What's on your 'To Do' list Nov 24 to 30th?

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    Good Morning all....

    Haven't been posting for a few days because I cut my finger on Thursday, (was cutting Katy's hair and no, I didn't do a good job) but I've had to have it bandaged in quite a few ways since then.

    I ended up going to the ER on Sat for it because I've lost feeling in the tip of the finger. Supposed to go to the doc again today for it....feel so stupid, it's just a little cut.

    Katy did go to beauty shop and now has an adorable short cut.

    My to do list is lengthy but I doubt if I'll get to most of it. Need to call the housekeeper so she doesn't come on Thursday.

    Possible doc appt today....need to grocery shop for the holiday, laundry and decorating soon too.

    Hope we all can have a nice holiday week.


  2. alaska3355

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    Don't feel bad about getting your cut finger looked at....it's important that it heals right, so you want to take care of it.

    You are getting right into the holiday swing, aren't you? I guess we usually put up our fake tree the day after Thanksgiving, and that's this week. Eeek- I'm not ready!

    I was gone for about 6 days and went to see my folks. They live in Arkansas while we're in WA, so I flew....catching flights is always interesting. While I was being rerouted in Seattle, I found out Dad was back in the hospital....with a fractured hip bone. He fell in the garage and also whacked his head- I'm surprised he didn't black out. So I was able to help Mom and be there at a good time. Mom is showing early signs of Alzheimers and is now home alone, so we are looking into some kind of long term care for them both. It's hard to see them go downhill.

    Other news: my son's girlfriend is coming from Canada to stay with us this week. She'll celebrate her first American Thanksgiving with us. My son is driving halfway to meet her and her dad, then they will probably do the same on Friday, when she goes back. It's a 3 hour trip to the meeting point and 3 hours back, but he won't mind!

    To do:
    Clean house!

  3. AnneTheresa

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    Good morning Nancy & hello to all who follow.

    I'm up early today which is nice, waiting for ten o'clock when theatre tickets go on sale.

    My dental surgery is booked for Wednesday and I'm nervous, not about the surgery per se but the general anesthetic causes concern. Most likely everything will be fine but I'd appreciate your prayers for a trouble-free procedure. Thanks.

    Nancy, I hope your finger doesn't cause you much more grief. Sometimes it's the smallest of injuries that cause the greatest angst. I hope you have a good day and accomplish all that you hope to do.

    Monday To-do

    - theatre tickets
    - three phone calls
    - shower & shampoo
    - install new printer
    - dust bedroom/office
    - put dishes away, clean kitchen counters
    - read & rest
    - denturist appointment, then if I have enough energy I'll stop in at the mall to pick up a few groceries
    - online banking
    - make dinner, if I feel up to it - if not, p.b. sandwiches will suffice

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

    P.S. Edited to say hello to Terri - we must have cross-posted. Sorry about your dad's accident and your mum's declining health. I hope your holiday plans go well and are enjoyable. It's nice your son's g.f. will attend this year. God bless.
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  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I will only be here at work on Monday and Tuesday this week as I have the rest of the week off. Yay! I could really use some time off. The weekend was kind of a wash out for me. I really didn't feel well-achy all over. Starting Friday night-my legs really hurt and I couldn't get warm. The achiness then moved up into my whole body by Saturday. So I didn't get much done over the weekend. I felt really wiped out and listless.

    On Sunday I was doing a little better so I did get my flower boxes decorated for the winter. I was concerned if a waited much longer the dirt in the boxes would be frozen and I wouldn't be able to do it. I put in evergreen boughs, weeds I find in the country (I already had those), bittersweet, pinecones, red berries (artificial), cattails. It turns out really pretty for very little money. Later we will put christmas lights in the boxes.

    I'm doing a better today, but still tired. I'm not going to be pushing myself at work if I can help it. Hopefully Cathie won't have any emergencies today. I do have to take Jim to the dentist today to start the procedure for his crown.

    Nancy: I'm so sorry you hurt your finger. I know what you mean. Sometimes the littlest injuries can be so bothersome. I hope it heals okay.

    Anne Theresa: I don't blame you for being nervous about the dental surgery. The mouth is a difficult place to have surgery on. It's so hard to eat afterward and keeping it clean is difficult. I hope all goes well and I'll be thinking of you.

    Terri: I'm sorry your parents' health is going downhill. It is difficult to have to make decisions on what to do. I've been down this road myself so I understand what you are going through. That's nice that your son's girlfriend will be with you for Thanksgiving.

    To-do list:

    -finish laundry that I started this morning
    -empty dishwasher
    -pick up prescriptions (done)
    -call Harry's doctor for a new prescription
    -take Jim to the dentist
    -wash my bedspread where Chelsea threw up

    I hope to be back here tomorrow. If not, have a good Thanksgiving everyone! I will be going to my in-laws.

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    Hello All!

    This is my THIRD time trying to submit the other TWO replies I had typed. I logged in prior..came back and it said I needed to 'log in'. What is with that?

    After two other, longer, replies, I'll wait till I can find some time to reply again..if I can find the super dooper magic spell!

    Nancy, I hope you finger starts healing..fast! Katy's cut sounds cute. She is so pretty!

    Terri, I am so sorry about your parents. It is hard decision to make. I hope you have siblings who are willing to work with you. It seems, if memory serves at all, that you are the basic one who has to deal with this. Kind of like Jim and I are the ones who are responsible for our moms with not much help from our brothers. I hope this isn't the case!

    Anne Theresa, I will be thinking of you and your surgery. I absolutely hate general anesthia! I hear you, girlfriend! Please let us know how it goes. I was a dental assistant for many years. If I can help you with anything, please let me know! You, take care of yourself.

    Ellen, Your post sounded like I feel. Started Friday evening with the pain and only got worse with the weekend. My heating pads, and ice were some help. I hope you are feeling better! Your window boxes sound beautiful. I am thinking you must be very artistic. I've never seen any done in the winter. Yours sound beautiful!

    Thank heaven for Jim, he has done the majority of Thanksgiving shopping. I do know it's a stess for him, but he's only voiced it once, recently, in an angry way. He immediately backed down. I tell him I worry about the extra work for him. We usually talk and I validate him and he, me. I know he wants our 'before' life. I do too. At least we are still able to do things with our friends, family, and ourselves. I know it's still not the same. I certainly validate Jim's feelings. It's been non-stop for us since being diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago, and other health problems since. He's a good man.

    I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. This goes for you too, Anne Theresa because you, and the rest of you are always one of my biggest blessings, I count at Thanksgiving.

    Gentle hugs!

    Kim PS..this better show up! LOL

  6. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Terri, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he gets better soon. It must be so hard on you to have them both facing health challenges.

    Anne Theresa, I'll be sending warm wishes and gentle hugs your way and hope your dental surgery goes well.

    Ellen, I hope you start to feel better soon and that the long weekend will be just what you need to get some rest.

    Kim, I'm so glad that your post showed up, I'd hate to miss an update from you. I'm sorry that you too are having a rough time and I know what you mean about your husband. Sometimes it feels like things are just falling apart around here with all of us sick and it's hard to struggle through.

    Katy had another episode one night this week...we spent hours the next day (must have been Monday) discussing it with a self help book and she was very honest about what happened. She wanted me to take her to Mass that day but the chapel was closed for repairs.

    So I ended up taking her to talk to the Priest privately (remember, she's not Catholic but finds comfort in their services).....and things started to turn around a bit. He said a beautiful prayer for her and has invited her to take the classes to become Catholic so she's very excited and a bit scared.

    Then yesterday, I called a breeder in Holland (the country Ellen, lol) and she has a puppy for us, but we may need to go get him this weekend, yikes!! They're ready to leave their home on Dec 5th but hubby leaves for the states on the 6th and I know I can't drive that far.

    So I've asked her if it's possible that hubby & Katy drive up there this weekend. She's waiting on Kennel Club paperwork, microchip and vet visit so I'll be calling her back later today.

    I spent an hour at the pharmacy out in town yesterday to get Katy's pills but there was a problem and I need to go back today....yuck...can't anything just be easy?

    I managed to grocery shop yesterday so it looks like we might have a small Thanksgiving meal after all.

    So today, back to the pharmacy, pet store is right next door....

    Need to find our rubber tubing to put on all of our computer cords etc so the puppy doesn't chew.

    Go to storage and get baby gates out, more puppy pad trays etc....

    Our upstairs neighbor's house was broken into last weekend, just found out last night so I need to remember to close all windows properly when we leave.

    And the kitchen faucet broke off yesterday while Katy was cleaning so I need to call a repairman to come today.....yikes, when it rains it poors. I finally had to tape over it because no matter how much you know it's broken, you still go in and turn it on....only mine squirts across the room now!

    Hope you all have a pleasant holiday weekend....me too maybe????


  7. sorekitty

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    Hey everyone,

    Kim-I'm glad Jim helps you with the shopping. That can make such a hugh difference for you. i'm glad you have a good man:)

    Ellen-How nice you have most of the week off. I hope you are feeling better. It is good you are going to your in-laws for the holiday and won't have to do all the cooking.

    Anne Theresa-Wishing you all the best for your dental surgery. i'll be thinking of you. Do you get nausea from the anesthesia? Hope all goes well.

    Terri-Glad you got to be with your parents and help out. It is a big responsibility finding the right care, especially if you aren't local! i have watched my dh go through this the past 2 years and wow is it tough.

    Nancy-I bet Katy's hair is cute! (((hugs))) about your finger. How strange. I was slicing potatoes last week and sliced my index finger really bad. Then the next day I was wearing a potholder but I still burned the finger next to my sliced finger! I didn't have to go to ER but OWIE! I hope your holiday shopping went okay.

  8. sorekitty

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    My ds has the entire week off for Thanksgiving! I feel old when I say this but "Hey, we never got a whole week!"

    So ds has had a really bad cough with really no other symptoms for over 2 weeks. I took him in to the ped today. He has a sinus infection. No fever, no pain in the face, just coughing and today he threw up and didn't have an appetite (until later). So he is on an anti-biotic. We were going to go to Sea World today but oh well.

    Tomorrow I will make my gfcf pumpkin pies. Wish me luck because let me tell you. . . I am no June Cleaver! I have all my ingredients but I don't know how to make a pie crust. It is just for myself and my lil guy. His fave is pumpkin pie and he doesn't really eat the crust so I should be okay:)

    We have therapy tomorrow and we will help Liam know what to expect with the holiday and especially following his gfcf diet.

    Then we have a playdate with a boy that Liam went to pre-school with. He has autism. Depending on the weather we will decide what to do. It might rain here. Yay! I am so happy for some rain or cool weather.

    On Thanksgiving we will be with my sis-in-law and her family. they are coming down from Oregon and will be at a time share not too far from us. I'm bringing the mashed potatoes (gfcf of course) and my pumpkin pie. There are no kids for my ds to play with so I will bring a variety of fun things for him. My sis-in-laws kids are married and in their 20's(lol).

    My son is really improving with his behavioral therapy and I am really improving in my part too. It feels good.

    I do have to go over his pink slips and recent referral (yes he got a referral in 1st grade!) over the week to decide how to approach the school. He obviously needs more support. Maybe an aide at key critical times. So I may have to pull a Mama Bear when we return from the holiday. *sigh*

  9. alaska3355

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    Thank you all for your concern about my folks....they are doing better now. Dad was able to do some walking (with a walker) yesterday and was proud of himself. Yesterday only marked two weeks since he fell, so that is good progress. My sister and her family are staying with Mom for Thanksgiving, so she's not alone for the next few days. With my strong encouragement, Dad ordered her an alarm pendant, so she could easily call for help. Numbers are confusing to her, and she doesn't make many phone calls. Hers is a more invisible illness and sometimes Dad is resistant to getting her help.....but he came through.

    It's too early in the a.m. to put in the turkey, so I'm here instead. I've made my pumpkin pies (even cooked little sugar pumpkins) and made some fresh cranberry relish. Hubby was out on Tuesday hanging Christmas lights, when he fell and sprained his ankle. So he's going to be taking it easy today and hopefully staying out of the kitchen! Nancy, I know what you mean- when it rains, it pours!

    Nancy, good idea on puppy-proofing your house! I imagine you're thinking ahead to what else needs puppy- proofing.

    Linda- sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. Will she be able to have Thanksgiving with you? I'm glad you pushed to have her admitted- sometimes we have to be more aggressive than we may like, when it comes to our loved ones.

    Kim- I do have siblings who are helping. Actually, my brother is getting involved and may have talked Dad into moving back to Iowa, which is where my 3 siblings live still. So my folks may be making a big move back, only into some sort of long term care. It would be so nice if they did- I'm sure my sisters and brother would be checking on them.

    Anne Theresa- let us know how you are doing. I said a prayer for you and I hope all is well. You are a good friend.

    Molly- I got a kick out of your "mama bear" quote...I've been a mama bear too on occasion!

    Ellen- hope you can relax and feel better after your break. Are you going shopping on Black Friday? We always get up early and go for the specials.....we're nuts, I know, but it's fun.

    Everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving and write when you can......
  10. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all and thank you for your prayers and well-wishes.

    The dental surgery went perfectly, with no ill effects from the anesthetic, I don't even remember getting drowsy & falling asleep. One minute I was talking to the nurse about her recent eye (laser) surgery and the next minute she said 'okay, you're all done' and I was wide-awake up and on my feet immediately My new teeth look lovely & feel great. Significant pain yesterday, not so much today. The dentist prescribed tramadol and this, in concert with my regular painkiller, seems to be keeping pain at bay.

    Terri, I'm glad things are going well with your parents, God love them. My own parents died young and so I have no first-hand experience with ill & elderly parents but I imagine it must be difficult, heartbreaking at times. Take good care.

    Linda, it's good to hear from you. To answer your question sweetie and I have tickets to see three musicals on 2009: the Drowsy Chaperon, CATS and Bye-Bye Birdie. They are all at a local venue so attending will not involve traveling or hotel costs. These three, in addition to a few performances at the Shakespearian festival (later in the year) gives me some wonderful events to look toward. You seem very busy and no doubt stressed over your mom's health. I hope you can get some good rest and avoid a flare, if possible.

    Molly, I'm sorry your little guy has a sinus infection and I hope the anti-biotics work well and quickly. It's great he's showing improvement behaviorally - in large part due to your own hard work and diligence. I hope you enjoy the time with your sister-in-law's family.

    I think it's great Nancy, that Katy is able to take some comfort from the Catholic Mass. I find the Catholic Mass to be very beautiful and meaningful. You (and Katy) must be very excited at the prospect of a new puppy. I hope it works out and that you get the little darling this weekend.

    Kim, one thing about this new site is that it doesn't give you very long to post before you get bumped off and need to log in again. To remedy this, I've learned to copy my post (Control + A, then Control + C) before I click Submit. That way, if I need to log in again, I can simply paste my post (Control + V) to the new reply window. Another option is to compose your post in a word document, then log in and transfer the text in the word document to the reply window. I hope this helps.

    I'm glad your husband, Jim, is so caring and able to support you. This illness is hard on our partners, no doubt they miss the person we used to be as much as we do. I'm also blessed with a good man; he's supportive and kind with a delicious sense of humour.

    Your flower boxes sound lovely, Ellen! What a good idea to decorate them like this for the winter months. I'm glad you have some time off work, particularly since you are exhibiting all the signs of a flare upcoming. I hope you get some good rest and are able to avoid a full-fledged flare-up.

    Thank you all for including me in your Thanksgiving wishes! I hope you all have a wonderful celebration. I'm thankful for each of you, your friendships have enriched my life in many ways.

    To-Do Today

    - mostly rest, read, watch TV
    - put laundry away
    - make bed
    - put dishes away, clean counters
    - pick up & tidy, as needed

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa