What's on Your To-Do List May 31 - June 6

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    Hello all,

    The intent of this thread is for people to share their daily goals & objectives, as well as strategies for pacing and prioritizing tasks. Through peer support, we can to learn to budget our energy and time so we can each do the things we want to do, without further jeopardizing our health or causing a flare.

    We also share and support each other, as friends, and as such, we discuss a wide-range of topics.

    New members are always welcome!
    Please drop in and introduce yourself.


    I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Mine was nice. Beautiful weather!

    The two big agenda items for me today are 1) grocery shopping and 2) carpet cleaning.

    The cleaners are coming in the early afternoon and sometime before then, sister and I need to shop for groceries, then come home and clear out all the movable furniture etc. to prepare for the carpet cleaning crew.

    The crew has booked two hours to clean all the carpets (wall-to-wall), the sofa and two chairs. Thankfully, it's nice outside so I can sit out on the terrace with a book while they're working.

    I will be very glad and grateful to have this cleaning done. The front hallway, in particular is in need of attention.

    I look forward to reading your posts and catching up with the group. I hope all are well.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa


    Hello AnneTheresa and to all those soon to follow...

    Sorry, I haven't been on the board for awhile..things have been so crazy and stressful since the begining of the year...not sure when all this drama in my life will end and things start to turn around..and not just for me but for everyone!!!

    The vineyard has been taking up alot of our time..once the vines start leafing out, the work begins..spraying for weeds, mowing, fixing irrigation and closing up holes under the fence where the coyotes come in so they can chew on the irrigation tubing to get to the water..and last but not least, making sure we don't step on any rattle snakes..it's that time of year when they are coming out of their holes to sun themselves on the roads, on rocks, or anthing else that is warm...

    We don't live close to our vineyard, it's in the foothills of the Sierras and we live in the bay area by SFO..so it's about a 3 hour drive..we stay with friends when the work in the vineyard requires us to be there for more than a week..they have an apartment behind their garage, which makes it so nice because we aren't underfoot..but the commute is a killer, especially when we make day trips, which is alot....we hope to build and move to the vineyard someday..

    The vineyard is a very peaceful place to be..I lock the gates behind me to shut out the world and enjoy 80 acreas where one can listen to the sounds of nature..the birds, lizards running around, insects buzzing..it's truly Mother Nature at her best...another plus is the people in our little town make time for each other..there is a community club pot-luck dinner once a month, and I've never had so much good home cooking in my life like I have at these dinners...and any excuse people can come up with to invite someone over to the house for a glass of wine or, again, pot-luck..

    My mother, who is 84, isn't doing well..my sister moved in with her several months ago..mom is at that stage her life where she needs someone 24/7..words cannot say how much I appreciate my sister doing this..it certainly has taken some of the guilt off of me when I can't be with mom because we have to be at the vineyard...my sister is a true blessing..

    On a happier note, I am looking forward to my daughter's baby shower on the 12th..but most of all, I'm looking forward to meeting my granddaughter for the first time in mid July..I am truly excited and can hardly wait to get my hands on her..infact, I told my daughter that I love all three of my kids very very much, but, now that I'm going to be a grandmother, you kids will have to take a backseat!! :)..she laughed and said she didn't mind..

    AnneTheresa, cleaning carpets is a very big job, not to mention how tiring it is..thank goodness you have professionals coming in to do it..I can remember renting the machine to this job myself many many years ago when I was much younger and not sick with RA...

    How are you feeling? I know you've been through quite alot of trauma lately with selling your house and having to deal with your ex...I'm so sorry about all that..but, when you're up to it, get in the pool and gently swim swim swim...I know it helped me..infact, my B/P went way down..

    The weather here in the bay area has been crazy..just when I think the sun will be out, it starts raining again, or the wind starts blowing like mad..this morning it was foggie and cold..can't win!! I am truly ready for warm weather..not hot, but nice and warm...

    Tomorrow I will do laundry..
    Try and finish the skirt for the bassinette
    Pack to get ready to go back to the vineyard..

    Take care everyone and hope all are feeling better...

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    Nice to hear from you both, Anne Theresa and JB.....the vineyard sounds lovely! I like the part about the lizards running around....it sounds very exotic!

    Our spring has been a bit chilly, wet and cooler than normal, but the apple trees have blossomed and they are predicting a good cherry crop here in WA state. I love going to our friends' house and picking lots of beautiful cherries.....both bings and Rainiers. We are lucky that they let us come and pick every year, and I look forward to it. Probably around the 20th of June, I'll be in the orchard.......

    Then, around the 4th of July, a local blueberry patch opens for business. I'm one of the first in line, and I am plumb out of blueberries! Usually it is hot and sunny when we go and pick, but I don't care.

    Time is getting close for our son's wedding. It is June 12th, and my daughter and her two little girls are coming to stay with us on Friday. They live in Alaska, so they'll come here first, then we'll caravan up to Canada for the wedding. Lots to do!

    Take care all,
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    Good Morning all,

    Anne Theresa, thanks for getting the list started this week. How are you feeling on your new medication? I'm going to be worrying about you and hoping that you'll gain many benefits but none of the complications that I had.

    Allow me a minute to explain one of the many reasons I haven't been posting as much these past few months....this darn computer!!! While typing, pages turn, picture files pop up from my hard drive and pages just disappear and I have no idea why this is so. I have to stop every few sentences and copy/paste to make sure I don't lose what I've typed and it drives me crazy...

    JB it was great to hear from you and to hear all about the vineyard...everything sounds relaxing except for the commute and snakes!!! I'm sorry your Mother isn't well be so glad that you have a sister willing and able to be there for her.

    Terri, are the wedding plans going well? Often this is a very stressful event for many involved but you just sound excited about it and I'm happy for you...and your family.

    Although we heard 'unofficially' a few weeks ago that my husband did not get this awesome job...there are still signs that this might not be true so we continue to be on pins and needles on a daily basis.

    And the support is still amazing, but often not exactly helpful. The grapevine is in full swing and people call him with every little detail coming out of the office. Every piece of news gets us excited only to have the next day/s pass without any news. Trying to live on edge of wondering if this dream job will come through has been difficult to say the least.

    None of them know of our difficulties...none of them know how much this means to us and why....think about it...a year ago this would have been impossible to even think about moving Katy.

    But for the blessings....we were locked in a catastrophic living cycle for so long that we forgot that it's possible to have a future, think about a future or change our future. We couldn't see ahead because we were so used to just getting through each day.

    We do know that a decision had to be made by June 1st so we're now just waiting to hear if they did the right thing and chose my husband for this job. One of the contractors called my hubby a few days ago which isn't unusual but this call wasn't work related. He just wanted to talk, chat and hubby found that very odd. He's around 70 years old and was telling hubby how he swam in his pool each day of the last long weekend. Then told him 'don't worry about it, I'll have you over when you get here'....?????? Another sign, clue????

    The sun is shining today and I think I can count the number of times this has happened on one hand since Dec.....my winter coat is still hanging in the front hall because I was wearing it less than 2 weeks ago!

    I'm taking Katy to work today but she also has to have fasting blood work done. She's gone from Hypothyroid to Hyperthyroid and needs another test to check before he changes her medications.

    I'm also having my allergy testing done today out in town. I stopped my medications after our trip to Paris but I've taken Nyquil a few times last week to help me sleep so I hope that doesn't interfere with the testing. I desperately need to find out what I'm allergic to so I can begin to make changes, I've been sick now each day for months!

    Hugs all and please wish us a bit of good luck??

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    Hello all,

    JB, Thanks for the description of your vineyard and adjacent town. It sounds like a beautiful and peaceful place to be. Your soon-to-be grandchild will be blessed with the opportunity to visit such a wondrous nature sanctuary. I'm sorry your mom is not doing well but how fortunate for the family that your sister is able to provide her care.

    Thanks for the advice to swim. I know it's a great form of exercise for people with arthritis and/or fibromyalgia.

    Terri, it sounds like you have some great plans! I used to enjoy picking berries but the last time I picked blueberries (about ten years ago) I couldn't stand straight for a few hours afterward. Now I go to the farmer's market to buy my fruit :) The wedding will be here before you know it. How nice that you'll be traveling with your daughter and grandchildren.

    Nancy, I'm sorry your computer has been wonky - I hope it's not going to crash any time soon. The couple months I was without my computer was difficult.

    To answer your question, so far the medication has worked well (I've been on the therapeutic dose for almost a week now) without any of the negative side-effects you mentioned. The only problem is the medication makes me ravenous and I'm having trouble staying on my diet. I don't have a scale but I see the doctor next week so I'll get weighed then.

    If I gain too much weight, I'll have to go off the medication because I've worked too hard these past 18 months (52 lbs lost, 20 more pounds to lose) to let go of my weight loss goals. I'm trying as best I can to overcome this side-effect because I'd like to stay on these pills.

    Good luck with the allergy testing today - I hope they find what you're allergic to, so you can begin treatment and find some blessed relief. I hope your husband is offered the job! Hugs to you!

    I walked to the dollar store yesterday and so my body is extra sore today. The best thing to do for this is take another walk so I'll put that on today's to-do list.

    pay taxes
    mop kitchen floor
    spend quality time with my bunny
    shower & shampoo

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa