What's on your 'To Do List' May 5th to May 11?

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    Good Morning all....

    Saturday after shopping for flowers for our retaining wall as we were loading up the trunk, I bent down to pick up my husband's smoke and injured my thigh, badly. I didn't know how badly I was hurt until later in the day.

    We came home and finished planting the flowers, then hubby wanted to go to the base Exchange for a few things for his trip. I hadn't gotten more than a few feet in the store when I realized I couldn't walk, and this store is huge, the largest in Europe.

    Took some Motrin right there, and we finished up and continued on to one of our favorite restaurants to have coffee and dinner, it was such a beautiful day.

    I was rubbing my sore leg and noticed a huge indentation and lump on my thigh. I looked it up online when I got home and it seems I may have ruptured my quad muscle, and wow, I'm in severe pain.

    I can't walk, sleep or lay comfortably anywhere, the smallest movement sends pain all the way from my hip to my ankle.

    Hubby's going to get me a doc appt today, hopefully they'll be able to do something to help me.

    And, the worst part is that he's leaving on Saturday again...

    I've never had pain like this, never had an injury like this and online they said it's mostly athletes who get injuries like this...uh oh!

    Hubby took very good care of me this weekend, and remember poor guy hasn't even been back from the states for 2 weeks yet and he's tired too....

    So... I sincerely hope that your week has a better start than mine did.

    Hugs all,

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, the start of another work week. The next several days are supposed to be sunny and warm. Today I have my meeting with Dr. Nesbary and Don Kleinsmith is going with me about the job. Since it is at 11:00 I will get back on here afterward and let all of you know how it went. This is a slow day so I have time to get on here twice.

    Harry and I had a good weekend. On Saturday Harry packed up my scooter and we first went out for lunch. Then we went through some of the historical neighborhoods in our town and looked at the old houses and all the beautiful flowering trees and flowers that are out right now. Spring is my favorite season and May is my favorite month. After all the stress we've been through lately, it was nice to just relax. Then we went through a nearby cemetery. I got out of my scooter and took a half-hour walk for some exercise.

    Sunday I went to my counsin's daughter's shower. I haven't seen my counsins and my aunt in some time so it was good to see them. My brother, Tom, drove my sister-in-law and me down there. Jim was with us, too, and he did well in spite on not being on medication.

    Nancy: I am so sorry for all the pain you are in and I certainly hope that the doctor can help you. It's amazing what can happen just from bending over. I hope at least they can give you a strong pain medication.

    Terri: It sounds like you had a busy weekend playing the organ at more than one church.

    Lenore: Over the weekend, a magazine I get on fibromyalgia came and there was an interesting article on skin problems (itching, rashes and bruises). Apparently these problems are very common for us. I know I have all three of these problems. While shaving last night, I noticed three new bruises. I also have the itching and rashes.

    Anne Theresa: How is the breathing problem? Is the puffer helping any?

    Linda: How are you feeling?

    To-do list:

    -wash windows and curtains in middle bedroom
    -refrigerator repairman is coming this afternoon (our
    refrigerator is making a strange noise. Harry will take
    care of this, because as usual he isn't working)
    -Spanish noodles for dinner

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    Ellen, I hope your meeting goes well today...sending warm thoughts and good wishes your way.

    I'm back from the doc and I did tear my quadricep on my right thigh. I'm on crutches now and have a bottle of T3's by my side. Shuffling around at the clinic back and forth for x-rays and meds and the appt was pretty excruciating.

    I have to go back again on Wednesday afternoon for another appt. Hopefully I'll learn more then because what little research I've done all says that surgery is always needed to repair a tear.

    Everybody else doing ok?


  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I just got back from my meeting and I got the job!!! I can't believe it! I went into the meeting thinking he wouldn't accept my offer to work 30 hours, but he did. Of course Don Kleinsmith coming with me and him telling Dr. Nesbary that all the faculty wanted me for this job was what got me the job I'm sure.

    When I called Harry he was as stunned as I was. Neither one of us expected this. Harry said he was taking me out to eat tonight to celebrate!!

  5. AnneTheresa

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    What wonderful news, Ellen! Congratulations on your new job! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I also love this time of year and watching the trees flower. It does a body good.

    I'm happy to hear Jim attended a family function and appears well, in spite of being off his meds.

    I was at a mental health event last evening and met with a person I knew from my work-a-days. A wonderful man, he has schizophrenia and during the many years I've known him he was always heavily medicated. We had a bit of a talk last evening, and he told me he's been med-free for two years.

    He looked amazing and was very articulate and clear. He credits his wellness to learning how to cope with his illness, a good doctor who supported his decision to taper off the meds, his tapping into a good support system and a natural abatement of symptoms as he's aged (he's in his fifties).

    Of course, as he told me his story, I couldn't help but think of your Jim and wish that his medication-free experience could be as successful. Sadly, I realize my friend is in the minority, that most people with significant mental health issues do not do well without medication. Even so, it's nice to know one such person who achieved a long-term goal of living without medication.

    Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, it sounds terribly painful. I hope the T-3's are helpful and that Wednesday's appointment brings you closer to a resolution. Take care.

    Molly, Good luck with your dental appointment tomorrow. I hope the new denture is comfortable and looks nice. I also hope the new herbs bring you some relief from your Lyme symptoms. These illnesses do require a lot of experimentation with different treatment options as well as a truck-load of patience.

    Hi Fight4aCure and Welcome to the to-do list thread. I'm sorry you have a torn stomach muscle. I had a torn stomach muscle once and it was not a pleasant experience and yes, it took it's own time to heal. I wish you all the best in meeting your goals this week.

    Last week was very taxing for me, after my bout of breathing difficulties on Sunday. Monday, I phoned the doctor, Tuesday, I saw him, Wednesday I was sick in bed, Thursday I went to the lab for a chest ex-ray, Friday I went to the hospital for breathing tests, Saturday I was sick in bed and yesterday thank God I began to feel better.

    The breathing tests showed a very apparent difficulty and the technician said she's going to recommend that I see a respiratory doctor. The puffer medication was administered after the initial series of tests and then, after giving the medication time to work, the tests were repeated. The puffer, unfortunately, did not make a difference. She (the tech) told me I may need a steroid added to the existing inhalant.

    I see the doctor in two weeks and I'll know more then. In the meantime, my breath is labored & shallow but I haven't had any more attacks. I hope it's not emphysema which is what my mother had, but whatever is wrong God is good and I'll be okay.


    put away dishes, clean counters & sinks
    clean washroom, including floor
    sort through books & VHS for Goodwill donation
    clean mirrors
    read & rest
    menu planning, make grocery list
    grocery shopping with sweetie (we'll walk the eight blocks to the store, if I feel up to it)

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Good Morning all,

    Fight, welcome to the 'to do' list thread, it's great to have you join us.

    Ellen, that's wonderful news, I'm so happy for you. Not only that, it must be a huge relief for you and your husband too.

    Molly, my husband was on Stephen Buhner's Lyme Protocol for almost a year and it took him from considering disability to working full time again. If I remember right, there are 4 core herbs in that protocol. We worked up from 1 each to 3 each 3X a day.

    And yes, he felt like crap at first but he already did. It took some time to notice the results, but they were amazing.

    Anne Theresa, I hope you begin to feel better soon. Some of your symptoms sound like what Katy went through recently and it turns out she now has asthma. Hopefully they can find something to help you soon.

    Lenore, you ok hon? I'm worried about you....

    Hubby went to one of our favorite restaurants last night to pick up some food for me and when the owner/chef found out I was injured, he LOADED him up with two of my favorite meals and added some rolled beef meals too.

    Spargel soup (white asparagus) is like a treat here and the Germans only serve it in peak season which is over May 18th. We completely missed it last year with moving.

    He loaded me up with 3 very large containers instead of 2 servings, wooohoooo!!!

    Another favorite is spatzle (home made noodles) with spinach and mushrooms and again, he loaded me up with this too.

    Greg froze a bunch of meals for me for next week and I now have easy meals for today and tomorrow too for lunch.

    So....for however long it takes, I have no 'to do' list...just trying to make it through the pain, get some rest and figure out how I'm going to be by myself next week.

    The doctor said I must use the crutches but when I'm alone, that won't be possible. If I don't use them, I can injure the quad more since it's now only working with the 3 remaining muscles of the group.

    Almost time for a pain pill........


  7. Danille

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    Hello everyone. I hope this is a wonderful week for all of us.

    Tonight DH took me out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for Cinco De Mayo. It was fantastic as always.

    Tomorrow I am making DH a dr. appointment for Thursday or Friday and then I will go with him to his appointment. Then I am driving my son around job hunting. I have hopes of getting him out of the nest this year and he can't seem to keep a job.

    Wednesday is laundry and seeing my shrink.

    Thursday the cats get flea medicine and I am having lunch with a friend.

    Friday and Saturday are free thus far and Sunday we leave for 4 days in Seattle, and on Sunday we will see a Mariners game.

    I will do yoga every day that I am able and may do a little belly dance too. Most nights DH and I go in the hot tub. Oh, I need to find mothers day gifts for my mother in law and step mother in law. I really hate shopping, yuck.
  8. alaska3355

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    Hi everyone.....

    Nancy- I hope you're on the mend. If you need surgery, will your husband be able to change his travel plans? You'll need someone to take care of you...

    Ellen- Congratulations! It's always nice to hear good news, and we all get to share in it with you. It sounds like a good fit for you, and I'm glad you don't have to go to full time. Did you have a nice dinner out?

    Anne Theresa- I'm praying it isn't emphysema...but you are right. God is good and He will take care of you.

    Welcome, Fight and Danille......Fight, I didn't know you were working on piano. Come on over and I'll give you a few lessons!

    To Do:
    We're having a belated birthday party for my son tonight...he's the one who has had chronic fatigue and is the reason I found this board. He turned 21 on May 1, but hubby was out of town so we haven't really had a party for him. Plus he has really been working a lot at his new job....they really appreciate him, which is so good for his ego.

    Take care-
  9. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, I turned off the alarm just a few minutes before it was time to get up, and then Chelsea (tiger cat), Harry and I all overslept for a half-hour. If it hadn't been for Raymond (black cat), waking us up at 7:00, who knows how long we would have slept!

    Harry didn't really have to get up since he isn't working, but he did want to drive me into work today since he wants to help me get groceries. Plus, he wants to stop and see his employer and ask them if he should start looking for another job. He worked for them just a little bit in April, which was three weeks ago. We just can't continue like this.

    We have five weeks of unemployment checks left and then no income since I will be off for the summer without pay. But I have to believe that our luck is changing since I got that job yesterday. I still can't believe it! Either Harry's present employer will start getting some jobs or Harry will find another job. But at least I know that after the unemployment checks run out, we can live on some on my inheritance money and after that, our retirement money.

    We are fortunate in that we don't have as many bills as some people do. We live pretty frugally. Small house, low mortgage bills, cars paid off, etc. Of course the gas and groceries are expensive, but at least we don't have children.

    Anne Theresa: I'm so glad you aren't having any more breathing attacks. I remember years ago when I had bronchitis and I remember coughing and not being able to catch my breath. So I can imagine how scary it must be for you. I'm sorry the puffer isn't helping, but maybe if they add the steroids this will help. Thanks for thinking of me and my brother, Jim, when you saw your mentally ill friend who is doing so well without meds. He is a rarity. Jim sometimes does okay without then, but usually does not.

    Nancy: I'm sorry Katy has asthma. With all her mental problems, she certainly doesn't need another health problem. I am sure you are not looking forward to your husband leaving with you not being well right now. Can Katy help you manuever with the crutches? That was so nice of that restaurant owner to pack up all that food for you. He must think highly of you. By the way, I have never heard of white asparagus.

    Danielle: Welcome to our group. I am a cat lover, too. You reminded me that I need to apply the flea and tick medication to my cats, too.

    Molly: I certainly don't envy you having a tooth pulled. I hope your new dentures look good and fit well. Next week I have to have a root canal. Everyone tells me that is not fun.

    To-do list:

    -grocery shopping
    -drop off recycling
    -vote today (school bond issue)
    -pool therapy class
    -apply flea and tick medication to cats

  10. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all. I woke early today and, after my coffee, I felt well enough to get up and do my daily chores. I love when this happens, though it's rare. Two good days in a row, especially after having such a bad week last week, is a joy!

    Nancy, stocking up on restaurant meals is a great idea! The food sounds delicious and your meals will be much enjoyed, I'm sure. I hope the painkillers are giving you some relief and that you're managing to sleep.

    How are you doing with the crutches? I find canes and crutches difficult to use because they cause additional pain in my hands, arms, shoulders etc. I love my walker though and I would recommend your using one as an alternative to the crutches if they bother you.

    I wish I could be there to give you some TLC. Hopefully, Katy will be a help and comfort while your husband's away.

    Hello Danielle and Welcome to the To-Do List thread. Yoga and belly dancing combined sound like a great exercise program - good for you! I did some yoga a few years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete the 8-week program but those poses that I can do comfortably I continue to do at home.

    I've never tried belly dancing but I hear it's wonderful exercise. It looks quite strenuous, a workout and a half for sure. Keep up the good work and enjoy your trip to Seattle!

    I hope you enjoy the party this eve, Terri, and that your son has a nice time too. You must be thrilled to see him happy & successful with his job. My youngest son (29) had a difficult time getting started in the workforce, with many starts and stops and, for a time, I was very concerned about him. To see him settled finally, in a job that he likes is a dream come true for me. I expect you feel much the same about your son. God bless him.

    Ellen, I hope Harry gets the work he needs so that your summer can be without financial worry. It's good you have a little money in reserve but it would be nice if you didn't need to spend that money just now. I think you're right though - the tides are turning - so we can trust all will be well.

    This evening is my weekly get-together with my friend, Cristina. We'll probably go to the mall and the dollarstore which is good because I need to buy a few things. Sweetie and I did a huge grocery shop yesterday but as always there were a few things on my list that I need to buy elsewhere.

    Having already done my daily chores, my to-do list is fairly light today.

    - finish box for GoodWill so I can drop it off this eve,
    - bake muffins
    - elliptical machine x 2
    - water plants
    - read (a great day to sit out on the porch with a book)

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    I feel silly posting on the 'to do' list since I don't have one anymore, but I will be going to the doc today. Will probably ask about a walker as suggested on my Pity Party thread.

    Lenore did post on it and she sounds like her usual self, was great to hear from her, I've been worried.

    Danille, welcome to the thread, it's always wonderful to have friends join us here.

    So Katy came over last night (her husband's working nights for a few weeks) and just came in and started helping. This has never happened before but so far, she's shining in her roll as caretaker.

    This was completely unexpected, she's never been good at this before now but it completely changed my outlook on things and if it continues, she'll be a huge help for me.

    Hubby took the day off to help get me ready and for the doc appt so I'm going to ask them to move my living room furniture today to help me get around easier. This wouldn't have been possible if she wasn't here to help.

    She's also planning on staying with me next week so I'm thrilled with that news. I just have to hope nothing goes wrong again like it did last time hubby left.

    Her help last night changed my mood completely...instead of feeling like a burden to my husband (although he doesn't mind at all) I felt well taken care of since there were two of them to help and he didn't have to do everything. It's different when someone wants to help you, not HAS to help you, know what I mean??? I feel differently, they don't.

    So ladies, I treasure you all and thanks so much for the well wishes....


  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    This time of the year at work is so boring. No students and very few professors around and not much for me to do. But it does mean extra money for me to work until mid-May so I can't complain even if it is kind of dull. One of the art professors has been giving me a few projects to do, but I wish it was more. She thought she might need me past May 15th, but I haven't heard back from her. That would be good for our finances.

    Harry didn't see his boss yesterday since he had gone home sick. He did talk to the secretary who said they are really trying to get more work, which I am sure they are. She said that she heard that there is a good chance that the state of Michigan is going to extend the unemployment benefits by 13 weeks. I certainly hope she's right. That would get us through the summer until I start the new job.

    I have decided I am going to try not to let this worry me too much and try to enjoy my summer off. If we have to spend some of our money we have set aside, then so be it. At least we have it and somehow we will survive. I believe in God and prayer and somehow He will see us through this.

    I'm also glad to say that my husband's anti-depressant medication seems to be working as he has been wanting to do more things lately. This morning he said he wants to work out in the yard trimming trees. So that's encouraging.

    Nancy: That's wonderful that Katy came over and helped like she did. She knows how much you need her now and remembers all the times you have been there for her. I am sure this is helping you feel better that you can get along better with your husband being gone. Thanks for letting us know that Lenore is okay. I was wondering about her, too.

    Linda: I don't have any children, but I'm sure it must be a strange feeling to have the last one move out. But maybe it will be nice to have the house for you and your husband again. And I'm sure you will hear from your son quite often.

    Anne Theresa: I'm glad you are feeling better. I know what you mean about having a burst of energy, although it's so easy to overdo when this happens.

    To-do list:

    -stop at eye doctor's to get contact lenses cleaned
    -continue spring cleaning middle bedroom

  13. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello friends.

    I woke with a pulled muscle in my neck this morning. It hurts like heck and has left me with zero range of motion. I'm needing to wear my neck brace. I won't let this ruin a good day though, aside from my neck and the usual assortment of aches and pains, I feel pretty good.

    Linda, I hope you can minimize the stress of your son and his girl-friend moving. Even though it's secondary to moving yourself, it's still a stress situation and calls for additional self-care.

    Empty nest syndrome - I relate completely. Even though it's been ages since my boys lived at home, I still miss them and sometimes feel at a loss with the entire house to myself and sweetie. Take good care and be careful not to over-do.

    Nancy dear, don't worry about not having a to-do list. Caring for yourself and getting well is the biggest to-do there is. I'm so happy Katy's come through for you and is planning to stay while your husband's away. God bless her. As Ellen pointed out, Katy surely recalls all the times you've cared for her and I'm sure she's more than happy to return the favour.

    Ellen, It's great you've made the decision not to worry and enjoy the summer. Giving it over to God and letting go of worry is the best we can do.

    It's nice that your hubby's anti-d is beginning to work. It can be such a guessing-game with those sorts of meds, it often takes many trials with different prescriptions before finding one that's effective.

    Molly, I'm glad you feel better after having your tooth pulled. From my experience, I can tell you it shouldn't take too long to heal, day-by-day you'll likely see an improvement. Still, an extraction is no small matter and can be a shock to your system, so you need to give yourself room to heal.

    My doctor phoned yesterday to tell me my chest x-rays showed some markings on the base of my lungs. I asked him if emphysema was indicated and he said 'possibly, though these markings are not typical of emphysema'. How's that for a clear-as-mud answer?

    I told him about the breathing test (he hasn't rec'd the results yet) and he asked me to come in next week. I expect he's going to add some medication to my puffer and I'm hopeful this will help with my breathing. I'd really like to get settled with some effective medication before the hot & hazy, smog-filled days of summer (those days when breathing is a chore for everyone) arrive.

    With my pulled neck muscle, I can only do the lightest of housework today. Just a general pick up & tidy.

    water plants, indoors & out
    elliptical machine
    return e-mail, voice-mail
    empty wastebaskets
    make dinner: I'm trying out a new pasta recipe
    go for a walk with sweetie

    My best to everyone with a special regard to those who haven't touched base in a while. You're in my thoughts & prayers.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  14. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all......

    Not sure how to say this but I'll just go ahead.....guess where Katy is at the moment?

    No guesses? She's in the hospital!!!!!

    She was having very intense pains in her right lower quadrant with vomiting last night so my husband took her to the German ER. They kept her overnight for observations, not sure if it's an infection or appendicitis problem.

    I just remembered she probably doesn't have her pills with her either. Yikes.......Now I'm really worried, I can't afford to have her 'off' her meds this week.

    On a good note, they did move my furniture yesterday and it was pretty easy with both of them. (No, she didn't do any heavy lifting, we have tile floors)

    So I now only have half the distance to both bathrooms, my bedroom and kitchen so that should help me a bunch.

    Sorry not to respond individually, need to get the phone somehow and start calling SIL to figure out how today will go.

    Hugs all,

  15. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Oh my goodness, Nancy, it never rains but it pours! I hope there's nothing serious wrong with Katy and that she's back on her feet before too long.

    It's nice your living space has been made easier to get around in - every little bit is a help when you're in pain.

    Linda, I'm sure your son and his girlfriend (assuming these are 'the kids' you're referring to) will appreciate your gifts of kitchen-ware. When first setting up house there seems no limit to the small things a person needs to acquire, so helping them in this regard is a most generous and practical gesture. Happy Mother's Day!

    This afternoon, I'm heading uptown for a manicure and while I'm out I'll probably take a look-see through the stores. There's a new coffee-shop in the vicinity of the nail salon so I'll treat myself to a cappuccino and read a bit of my book. (Ever since I was young, reading while drinking coffee in a coffee shop has been my favourite thing to do:)

    Before I leave, I'll see to the following

    make the bed
    swipe washroom
    swiffer hardwood floors
    make/eat lunch
    dust bedroom & living-room

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  16. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    we are celebrating my son's birthday. He will be six on Sat. May 10th. I have been working really hard to get his party ready. We are having it at home and so far 8 kids are coming. Then I am planning Mother's Day for my mom at my sister's house. My mom's husband passed away from cancer in Jan this year so I want to make sure she isn't alone.

    I just wanted to say hello to you all and hope your week is going well.

    Molly aka sorekitty

    Sorry, I don't know why the birthday candle icon didn't come up. It's a smiley sticking his tongue out...sorry!
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  17. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Katy's back here now, hubby picked her up last night. She was able to leave after eating a light meal with no problems.

    They said it could have been a small intestine infection, she was on an IV while she was there. On a side note, her husband chewed her out for going to the hospital instead of waiting until the base clinic was open in the morning.

    Fortunately for her, we're not the kind of folks who would make her stay in pain in bed all night vomiting while we sleep because it's inconvenient to go to the ER.

    My pain goes day to day...I'm in a lot more pain today and yesterday because I was on my own and had to make many trips without the crutches. Each time I needed food, or coffee...can't carry it while on the crutches.

    Today should be better, hubby's off and finishing up on his running around to make sure I'll be ok for the week.

    Molly, I hope the birthday party goes ok and that you also have a very nice Mother's Day.

    Linda, I did the same thing you did, saving doubles of everything kitchen so my son could have it all set up when he moved out. I know it'll help the kids....

    Try to enjoy the thought of the empty nest. Know that you worked hard for years to get your kids ready to leave the nest and now it's your time to sit back and relax.

    Anne Theresa, I want to go with you for the manicure and cappucino!!!! I love to treat myself to some of my favorite things.

    Other Molly....I hope your tooth feels better soon. I once made the mistake of eating a rice dish after having a wisdom tooth removed, bad idea...I got a piece of rice stuck in there and it was very painful. I was trying to eat something that didn't need much chewing, oooops!

    Hugs all and if I don't hear from you, please have a Happy and Peaceful Mother's Day.


  18. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I was naughty yesterday and took the day off from work. It's been pretty quiet around here at work and not much to do, so I didn't figure that anyone would miss me. And they didn't.

    I had Harry help me with some housework. We got our big picture picture window washed. He did the outside, which is harder for me to do. I put our drapes through the air fluff in our dryer. They weren't dirty, just dusty. Then I got one end of the livingroom cleaned and Harry vacuumed out our car.

    Jim was supposed to have an appt. with his psychiatrist today, but it was cancelled for the second time. That was disappointing since I really wanted to talk to the doctor. It was rescheduled for another month.

    Nancy: I couldn't believe it when you said that Katy was in the hospital! What more could go more for you! You know what they say-when it rains it pours. I can't believe her husband-expecting her to wait until the base hospital was open instead of going to the ER. He really is a nutcase. You must have a hard time not saying anything to him. I am assuming this infection is not too serious? I am so sorry that you had to struggle on your own, which I am sure is making your pain worse. I hope your next news is better.

    Linda: Your son moving out is giving you a chance to sort through some things. I'm sure they will appreciate the "freebies".

    Anne Theresa: I'm sorry you are having such neck pain. I know how painful that can be.

    Molly: It sounds like you are having a busy weekend with your son's birthday and mother's day.

    To-do list:

    -wash bedding and towels
    -turn mattress on bed
    -put away yesterday's dishes (done)
    -fill bird feeders
    -mend my yellow sweater

    To-do list for weekend:

    -wrap Mother's Day present
    -read and relax
    -continue cleaning livingroom
    -visit in-laws


  19. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Ellen, good for you for taking a day off to get some things done. Sorry about Jim's appointment, do we know if he's back on his meds yet?

    Hubby's leaving for his week in the states this morning so I'm glad I'm up early enough to see him off. Poor guy hasn't sat still for more than 5 minutes since I got hurt.

    He got his running done yesterday, bought me a bar stool type chair for the kitchen so that helps a lot. Now if I microwave something or have to make the weekly pill packs I don't have to stand while doing it.

    He took Katy to the PX to buy some clothing so she can continue to stay with me. Odd that her husband hasn't even brought her any clothes. She only packed to spend one day and night but since she went in the hospital, she's here for the week now too.

    They both brought me home flowers yesterday so I'm surrounded by beautiful bouquets.

    I'll need to get a shower and shampoo today, my landlord and realtor (sp?)are coming over to do an official 'handing over' whatever that means. They know I can't do it so the realtor will have to do my part for me. I just can't go downstairs to take meter readings when I'm like this.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...


  20. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, your having furniture moved, a stool brought in for the kitchen etc., reminds me of the time my eldest son helped me fibro-proof my home. He came over on a day when I was in particularly bad pain and had me go over my normal/daily routine with him. He made notes when something or other was very difficult or caused me greater pain, then he did his best to rectify the problems.

    For example, my water cooler was at an awkward height meaning I had to bend or squat (both difficult moves when I'm in a flare) to get a drink of water, so he put the cooler up on a sturdy table, making it the perfect height for me. Bit-by-bit we went through the house and my daily routines until my living space was fibro-friendly. It was a useful exercise that I'd recommend to anyone with chronic pain.

    I'm glad Katey's with you for the week and I'm sure it will ease your husband's mind too, knowing your not alone with your injury. I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy your daughter's company.

    It's nice you took yesterday off from work Ellen, good for you! It sounds like you had a productive day, doing housework & washing windows. Washing windows is something sweetie and I can never seem to get right, no matter what product or method we use, they're always left streaky. any suggestions? Maybe we'll do better this year.

    I hope your son's birthday party is enjoyable, Molly. Eight kids sounds like a full-house and lots of noise so I hope you've scheduled yourself a nice rest for afterward. It's nice you & your sister are planning something nice for your mom tomorrow. With such a recent loss, tomorrow would be the day she'd least likely want to spend alone. God bless.

    Sweetie and his dad are getting started with the washroom renovation today. On this afternoon's agenda is laying the sub-floor, something that's bound to be noisy and time-consuming. I'm considering taking a trip to the mall, just to get out of their way and have easier access to a washroom.

    There are a few things I'd like to accomplish today and/or tomorrow

    make soup
    bake muffins
    clean turtle's aquarium & fish bowl
    clean bunny's area
    tidy laundry room
    spot clean carpet
    elliptical machine
    scan some photos for scrapbook project

    Enjoy the weekend, all.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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