What's on Your To Do List? Nov 2 to Nov 8

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EllenComstock, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Hi, Girls:

    I'm so sorry it's been forever since I've been on here. I read last week's posts to catch up on what's happening in everyone's lives. I know I haven't been on here in almost three weeks! Of course the first week Harry and I were on our trip to the Carolinas and had a really nice, relaxing time. We both really needed that vacation. With me being sick half of the summer and Harry working so many hours, we both needed the time away to just have some fun. We didn't expect to see all the fall color down South, but we did and it made the mountain scenery in Virginia and the Carolinas just beautiful. We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway and there were all kinds of scenic places you could pull off the road and look and take pictures, which was great. I haven't had a chance to get my pictures developed yet, but I will do that soon. I am using Jim's digital camera that I am giving him for Christmas and I am new to using these cameras, but I didn't have a choice. My old camera is broken. I keep hinting to Harry that I would like a digital camera for Christmas. They really aren't that expensive.

    We stopped at Mt. Airy, NC the hometown of Andy Griffith and the townspeople have really played up everything from the Andy Griffith Show. We visited the jail and sheriff's office and had lunch at the Blue Bird cafe. We also had a tour of the town in a police car that looks like the car from the TV show (but it's not).

    Harry's a real Nascar fan, so we stopped in North Carolina for that. I can't remember exactly where that was. We stopped at a museum and bought some Christmas presents for Harry's sister's boys who are also really into racing.

    We spent one day in Charleston, SC on the beach just relaxing. The weather was just beautiful. I took a walk on the beach. The temps were in the 70's. The vacation went by too fast as they always do!

    My gynecologist is still trying to figure out this pain I've been having so I've been busy with dr. appts. She does think she can solve the pain I have when Harry & I have intercourse, although that is a different problem, but that is good news.

    We had Jim over on Halloween night and he had fun giving out candy to the kids. He did good and even went to bed before Harry and I did! That's one thing Harry is always concerned about. One thing I did just learn, however, from one of the employees (Melissa) at Jim's group home is that Jim and Don (the owner from the group home that Jim used to live at) have been e-mailing eachother. Jim never talks to me or Melissa about Don like he used so we figured that Don was no longer in his life. Especially after we learned that Don was undressing in front of Jim when he used to live there and possibly in front of the other people in the group home. We figured that Don had decided that he had better stay away from Jim after he was talked to about this from the Licensing Division. I had so disappointed and heartsick about this. I am going to get into Jim's e-mails after I get done talking to you girls and see if I can find any e-mails between Don and Jim and make copies of them. He's been again telling Jim not to take medication and who knows what else. Maybe if I show the Court, maybe something will finally happen. And here I thought this man was finally out of Jim's life. It's strange that Jim doesn't talk about him when before he did constantly. It's almost as if Don has told Jim not to talk about him to others.

    I am going to start volunteering at the library where I use the computers all the time. They talked to me last week. It was kind of like an interview. My job is to go through the books and if I find one that is out of order, to take it out and put it in the proper place. But until I get comfortable with the Dewey Decimal System, I will just put the book I think is out of place on it's side and get Christina and she will look at it first, determine if it really is out of place, before we move it. They gave me a test by giving me some books to put in place-first in alphabetical and then in the Dewey Decimal System. I haven't had a job that requires filing in some time. Can you believe I did better with the Dewey Decimal than the alpha? They did some things that were tricky like two Browns and one had an "e" at the end. But still I felt embarrassed that I didn't catch that. But they did say I caught other things that we tricky. So I must have done okay since I will be starting tomorrow and will be working every Tuesday from 10:00 - 12:00.

    I've been really busy in the yard since we got back with leaves and cutting down my perennial flowers. I know I really shouldn't be raking with my arms and hands, but actually they really don't feel too bad and I don't do it all at once.

    Nancy: I'm glad your husband will be coming home sooner than you expected. When Harry works in Canada, he and I sometimes are separated for several days. Of course I know that you and your husband are sometimes separated for longer periods than that.

    Molly: I'm so sorry that you and Liam are sick. I know that kids are not good about keeping their germs to themselves. I assume that he wasn't able to go trick or treating.

    Anne Theresa: I know this has been a really busy time for you with packing and buying things for the new apartment. I'm so glad you will be living with your sister. I think you and her will be good for eachother.

    Terry: Congratulations on the upcoming wedding in your family! Sounds like your future DIL isn't wasting any time getting ready for this wedding. Of course it does take a lot of time planning and getting everything done for a wedding.

    Well, I had better go. I will try not to go so long next time getting on here.

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Ellen, thanks for getting the thread started this week. I think it's a very smart idea to peek in Jim's e-mails to see what you can find from Don...that man scares me.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation and were able to make the trip.

    My hubby's been gone for 7 of the last 8 weeks but Katy and I settled in well and got some wonderful things done.

    Yesterday I woke up too early and was feeling awful from my cold so I went back to bed for a few hours. I then realized that I felt better sitting up so....

    We changed around my bedroom furniture a bit and did some serious cleaning in there. It looks wonderful now and I was able to add a chair for when hubby comes in. (I've been wanting to do this, I bought a new makeup mirror with lights and needed to move my tall dresser so I could finally see to put my make up on, darn bi-focals!)

    Then she rearranged the living room furniture all by herself! It looks wonderful, cozy and I love it.

    Today I'm feeling more human again so the plan is to go to base, finally check the mail (it's been almost 2 weeks) drop off the trash on base and have lunch out.

    Hugs all,

  3. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Ellen--sounds like you had a lovely time on your vacation

    I lived in NC for a few years growing up--near the coast I loved how you could walk out into the ocean for a long ways--just had to be careful of those pesky jelly fish :(

    Looking for someone to help me with the fall yard work and also want a ramp built for our dog from a 4 ft retaining wall--his breed is prone to hip displasyis (sp) so hoping this will be better than him jumping off the side of the wall to come back in. There is a bit of a step/launch pad for him to get up there. He loves to be able to look around up there and talk to the dogs next door and also likes to stretch out in the dirt to "sun" himself

    Husband is still off work recovering from his knee surgery--going to PT 2 times a week now--he says he is bored--wish he would help with the dishes something--can't do the laundry due to the weird stairs we have though

    Need to make some phone calls re: bills and get the rent paid
    I also desparetly need a new pair of shoes

    HAVe a good week everyone

  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Beadlady, I hope your husband continues to heal from his surgery....

    Yesterday Katy and I went to a job fair on base for her, she's getting ready to try to work again which is a huge step for her. We're getting into the dangerous zone of her base privileges expiring but a job will help that.

    We also shopped and I bought 3 new tops....kind of expensive but I do need things to wear that fit me.

    We managed a great day on base Tues and got all of our list finished.

    Today our housekeeper comes and it's funny cause the house has never looked better. Since she's old and not feeling well I'm hoping this will help give her an easier day.

    Hugs all....

  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    We have had my brother in law here visiting....my hubby only has the one brother. And he lives in Taiwan, so a visit from him is special. He likes my cooking, so I've been knocking myself out on the meals lately. So far no duds! One of the twins said, "Mom, you should cook like this all the time!"

    Nice to hear from you, Ellen. The trip to NC sounded like you had a refreshing, relaxing time. I would like to see the Andy Griffith town.....I'll bet it does look something like you're stepping back in time into the TV show.

    I'm guessing Anne Theresa is moving this week, since it is November.

    Nancy, I'm glad you are happy with your house. Sometimes rearranging really freshens things up......plus you get the hidden dust bunnies! I could use a housekeeper to help me with our dust bunnies, since I'd rather cook than clean!

    A busy day today.....one of the boys has a choir concert and hubby has another function going on tonight. So we'll be off and running. I have some accompanying coming up, so I have music to practice.

    Take care, all,
  6. AnneTheresa

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    Hello every one,

    At the moment, I'm surrounded by boxes and all manner of chaos, with much to do before I'm ready to move. I'm moving the 28th of Nov.

    Ellen, thanks for starting the thread this week. Your vacations sounds lovely. I'm glad you had such a nice time. It must be distressing for you to learn this Don character is back in your brother's life. The volunteer job at the library seems like a good opportunity! Perhaps it will lead to paid employment in the future. I think a library would be a good place to work. Are you still volunteering at the church?

    I'm glad you're feeling more yourself Nancy. It's always nice to clean and rearrange a room. Arranging furniture, wall hangings etc. is something I look forward to about moving. A newly cleaned, freshly painted apartment is going to be fun to decorate. It's wonderful Katy's considering work - that must mean she's feeling consistently well - good for her! I'm glad you bought a few new tops for yourself - it's nice to have nice things to wear.

    Beadlady, it's so sweet you're planning to build a ramp for your dog. That will save a lot of wear and tear on his hip. Our pets are precious members of the family. I hope your husband's recovery goes well and that he's able to return to work before long.

    Hi Terri, How nice that your brother in law is visiting. Between having company, all the extra cooking and your music, you must be very busy. It's fun to be busy with things you enjoy.

    There's not much new with me. I'm just plugging away, packing a little bit here and there and resting, watching TV, taking it slow. Today I canceled my phone/cable/internet service for the end of the month so I can check those items off my master to-do list.

    My sister's coming over for lunch tomorrow and then we're going to the used clothing store to see if we can find some nice winter sweaters. Then, on the weekend, I'll probably get together with a friend and go to the mall. I'm trying not to spend too much time alone. I started a B vitamin complex, doubled up on my vitamin D and started using my S.A.D. lamp. Hopefully, I'll get through this next while without spiraling downward.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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