What's on your 'To Do' List May 3 to 9?

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    Good Morning all....

    Terri, this trip to Paris is for pure pleasure....it's one of the places my husband has always wanted to go to. I've been there years ago when Katy was a teen (the 'before' years).

    It also coincides with my grieving process around Mother's Day, seems like I just can't make it through without falling apart so I asked him last year to 'just get me OUT of here' for the Mother's Day weekend.

    It's a gradual process...every magazine you read the entire month of April is built around stories of Mothers etc....no escaping this holiday even if you want to so it just hits me hard this time of year....thought Paris might do the trick and keep my mind off of it a bit this year! And our 25th wedding anniversary is in Sept so we can combine the two...

    I had a few minutes to do a bit of research this past weekend and we'll be there for the Veneration of the Crown of Thorns on Friday so needless to say, I was trembling with excitement to know that we can go to Notre Dame on this very special day.. If I do nothing else while there I'll be a very happy traveler!

    I'm looking forward to eating at the Hard Rock Cafe again, Katy and I loved getting American food while we were in Rome.....Remember we've been overseas now for over 14 years!

    My husband asked the hotel for a copy of their room service menu and we got it yesterday. Breakfast for one is 55 EU ($72.00)....at least I know before hand so I won't be surprised by sticker shock. And I did choose the Westin Hotel there....if you get a chance, google it...it's just beautiful!!! But they're aware of my special dietary needs and will have a basket of fruit waiting for me in my room.

    We still haven't heard anything about the job opportunity but it's too early just yet. He did have an amazing week last week at work. (And they're not scooting him out of his job, the bad news his friend didn't want to tell him is that this 'evil' woman made it through the cuts and will be here at least until December)

    He's had so much support this past week from people all over the world who know that he wants this job...it's like getting to go to your own funeral and hearing what people think of you (in a way) and the support just amazed and humbled him.

    He even said if he doesn't get the job, it's still been wonderful to know how many people appreciate him and think so highly of him.

    Yesterday I took Katy to work, went to the mall in search of a new purse and my usual store that always has tons of purses had virtually nothing...had to shop at about 8 stores (which wasn't allotted in the energy department for the day) but I found 'the one'...finally. I needed a purse with a lot of compartments and with a zipper because of the gypsies around Paris....to many little hands trying to pick pocket around there!

    Did tons of little things around the house (I'm really getting tired here) so I'm hoping today won't be so exhausting. The purse was important to start packing and gathering all the meds and things I need to take with me in an organized way....now it's time for the rest of the packing. The temps are cool and overcast so I need to rethink what I'm taking.

    Hope to hear from you all soon..

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    Hi all.....Nancy, I am envious of your upcoming trip. We were in Paris, a very short visit, and it was a wonderful place. I remember a long walk to get to the Eiffel Tower, and the scary elevator ride up! Plus lovely breakfasts with cafe au lait! But the prices were sky high....

    Glad you found a purse! Yes, watch out for the gypsies! They tried to pick my pocket once on a bus (I don't recommend the buses) and someone even opened my zippered purse without me knowing it. They are very good at it.

    My son in law is going through some job insecurity as well. They are in Alaska, and have warned him about some upcoming cuts in Sept. I hope he can keep his job, but with his computer skills, I think he would quickly find another.

    Hope to hear from some other friends soon.......

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    Hello all,

    Nancy, Thanks for getting us started this week.

    Your upcoming trip sounds divine! Though, I can't fathom $72 for breakfast, my goodness! You can tell I'm not a world traveller - the biggest shock I had was $15 for a chocolate bar in Niagara Falls :) The Westin Hotel and surrounding area looks incredible. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time!

    I'm glad your husband is not in danger of losing his job and I hope he receives the transfer he's hoping to get. It must be rewarding for him to know he's so greatly appreciated by his peers and superiors. It's not very often one has the opportunity to receive that kind of feedback.

    Terri, your son's wedding day will be here before too long. Will you be travelling to Canada for the ceremony?

    My youngest son (30) and his girlfriend recently celebrated 10 years together and they marked the occassion by getting engaged. They haven't set a date yet or made any decisions on what sort of wedding they'd like. I'm looking forward to their special day - I think it's wonderful they're getting married!

    My niece visited on Sunday and was able to fix my computer. Although I'm having some software issues (I can't get my iPod or camera to recognize the new set-up) I'm thrilled to be online again. My computer has been sitting idle for three months and I had resigned myself to having to buy a new one so this is just great!

    To Do To-Day

    -phone for doctor's appointment
    -arrange for carpet steam cleaning
    -shopping with a friend
    -make potato salad

    God bless
    Anne Theresa