What's on Your To-do List? March 8 through 14

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EllenComstock, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    So where is everyone? I checked last week and see that no one answered my post. I didn't get on here until Thursday, but didn't see our post so I decided to start it. I just checked and didn't see any replies to it. I see that Terri got on here on Friday. Apparently she didn't see my post as she started a new post. I hope everyone is okay.

    This won't be too long. My right hand and arm is still having a lot of pain. I've been managing to take a walk most days and doing some swimming, but not without pain. I've been alternating ice packs and a heating pad for the pain. I've also been doing stretching exercises, which feel good for a short while after I get done stretching. This feels like the pain I had last summer. I don't want to get back being so disabled like last summer so I am working hard to prevent this. I saw my FMS dr. on Friday and he gave me a script for PT, but I didn't have a good experience with PT. For now I will keep working at home. That's how I got better last summer.

    We are having summer weather w/temps in upper 40's and low 50's. Feels great. Better go now. Hope all are okay.

  2. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Ellen, thanks for opening the thread this week and last. It's strange that you were our sole poster last week- that's the first time that's ever happened but it speaks to our dwindling numbers as well as the severity of illness and life issues that sometimes keep folks away from the computer.

    As for me, last week was a bad one in terms of pain, depression & grief. Also my new computer has not been delivered yet, so my computer time is much curtailed.

    If you are reading this, you're invited to join in the 'to-do list' thread. We are a group of individuals with chronic illness who strive to live productive lives within the limited amount of energy that we have to spend each day. We use the to-do list format, as a means to prioritize our agendas and we pace ourselves carefully. Most importantly, we encourage and support each other, we share ideas and coping strategies and we learn along the way. Feel free to pop in and introduce yourself.

    Ellen, I'm glad your employment benefits were extended. That takes some of the pressure off you as you work toward finding a suitable job or applying for disability. I'm sorry your pain has been so bad. It's great though, that you're continuing to exercise - that's the best thing you can do for yourself.

    After a bad week last week, I feel pretty good yesterday and today. I hope this keeps up - I'm due for a good spell. I'm not complaining - just saying - it seems like it's been one bad day after another all winter long. Winter are always bad for me (decreased sunlight, decreased mobility etc.) then this year I had the experience of the break-up (break-up of my 20-year relationship) and the move (loss of my house) to contend with, plus my son's unexpected and unexplained absence from my life (he's 32 and I haven't heard from him for almost a year). So there's been some emotionally-laden circumstances alongside the challenge of winter this year.

    Now - with spring in the air - I feel ready to shake off the sadness and grief and get on with my life. That's a pretty big pronoucement given that I don't really *have* a life. or so it would seem. When I retired (to disability) in 2000, I surrendered my professional identity and since I felt too ill to persue hobbies or a social life I relied on my role of wife and mother to give me a sense of self. Now if feels like the world has shifted again, I'm no longer a wife and my role as a mother has changed. It's going to take a pretty ambitions to-do list for me to re-invent myself and I don't know where to start.

    To-Do List

    research divorce law & formulate questions for consultation with lawyer
    arrange appointment for legal consultation
    make doctor's appointment
    pick up bifocals
    walk to the mall
    dust living room

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  3. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hey you two! I am popping up for air! I'm sorry to see that our post has been missing people. I am one of the missing ones.

    Ellen: I'm glad you have started the post, thanks. You are really doing all the right things in spite of the pain. You have to feel good about that. I hope all improves soon.

    Anne Theresa: I feel bad for the tough winter and all of the changes in your life happening at once. I'm not sure why that is the way it goes sometimes. It is good to hear you are looking forward to spring. I just started a book called 'Becoming Finola' about a woman who has lost all of her roles in life at once and has to become herself all over again.

    After 6 weeks of my son being out of school my dh and myself are exhausted. My dh is now coming down with a cold and I feel a tickle in my throat. My son is finally starting his new school tomorrow. He will be in a special education class in a different school district but close by. It is a SEAS program (social, emotional and academic) class. I took Liam to meet the teacher and the other students last week. The kids were so sweet to him and they were instant buddies. It is a class of all boys. I think it will be a good fit.

    Today I took Liam for a neuropsych evaluation and it was grueling for him and me! The drive is long and the testing was about 3 hours. I had to fill out a ton of questionaires and my neck is killing me! i cannot wait to get the results. It will helps us identify Liam's strenghts and weaknesses and his diagnoisis.

    Me and dh have a respite worker tonight and we are going out for chicken soup! I hope I can head this cold off before it takes hold.

    I hope to hear from more of you 'To Do' list friends and anyone else who would like to join us please do!

  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    This week is starting out better than last week, in terms of hearing from you dear friends...

    Ellen, thanks for persevering and starting another week for us. I wondered, too, where everybody was. But any one of us can start the post for the week. I hope your pain subsides and that your nice weather holds.

    Molly, so glad that your son will be in a good school environment again. What a relief! It has been a long six weeks for you, but it sounds like some good things are just around the corner. Chicken soup sounds like just the thing to help fight off a cold...I hope it's good!

    Anne Theresa, you have a life.....it's just different than many others' idea of what a life is. I enjoy your correspondence and your encouraging disposition. Now we need to encourage you! Have you been able to do the pool lately? I'm guessing not, since you haven't felt well. Hopefully you will be enjoying warmer days soon! God bless.

    Nancy, I hope you are well.....drop us a short line when you have a chance. I know your life has turned busier lately....because you can now! Are you getting some nicer weather?

    Ours was so nice and warm on Sunday, then Monday the March winds arrived. Sooooo windy! I found a roof shingle on the ground, but hubby reassured me that that was not a recent disturbance....it had blown off last summer and has been repaired. I am itching to plant pansies and petunias, but I know it's a little early yet. I'll try to be patient and wait!

    Hugs to all,
  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I need not write a to-do list today since I still have Monday's tasks to do. I've been procrastinating, not wanting to deal with issues related to divorce. However, I heard from Dave that the house will be ready to list in a couple of weeks and so I'd like to have all my ducks in a row before it sells. I'll be glad to have all this behind me.

    On a brighter note, I have a friend visiting this week (he moved away up north and, though we've kept in touch via phone & e-mail, I haven't seen him for 8-10 years) and we're planning to spend some time together over the next few days. It will be nice to see him. He'll be staying with his mother and so I won't have the stress and strain of a houseguest, just the sheer pleasure of a visit. I'm looking forward.

    Molly, I'm so glad Liam has been placed in a special-ed class and I hope it works out for him. Your family has been through so much lately but it seems Liam is finally getting some much-needed attention. I hope the neuropsych test illuminates Liam's core difficulties and help point the professionals toward an optimal treatment plan.

    Take care of yourself, Molly. During times like this, when our mothering skills are in such high demand, it's easy to lose sight of our own needs. Please don't let that happen. Make sure you take extra good care of yourself.

    Thanks, Terri, for your kind words. You're right, of course, I do have a life and, all things considered, it's a good life. I'm very fortunate. I'm blessed. The warmer weather will surely help my disposition and getting my new computer should help me feel a little more grounded.

    I'm sure I mentioned my computer died and that I have a new one ordered (I was told it's on back-order and that it will take another week or two before it's delivered). At present, I use my sister's computer to check my email and check in on you guys but sis doesn't have a word processing program so I haven't been doing any creative writing. Creative writing (poetry and fiction) is something I'm accustomed to doing daiy.

    Writing keeps me sane and provides structure and meaning to my day. I've been writing stories since I was eight years old. I've had some stories published in literary magazines etc. but for the most part, I write for my own self because I need to write. I'm looking forward to getting my new computer.

    The weather is lovely. Spring jackets and running shoes today. I love it!

    God bless,
  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Sorry I haven't been around lately, but we've been having a ton of problems staying online since that horrible storm in Europe last weekend (almost 2 weeks ago now?). Much of the time we can't even stay connected for 2 minutes at a time.

    I've also had a cold now for 3 weeks and haven't been feeling well. Seems like each time I manage to get out and get something done, I catch another one too.

    Our weather is still awful. Been down in the teens this week. It snowed another 6 inches or so last weekend, is snowing now and we're supposed to get even more tomorrow. We've never had a winter like this since I've been here.

    Katy's not going to work today, she's having bronchial problems....hopefully it's something we can work with and keep her from getting worse. We'll probably watch movies at home today.

    It was so good to see all of your posts.....so sorry I'm not feeling up to answering all of them personally.


  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Get better soon!

    Hugs from Terri

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