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    Hi, Girls:

    I read through the past two weeks of posts just to catch up on everyone's news. As usual, we are all sounding pretty busy.

    I feel bad I haven't been on here as regularly as I was, but I with being extra busy right now with my staining project and working on my disability report, it isn't always easy to run over to the library.

    Harry put up all of your porch screens over the weekend. I still have to stain the inside of the screens, plus the front of the porch. The front of the porch won't take long since it isn't too large, and also because I already have the new porch screen door done and the screens on the outside done. I am hoping to get most, if not all, of this done today.

    The disability report is coming along nicely, but I still need dates of doctor visits from two more doctor's offices as this is required. Some of you probably remember this from doing your own reports.

    Of course doing all this extra work has come with a price pain-wise, especially in my hands and arms. But I keep reminding myself that soon these projects will be over, especially the staining project. Although I will soon have to plant my gardens and that's a lot of physical work. This will be my first time trying to do this with my painful hands and arms. But I would be so depressed if I had to give up gardening. I am going to try and get someone to help me. Maybe get Harry and Jim to help. Harry will rotatill the vegetable garden so that will make it easy for me to plant.

    It's a long story, but I discovered that Jim has overdosed on his Clonopin when he has stayed with me and our brother, Tom. He takes Clonopin when he feels really stressed. The group home sends several pills along, and instead of taking one every four hours, he was taking one every two hours. He hates taking meds so much, I just figured it was safe to leave them out. And he was good at remembering to take his meds at the correct time. The group home would send extra in case he spent an extra night with me or Tom. They noticed that extra pills were missing, but never said anything to Tom or me. They really dropped the ball on this one!

    Jim has a dr. appt. w/ his psychiatrist on Weds. and I am going to tell her what happened. It probably would take a lot more pills for this to happen, but my pill book said that if you overdose on Clonopin, you could have difficulty breathing or could go into a coma! I told Jim this and he was alarmed and said he wouldn't do it again. But I did tell him for now he wasn't spending the night for now. There has to be consequences for his behavior.

    I have a new health problem to deal with. Actually, it's not really new-I've known about it for one and a half years. I went to the my opthamologist a recently as I wasn't seeing as well so I figured I needed new glasses (at least that's what I was hoping). She tested me and said my eyes hadn't really changed. We both figured that it was probably the cataracts (hopefully not FMS). She recommended I see the dr. in their office that specializes in this. After running tests on me, he said my cateracts are bad enough to do surgery on, although I could still wait if I wanted to. However, driving at night is a problem. The one nice thing is that after the surgery I won't have to wear glasses anymore! Well, I still will have to wear reading glasses, the kind you get at the drug store.

    I just hate wearing glasses. I don't like the feel of something on my face and they are a pain during hot weather. He said you can see well right afterward. The surgery will be done at the hospital that just 5 minutes from our house! I would have one eye done and then a week later have the other eye done! Recovery time is really quick.

    Nancy: I so hope that everything work out well for your husband's job. It sounds like he has a lot of people rooting for him! I hope your allergy problems clear up soon. I have been in Paris. My penpal, who lives in Vienna, took me there quite a few years ago. We saw all the main sights in Paris. It also helped that Eva spoke fluent French, since as you probably know, the French don't like it if you don't speak their language. They are kind of snooty that way.

    Molly: You sound so stressed out, but I don't blame you. Having a special-needs child must be terribly stressful. And you never get a break. And least with my brother, he doesn't live with me and I get a lot of breaks. It would be so wonderful if you could go to Hawaii. Have you or your husband been there? My husband and I went there not long after my mother passed away. I think it was 2003. It definitely is a trip of a lifetime. I assume that Liam would stay with your mother.

    Anne Theresa: I hope your depression has lifted somewhat. Of course meeting with your ex certainly isn't good for your mood. Hopefully all the business with the house will soon be over. I'm glad your neice was able to fix your computer.

    Terri: Congratulations on your son's upcoming marriage! June 12th will be here before you know it! I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. Canada is a distance from where you live. If I had children, I would want them to live near me. But of course we have no control over these things. The important thing is that they are happy.

    Well, I had better go to the hardware store to buy another gallon of stain. Then home, change clothes, get the kitties out, and start working on the porch!

  2. sorekitty

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    Hi Ellen and those who follow! Thank-you for starting this thread Ellen. Your porch sounds like it will be ready for summer and congrats on being able to accomplish such a project. My MIL had the surgery for cataracts and said it was really simple and amazing what she could see afterwards. I hope it all goes well. You are so good to help take care of your brother. It sounds like he didn't know and wasn't trying to take too much meds. I so hope someone will be there for my son some day like you are for your brother. The Hawaii trip is for all three of us! Yes we think Liam is ready for a trip like this and it will be nice to be together as a family. We are going to Ohau and we had been to Maui just the two of us before Liam was born and loved it!

    Today is my son's 8th birthday!!! He is so darn cute! Obsessed with Legos and figuring out his b-day money and what set he can buy! We brought cupcakes to his class today before our meeting with the school. It was what is called a Triennial IEP. The mother of all IEPs (LOL). Today was part one and we will meet again for part two on June 3rd. I was a bundle of nerves and woke at 5 am tossing and turning. The neuropsych presented his report, then the speech language path, then the horrid occupational therapist. It is so sad to see that two people there could care less and are just waiting to retire. If it were their kid what would they feel. But I also felt that there were some really good people there on our side and really cared about our son. My son is complicated but there was some good hopeful news too. His IQ is hovering at 114-115. Wowsa!

    I started a mindful meditation class tonight and really loved it. I am hopeful about incorporating this into my life. I live in an urban environment in very stressful circumstances that cannot be changed so i have to do something. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Tomorrow I am getting a massage. I knew I would be in pain after this IEP and so I am glad i made the appointment.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I will be checking back here this week now that I have the IEP overwith. Ahhhh I can move forward.

    Hugs to all!
  3. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Wow-I am actually on here two times in one week! I'm just sorry that all of you aren't on here, too. I was hoping to read what all of you are doing this week.

    Molly: You sound the most hopeful and optimistic that I've heard in quite awhile. I think the meditation class and the massage sound wonderful! If I had the money, I would definitely have a massage every week! I was in massage therapy a few years ago and it felt great. Once I got so relaxed, that I actually fell asleep! I think that the upcoming Hawaii trip is doing you some good. Having something to look forward to is definitely helpful. I think that is half the fun of a trip.

    Well, I had come to the library to do my online disability application. I thought I would finally get that done today and off my mind, but I somehow missed some information I need to fill out the application. Not a real lot-just things like Harry's social security number, our account numbers, my patient number at my doctor's offices. So I will have to look up that info and come back to the library next week. I just got the last of the information from my doctors' offices on dates I visited their offices. Social Security wants to know each time I went to each doctor.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day so I am going to finish staining the front of the porch. If I feel up to it, maybe I can get some screens stained, too. The weather has not been very nice the past ten days-rainy and cool so we haven't been wanting to use the porch anyway. But it has made it hard for me to get my staining done.

    Well, I need to get home and call to see if I can get my cateract surgery scheduled for hopefully sometime this summer. I talked to my mother-in-law on Mother's Day and she had cateract surgery just before Harry and I started dating. She had the same doctor I will have and she said the recovery time is quick and you can see right away. So I have decided to have the surgery as soon as possible to get it over with.

    Take care everyone and have a good weekend!

  4. alaska3355

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    Molly and Ellen,
    You both sound happy and busy......that's great! I think it has finally warmed up here enough to do some planting, so I am happy too. I've been wanting to get the garden started. We only do two raised beds and plant other things in pots, such as tomatoes. Our soil is so rocky that it is a job to do a big garden, so we don't. But we can get quite a few tomatoes from our small plots and pots! We also plant basil for pesto.

    I'm guessing Nancy is having a great time on her trip. Hope to hear about it when she gets back.

    Anne Theresa- write to us when you feel up to it. I know you've been depressed, but we still like to hear from you. Hugs!

    Anyone else reading (and lurking!) is welcome to join in on this post.....
  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends,

    Ellen, thanks for hosting the thread this week. It seems you're making steady progress with your projects - all that staining and the disability reports. I hope your extra pain eases up soon. I have a friend who recently had cataract surgery and she's delighted with her improved vision. She doesn't need to wear glasses anymore and, as a result, she looks years younger. I hope your surgery has the same positive results. It's a shame the workers at Jim's group home didn't respond to the medication issue the way they should have. I'm glad you're able to take the issue to his doctor; surely there will be some resolution there.

    Molly, your mindful meditation class is probably the best thing for managing stress. I took a similar class at one point and it did wonders for my stress level. It helped me foster a more peaceful attitude toward situations that would typically cause me grief. I'm glad Liam had a nice birthday and I'm glad there was some good to come from the meeting at school in spite of the horrid OT. I'm amazed at all you do!

    Terri, I love to hear about your gardening. Though my sister and I have a nice little patio, our apartment doesn't have yard enough to garden. I plan to get some big pots for flowers and whatnot to put on the patio but that's the extent of it. Without a garden of my own, I'll particularly enjoy hearing about your gardening efforts!

    I saw the doctor a few days ago and after a nice, long talk, we decided to add another anti-depressant to the mix. I only started (effexor) last night so it's too early to tell if it's going to be effective but I hope it helps get me to the point that I can begin to help myself. No doubt triggered by grief, this depression has been just horrible. It's kept me inactive and that's led to an increase in pain so I've been caught in that vicious cycle while outside my door it's been cold and windy and raining steady. I need some sunshine.

    To-Do To-Day

    shower & shampoo - done
    make pill dispensers
    cut up fruit and vegetables
    make potato salad
    make appointment for carpet cleaners

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Sorry I haven't been on here sooner to update you all about our trip but I've just been so tired again lately, I think sleeping with hubby might have something to do with it. I think I'll have to kick him out again for a week or so and experiment with that again. I miss all of that energy I had!

    Our trip....was interesting to say the least. First of all, I found out my husband is basically terrified to fly and I didn't know that. He flies for business all the time (poor guy) and he never let on how much it bothers him. We were at the Stuttgart Airport and he had a large beer (at least the size of 2) and since he has gluten allergies and never drinks I found this odd.

    I too, at one time was terrified to fly after a harrowing flight to Bahrain, we had broken wing flaps, a 109mph wind storm and it took 3 tries to land in the Azores, a tiny dot of an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean....terrifying to say the least. So.....

    We spent a great amount of our time at the airport discussing how his strategy to work with his fears isn't really working at all, how all of my recent flights have been wonderful, short and amazing destinations. I even asked him about 2 minutes before boarding if he'd like to just stay home, of course...he said no.

    So we fly to Paris...all things going well until it's time for landing. I could tell that something wasn't 'right'...we were coming in too fast, very close to the ground and the plane started going sideways, not smooth....very glad to be close to the beloved ground again....and the pilot ABORTED the landing. We were either on the ground for a split second or 3 feet from it, it was so close.

    So many things go through your mind at this point and one of them is 'really? we're going to die on a trip we didn't need to take?'.....cause if the pilot can't land safely what's really gonna happen? I looked out and saw another large plane taking off and just hoped the airspace was cleared enough that we wouldn't meet mid air.

    We spent the next 30 minutes or so praying so hard, he was terrified after I finally had him talked into how wonderful this was all going to be and although we never felt the pilot turn the plane we did eventually land safely in Paris....whew!!!

    We got to the hotel, there was construction going on outside the lobby and we had trouble even finding the reception desk. There was a problem with our room, although we had reserved and confirmed a smoking room twice but they found us a room. (Things really aren't going as we planned at this point)

    We took a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe (remember I haven't lived in the states for over 15 yrs so was looking forward to the American food, but the taxi couldn't get us there, the police had some roads closed due to demonstrations. He let us out in the middle of an intersection, very dangerous and we walked the rest of the way. (Again, not what we had planned. If you've never been to Paris you can't imagine the roads and driving there. They don't paint lanes in the streets, they wouldn't help.

    We get back to the room but the air conditioner was broken so we finally called for someone to come and repair it. It took the guy about 45 minutes to get it running so it was about 9:30 by this time, way past my bedtime....

    Although I'd been to Paris before, I was completely turned around at this hotel and couldn't really figure out exactly where we were. A bit confusing for me. We did see the Arc de Triumph on the ride to the hotel. At this point hubby hadn't even seen the Eiffel Tower.

    We actually discussed throwing in the towel at this point and possibly just going home and giving up. But I'm not a 'give up' type of person, we had massages scheduled for Friday morning and I wanted to see how it would go.

    Yet at 4:30 am some idiot walked through our hall clapping his hands loudly....ensuring that everyone on this floor was awake...oh this really isn't going well.

    The massages at the spa were just wonderful and hubby came back to the room without any pain at all which was completely new for him. We were pampered and well taken care of, very nice.

    The plan was to relax, have lunch in the room then go see the Veneration of the Crown of Thorns at Notre Dame at 3:00 that Friday. They only bring out this precious relic once a month and during Lent and this plan was the highlight of my trip. I already knew that I was going to order the French Onion Soup for lunch and I was looking forward to it.

    But...it made me extremely illl. I got up after eating, got dressed to go out and suddenly a wave of illness came over me and I just had to go back to bed. As long as I wasn't moving I was ok, and feeling just a bit less than horrible. Hubby slept and I know he needed the rest.

    We talked about how this wasn't going as planned but it was our vacation, our only vacation, our only time alone together in 15 years and all that we had been through to get to this point. Also our 25th anniversary trip too...

    I know I am married to the sweetest man on earth, he was fine with me being sick in bed even if we had to do this the entire weekend... bless him!!! (That's why I chose a very nice hotel in case I am unable to do much, at least the hotel is nice)

    Then the most annoying person moved into the room next door. As we were laying in bed, I heard a commotion in the halls. It was so loud, I had to turn the tv up so I could hear what I was watching. Then I turned it down to see if perhaps I should call the front desk to have them check out the problem.

    This continued until I realized that it was coming from the room next to ours and it was a man ordering room service. I could hear everything he ordered, including which meal was for his son!

    And there it was.... the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I was ok being sick from their meal, I just needed a peaceful place to do so and needed rest so badly. But....this was something I just couldn't deal with so....

    I got dressed, told hubby I was going downstairs and he decided to go with me. I asked him to please just let me do the talking, he was fine with this. I went to reception and told the available person about the problem. Since she was in training, I knew this wasn't going to help much.

    Then the person who checked us in became available and I told her that I just wasn't happy, and why. She let me know that the hotel was fully booked but she would speak to the manager who happened to be on the phone at the time. I told her that if they couldn't help me with this problem that my next stop would be the concierge to ask for train tickets to just go home. (I was still sick at this time)

    So they asked if I would mind taking a seat in the lobby. I remained calm the entire time just simply stating all that had happened and how much this trip had meant to me but it just wasn't working out as planned. And I knew that I just couldn't spend the entire time in a room that I couldn't relax or rest in.

    The manager came out about 15 to20 minutes later and apologized for making us wait so long. She said she had a room she would like to show us to see if it met with our approval and would we mind following her....umm sure ok....

    At this point, I'm still sick, trying not to throw up, past time for me to eat for my blood sugar problems but scared to put anything in my stomach just yet so I really wasn't paying attention in the elevator when she pushed the floor button. I was just trying to walk and keep up with her, it was a really, really long way from the elevator.

    Then she opens the door ( or double doors I should say) and asks if this room will be 'ok'??? It's a suite.... a very very beautiful suite....the corner suite.....and all I could think of to ask was 'this isn't a smoking room is it?'.... She replies that no it isn't but she wants us to be comfortable so we can smoke, just please open the windows.

    And by windows I mean 4 sets of French doors overlooking...drum roll please.....everything that Paris has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then she asks that all we do is pack....and continues to offer me something from room service so I asked for some peppermint tea to see if it would help my poor tummy. She seems relieved that I finally ask for something.

    The conversation in the elevator was regarding the man who moved in next to our old room. She stated that he was a problem even at reception and that in her position she wasn't allowed to (I added show him the door??) and she said yes...so she wanted to make us as comfortable as she could.

    Hubby packed up our old room for me...and met the waiter who had delivered room service to the butt head next door. He asked if we were moving due to the noise, and offered to bring up our bags. His eyes bulged out when hubby showed him which room we had moved into.

    The sign on the back of the door of the suite had a price.....get this....5000 EU a NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Hubby was smart enough to take a picture of it)

    It took me about 2 hours of gazing out the window with my peppermint tea and ash tray to realize that I was staring at the Lourve....I knew the other view was the Eiffel Tower and we overlooked the Toulleries (sp) gardens and entrance to it.

    This was the room on the postcards, the view they advertise on the website and I could only imagine the kind of people who had stayed her and paid the full price!!!

    The room service was like in the movies.... They wheeled in the table with full linens, pulled out the sides to make a nice round table, arranged the chairs for us, made sure the linens and table wear were placed 'just so'...... and would you believe we had a hard time leaving the room????

    We just sat with our jaws on the floor completely amazed at how life can change on a dime.....how blessed we were and how amazing this trip turned out to be....and to be honest, giggling at our good fortune.

    I did pull hubby out on Saturday morning to sit at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the same bench that Katy and I had sat on so many years ago. We took the Batteau Bus down the Seine to the Notre Dame Cathedral and went through it again.

    I love that Cathedral, I feel it's one of the most holy places on earth at least for me. And I can honestly say as I was talking to God there, that it was worth the journey to get back there....the trip and the fears that we faced.....all worth it.

    We checked out Sunday as planned, were given paperwork to sign, looked at it, saw the 2000EU and felt that yep, that's about right....smiling the entire time. It wasn't until Monday morning when we looked at our account and Visa slips that we realized that the 2000EU was the amount she comped us....our entire stay was free with the exception of the food and massages.....color me stupid but I never realized that. I honestly thought we were paying our old room price for the new suite!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I decided to post the trip info on another thread, it almost read like a book!

    Now I'm so tired I can't think....but we really have no plans for today.

    Anne Theresa, I'm a bit worried about adding effexor to your medications since this was the AD that made me so sick for the last 6 years. Please be careful with this medication and watch for any possible changes.....

    Ellen I'm so glad that you're going to have the surgery done.....

    Molly.....hang in there, you sound better than you have in months so I hope you continue to take good care of yourself.

    Terri, I have stalled all gardening plans at this house until we hear something more on the possible job for my husband. For now though, all the flowers I planted are doing well, so that's a plus.

    Hugs all,

  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    What a great trip story! I especially loved the part where you figured out they didn't even charge you for the room! It must have been a gorgeous room.....and the views were spectacular. Did either of you speak any French? I know the French can be snobby if you don't know any of their language. When I was there, I tried to ask a local where a certain hotel was.(In French). He asked me what I said again. I asked again. Then he repeated my question, but with the voice inflection going up more at the end. He decided to answer me in perfect English, so I quit trying my high school French while we were there... it is a story my hubby still enjoys telling!

    But , Nancy- I'm glad that while you were waiting for the room that you didn't throw up! That may have cancelled the deal.....

    I believe we will finally get some things planted today: several tomato plants, an eggplant, and basil. I have my garlic bed going nicely and, since I weeded it yesterday, you can even see the garlic!

    Hugs, Terri

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