What's on your "To Do" List May 25 to June 1st?

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    Good Morning all,

    Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Hubby and I stayed home today so he could catch up with laundry and cooking.

    I got a very unexpected call from my dear friend in the states. It was 3:00 in the morning her time so I knew it wasn't going to be good news.

    Her nephew was one of 7 injured in a car bombing in Falujah on Friday and he won't be making it home alive from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

    Don't know if I've ever mentioned this or not, but 5 years ago we found out that the wounded soldiers had nothing when they came in and needed everything. They would walk the halls of the hospital with a pair of underpants and socks in a plastic bag.

    Between my friend with her church contacts and I with my friends, we spearheaded the drive to treat our wounded soldiers properly and outfit them when they came to Landstuhl injured. Trust me when I say that no one KNEW what was going on there and it needed to be addressed and quickly.

    Originally there was only a 'lending closet' mostly meant for the few people who stayed at the Fischer House for example when someone was in a car accident and needed somewhere to stay.

    So we spearheaded the efforts to dress and meet the needs of our soldiers when they were flown in for injuries. It worked, they now have many organizations to help out and they now have a courtyard sized space needed to store the donated items for the wounded.

    We also used to volunteer at the hospital and were 2 of the very few allowed on the wards, but we worked when we volunteered. We would drive her loaded (huge) truck 2 1/2 hours up there, unload it, stock the items then take carts to each of the wards to make sure they were stocked too. So many of the wounded couldn't make the long walk through the hospital to get a pair of underpants and you can imagine how overworked the employees are.

    I can say that this was some of the most satisfying work I've ever done....we helped so many and it's wonderful to know that.

    On top of that, we were both sick, she didn't know it at the time but had MS and me with my Fibro. Both of us crashed for days after each of these trips that we made twice a month to help out.

    I guess I'm just feeling a bit sentimental today with it being Memorial Day and then hearing the news of her nephew.

    Thanks for letting me share........

    Hope we all have a wonderful week.


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    Hi Linda and Nancy,
    Linda- I wondered where you were...you can read all about Elise Ann in last week's posts! (New granddaughter)

    Nancy- I was also surprised to hear of the great need at Landstuhl....we as a general public have no idea that all of their needs are not being met. I'll bet you did find it satisfying work. My heart goes out to your friend's family.

    We couldn't find a Memorial Day event to attend, so we wound up visiting some beautiful park areas in WA state. I was hoping to find some wild morel mushrooms, but they are hard to find and I am inexperienced. Don't worry- i won't eat anything I can't identify! Guess I'll be sticking with the supermarket variety.

    Take care all and write when you can,
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    Good Morning all.....

    Linda, please don't ever feel as if you have to apologize for not being here.

    I'm sorry that both you and your Mother were so ill and I hope your hubby gets over his cold soon without passing it on to you.

    Terri, your Memorial Day sounds wonderful and picturesque.

    I honestly can't say anymore if there's still a great need at Landstuhl, only that at the beginning of the war, they were greatly unprepared for the numbers of wounded that came in daily.

    I do know that now there are large groups who spend their time gathering new clothing, shoes, backpacks etc to help them on their way. I hope that they are still working on it, I'd hate for it to ever go back to the way it was.

    I also know that there are sewing groups who sew altered clothing for those who need it, with velcro etc instead of zippers for example.

    And don't feel bad for not knowing, nobody did. My friend's husband went up there for an appt and told her about it. I, stubborn woman that I am had to see for myself so my husband and I drove up there only to see exactly what he had described. Lonely, hurt and confused soldiers walking the halls with a platic bag and a pair of underpants in it.

    I just feel blessed to have been a part of it all and for making changes when they were so desperately needed.

    As usual, I don't have a to do list for today.....hubby goes back to work so it's another boring day for me.

    Hope all are well and can check in with us to let us know how they're doing.


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    Hello everyone,

    This will be short as I am pressed for time in a big way. I have Leslie's IEP today, Noah's on Thursday, and Josh's next Monday. An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that every student who has a qualifying disability is entitled to by Federal law. Each student must have at least one annually, though there may be more in a year. Last year I got Leslie qualified because she has a speech impediment, anxiety and depression. Josh was classified way back in 1998 for Autism. Noah's is the first one to determine whether or not he qulaifies for his ADHD and handwriting problems. This may sound prejudiced, but in California at least the schools do everything they can to disqualify students because the extra services cut into their budgets.

    I have seen none of Leslie's reports, so I'm going in blind. I'm guessing they will say she has made enough progress to be booted so I'll have to fight for her. I have no info on Noah but after numerous calls today I am supposed to get all the reports today. I am sure they will msay he doesn't qualify, so I am going to have to research and fight for him. Josh's seems to be under control and I do have most of the reports and goals for him for the coming year. You can see how complicated this process is, and this is what Molly was going through earlier this month. Planning three in one family in six days was insanity on my part, but because of the stupid surgery, I got backed into a time corner. And, as if I had nothing else to do, my Lyrica Rx was denied by my insurance so I've been calling the doctor to push it through and I have no more after today. A little stress, ya think?

    I have been at the doctor for the past four days to get IV antibiotics. The culture hasn't come back yet, but my incision is vastly better. I am supposed to get the stitches out after the IEP, then go get more IV antibiotics. I am so sick of doctors even though they have helped me so much. Cross your fingers that all goes well today.

    I'm sorry I'm not responding individually. I wish you all a week that is far less stressful than mine. Hey Nancy, what was the decision to do about your quad?

    Hugs to all,
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    Hello friends.

    Nancy, I'm sorry about your friend's nephew, such a tragedy, God bless. I loved your story about your efforts to dress and meet the needs of wounded soldiers. It's the sort of story that belongs in your memoirs, should you ever feel compelled to write.

    Linda, It's tough when there's a run of sickness in the family. I'm glad you're over yours and felt able to do some work around the house. I hope your hubby feels better soon and that you avoid catching his cold.

    Terri, picking wild mushrooms sounds like a fun hobby. When I was small, my da used to take my sibs and I to the bush to look for puffballs. Do you know these? They're like mushrooms but perfectly round. He used to fry them in butter and they tasted delish. I love mushrooms, one of my fave foods.

    I've been discombobulated lately and need to get back on track. The pain has been only moderate but the fatigue has been incredible. Quite a lot of the past several days have been spent lying in bed.

    I feel like a wimp admitting how much of this has to do with the bathroom renovation and the upheaval of my house. I'm so completely dependent on my daily structures and routines that being thrown off course with a house out-of-order has effected me greatly.

    To-Do List

    make up weekly pill dispensers
    make bed, tidy bedroom
    put laundry away
    put dishes away, clean counters & sinks
    empty wastebaskets
    read and rest

    Tonight's my weekly outing with my friend. It's during times like this - after a spell of being housebound and somewhat depressed - that I most appreciate my Tuesday night get togethers. They're a real lift for me.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well the weekend is over and my husband has gone back to work. He now has a set schedule and a set run. He is going to Fort Wayne, Indiana and back. They also have smaller runs if he wants more hours. After having jobs with little or no hours, it's nice to know he can work extra hours if needed. I told him not to work extra hours-only if he wants to or if we really need the money. He said he will do it sometimes to get us ahead in our finances. I did remind him that I didn't marry him not to ever see him and he agreed.

    We had a really nice weekend. We both got out in the yard and it looks really nice. Harry burned the debris in our garden and then rototilled it for me. Now I have the vegetable garden in except for planting one cherry tomato plant which I forgot to buy until today. We went out to eat a couple of times and had some relaxation time. It's so nice to be able to spend some money and not worry about Harry not working.

    Anne Theresa: So your sweetie's gum surgery is going to cost $8,000 and you have no insurance? Yikes! My tooth cost a total of $1,800 with the root canal and the crown, but insurance covered almost half, thank goodness. Can you make payments? I think most doctor's offices aren't in favor of patients making payments these days, but it's hard coming up with the amount of money you are talking about.

    Nancy: Your husband drives a wheelchair like Jim does! Jim tends to drive rather fast, too, which makes me rather nervous. He means well, but I think I will stick with my scooter from now on! I'm so sorry about your friend's nephew. That was certainly a worthwhile thing you and your friend did for the soldiers.

    Lenore: Your life sounds busy and stressful as always. It's hard to rest and take it easy when you have children I am sure. I hope all goes well with your children's testing and with dealing with the insurance company. I've had to fight with my insurance company a few times, too, and it certainly isn't fun.

    Linda: I'm sorry you and your mother had the stomach flu. That is definitely not fun, but I'm glad it's over for both of you. Now if you can stay well and not catch your husband's cold! Take care!

    To-do list:

    -get groceries (done)
    -reschedule Harry's doctor appt. (done)
    -order six bags of cat litter from the pet store (done)
    -have Harry's doctor call in a new prescription (done)
    -pick up prescriptions and other things from the drug
    store (done)
    -pick up vacuum cleaner bags (done)
    -pick up cherry tomato plants and green bean seeds from
    the nursery (done)
    -order Prelief (for my interstitial cystitis) (done)
    -order more vitamins (done)
    -put away yesterday's dishes (done)
    -make beds (done)
    -mail bills (done)
    -pork steaks for dinner
    -water therapy class

    Take care, everyone! I'll try to get back on here later in the week!

  7. greygodess

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    After spending all weekend watching grandkids I am going to relax as much as possible. Hope to get some gardening done. Godbless
  8. alaska3355

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    Anne Theresa- Yes, i know the puffball mushrooms. You have to pick them when they are quite young as they go bad quickly. Then they are just dust when you try to pick them. I checked out a book at the library to do more study.
    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well- I hope you had a good evening out last night.

    Ellen- glad your hubby is working. Sounds like it could be the opposite problem now- him working too much! Isn't it satisfying when the yard looks nice? Ours is looking great because we've had some needed moisture and cool temps.

    Linda and Greygodess- glad you are back! Hope you are doing better now and can do something you enjoy today.

    Nancy- How is Katy doing? I hope things go better for her and her husband.

    Lenore- keep yourself as well as possible- it sounds like you have a lot on your plate now. Take care.

    The tornado that hit Parkersburg, Iowa last Sunday was close to my MIL. She was at a graduation party about 20 miles down the road, so we found out she was pretty close to the devastation. I grew up in Iowa and I remember tornadoes- pretty scary. We'd always go down in the basement and hide under the pool table! I'm guessing a tornado could lift a pool table- but we made it!

    To Do:
    My piano students are getting ready for their spring recital next Tuesday. We have been rehearsing their pieces and doing the bows, but something cute and funny usually happens. I'll let you know how it goes.

  9. hugs4evry1

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    Hello all,

    Katy just left with her cranky pants husband, she was cooking for me and was going to do another meal but I guess he wanted to leave.

    She had her therapy appt today and they've now increased her dose of Seroquel to 600mg a day. Can't imagine what that's going to do for the weight problem but her doc thinks she's now bi-polar too. (We've had so many dx and heard this many different times)

    She did make me a pasta salad and it's wonderful and loaded up in the fridge in individual containers for me again.

    I won't be able to see an Orthopedic surgeon until the 10th of June, not sure if it will help at all by then.

    Anne Theresa, you're not a wimp at all. That's major renovation you're having done and of course it's going to wear you out. Rest when you can and treat yourself, at some point soon it will all be over.

    I think we all create a life we can deal with and no matter what happens to change it, it still throws us off.

    Terri, I'm glad your MIL is ok. Spring in the Midwest is so frightening. Besides growing up in Illinois right in the middle of Tornado Alley I spent a year there with the kids while my husband was away for a year in Bahrain. (Before we joined him)

    That year (at the time) broke the records for tornadoes and I just prayed each night as I went to bed with tornadoes dropping all around, but Lordy I was tired. Somehow we made it through.

    One day my Mom & I had gone out to lunch. My car was in the repair shop and she had to take me to go get it. It was beautiful when we ate, then came out at noon to pure darkness.

    I had a doc appt at Scott AFB, drove there, only to be evacuated into the basement. Frantically called my Mom to have her take cover. When we were eventually let out of the basement, I saw a tv with the news on and a tornado was heading straight for my kid's school, 25 miles away!!!

    Everything of course turned out to be fine, at least for my family that day but wow.....ever think about the stressful situations we've been in?

    Terri, the recitals always sound like fun to me. I just consider those moments in a kid's life to be priceless and precious.

    Ellen, wow you've been busy. I'm so glad you have the energy to get out and enjoy the springtime.

    Lenore, I hope all goes well for you and the kids. Try to get some rest squeezed into your busy days.

    How bad was that infection that they had you on IV antibiotics?

    Hugs all,


  10. LenoreR

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    Hi girls,

    I'm using my laptop and it won't allow me to create a new window (or I can't figure out how), so I'm going on memory here.

    My surgeon was a total jerk when I got the stitches out yesterday, refusing to accept any responsibility for the infection. I went straight from there to my internist for my fifth day of IV antibiotics. He looked at the wound (which looks terrible) and found a stitch the surgeon forgot to remove! Needless to say, I am not keeping my follow up appt with HIM! I go back tomorrow for a wound check and am on oral antibiotics to finish the course. I don't remember if I told ya'all that I also picked up a sinus infection, so we're treating both.

    Linda, I hope your family is doing better now. We've had bizzaro weather here too--103 one day, 68 the next. Does anyone have tips for getting through these temperature caused flares?

    Nancela, I know June 10 seems like an eternity when you have so much pain. I'm sorry you couldn't get in earlier. Maybe at the appt you could push for an immediate MRI to get the ball rolling? They're not sure exactly which infection it was, so they treated it like a MRSA staph, very aggressively, and though the daily two hour trips were a pain (no pun intended), I watched the wound and my whole lower leg get better, so they knew what they were doing. I'm glad my "kitchen tips" were helpful to you; I think your idea of a barstool is excellent. Put the trash can next to you along with a pyrex dish and you can chop, dice, peel, place in pyrex and your meal is done with less effort than standing or running around the kitchen. I feel so bad for Katy, numerous dxs and trial and error. I went through that with Josh when he was younger, and I remember feeling SO frustrated. There's a diet thread going on on the CFS/FMS board; maybe there's some ideas there that Katy can try. I've been yo yoing 10 pounds for months now, and it's starting to get me down.

    Terri, good luck on your recital! Josh and Lila both took lessons when they were younger, and I just loved the recital part. I JUST had my piano tuned after three years (so embarrassed to admit it) and am hoping to relearn some of my skills from when I took lessons from age 9 to 18. Hearing all these tornado stories makes me think of the earthquakes here; we get no warning. When I grew up in NJ we had hurricanes, but again there was time to prepare. Earthquakes are like doctor visits when BAM! you find out ANOTHER thing is wrong with you.

    Ellen, it is so great to see you posting. I'll echo the irony of having too much work or too little. I'm hoping for you that by summer's end you will have your finances the way you want them. The Lyrica thing with the insurance company is the pits-- still no resolution and I have only a day's worth left. My doctor told me I could pick up some samples in his office (30 miles away), but I just got cleared for local driving so I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

    Anne Theresa, I can empathize with having trouble getting back on track. Today I resolved to get back to my routine. Remodeling is hard work, so it's no wonder you are so fatigued. I wish I could come on out and help you; but since I can't just know that I am thinking of you and praying your fatigue and "discombobulation" goes away.... ;)

    Grey goddess, nice to *see* you--keep on posting!

    Anyone heard from Molly?

    My to do:
    local pharmacy to pick up Rxs
    maybe drive to get Lyrica
    pay bills (when will I ever get a handle on this?)
    make calls for Noah's last baseball game after party
    prepare for Noah's IEP tomorrow
    SHOWER (finally!) and wash hair

    I'm sorry if I gave too much information on the workings of the special education system, but I realized none of it would make sense to you guys when Molly and I talk about it. Oops, I forgot-- Leslie's IEP went GREAT and I got her continued services, which we were worried she would lose.

    I'd better get a move on or I'll never finish my list.

    Hugs to all,
  11. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends, I feel somewhat better today compared to yesterday but I'm completely exhausted after a near-sleepless night due to neck pain. An easy remedy for that, I'm planning a nice, long nap but I decided to pop in here first to say hello.

    Lenore, I'm glad your infection is healing. It's good you got on it right away and were able to use the big-gun antibiotics. Congrats on Leslie's EIP being approved, I'm sure that's a load off your mind.

    I don't mind your writing about the special ed. system. I'm learning a lot from you & Molly and developing empathy for parents and children with special needs. Like anything else of this nature, it's a rig-a-ma-role of red-tape but worth the effort, I'm sure.

    Terri, thank heaven's your mother-in-law escaped harm from the tornado. How frightening, it must be, to be so close. I've never experienced a tornado, only the long-distance aftermath of some of the larger storms which I find scary enough. You must be busy, looking toward to your students' upcoming recital. What is the age group?

    Nancy, reading your experinces of a tornoado-laden spring, gave me goosebumps. I can't imagine a beautiful day turning so quickly to darkness or the fright of a tornoado heading toward my children's school.

    I know what you mean about the frghtening experiences we've each been through. Sometimes the remembering is worse that the event itself because the adreniline-kick and other physiological safe-gaurds (fight or flight) seem to carry us through the experience, then the stress reaction sets in afterward.

    Enjoy your gardening, Greygoddess and be sure to get all the rest you need.

    Ellen, how nice to have Harry back to work and your financial stress behind you. Amen. It seems you've had a productive bout of gardening - you'll be glad to have those fresh veggies later in the summer/fall. There's nothing like garden-grown tomatos.

    To-Do List

    I've finished with my daily chores and so now I'm going to take a nice, long nap. Afterwards, and if I feel up to it, I'll do these few things:

    print/frame new photos of neices
    catch up with e-mail
    walk and/or elliptical machine
    make something easy for a late dinner
    shower & shampoo

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  12. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Linda, I hope your enjoy your bout of wellness. Though temporary, those occasions when we have a bit of energy are a wonderful contrast to the norm. I cherish my good days, though they be few and far between.

    Yesterday, late afternoon, I went down for a nap and slept through until 10 p.m. when sweetie got home from his shift. I got up for a few hours (actually just stayed in bed & watched TV), then I went back to sleep until 10 this morning. I feel good for all the sleep, though truth be told, I could go back to bed now and would likely sleep like a log, once again.

    Today, my niece and I are going for facials, then afterward we'll go for specialty coffee and cake. I love spending time with her; she's twenty year old, my brother's eldest child, and a true joy.

    I'm meeting her at the bus station (she lives in the next city) in two hours so I need to get dressed (still in jammies) and tidy the house a bit before I leave.

    Wishing everyone a good day,

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  13. LenoreR

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    Good morning ladies,

    I got everything done on yesterday's list except driving to the Valley to pick up the Lyrica and preparing for Noah's IEP. Bob is going to pick up the meds for me (I had one half dose left that I took this morning and hope there are no side effects from this). I also found time to stop at the video store and got four movies (already watched one). Today will be mostly spent on preparing for Noah's IEP. I'll worry about everything else after that.

    Anne Theresa, I feewl so badly for you that your neck is giving you so much trouble. I over reached with my right arm and set of excruciating pain to my shoulder, which has an impingement. So easy to wish for an easy cure, so hard to "live with it".... It seems you are managing the neck pain at least, and I hope it stops its relentless war with you. I hope you have a grand time with your niece and the facialist gives you a great neck massage.

    Linda, I'm glad to hear that you think the thyroid meds are kicking in and you have more vitality right now. I stopped to think when you wrote "this will be temporary". It used to be that whenever I felt better for a few days, I would think I had "kicked" the DDs, only to be so upset when they returned. Then I thought it was negative thinking to believe a remission was only temporary. I haven't been dealing with this as long as you guys, and when I read what you wrote I didn't feel any anger at these DDs, but rather an acceptance of my "new normal". You didn't write it with anything but a positive acceptance, and I picked up on that in a big way. Thank you for helping me see it so clearly and positively now. You is one smart cookie! I used to hate to be alone at night, but got very used to it after the divorce. I found that a little "white noise" helped, so that I didn't hear every creak. Maybe that might work for you too. With your kids gone, can you take mine? heh heh Enjoy lunch with Mom and your new found energy!

    To do:

    prepare for Noah's IEP
    dress, hair and makeup (my war face--giggle)
    filing from bill paying yesterday

    Hugs to all,
  14. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I'd typed out a reply for each of you. Our son came to drop his boat off. He also checked his email, which deleted every word I had typed. Grrrr...

    Just know that I think of you all, pray for healing, no matter what the cause. Nancy, my heart aches for your friend's nephew and all of those who knew and loved him. I salute and honor him for his valor.

    There's been a lot going on. I'm up and down with energy and pain since our trip. However, I would head for the beach again, tonight, if I had the chance!

    My old body is screaming for heat and the recliner! I'm praying my back surgery, aka 'CICU Vacation (NOT), is not 'backfiring' on me, so soon. Sorry about the pun! Grin I haven't had this pain before my surgery. I whip lashed my neck and twisted my back, when I lost control of our Jeep, several weeks ago. I was able to get it going in the right direction.

    We all do the very best we can, in spite of our DD issues.
    I agree with what Nancy said earlier about us. Although I cannot remember the words! LOL I'm very proud to have you all as friends and believe we are ALL very STRONG women.

    Special Prayers, and Many Hugs, to all of you...


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  15. sorekitty

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    I have turned around and the week is almost over! Whenever there is a long weekend my whole brain gets mixed up!

    I'm heading off for a nap. My neck and jaw are still hurting. I am in pretty good spirits though. The Regional Center interview was tough. I was so nervous and didn't feel as confident as I wish I could have been. It went about 2 hours of questioning. My neck and jaw were clenched for hours afterward and the next day even! It was like a job interview only much more emotionally charged since it is about my son and our families needs. My son was really subdued (which is odd). He never made eye contact, had no interest in the lady and barely answered her questions! Hope that helped. He is normally the opposite but he was tired. We have a psych eval on June 12th. He should be royally messed up by then:) (yay!). I mean I want them to see him as we have to live with him 24/7. We are going on a family vacation to Colorado next week. I am so excited. Liam doesn't travel well so we haven't done very many vacations. This will be his second time on an airplane. He did great the first time. After the Denver trip it will be my son's last week of school and on the last day of kindergarten is the psych eval! So he should be showing his autism very well that day!!! I hope.

    I apologize for not writing to each of you today. I will catch up on reading your posts and hopefully get back here Fri or Sat.

    You ladies are so strong and give me inspiration. Thank you. I'm sending out hugs your way!

    Molly aka sorekitty
  16. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Hello all,

    I almost let another day go without posting, just so tired.

    Yesterday I was very sore and achy so I didn't have much of a day.

    Then last night I couldn't sleep at all till after 12:30 in the morning then woke up just after 5.

    So....tried going back to bed this morning but barely dozed the morning away.

    One good thing was my leg felt much better after spending the morning in bed. Just a glimpse of what it could be like to heal and be able to walk again.

    I managed to re-pot 2 of my plants today but that's about it.

    Sorry not to respond to everyone, but I think I'm on my way back to bed.

    Hugs all,

  17. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    Anne Theresa asked what ages my students were....they are 8 -17 for this recital. I've been teaching a lady who is 63, but she recently had to quit due to her increasing pain and diabetes. She sounds so much like she has fibro, but she says her doc has ruled that out. She has pain in her hips and has trouble walking, so maybe it's just arthritis.
    Today I'm hopefully going back to the old me. I've been a blonde, a redhead, then a redhead with brown dirty streaks (you can tell I didn't like that either!). So I'm going to the expensive salon and asking them to fix it. I may have to take out a second mortgage! Then my granddaughter(s) will recognize me when I go to visit next week. We'll be leaving Thursday and not back until the 15th, so you may not hear from me. My daughter's computer is not functioning well, so I'll send good wishes before I leave!
    Have a good weekend everyone!
  18. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all.

    Terri, I hope your hair turns out to your liking.

    I can't help but think of my youngest son - When he was about 18, his then-girlfriend mistakenly dyed his hair a bright, bright red. Suddenly this usually happy and mellow sort of kid who never gave a second thought to his appearance, was completely self-conscious.

    The experience of self-consciousness overwhelmed him, he over-empathized with every poor soul who was 'different' and wanted nothing more than to fade into the background.

    I sent him to my hairdresser who brought back his blond hair, but the experience changed him. It's hard to believe such a seemingly-trivial occurrence could impact him in such a profound way but it did. It awakened him to issues of how we see & judge people by their appearance and how it might feel to be different.

    I don't expect your own experience of bright red hair was as traumatic but I'm sure you'll be happy to have your hair returned to its former glory.

    Nancy, As you know, I have bouts of incredible tiredness, whereby I could sleep around the clock and still want for more. It seems your having a similar experience, strange isn't it?

    The best I can say is listen to your body, sleep sleep sleep, you'll feel all the better for it. For all the grief of being unable to work etc., the upside is having the freedom to sleep when your body tells you to and allowing the healing to occur.

    I hope you have a nice weekend, Linda. Dinner out with your husband and watching movies sounds like fun - I think I might follow your lead and rent a movie for sweetie and I to watch. I know what you mean about appreciating the simple things. Somehow living with illness has caused me to feel an ongoing sense of gratitude; even a walk around the block brings me joy.

    Molly, congratulations on making your way through the Regional Center interview. I hope the results are in your favour. Having the interview (and ensuing stress) behind you puts you in a good place to enjoy your family vacation to Colorado next week. I hope your neck & jaw pain ease up and that you get some well-deserved rest.

    Kim, I'm sorry you hurt yourself while driving but very glad and grateful you managed to get control of the vehicle and prevent an accident. God bless you. I agree we are all strong women and it's wonderful to have each other's company and support.

    Lenore, I'm sorry your right arm and shoulder are giving you such trouble. It seems to me that one of the effects of this illness is the ease and frequency with which muscles are pulled, twisted and pinched. It seems every week, it's something new. I hope the preparations for Noah's IEP are coming along and that your interview goes well.

    To-Do Today

    frame new pictures of nieces
    clean washroom (such as it is, still under construction)
    water plants indoors & out
    go for a walk, maybe to the video store to rent a movie
    try new recipe (crock pot vegetable curry)

    Enjoy the weekend, all!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  19. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi, just checking in. We had my SIL visting from GA today. We had SIL, MIL, BIL over for lunch. It was nice. Tomorrow we are going to Legoland with my sister and niece who is eight years old. There is a new area called adventure land (Indiana Jones style).

    I am getting excited for our upcoming trip(Denver, CO). We leave on Wednesday so I won't be around this week. I still have to packing to do!

    Nancy: What you did for the soldiers is wonderful. I can't believe you were both so sick when you did all of that. I hope you are sleeping better. I had some sleepless nights last week too. Oh yeah, about your SIL. We have a neighbor that constantly yells at her kids and is really mean. When my husband came home from a visit with his dad at the nursing home my hubby had a new name for her. "Ole Iron Pants"!!!!!!!! His dad was telling him some story and used that term. We were cracking up so hard. Your cranky pants reminded me of that story(lol).

    Linda: Sorry you were so sick. Our weather has been weird too. Heat waves followed by low 60's with overcast. I got a really bad cold(last week) that is going around here. I think it is due to the weather. After we would get a heat wave then the temps went down I would be unable to warm up. I would have goosebumps and be wearing a ton of layers and still shivering. Your weekend sounds really nice. A movie and dinner out with your husband. I would love that!

    Ellen: I am so glad your husband has the job and that you are feeling so much better because of it. Your garden sounds lovely.

    Terri: Let us know how your hair turned out. Hopefully you will be happy with it. Hope your recital goes well.

    Anne Theresa: Thanks for your message. Yes we are done with the interview and can look forward to our trip. I hope you are feeling better with the fatigue. I think the renovation would affect me too. My allergies would go nuts. It is also hard to have people in your house constantly.

    Greygodess: Enjoy your relaxing and garden. That sounds like a plan!

    Kim: So sorry you are having pain and fatigue from the trip. Sounds like it was worth it. How is the neck and back now? I usually take epsom salt baths and it helps. Hope you are feeling better.

    Molly~hugs to all
  20. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My hair looks like me again! It's been a long month, but now I'm happy with it.

    I hope you are all enjoying your weekends- nice to see you, Molly!

    To Do:
    Show my older two what to water while we are gone.....I have lots of pots here and there outside, growing everything from begonias to strawberries to zucchini! And lots of tomato plants.....I hope they all live.

    Get ready for our trip to AK. We are staying Thursday in Seattle, then fly out early Friday morning. Can't wait!

    Take care and have a good rest of the weekend!

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