What's on Your To Do List? Nov 9 to Nov 15

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    Hello all,

    I hope everyone's had a good weekend. Mine was good and made even better by this wonderful summer-like weather. It was nice to put my winter coat aside for a few days. I got out for a nice walk with a friend on Sunday and I feel all the better for it.

    With less than three weeks until moving day, I still have lots to do and I'm moving at a snail's pace. My to-do list is simply this: pack, rest, repeat.

    Pain-wise, things aren't too bad (with pain medication etc.) but over the last couple of months I've lost much strength and stamina. I can no longer make it up the three stairs to my front door, unassisted. I used to be able to get up the stairs using my cane in one hand and my other hand on the railing - pulling myself upward - but I can't even do that anymore.

    Thankfully, in the new place, there are no stairs to contend with. I'm hoping to use the new apartment's gym and swimming pool daily to build up my strength because not being able to make it up three little stairs scares me. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a change for the better.

    I look forward to hearing from each of you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Hi Anne Theresa,
    I hope you will continue to pace yourself.....pack, rest, repeat. If things get down to the wire, maybe your sister can help you with some of the packing. Do you have help when moving day comes?

    Today is Veteran's Day and the boys are marching in the parade. They will be in the band, attempting to play Semper Fideles......it is too hard to march to, too many notes. But they will try because they have to. I think the director could have chosen something a bit easier! Do they have a similar holiday in Canada?

    The weather has been getting a bit more wintry.....we get lots of fog in the winter, and yesterday it was hard to see to drive. But I made it unscathed and will be up for more today....hopefully not so much fog.

    Take care, all-
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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad that you're trying to pace yourself and please remember you also need to save some strength for unpacking on the other end.

    I'm glad you've been enjoying the warmer weather too, we never got an Indian Summer this year....I think we had one day when the temps popped up and the rest has been all blustery weather since then.

    My husband's home and I'm enjoying all of the moments....He was off work yesterday for the holiday and has taken today and tomorrow off as well. He and Katy will be doing some things to take care of the details that are coming up fast.

    Since her husband left in August, we're not sure how much longer she can stay, or what legalities we need to cover to keep her here so that's what they'll be doing today. She'll lose her Command Sponsorship on the 21st of November but I don't see why we'll have a problem since she's our daughter and allowed to be here that way.

    We just need to make sure she can still get her meds here, that's the most important thing.

    I'm just planning to rest and relax today...

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Hi Terri,
    To answer your question about moving day, yes, I've hired a moving company so I'm hoping to have a reasonably easy time of it. My best friend will drive me and my little bunny to the new place and then my youngest son and his partner will arrive, that evening, to help me unpack, hang curtains etc. My son & his partner will spend the night at the new apartment - they're presence will surely make my first night away from the house easier.

    We acknowledge our veterans on this day also - we call it Remembrance Day. It's been several years since I've been to the parade and outdoor service but it's always a very solemn and moving event. It's such an honour for your sons to participate in the parade, you must feel very proud.

    I've been having trouble reaching my eldest son. I've been trying to contact him since mid-August to no avail. This is not a new issue but entirely frustrating. I'm going to put a note on the worship board but I'd like to ask my to-do list friends as well: If you pray, would you kindly put a word in to the Almighty; If it is the dear Lord's will, may He clear whatever barriers hinder this mother +{Anne Theresa} & son (Steven Andrew} from communicating with each other. Amen.

    I look forward to hearing from the others and hope all are well.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  5. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa...the answer is yes, already done and all you have to do is ask. I sincerely hope you hear from him soon.

    I haven't heard much from my son either but have had a few e-mails since he left for Afghanistan. The subject of my husband going too has come up again since he's been home, yet he was only at work 2 days this week. If he needs to go I'll understand and hopefully it will just be a short, safe trip to fix the problem then he can come back home again and maybe stay this time???

    I know I've mentioned how well Katy's been doing since we've been alone for the past few months but I don't know if I've elaborated on just exactly what's going on...my time to share....

    The only way I can think of to describe her right now is to say it's like watching this lovely young woman come out of a 5 year sleep and it's like each day she just gets better and better.

    I didn't think it could get better but it just seems to every day....her wit is quick, her humor funny, she's taking responsibility, she's applying for jobs, she's dressing beautifully, make up applied so well (and wow she looks good)! Her mind is sharp, she kicks butt on Jeopardy too....

    She's asked that hubby and I go somewhere so she can clean the house today and this has become normal for her to clean between my housekeeper's visits....

    There really is no way to describe how difficult life was for the last 5 or 6 years and it's equally hard to describe just how wonderful it is to watch her grow now....

    She asked me recently if I ever get tired of having to 'raise' her and I replied that no....I never get tired of it. She deserves to have my hopefully helpful advice since she missed almost all of it since she was about 16 years old (wow 7 years we've been going through this).

    Being a mother is what I do, it's who I am.....

    So today hubby and I will find somewhere to go for a few hours and come home to a much tidier home, wow!

    Hugs all,

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    I haven't slept well in about 10 days. I put my baby(ok he is 7 but I keep picturing him as a baby in my arms) on psychiatric meds on Nov 7th almost a week ago. Our family is having a huge crisis. It is horrible to watch my son get to the point he did and I do blame the school because they have a failure model. They must see him fail for him to get help. We all warned them over 10 months ago that he needed extra help. They did nothing. Now that my son is IN THEIR FACE anxiety, screaming yelling in class at the teacher disrespectful of principal hands all over the other kids defiance they are now doing something about it. Meanwhile our home program that we worked for ayear on is a mess. He is worse than when we began and having tantrums, rages, non-compliance.

    I am in mourning and absolutely grieving for my little boy. He tells me he is scared a lot lately. He doesn't want to go to school. Yesturday he told me he held his cry. I said What??? He said he really wanted me there with him and wanted to cry at school.

    I met with the psychologist he will see starting next week. Liam is really very self-aware and able to talk about things in an amazing way for a child his age. We have known this therapist for about 2 years but I hadn't seen her in quite a while. She also has a social skills group with kids who are like Liam and will accept each other. We plan on trying out the group next month when they meet again to see if it is a good match for him.

    We see the child psychiatrist tomorrow to check on how his new medications are doing. He is on Risperdal and Intuniv.

    Liam had his EKG on Monday morning, got his new glasses Thursday afternoon and he had fasting bloodwork this morning. My head is spinning, everything is going so fast.

    I have a deep, deep sadness inside of me. My sweet baby boy is anxious, scared, upset and I hurt so badly for him.

    Yesturday I spoke to the child psychologist about my fears that he will get another dx. My husband's genetic pool is:

    Husband's late Father:Genius mathmetician. School Administrator in charge of all math curriculum for city of San Diego. Wrote math textbooks for schools.

    My husband: Autism spectrum. No eye contact as a child, hardly spoke, very shy, anxiety. Geologist but now financial planner.

    Husband's brother: Schizophrenia. First hospitalized at 17. Has master's in English lit. Teaches english part-time at community college.

    Husband's sister:ADHD

    The child psychologist told me my son is on the spectrum but can't really place him as he has overlaps of autism, adhd, gifted, moodiness(possible bipolar), and one of the very toughest kinds of kids to raise.

    I am traumatized by the last 7 years of my living with autism and whatever else. I am exhausted.

    Anne Theresa-I have prayed for you and your son what a nice name he has.
    Nancy-I am so happy you see wonderful things in Katy. Great news.
    Terri-I hope you enjoyed the parade:)

    To do:
    Finish all psychiatrist paperwork for tomorrow
    look at Liam's scrapbook of when he was a baby and toddler and "get out my cry"
    give my sweet Liam lots of love and hugs he really needs extra now

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    Hi, Girls:

    I've had the hardest time getting on here lately. I've been so busy lately. I sometimes wonder how I used to find time to work!

    Jim and I got together on Wednesday and he is not doing very well. He hasn't been doing well in some time. Then he tells me a story that I'm not sure whether or not to believe. He said that he was seeing thousands of black dots and he wanted me to take him to the hospital. This was at the end of our visit after I had told him he couldn't come and spend the night at my house. He didn't have his medication with him and I didn't want him there since he wasn't doing well. He said he was feeling panicky and having heart palpitations. I'm not doing so well myself right now. At the beginning of the visit he seemed perfectly fine, which leads me to believe that maybe he might have just been telling me a story. Jim can sometimes try to manipulate you. It was hard, but I sent him home on the bus, but I called the group home and told Melissa what was going on so she would know what she might expect. When I called her later, she said that when Jim came home, he just went to his room and took a nap. He sleeps all the time. So he must not have been doing that badly. I know when I used to have heart problems that brought on heart palpitations, I could not take a nap.

    The weather here has been just beautiful with temps in the upper 50's or low 60's on some days. We've had pretty nice weather for November. I finally have the yard work pretty much done. Maybe a little raking if we get some of the neighbor's leaves. Harry still needs to put away some of our porch furniture.

    I'm still working on my fall cleaning. I've stopped calling it spring cleaning. I finished the laundry room, which is a lot to clean since that room has so many shelves to clean. I'm cleaning the room next to it. I might defrost our freezer this afternoon depending on how ambitious I feel.

    I've had a lot of dr. appts. the past several weeks. I saw my FMS dr. today. I told him about my rectum pain and he thinks my FMS may have spread to this area of my body, but does think it wouldn't hurt to have some tests to get it checked out just in case it is something else. I told him I am seeing a Dr. Martin on Monday who may or may not do a colonoscopy. He is someone my gynecologist recommended. I am also going to have cat scan on this area. If it is fibro, then it is really spreading throughout my body. I am assuming the pain in both arms and hands that started several months ago is fibro, too. No one knows what else it could be. After years of the fibro stabilizing and with me doing pretty well and being able to work part-time, I have really deteriorated these past few months. Not good news, but I am determined not to let it get me down. There's nothing to be gained by getting depressed.

    I have finally decided that it was a blessing that I lost my job. If I hadn't been let go when I did, then quite possibly I may have had to say I couldn't do my job anymore and then I wouldn't be able to collect unemployment. At least this way I am collecting unemployment, and it's given me some time until I determine what to do. But I am not worrying about it. I did apply for a part-time secretary job here in my town at a counseling agency this week so we will see what comes of that.

    Anne Theresa: I am so sorry that you are not doing as well either. I am glad for you that your new place offers a pool and a gym. When you get settled and relaxed, you can use these facilities and I bet it will help you physically and you will get some of your strength back. Right now you have been so stressed out that it's really affecting you. I'm so sorry you are unable to located your oldest son right now. I'm assuming your youngest son doesn't know where he is?

    Terri: I bet the boys had fun in the parade. When Harry's sister's boys were younger, they used to be in some of the holiday parades. It was fun to watch the parades and see them.

    Nancy: I am so glad for you and your family and especially for Katy that she is finally doing so much better. I so hope it lasts. Now I just hope that she can stay in Germany with you and your husband. She doesn't need a drastic change of having to leave the country right now. I wish I could see an improvement like that with Jim. Having Don in his life certainly doesn't help.

    Molly: I'm so sorry that Liam is not doing well. It must be so frustrating for you when the school that is supposed to be working with you instead seems to be working against you when it comes to your son. There is definitely a lot of mental problems in your husband's family. I believe that mental illness is hereditary. In my dad's side of my family there are quite a few people with mental illness. Before we found out that I am infertile (because of the endometriosis), we hesitated to try for a child because of the mental illness. We knew we were taking a chance. But then we decided to try and then found out we couldn't have children. So the decision was taken out of our hands.

    Next week shouldn't be quite as busy so hopefully I will get on here more. Take care everyone.