What's on your to-do list? March 1 - 7

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    Hi, Girls:

    Where is everyone this week? Today is Thursday and I didn't see the post for this week, so I decided to start it. Is everyone "under the weather" or just extra busy?

    This has been a busy week for me, plus I had two days that I wasn't feeling well.

    Harry had a colonoscopy on Monday. Everything turned out okay. He will be 54 in July and this is his first one, so he is really behind. I had to push him a little to get this one done, plus our insurance company sent him a letter reminding him to get this done. I didn't know they would do this. His uncle died of colon cancer and his dad has had polyps, but so far they haven't been cancerous, but his dad has had two other kinds of cancer.

    Tuesday I missed working at the library for the first time since I was sick in the night and I still didn't feel too well on Wednesday. I had already cancelled my day with Jim as a girlfriend I haven't see in quite awhile and I had scheduled a lunch on that day. I went to the lunch as I felt better by lunch time. We had a real nice time. A lot of catching up to do. After that I had to get groceries and run some other errands.

    This morning I did some housework and now I am here hoping to see what all of you were up to. Then I have to go to the pool and then back home for more housework and a nap. I don't know if Harry is come home tonight or not. It makes it hard to plan meals. He was home last night.

    I am so glad that the decision was finally made to extend the unemployment benefits. But I didn't let myself get too upset about it. If it didn't pass, then I would just start the process of applying for disapplying benefits. Tomorrow I see Dr. Vallance, my FMS doctor and I am going to ask him for a letter for disability. Although I keep applying for jobs, in my heart I know the chances of me being able to work are slim with the FMS having gone into my arms and hands now. Also, my memory and concentration have really deteriorated. Some days it is quite bad.

    Well, I had better go now. Take care, everyone.


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