What's on your TO DO list Nov 1--Nov 7

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  1. sorekitty

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    Good morning! I am trying to get my thoughts together as I start the new week.

    For today:
    finish packet for LLMD and send it in
    shower and wash my hair
    sweep floors and clean guest bath
    load of laundry
    phone calls
    respite worker is coming after son gets home from school. I will need her help to shoe shop for my son.

    The week ahead:
    Tues- Vote!-IEP meeting
    Weds- appt. with my therapist-take son to his appt. after school
    Thurs- take son to his therapies(PT and OT) after school
    Fri- My first appt. with the LLMD, husband will drive me and it will be a 2 hour appt!!!!
    Sat- Having neighbors over for dinner (I have an easy dinner I can make and I will not clean my house much because I have no energy and I'm okay with that (lol)

    I will let you all know how the appt goes with the LLMD and what treatments I may be starting for the Lyme disease. I am so scared that I will have even less energy and feel worse than I do now. How will I be able to do even the minimum of my jobs? I am doing the minimum now!!!

    I hope to read up on how everyone is doing.
  2. Juloo

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    It was a surprise from my dh that we went -- actually the day before was worse, because we were on our feet almost all day seeing museums. We got lucky because the area we were in decided to all sit down to everyone could see the jumbotron, so we were seated about 75% of the time from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    I slept almost all day Sunday after we flew home from DC. And about 18 hours on Monday. I did about 15 hours already today and my brain is finally clear. I've actually gone through all the mail and started on our monster laundry pile.
  3. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, thank-you for starting the thread. It sounds like you have a lot on the go this week, in addition to the much-anticipated Lyme consultation. I understand how aprehensive you feel at the prospect of beginning a new treatment. Try to remain positive. It is not always the case that one must feel worse before beginning to feel better. You may just as well find that the initial treatment brings about an increase in energy and an enhanced sense of wellness. That, of course, is my hope for you.

    Juloo, Welcome! I understand the need to rest and recoup after a trip or any substansial activity and I'm glad you've been able to take the time to rest and restore your equilibrium after your trip to DC. Pace yourself with that laundry pile and take it easy.

    I took a complete day of rest on Monday, owing to a Fatigue that wouldn't allow me to do anything beyond sit and watch tv (with very little comprehension). Feeling better today, I caught up on my housework & errands and now - almost bedtime - I'm finally catching up with posts and e-mails. I hate it when I lose a day to Fatigue like that but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do but ride it out.

    My to-do list is intended for tomorrow.

    To Do List

    stationary bike
    paper filing
    organize office drawers
    phone calls
    check bus-times for upcoming trip

    I look forward to hearing from others.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  4. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi to everyone,

    Juloo-Welcome! I'd love to hear more about what the rally in DC was like. Was it hilarious? Glad you could get so much recovery sleep.

    Anne Theresa-Ugh I know what you are saying about the complete days of rest. Last week I unfortunately had 4 days of that. Makes it impossible to gain any ground on your life. You seem to be able to catch up though once you feel better which is a blessing for sure. When is your trip to see your sons? Am I remembering that right? Thanks much for the wonderful thoughts about my lyme treatment. Hadn't even dawned on my to think positive, seriously!

    Appt with the LLMD, about 50 minute drive each way and a 2 hour appt. thankfully my dh is driving.

    Rest up! Be ready and available to my son after school. Maybe we'll have popsickles again or go on a beachwalk. We are having a heatwave.


  5. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Molly, I hope your appointment went well and that you weren't too exhausted afterward. It's great your hubby took responsibility for the driving and was with you for support.

    I didn't realize you had issues with Fatigue to the extent that you can lose an entire day (or more). This is a relatively new symptom for me (within the past two years) although I've had FMS for 25 years and have experienced an ongoing fatigue to varying degrees along with all the other FMS symptoms. This monster Fatigue is something different, more along the line of what I imagine people with CFS experience. It's unbelievable.

    I'm catching a bus in a few hours to travel up north to visit my son and his fiancé. I was hoping my eldest son would come with me but - after a brief re-surfacing and a lovely visit in August - he's out of touch again. This time his phone has been disconnected and the package of Halloween chocolate I mailed of him came back to me, marked by the post office 'return to sender'.

    During his visit in August, he discussed the extent of his mental health issues, (primarily anxiety and panic attacks) and how difficult it is for him to be around others. To a casual observer this would be impossible to understand because he is so personable, sociable and witty. He put himself through university (earned two science degrees) by working as a bar tender and he has all the social graces of your friendly neighborhood barkeep.

    Nonetheless, he suffers inside and, although I feel honored that he chose to share this with me, I wish he could overcome his issues to the degree that he could stay in touch with myself and/or his brother - even in a minimal way - to let us know if he's changed his phone number / address etc. I try not to worry but it's difficult. When I try to raise the issue with him, he just changes the subject after assuring me that his behavior has nothing to do with me that he loves me, always has, always will.

    I'm looking forward to my trip today but I expect - based on previous family visits without my eldest son in attendance - his absence will be felt intensely. At Christmas-time last year, my youngest son was upset & angy that his brother did not attend our Christmas celebration or grant so much as a phone call to me during my own personal tragedy (when my 20-year relationship ended). Hopefully, his anger has passed by now.

    I didn't mean to ramble on so much but I haven't been able to sleep and I think the reason was because I needed to share a piece of my broken heart. I want very much to be in a good place (mentally & emotionally) over the weekend so I can better enjoy my son and his fiancé. Often times my mood and attitude can greatly influence the people around me. When my boys were children, the correlation between my mood & theirs was apparent. Now that they're grown men, the phenomenon is less than profound but it's still a valid observation.

    As Louis Armstrong once proclaimed,

    When You're Smiling The Whole World Smiles With You!

    To Do Today

    sleep for 90 minutes
    shower & shampoo
    dress, make-up & hair
    pack clothes & toiletries.
    pack carry-on bag
    taxi to terminal
    withdraw cash
    enjoy myself

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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  6. Beadlady

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    I didn't make a "to do list" this week but this is what I got done

    5 loads of laundry
    loaded & unloaded dishwasher 2 times
    worked both jobs
    Pooch & I went on our "date" every night after work
    sorted and labled beads for 3 hours
    vacuumed the hall, dining room & the pooch
    took a friend to Costco today & also took friend to lunch

    Husb & I have some fall outside chores we need to get done tomorrow.

    We've had nice fall weather most of this week, and I have been really enjoying all the beautiful colors.

    Also went to the bank and paid some bills

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  7. alaska3355

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    Anne Theresa- I hope you have/ are having a great visit with your son. Was it a long bus ride? Good for you! God bless and I pray that your fatigue stays away.

    Good to hear from all of you- Beadlady, we go to Costco frequently, too. I think it's my hubby's favorite store. Recently my MIL got hearing aids ordered from same store. She has been needing them for years and we're more excited than she is that she is getting them. We won't have to shout any more! She is not liking how expensive they are, of course.

    I am busy with teaching and accompanying, plus some subbing in the schools. I am just a music sub, as that is what I'm most comfortable with. My boys have just wrapped up their fall cross country and they both really improved. One almost made the state team- missed by a mere two seconds! That was disappointing for him, but he is a sophomore, so he'll have more chances.

    Have a good Sunday, all!