What's on your To Do List? March 21 - 27

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    Hello all,

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

    Yesterday, I went to a flower and landscaping show. It made for a nice day. I'm so grateful for my scooter! Even with my walker, I wouldn't have been able to walk the expanse of the show - it was in such a huge indoor area. I came home with one green plant and a large bunch of pussy-willows.

    To-Do List

    paper filing (carried over from last week)
    water plants
    wash windows
    swiffer floors
    cut up vegetables
    clean bunny's house

    The above list will undoubtedly take more than one day to accomplish. I'm going to be taking lots of rest breaks today and only work in 5 or 10 minute increments. Even though I used my scooter yesterday, it was still a six hour outing including travel time so I'm in pain and feel exhausted today.

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
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    The flower and landscaping show sounds nice especially after a long winter. Harry and I used to go to those. Like you, I would now need my scooter and I, too, would be really tired after such an outing.

    My brother, Jim, and I went to a flower show last week, but on a smaller scale. We are fortunate in that the small town I live in has some beautiful outdoor gardens just ten minutes from our house. There is also some indoor gardens, although they are not very large, but they house several types of gardens and they have been having a spring garden show in the greenhouse every year. Jim and I have been going the past three years. The other two garden rooms have other types of gardens-one a tropical garden and the other a desert garden. The indoor gardens were built in the 1960's and the outdoor gardens were started in the 1930's and were expanded in the 1970's. When I was a child, my parents used to take us there quite often to hike on the trails, have a picnic, see the swans in the large pond. They also put on a Christmas show now, too. I didn't mean to talk about this place so much, but I love it so much. It only costs $3.00 to get in, but our local library also offers free passes, too. I go there at least once a year. I love the outdoor flower gardens in the summer. They have another building with educational materials in it and offer gardening classes, too.

    Yesterday I received some information in the mail about my disability case. Apparently they are ready to hear my case sooner than expected (I was told another 1 1/2 to two years, which includes several months for the Judge to make his decision). They would try to make a decision without a hearing. If they are unable to make a decision, then we would have to have the hearing. So now we have to gather any additional info that was not included in my original application. I have been trying to talk to my attorney anyway so now we also have this to discuss as well. If we can do this instead of the hearing, that would be so wonderful and a huge timesaver as well. Plus, we have been dipping into money we shouldn't be dipping into because our finances are so tight now. So maybe some of my prayers are being answered.

    You have quite an ambitious to-do list, Anne Theresa. But like you said, it's going to be done over more than one day. Every day is busy for me, too. Lots to do and lots to think about. I've been feeling a little better lately emotionally, but I'm having more pain. I'm having more pain in my legs, a place I used to have the least amount of pain. I'm sure stress isn't helping.
    But I'm trying to take things one day at a time.

    Well, it's almost time for choir practice at church so I had better go. Take care.

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    Hello everyone,

    Ellen, I'm glad you & your brother had the chance to see some flower gardens this week. There's nothing so beautiful as flowers in bloom. That's good news about the earlier-than-expected processing of your disability case. I hope the decision is made in your favour without a long and drawn out hearing. Applying for disability can be a stressful process - at least I found it to be that way - but it's worth it in the end.

    After a few days of no-snow, we're back to winter weather. I missed my chance (during the few days of spring-like weather) to get outside to wash my windows so I'll have to postpone that chore (sigh!) until the weather turns warm again. And, I *still* haven't done my filing so that chore is number 1 on today's agenda.

    To Do List

    wrap gift for my niece's baby shower
    finish laundry
    go to dollar store & pharmacy
    make list for groceries
    shower & shampoo

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all!!!
    I've been so busy and so much has happened since the last time I posted....but the biggest news is that on Tuesday, I am flying to the states to eventually move to Maryland where my husband got his new job and promotion...and we're thrilled and excited!

    Last Sept/Aug time frame I went from awesome to invalid after changing my enzymes from the German Kreon to the American Creon. I had also increased my Trazadone by 50mg to help me sleep. These were the only 2 changes and I repeated them to each and every doctor that I saw.

    Hospitalized in Oct for the grueling insulinoma fasting test, (took 82 hours) with no results...and I continued to be an invalid with no help and very little hope until....I decided to decrease my Creon daily dose to almost nothing. Incredibly I began to feel better within days so I switched myself back to the German Kreon. Within days I was cleaning my home, and over doing things but I felt really, really good.

    I went back to my doctor (basically useless) and asked about repeating the insulinoma testing because I knew my German docs wanted me back in the hospital. Found out that I had cysts in my abdomen that they had found on an ultrasound they had done in Oct but nobody thought to tell me this!

    Another new doc..gyno this time found 2 cysts on my ovaries and I had them surgically removed about 5 weeks ago. I decided to do this right away because ovarian cancer has always been my fear since I had pre-cervical cancer and the uterus as well. Of course there were problems with the laproscopy (sorry can't spell that) and he used my C-Section place as well. (And to make matters worse, I've had the worst cold of my life again since Jan 31st so sneezing 70 times a day after abdominal surgery doesn't help much)

    One of the Tri-Care ladies who visited me in the hospital in Oct couldn't believe the change in my 2 days after surgery and I looked and felt so much better than I did in Oct! (all from the change in Kreon, so hopefully I can somehow continue to get it after leaving here)

    I forgot I had had the surgery and overdid while packing my suit cases so basically I've been stuck sitting on my butt for the last few weeks trying to regain my strength for the move. Hubby and Katy talked me into leaving a little earlier than him so he can get things done without me here.

    I'll be staying with my friend in Va, the same one I moved in with when Katy and I first got to Stuttgart but she won't be there. She's in Washington state staying with a friend who's husband is dying...bless her. I can wait to see her, I know what she's doing is so special and a once in a life time gift...we'll have time to see each other later...(she also has MS)

    Katy and I are staying in a hotel for a few days first to help us get over jet lag before we go to her house. Hubby flies out on the 18th of April and we'll meet up soon after that to begin our new lives together....

    So today my to do list includes bathing and shaving, then packing up last minute items. Need to do last minute pill packs for the week too and of course...sitting on my butt! I will be sure to enjoy the Sunday bells of all of the cathedrals surrounding my house in downtown Stuttgart, gazing out my window at the castle to my right and just enjoying my day.

    Hugs all, great to see you all are still here and posting
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    So nice to see you back, Nancy! WE missed you! So you are relocating to Maryland? After living in Germany for as long as you have, the States will be an adjustment again. But much closer to family, so that will be nice for you. Glad you are feeling better. I could relate to you figuring out what was making you sick. Sometimes we have to be our own advocate, doctor, you name it. Good job!

    I'm glad you had the ovarian cysts removed. Nothing to sneeze at! (sorry, pun intended!)

    I would love to update you more on happenings around here, but I am off to sub today for high school choir. I enjoy it but my voice is not as strong as it once was. I really have to project to be heard over maybe 30 kids in a class. So I rely on the piano a lot.

    Take care all,