What's on your "To Do List" March 31 April 6?

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  1. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    I hope I got the dates right for this week, not so sure about it though.

    I've had a busy morning already. Two wonderful ladies came and delivered my armoire this morning and between the 3 of us we even got it put back together.

    One of them has Fibro too so I gave her 2 months worth of the Fibro Complete Multi that I always recommend to people. I don't think she'd ever heard of this site before.

    They loved my house and the view and stayed for a cup of coffee afterwards. It was really nice to have visitors since I don't get out much, I no longer know many people here at all.

    Then I picked my daughter up from base and we had a nice long talk about life and everything. We also discussed changes she can make in her eating habits to hopefully help her to lose some weight, or if not, to stop gaining so rapidly.

    In a few minutes it will be time to call my friend in Tampa, but I'm so exhausted I'm not sure I'm up for it.

    Sorry to cut it short, but I want to change back into my jammies.

    Hope this week finds you all well, rested and not too busy.


  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Boy, has this been a busy morning! It's almost time to leave and I'm just now getting on here. I don't think I mentioned that at work they are changing all the office around and many of the professors that I love so much are leaving the building I work in (boo hoo!) They are making my building an art and an interior design building. The interior design dept. will be moving to this building. It's going to be a mess on campus with everyone moving around. Music and science and moving, too, so it's not just my building that will be in an upheaval.

    I think there might be a chance for me to work more hours. I know I can't work a full work day, but we really need more money. Our finances are always so tight. We talked about it over the weekend and I think I can work a six hour day. Right now I work five hours on Mondays and four and a half hours the rest of the week. If I don't take a lunch, that would mean I would work until 2:00. A could of the depts. in my building are moving off by themselves in another building. I talked to them about me working for them for a couple of hours a day and they were enthused about the idea. So now I have to talk to one of the administrators about it.

    I told my husband he would have to help me more and we would have more TV dinner nights as I can't be expected to cook every night. Plus, Jim and I wouldn't be able to get together during the week anymore so he would have to spend more weekends with us. Harry would have to accept that.
    Plus, Harry would have to help me out more around the house than he is now.

    To-do list:

    -stop at drugstore
    -make a casserole

  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Don't worry about offending me because you didn't over thinking my Jim was my husband. Harry is my husband's name. Sweetie is Anne Theresa's significant other. They are not married, but have been together for a long time.
    Thanks for the kind words about me taking care of my brother. Jim and I have been close to eachother since we were children. I know it takes awhile to get to know everyone.

    It sounds like you've had your hands full, especially now with your daughter having a cast. As busy as I am, I can't imagine what all you people do that have children. I have to give you a lot of credit, too.

    Well, I better get back to work. Take care.

  4. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Happy Monday Ladies,

    Nancy, the armoire came! Oh, it's just too exciting (but exhausting for you, I know). How nice it must have been great for you to have some female company. I also don't get out much either; I had a friend come over for coffee a few months ago who brought bagels and stuff--I thought it was such a nice and understanding gesture. I'm glad you had a nice long chat with your daughter. With my kids, that one on one I call "special time", no matter what we do.

    Ellen, I'm glad no offense was taken and I'll try hard to keep the names straight! Gosh, do you really think you can handle a six hour day with no lunch break (read: no rest time), working in more than one department and still feeling well enough to work and also have time to eat right? I worry a little about you, girl. Though you are my inspiration, if you try to overdo it you'll end up in a bad crash (or so it seems with this population). How do you think Jim will adjust to the changes? I'm glad Harry is supportive but I wonder if he really realizes how much he will have to adjust. If the hours come through, and you want to do it, you have all my support. First and foremost, you'll need a crockpot! lol I use mine a lot. I "make dinner" in the crock pot the night before, then just have to pull it out in the morning and turn it on. I have lots and lots of yummy healthful recipes. Bob is incredibly supportive of my illness (more like a hovering Jewish grandmother at times and worries incessantly about my overdoing it)and the whole crockpot thing is something that lets him feel useful, helps me have to do less, and gets food on the table, so it's a win/win situation. Very often while I'm making dinner for one night, he helps and at the same time sets up the crockpot for the next night's dinner. Then he washes all the pots, cuttng boards or whatever we used to create two meals. Just a thought on how Harry might help. Geez, I sound like a crockpot salesman, but I'm hooked on the thing. Another nice bonus is when I make a "batch" of something (say lentil soup or chili), I freeze the leftovers in a single portion container for those nights when I don't feel up to cooking and there's no Plan B.

    I don't know if there are cooks in our group. I'm a frustrated chef and used to absolutely love the kitchen (another thing these darn DDs have taken away from me). I used to make these elaborate meals, and enjoyed every minute of it. I've adapted many of my recipes for both the crockpot and convenience. If anyone ever wants to talk food, I'm your gal. I experimented last night and came up with a great, healthy 1 pan dish. I sliced up some chicken breasts into strips, had bought some stir fry frozen vegetables with noodles in then, cooked the chicken with a little regular oil and a bit of sesame oil (very pungent), added the veggies (and an extra bag of mixed veggies), tossed in some low salt teriaki sauce and some ginger orange sauce, let it simmer for ten minutes and tada, nutritious dinner in one pan. I thought it would be a bust, mixing the sesame oil, teriaki sauce and ginger/orange sauce, but the result was amazingly tasty with less salt and interesting tastes to the tongue. There was enough "sauce" in it that I could have skipped the "noodle" veggies and just used some white rice under it. I couldn't believe it was a big hit with four very different kids. Next time, I think I'd add a drop of ginger powder to it; that ginger taste really made a difference.

    Sunday I got kind of fed up with "doing everything all the time", and made a list of stuff to be done that the kids could help with. Out of 22 items, the family got 19 of them done. Boy, was THAT a help! This week's "master list" has 23 so far, but that sure beats the 43 from last week. My kids are on Spring Break next week and we are going on vacation (pray my daughter's cast comes off next Monday morning before we leave Monday afternoon), so I really need to chip away at that master this week. Wish me luck.

    Monday to do:
    Grocery shopping (done)
    daughter's laundry (in progress)
    plan son's sleepover party for tomorrow
    make dinner (hamburgers and French fries, salad from yesterday already done)
    get out suitcases and check with airline about number allowed
    type some necessary memos and get them in the mail
    Make a dent in the Master List

    It's supposed to rain here tomorrow night, and already it's turned cold, amping up my shoulder pain, so I'm trying to do as much of the sedentary stuff as I can. I met someone yesterday with Fibromyalgia! I'll talk more about it through the week since I've already bored you guys to tears with crockpot/cooking stuff.

    Have a great Monday everyone and I'll echo Nancy's wish for us all to be rested, feeling well and not being too busy. Good plan, Nancy! :)

  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all.

    I had a nice, though exhausting, weekend and so today is all about rest for me.

    My neck is bad again and I can't sit at the computer for too long. So, I'll just say hello for today and then write some more tomorrow.

    My best to each of you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi, I came over here from the fibro/cfs board to take my mind off things.

    This past weekend my son and husband had a tummy bug. Today, after dropping my son off at school I realized I had the tummy bug too:( So I went to bed. I did work on some forms I have to fill out.

    This week:

    Laundry, 2 large loads

    Fill out intake forms for Regional Ctr services for son

    Call KIT to be sure they have an aide for son at science camp at rec ctr.

    Create sensory box of smells for son (most likely target and the grocery store) He is having huge sensory seeking issues

    Letters to gov Arnold and local reps to tell them not to overturn prop 98 which means huge cuts for our schools

    Call friend to see if she is able to help advocate at our IEP(special ed stuff)

    Continue reading the OASIS guide to Asperger Syndrome. It is like 500 pages!!!! But is really helping me understand my son.

    Something for myself: watch a movie, epsom salt bath or yoga or I will go crazy!

    Thanks for being here. I have been so utterly depressed.

  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Is pretty much blank!!!

    Although it's no fun to wake up and realize a half hour later that I'm really, really tired today and probably won't get anything done!

    I'll try to shower and water my plants today but I have a feeling that's about all I'll accomplish.

    Ellen, I hope the extra hours won't cause you too much trouble. Won't your husband's job be picking up again with the spring?

    Lenore, I'm glad you've found some helpers with your monster (I mean master) list!

    Anne Theresa, I hope you find some relief from your shoulder pain soon so you can come back and chat with us.

    Sorekitty, I'm happy you've joined us over here. You sound like you have a full plate going right now.

    Interesting enough, Lenore has been an advocate in her state for special needs children, if I remember correctly. I don't mean to offer her services without her permission, but she's a wonderful friend and maybe someone you could talk over ideas with.....

    Hoping to hear from the others soon and hope they're doing ok.

    Hugs all,

  8. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Hi sorekitty,

    I am so happy to see you here! If you need any help with RC or the IEP, please let me know. I remember we were trying to meet in the chatroom--let's try to make that happen!

    Having an Aspie too, I can empathize with those depressing days. Mine also has SID, but maybe different sensory issues. He had OT for four years, so I might be able to help you with that as well. Keep plugging away at Kirby's information; there's a ton that helped me too.

    The gals on this thread are incredible; they have supported me, advised me, and always been there for me. Keeping up a "to do" list here has helped me tremendously! Nancy makes sure my bills get paid, Ellen's posts remind me to take something out of the freezer for dinner, Linda has been fulfilling my frustrated decorator desire, Anne Theresa and the rest have been a Godsend-- gosh, the help and support I have gotten has been tremedous. I hope you will stay here and continue to post.

    Welcome again, and I hope you come to love it here as much as I do!

    Best regards,
  9. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    You've been a joy since you've joined us here and I'm so glad you did.


  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all. I have a busy day planned for today, thankfully my neck pain has diminished somewhat so I feel up to it. First of all, I have to go uptown for a manicure (I slept through my appointment last week and so had to reschedule).

    While I'm out, I'll likely treat myself to a cappuccino and then pick up a few groceries. I'll come home to a few chores (if I can manage, or a long nap if I can't)

    put dishes away
    clean kitchen counters & sink
    empty wastebaskets
    water plants
    sweep floors
    swipe washroom
    get dinner oven-ready

    Then, after a rest, I'm going out with my friend, shopping and to run a few errands. Of particular note, we're going to a few of the larger hardware and home decor stores so I can pick out a new washroom sink & vanity set. The vanity set is what I've asked for as a birthday gift from sweetie (the set we have now has been on it's last legs since we bought the house). I just have to pick one out and he and his dad will do the install. Fun, fun!

    I wish I could write a personal hello to each of you but the clock is ticking and I want to be on time for my appointment. My best to each of you and Welcome SoreKitty!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  11. LenoreR

    LenoreR New Member

    Wow Nancy, you just made my day! I'm blushing from ear to ear. Thank you, friend, for the sweet words. Now can you convince my kids? lol

    I had a really tough one yesterday. I slept from 1 pm until 5 pm. My younger son is home on Spring Break. Bless his heart, he called Bob (who works close by) and between them arranged for Bob to pick up the girls at 3 pm and my older son at 4 pm. Bob is so supportive, sometimes it feels too good to be true. It wasn't always this way--a few months ago I gave him some materials like the "letter to normals" and stuff, and his support jumped from just doing (guy thing to "fix it") to really understanding. The downside of the "help" is that I got almost nothing done and now there's some fires to be put out. I hate the stress of it....

    After I made dinner, the older son complained of a stuffed up head: temp-100.5. The little one has a doctor appt at 10 today for a check up; now the older one does too. Another morning shot.

    I started the 150 mg of Lyrica last night (75mg in the morning) and have residual dizziness and nausea again. The boys want to go out to breakfast and I just want to crawl in a hole. I wanna be Ellen!!!! whahhhhh

    Nancy, I didn't see your post when I wrote to sorekitty. You can offer my services any time-- when I went through the dx process with my son, no one had ever heard of Aspergers and I had NO ONE to talk to about it. I made a promise to myself and G-d that I would never knowingly let another mother go through this alone. All I ever ask of them is that they "pay it forward" and someday help another mother in need of support. It's so different now with the Internet boom, but I still reach out personally to others. There's so little I can do now with these DDs, but a phone call or an email I can always find time for with these moms. I'm really glad you remembered me to sorekitty.

    Anne Theresa, can I come over and we can ley around and watch old movies together? We seem to be in the same pickle of a flare--it just stinks. I hope we can lean on each other (like a couple of drunken sailors-GRIN) to get through this.

    Ellen, what kind of cassarole did you make? How are you feeling? I seem to remember that you tried Lyrica--the creeping has begun for me. The scale for the last two days shows an extra 2-3 pounds, but still no edema. I'm feeling sorry for myself. You didn't post yesterday or this morning-- are you okay? I worry about you taking on too much, so let us know how you're doing, k?

    Sorekitty, has the depression lifted a bit? You mentioned you needed to "take your mind off things" so you came here; did it help? I'm sending smiles and gentle hugs from Los Angeles to San Diego--gather them up off your lawn!

    Ohhhhh Linda, where art thou?

    Sorry to be such a grump this morning. My plate's a platter and it's overflowing.

    To do:
    out to breakfast with boys
    doctor appointments for boys
    finalize younger son's sleepover
    put out the fires
    MUST make hotel reservations for our trip (I can't believe we leave next Monday)
    have the boys pack today since they are home

    Enjoy the day gals, and hope I can drive with this dizziness.

    Love to all,
  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I'm late to the party....hi to all!

    Lenore- hope the sleepover goes smoothly...how many boys are coming?

    Anne Theresa and Nancy- hope you are feeling somewhat better. Nancy, sometime you could "show" us your new armoire....we'd love to see it!

    Linda- I had another friend visit Phoenix last week and she said it was in the upper 80's....sounds lovely about now. I'd be out watering pansies if that were the case.

    Ellen- don't take on more than you can handle. I hope your hubby will start helping out around the house more....maybe he could cook??? My hubby is a good cook, but he prefers to come home from work and nap while I fix the dinner!

    Welcome to Sorekitty! I like your handle!

    To Do:
    Practice for another recital on Thursday
    Look at a used car for our son-- he got a job!!!
    Fix a TV dinner for supper---take it easy with the cooking!
  13. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome! My to do list was more or less for the week not just a day! I noticed you are all doing a daily list. I think I did it wrong.

    Anyway, my son stayed home from school poor guy still has tummy bug. I got nothing done and don't feel quite well myself.

    Lenore, I would love to meet on chat. We should set up a specific time. I DO need help with the essay question for RC. It asks "Please describe the applicant's problems with which you are requesting help and explain in what way the RC might be of assistance." My son had RC sevices before 3 years and I tried to get him in when he was 4 1/2 because he got his PDD-NOS dx. We were denied. Now he is 5 3/4 and has an Asperger's dx. They try to say they do not serv those with PDD-NOS or Asperger's ONLY a full Autism dx. But I know other parents of kids with AS who have RC services. It is really impacting our lives. Behavior and social are the most concerning right now.

    Sorry to have gone on and on. I am in a really bad place right now.

    Again, thanks for the warm welcome.
  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good morning all....

    Still not much on my to do list. Spent most of yesterday with a nagging migraine that just wouldn't go away completely. Hopefully today will be better.

    I think my daughter is coming in today to pick up some meds and arrange for some of her other doc appts.

    Terri, your son got a job? Congratulations, I hope it works out for him and has a healthier work environment than the last one.

    I will try to take a picture of the armoire soon, we still have a bit of tweaking to do after putting it together. It's missing one bolt and the ladies weren't happy with the doors on it.

    Anne Theresa, I love to go through hardware/home stores, for some reason they fascinate me. I hope you had a nice time choosing your new vanity set.

    Also, my favorite treat is a cappuccino... I've spent many wonderful hours with friends and a cuppa! I love it here when the weather's warm and all the restaurants set up their outdoor tables. Love to have a cup and watch the world go by!

    Ellen, hope to hear from you again soon........

    Linda, last I remember you and hubby were going to take a small trip...How's your butt? And I hope it didn't wear you out too much.

    Has anyone heard from Kim lately? I know she mentioned that she'd be busy for a few weeks, I just can't remember why...

    Sorekitty, there is no right or wrong way to do it here...some are so busy they just pop in from time to time to let us know how they're doing, some of us post daily here, although we do tend to worry a bit when folks are away for awhile.

    I hope things get better for you and I think you may have posted here at just the right time. I think Lenore might just be the perfect person to help you through this maze to get the help you need for your child.

    And Lenore, you'll get through this busy time, somehow...someway. Hang in there and remember to take care of yourself so you can continue to help take care of the others.

    Hugs all,

  15. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Ladies:

    What a week this has been! Sorry I didn't make it on here yesterday, but it was a crazy day! I was sick on Monday night so I was late going into work on Tuesday. My interstitial cystitis (IC) flared up on me at 3:00 a.m. (for those of you who don't know, IC is a chronic illness that affects that lining of the bladder causing burning pain and frequency. So I slept a couple of hours when the pain finally eased up and went into work later in the morning and worked later into the afternoon. I had so much to do at work that I really couldn't take the day off.

    Then I went to my pool therapy class. The warm water felt really good. Then home to a much-needed nap. Today, fortunately has been much calmer. Harry helped me last night by doing some dishes and laundry.

    Then I went to Jim's dr. appt. today with his psychiatrist. He hasn't been doing as well lately. Long story, but the group home accidentally lowered his dosage of his Seroquel so he's not doing as well mentally. He's also been really sick with a cold this week. So I guess all this stress is what brought on the flare-up of my IC on Tuesday night. But I'm doing better now, thank goodness.

    Lenore: I have to agree with Nancy-it is so nice having you here! It is so fun to read your posts! Yes, I know that I am probably taking on a lot increasing my work hours, but we keep hoping my husband's job will get better, but it hasn't for the past several years, so I don't think we have any choice. It's going to be hard not getting together with Jim (my brother) during the week.

    Can you give me some of your crockpot recipes? I would like more of them. I like recipes that use common ingredients that don't take a lot of time to put together.

    As for the Lyrica, you might consider getting off of it unless you think it's really helping you. I put about 25 pounds on because of it.

    Anne Theresa: It's always so fun shopping for something new for the house! Sometimes I think I should have been an interior decorator as I love decorating so much. Have fun shopping!

    Sore Kitty: Welcome to our group! That's okay that you put down a whole week. We've had some people do that, but most of us do it on a day-by-day basis. Whatever you want is fine.

    Terri: I know that I'm probably taking on a lot by adding on more work hours, but it's not too much. I already work until 1:00 on Mondays now, so it's just adding one more hour on Mondays and another hour and a half the rest of the week. Of course I don't know yet if I can do this. I need to meet with one of the administrators and see what he says. As for my husband cooking, I would have more luck with him doing the clean-up.

    Nancy: Sorry you had a migraine and hope you are feeling better now. I would like to see a picture of your new armoire when you get it all set up.

    To-do list:

    -get groceries
    -vacuum carpet upstairs
    -put away laundry (done)
    -put away dishes (done)
    -make beds (done)
    -take recycling in


  16. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends.

    This morning, sweetie gifted me with an ipod. We're having a heck of a time getting it set up - I may have to call my niece for tech support - but it's a lovely thing and I'll surely enjoy it once I get it going.

    Sweetie has the day off today so we're *finally* going to see Horton Hears a Who - we've been trying to get out to see that for a week or more but every chance we get, I feel ill or we're too tired, whatever. Afterward, a friend is coming over for coffee/tea and to give me a birthday gift. Whoo hoo!

    Ellen, I'm sorry your IC has flared, what a terrible thing that must be on top of everything else. It's such a shame a mistake was made with Jim's medication and now he's suffering the effects. What an awful lot of stress for you, lately. Take extra good care of yourself.

    It's too bad, Nancy, that you've been struggling with a migraine. Hopefully, you'll feel a bit better as the day wears on.

    You made me smile with thoughts of drinking a nice cup of coffee at an outdoor restaurant patio. It's been such a long winter - the very thought of being able to sit outside makes me happy.

    Terri, I'm glad your son has a new job and I hope it works out for him. Your young son, I trust, feels better now and hopefully, your household is finished with all the colds & flu viruses that make the rounds this time of year. I hope you do well and enjoy your recital tomorrow.

    Lenore, I'm glad your Bob is supportive. It makes all the difference in the world, to have a supportive partner. God knows these DD's are not easy to understand and so a bit of understanding can go a long way. Hopefully the side effects - dizziness and nausea - will let up soon and you'll begin to see some benefit from the medication.

    Sorekitty, I'm sorry you and your son are feeling unwell. I hope it passes soon. I hope you can get through the paperwork you need in order to have special services approved. It's seems like such an awful lot of red tape and so time-consuming, my heart goes out to you.

    I couldn't find a washroom sink/vanity set last night, so I'll have to make searching for one a longer-term project. I'm going to look on-line first, to see if I can narrow down the search without all the footwork (and expenditure of energy that I simply do not have). I have in mind what I want and I don't want to compromise (too much).

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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  17. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi All,

    Anne Theresa- my younger son is much improved, thank you. His asthma has subsided and I'm going to have him start on immunotherapy (shots). I have really benefitted from them- I hardly suffer from any allergies anymore- so I think he would do well with them too. He isn't excited about the shots, but he'll enjoy breathing better.

    Ellen- I'll dig out some crockpot recipes. Do you any of the "Fix It and Forget It" Cookbooks? I think they are great.

    My son starts his new job tomorrow. He actually found a car yesterday, so he's pretty excited. His first car! It's a van and he got a good deal on it and it seems to run well. He will be a steward at a fancy restaurant/resort, which I believe means he will be a dishwasher. Nothing wrong with that! He will also help with food prep and polishing stemware. I'll be anxious to check out the place- it looks like it is really beautiful. Such a change from his hay job!

    Gotta go- a bit more clean up in the kitchen, then off to bed!

  18. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.....

    I can tell already I'm tired today so I probably won't have much on my list to do today. I think I'll aim for a shower and a nap.

    My daughter did come in and we went shopping again. I bought her some more clothes, but this time the sizes went way up again and I was just thinking it was only about a month ago that I bought the size 16. This time it was an 18 and 20 for jeans...yikes! I also bought her some tops in 2X...

    Ellen, I'm sorry they messed up Jim's Seroquel, hopefully someone caught it in time and can get him back to his regular dosage. (I'm a bit curious as to how this could happen, his dosage shouldn't have changed in quite awhile)

    I'm still doing my daughter's pills here and hiding the rest of them for her so no mistakes can be made that way. It's working for us, they just have to come in once a week to pick them up.

    She also made us dinner again last night, a yummy potatoe soup so I have leftovers for lunch this week.

    Ellen, I hope your IC lets up soon so you can feel better and get a good night's sleep.

    Anne Theresa, good luck on your search for the vanity...and I hope you enjoyed the movie.

    Terri, I hope your son enjoys his new job. Once upon a time I worked as a dishwasher and had a really good time behind the scenes of a busy restaurant. It's easy to move up from there and so many options to do so.

    Sorry if I forgot anyone, tired and a little funny on blood sugar this morning.

    Hugs all,

  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I hope you have a great day and a respite from pain! Enjoy yourself....

    Thanks, Linda, for reminding us of the birthday.....even through your fibro fog. I hope your thyroid meds kick in soon.

    Another recital tonight....it should go well.

    Sorry this is short, but it will be a busy day.

  20. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    Today is a much slower, quieter day at work, and I certainly do need it after running a race the past few days. I keep thinking about increasing my work hours and feeling bad about not seeing Jim as much. It makes me feel bad, but I know our finances have to come first. We can't keep taking money out of our savings to pay bills. It certainly would help if my siblings would pay more attention to my brother, but that's not going to happen.

    As for the increase in my hours, I called Dale Nesbary, the Vice President, who is the supervisor for the professors, today. I briefly told him over the phone why I wanted to meet with him and he told me he could meet with me on Monday at 10:00. He also told me that there was a "good possibility" that I could work in the other building and increase my hours! He said that after I told him I could only increase my hours to 30 as I was unable to work full-time due to health problems. So that would certainly help with our money problems. But I will have to wait until Monday to see what he says.

    Anne Theresa: I'm sorry you didn't find the vanity set you wanted, but I think it's smart of you to look online. That will certainly save your energy. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a good one!

    Terri: Sorry you son is struggling with the asthma. I'm sure he isn't looking forward to the shots-no one likes them, especially kids. Congratulations on your other son getting a job in a restaurant. I hope it goes well for him. As for the recipes for crockpots, I would love them. I want easy recipes that have common ingredients that don't take long to put together. I don't really have a lot of cookbooks.

    Nancy: Here's the whole story on Jim. The doctor lowered the dosage by 100 mg. on the Seroquel because of his weight gain. Somehow a mix-up happened with the group home. Maybe their misread her handwriting and lowered the dosage to 300 mg. instead. This happened for three weeks. I haven't really noticed that his behavior has been that bad, but I've only been with him for short periods of time lately. But he's been talking of suicide again at the group home and doesn't want to see the psyciatrist anymore or take any more medication. He agreed to see her one more month and stay on the medication one more month when we left his appt. yesterday. That appt. didn't help my stress level any yesterday, but I feel okay today.

    Linda: I'm sorry you are having another flare-up. Take care.

    To-do list:

    -sweep up pine needles near garage door
    -vacuum hard floors upstairs
    -put away dishes
    -drop off recycling
    -pool therapy class

    To-do list for weekend:

    -hearing test and dr. appt. on Friday (I am also picking
    up Jim and we are spending the day together)
    -wash bedding and towels

    Have a good weekend, everyone! See you on Monday!


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