like to live with these conditions. I hope the storms don't bother you. Take care.

    The Wii sounds wonderful, Nancy! I'd like to try one. In my 'before' life, one of my jobs was as a fitness instructor. I used to love working out - once or twice a day - and I especially loved the way it felt to be trim & fit. I would love to feel that way again (even half-ways to feeling that way would be great). Keep up the good work, sister, but be *very* careful not to overdo and mind your leg. Enjoy physio! Hugs.

    To-Do Today

    dust living room furniture
    swiffer hardwood
    read, nap
    weight-watchers meeting
    clean/organize 2 cupboards,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    My day has been very long. I am practically foaming at the mouth (lol).

    It all began yesturday. The behavior tutor and I were going over a social story for my wee boy about the next days field trip. I explained that I would be there to walk with him and hold his hand but that I had to leave at 1:00. Then either an aide or his resource teacher(RT)
    would hold his hand on the way back. He reacted with extreme fear when the resource teacher's name was mentioned. He would make no eye contact and hid inside his t-shirt. He was very upset. I told him I would talk to his teacher and most likely it would be an aide.

    I couldn't sleep last night. I was too upset. The image of my son as about a four month old kept flashing in my mind. He had told me things before about this (RT) but he hadn't had to go to her room for quite some time. Last fall when he was 6 he said "Mrs. _ hurts kids self-esteem" I do not even know how he had the words for that sentence! He told me later in the year that she yells at kids.

    This (RT) is the one that made me cry at the IEP meeting last December. The next IEP went much better in April. So today I ask Liam's 1st grade teacher who she would recommend for next year. She said Oh I have no say in it because he has an IEP. Mrs. _ is the one who decides. I said "SHIT" I toured the 2nd grade classrooms recently and know who would be best for my son and his 1st grade teacher agreed (I like her lots). So I will write a letter to the principal and cc the RT about the qualities my son needs in a teacher and who I would think is best. I have to do this now since there are only two days left.

    After the field trip I had a small amount of time to eat and rest before the Regional Center social worker came over. The meeting lasted nearly 3 hours and I'm so exhausted. She was very concerned that Liam was so terrified of the RT. She told me waste no time go talk to the principal tomorrow. Dear Lord help me. I have had 3 glasses of wine so far. OMG I cannot believe this is all my responsibility to do and do before school ends in 2 days! How in the hell do I act like I'm not intimidated when I am. I want to be dropped off at a spa in Palm Springs and pretend this is not my life (lol).

    I'm going to work on my letters tonight. One for the teacher we want and one for the concerns I have about the RT. I will hand deliver them to the principal tomorrow and see if I can meet with him.

    I imagine the other parents at the school with such a light load. How can I possibly relate to them? I notice I can tend to be anti-social with some. They have easy easy kids and don't have to spend all their time recording data, writting social stories, freaking out about a teacher that has control of your child and may be awful to him. Oh YES I will be going to my support group for autism mom's on Thurs. I already told the teacher I need to go and she agreed!

    Pray I can sleep tonight and pray that I don't cry in front of the principal. i can't do that anymore. Help me be strong for my little boy.


  8. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Molly, you are doing important work and I wish you all the strength you need. This RT is clearly not suited to her job. She is hurting the people she's supposed to help and you will do well to bring this to light. I hope you get the teacher you want for Liam - he deserves the best. Take extra good care of yourself and enjoy your support group tomorrow!

    I'm running on empty today. I considered postponing this afternoon's hair appointment, in order to take a rest day, but I decided instead to push myself to get it done. It will feel good to have my hair done and I can take a rest day tomorrow.

    To-do Today

    empty wastebaskets
    put dishes away
    swish washroom
    hair appointment
    scoot to the store

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all......

    Molly, I hope everything went well and that you were able to finish all those difficult tasks without crying. I feel for you, some teachers are just not meant to be working with special needs children...

    Anne Theresa, were you able to get your hair done? I hope so....

    I had an awful night last night, tossing and turning until I remembered to check my pills at 11:00 and realized that I had forgotten to take them! So with less than 6 hours of sleep I need to face the day.

    Katy has an appt out in town with her dermatologist today and I'm wondering how I'm going to make it.....

    Hugs all,

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    We have had a big week, topped off with our daughter's college graduation tomorrow. I'm going to fix a celebratory dinner......her favorite is cannelloni, which takes several hours to put together. I'll get an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, so that part will be easy.

    Molly- I hope the meeting with the principal went well.....and that you were able to see him. That RT should be let go....the teachers are there to serve, not to be lord and master. You can tell I'm a homeschooler! I'm a renegade when it comes to public school.

    The boys should be done with school, but will go another week. We haven't finished our math or U.S. History, so will push for one more week!

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    Hi, Girls:

    I decided I had better get on here before you thought I had fallen off the earth! My life has been just crazy lately with doctor appts. (I'm using the College insurance while I still have it until June 15th), looking for work, spring cleaning, doing my regular things, seeing Jim, my cousin and her husband are here this week from California, etc.)

    I am really getting an eye opener about the new world of looking for a job. Some places require on-line job applications and boy are they a pain! Fortunately, we have an agency in town called Michigan Works and they have been a big help as I didn't know what I was doing. You have to put all the information from your resume on first, then download your resume and letters of recommendation. Now does that make sense to put the same info on there twice? It takes almost an hour to do just one so I can't do it at the library since there isn't enough time. You only get a half hour on theirs. Fortunately, not every place requires this.

    Last time I heard, the College let nine people go and about a dozen people had their hours cut. Why couldn't they have just cut people's hours? Now in my case, since I was already part-time, I would have settled for a pay cut. In fact, all the academic buildings are going to have a secretary I found out, except the one I worked in which is crazy. They are splitting up the work I did between two secretaries. They will pick up the work and do it in their building. I wonder who made this crazy decision? And they knew I was disabled! I have an appt. with an attorney a week from today. She specializes in work-related issues and disabilities. I'm not getting my hopes up that I have a case, but I figure it's worth looking into.

    On Weds. of this week I went to another agency that helps disabled people find work, but unfortunately they are terribly overworked. In just my county alone they are currently helping 700 people find work! Of course I realize that not all of them want secretarial work and some of the people who attended the seminar with me on Weds. appeared to be bored. I think they were required to be there or something. Today I got a letter from the person who is going to be my counselor to schedule an appt. and I called, but got an answering machine. So I called and left a message.

    I will be seeing my cousin and her husband on Saturday and all of us will be eating out for a brunch. Her husband has never seen Michigan before so they have been doing a little traveling right now.

    At my last visit with the FMS dr., he diagnosed my right arm with tendonnitis (sp?) and said we would talk about physical therapy at our next appt. which is Monday. I wonder what this will cost since Harry's insurance isn't as good as what I had at the College and that starts on Tuesday. The agency that helps disabled people does pay for some things and the lady who did the program on Weds. did say something about paying for therapy, which I'm assuming means physical therapy. It wouldn't hurt to check into it. They also pay for you to take classes, and I'm thinking of taking another Excel class. The last time I did I didn't learn as well since I didn't have my hearing aid yet.

    I've had my hearing aid now for almost two weeks! At first it was hard for me to put it on my head, but now I've got the hang of it. It's not hard to take care of and at first everything sounded so strange! Everything sounded kind of echo-y. It still does a little, but it's getting better. And it's so nice to not have to ask Harry to repeat all the time. The first day I came home with it, Harry turned up the television to where I had it without the hearing aid and it about blew me out of the room! That poor man! He has had to listen to that for several years now and has never complained! And all the times I've asked him to repeat, he never once lost his patience. I guess that shows how much patience he has and how much he loves me! The audiologist said that being hard of hearing is a disability. Yay-I have two disabilities (just kidding!)

    Nancy: I'm glad you are having fun with the Wii, you old lady! You needed something to lighten the mood in your life.

    Molly: I'm glad the ice cream social went okay and I think it's great that you are getting into a group of women who have autistic children. You have really needed a support system.

    Anne Theresa: I'm glad you had help when your scooter battery died. I had that happen to me once at the grocery store using their scooters. But you do have to recharge your battery I think once a week. Harry is the one who takes care of that for me. If you have a book, check it. If you don't, I can ask Harry and get back with you.

    Terri: Congratulations on your daughter's graduation from college! Now comes the challenge-finding a job! Of course I don't know what she majored in, but I hope she doesn't have too much trouble finding something. I'm just glad you don't live in Michigan and my county! Here the unemployment rate is almost 15%!

    Kim: I wasn't the only one who lost my job, unfortunately. Last time I checked, I was one of nine and others had their hours cut. I'm sorry you haven't been doing well. You must not live too far from the Michigan state line if you are considering going to my doctor. Did I give you his name and address? His name is Dr. Vallance and he is in Ann Arbor. I can give you his phone number next time if you need it. I don't have it with me. But I'm sure you would like him. I know he has really helped me. I just hope I can still go to him with this new insurance. I will find out Monday.

    Well, I had better get back home. Lots to do there. This job searching is taking up so much of my time. And some days I feel so depressed about it I really have to force myself to do anything. But it's getting better. And I have to remember to turn to my faith and remember to lean on God in times like this.

    Take care, everyone. I'll be back next week.

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    Hi all,

    Nancy, Facing a day on six hours sleep is not an easy task. I hope you had a good day in spite of feeling tired, and I hope you've since caught up on your sleep. I did manage to get my hair done - thanks for asking - and it looks nice.

    Terri, I hope your daughter's graduation and the celebration afterward is wonderful. It's such a special day for her. I think it's great that you home-school. If I had it to do all over again with my own children, I'd consider the home-school option.

    Ellen, it seems you have a lot going on these days, remember to pace yourself, mind your stress level & remember to make time for rest and self-care. I'm glad your hearing aid is working out so well. Thanks for the scooter advice. The owner's manual says to recharge the battery after 5-9 hours of use. The battery indicator lights are difficult to decipher but what I'm learning is that it's closer to the 5 than the 9 :) I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

    I've been resting today; reading, watching TV, napping, etc. and the only thing on my to-do list is to take a shower and make something easy for dinner. After dinner, I'll maybe go for walk and/or scoot.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa